Sitting My Niece Ch. 01


"Yes I will."

"Okay, then 'yes'."


"See!" She rolled her eyes. "I knew you wouldn't believe me."

She pinched the hem of her skirt. "I guess I'll just have to show you." She lifted her skirt a bit and crawled forward on my chest until her skirt formed a canopy over my head. Inside, it was too dark to see any details, but her warm, pungent scent wafted over my face and drifted up my nose. I breathed in deeply and felt a warm glow in my groin.

"So. Am I?"

"I can't see. Just let me up and forget I even asked. We shouldn't be doing this."

"No no no no no. You doubt me, and I'll never hear the end of it." She crept forward again. Her pussy neared my face.

"Mary-Kate! Don't! You ..." Softly, she nestled her bare pussy onto my mouth. It was soaked with her juices and felt like a sponge squishing onto me. Her soft, moist folds spread over my lips and drenched them.

"Oooohhh!" she exclaimed as she contacted my lips.

She tasted tangy and excited. She pushed her hips forward, and her lips slid over my nose. "Ohhhhh!!" she moaned. She lifted back and rubbed along my lips and nose again, and then she rubbed again and then again. "OHHHH!" she moaned.

The sensations thrilled me but scared me at the same time, so I jerked out from under her and rolled onto my side. She stared back at me wildly and panted.

I didn't know what to say. I was frightened that I had enjoyed it so much ... and wanted more. My erection pressed firmly in my pants. Her moisture glistened on my nose, mouth and chin.

Suddenly, Mary-Kate lunged at me and gave me a huge, open-mouth kiss. Her tongue slithered over my lips and chin, lapping up her juices, and then she bolted from the room. I remained on the floor, stunned.

*** Thursday: Evening ***

I felt guilty about what had happened. Things had spun out of control quickly, and I had let them. I should have been firmer and more insistent.

The sweet tang of Mary-Kate's essence hung on face, and so I went to the bathroom and washed it off, reluctantly. Well, if I had wanted to speak with her before, I absolutely needed to do so now. I loitered in the hall outside her closed door and ran through some alternative approaches in my mind. I wanted to correct the situation, but I didn't want to scar her emotionally or give her a guilt trip.

Suddenly, she opened her door and hustled out, only to pull up at the last moment to keep from running into me. "A-a-a-ah!" she screamed and then slapped my chest. "You scared me!! What are you doing out here?" she admonished me. "Uncle Harvey, were you peeking at me while I was changing?"

"No! I was just worried that you were feeling ... um ... strange or something."

"Ahhh. You were worried about me," she said. "I was just trying to find something 'proper' to wear tonight. What d'you think?" She had on something a lot more conservative than the previous night. It was a grey, fleece sleepshirt with three-quarter length sleeves and a zipper front. It had small side slits, but otherwise, it covered down to her mid-thigh. She had taken her hairband out and replaced it with a scrunchy. She lifted her arms and twirled around. The hem of her shirt lifted up, but she remained covered. "Is this virtuous and reserved enough for you?"

"Yes. Yes, it's fine."

"Oh, you're such a prude," she sighed and grabbed my hand. "Come on, let's go."

We hustled down the hall and into the living room. "Mary-Kate," I said, sitting down on the couch, "We do need to talk. Why don't you sit down for a minute."

She stood in front of the couch, still holding my hand. "Do we have to do that right now? I kind of wanted to get started on my homework."

I was glad to hear her say that. My commitment to having the discussion was waning. "Sure," I said, "Who am I to keep you from your homework?"

She swung my arm playfully to and fro. "Uncle Harvey? Can I do it in here with you?"

"Won't the TV be too distracting? Why don't you do it in your room? Just get it done, and then come out and we'll watch a movie."

"But I have a phone in my room," she said cutely.

"So don't use the phone."

She broke into laughter. "Oh, Unc," she snorted and walked over to her books, "You're such a character." When she returned, I noticed that she had sneaked her zipper down to about the mid-point of her chest. She sat down at the other end of the couch and curled her legs under her. Opening her notebook, she sighed.

I thought for a second that I should say something about the zipper, but instead, I turned my attention to the TV. I flipped around the channels and settled on a nature show. I tried to get into it, but I kept glancing over at my niece. What a sweet little beauty she was. Her eyes twinkled with vitality, and her grin seemed to betray an unspoken joke.

She clattered the pen on her teeth and then started playing the end of it around her mouth. She pressed her lips on it, teased it with her tongue and then sucked it smoothly in and out of her mouth. I became aroused. Gawd! I had become such a freak!

She sighed and stood up. Walking over to the end of the coffee table nearest me, she hunkered down at my feet. Continuing to make notations in her book, she bent forward and swayed her body in thought. Her cleavage showed as a deep cleft, and her breasts undulated in her shirt. I tried not to look, but I kept gazing down.

She sighed again, got up and walked behind the couch. She balanced her notebook on the top of the back cushion and let a corner of the book rub against my neck. I glanced over my shoulder. "Do you want me to turn the TV off so you can concentrate?" I asked.

"No. I'm just restless. I can't believe you're making me do this." What?!! How did I suddenly become the task master? She drummed the pen on her book and then sucked on its tip. Suddenly, I felt a wet plastic end in my ear.

"Hey!" I cried, swatting it away. Some of her spit remained in my earhole.

"Uncle!" she reproved me, "I'm trying to work here! Don't jostle the couch."

I returned my attention to the TV when another wet probe invaded my ear. "Hey! Mary-Kate, you're not working!"

"Well, this is boring," she complained. "I need some incentive."

I thought for a moment. "All right. If you do your work, then you can watch a movie with me."

"I'm already doing that."

"Okay. If you do your work, then you can have a bowl of ice cream."

She laughed. "Oh, Unc," she giggled, "You're so adorable! I'm not nine years old."

"Then you name something."

"Okay," she mused, "If I do my homework, then you have to do something with me. Just say 'yes'."

"What is it that I'm going to do with you?"

"I'll tell you when I'm done."

"Oh no no no. Let's hear it up front."

"Okay then," she said, "Um ... I've got ten homework questions to do. You have to give me a kiss for each one that I get right."

I shuddered at the thought; that was crossing the line. "No. How about instead if ..."

"Unh unh," she halted me, "It's that or I go to my room and spend the night talking to my friends on the phone."

Well, maybe I could keep it safe and respectable – ten little pecks on the cheek, say. "Okay, but I'm going to check your answers closely."

"Mmmm," she murmured and gave me a big smack on the cheek, "You can check me as closely as you want." She giggled and zipped over to the easy chair to get busy. She propped her feet up on the seat cushion and used her lap as a desk.

I was happy that she was now motivated, and I glanced at her with satisfaction. Then I noticed to my shock that the hem of her shirt had shifted up and that she didn't seem to be wearing any panties. I spun my head away and swallowed. Don't look again. Don't look again.

Mary-Kate wrote furiously in her book, and I riveted my eyes on the TV, but it was like not staring at an eclipse. I knew that I shouldn't do it, but I let my head drift her way. Inside the dim recesses of her shirt, I could just make out the outline of a furry shadow nestled in the crevice of her pink thighs. It seemed so unprotected.

"Uncle Harvey!" she yelled and pulled her shirt down in front of her. "Were you staring at my coochie?"

"No!" I jolted my head up to face her. She looked both surprised and playful. "I ... uh ... I was going to ... uh ... ask you if you wanted something to drink."

"I'm quite all right, Unc," she huffed, shifting her legs under her. "Don't make me spank you." She dived back into her work. I blushed and felt horrible.

Eventually, she stood up and presented the notebook to me in triumph. "There," she said, "All done." She sat down on my lap and snuggled up to my chest.

I looked down at her work. The title of her exercise page read, "Dystopian Novels of the 20th Century." Then under it, "Question 1: At the beginning of Brave New World, the Director states that 'Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the major instruments of social stability'. How does this quote relate to the theme of the book?" I paused. What the heck did any of that mean? I probably should have asked her what her homework was before I agreed to check it over.

I continued reading. As an answer, she wrote, "The Director's statement underlines the basic tenet of the totalitarian regime. Bokanovsky's genetic engineering process robbed people of their individuality and therefore made society easier to manage." I paused again. "Um ... Mary-Kate? How do I know if these answers are correct?"

She giggled. "Silly! You've read these books in school. You know what the answers are. So, did I get the first one right? Am I right? Am I right?"

"Um." I cleared my throat. In school, I may have read the Sparks Notes for Brave New World, maybe. "Well ... um ... I think you ... uh ... got most of the first one ... correct."

"Ya-a-a-ay!" she cheered. "Kiss!" She pushed her body over top of the book and gave me a substantial kiss on the mouth. "Okay, next one."

"Question 2," I read, "In Farenheit 451, Beatty tells Montag that fire's 'real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences'. Explain how fire is used as a symbol in the novel." I didn't bother reading her answer. "Well in number two," I said, "Um ... Yes, I think you pretty much covered the bases on that one too."

"Yippee!" she cheered again and leaned in. We slid down a bit in our seat. She kissed my mouth, but this time, she lingered and wrestled with my lips a bit. "What about the next one?"

I had to hold the book off to the side because she was now lying on my front. I glanced at the next question but didn't read it. "Yeah," I said, "Yeah, I like what you did with that one."

"Mmmm," she purred, "Got another one." She pressed down on me, and we slid down some more. She kissed me for a long time and slid her tongue slightly between my lips. When she finished, she gave me a final smooch.

"Hey," I whispered, "No double kisses."

"No?" she whispered back, "Then I'll take that one back." She smooched me again. "How about the next one?" she cooed.

I glanced over at the page and then back to her. My chest was glowing, and my penis was hard. I could feel my pulse in my neck. "That one's good too."

"Good," she said and pressed down on me again so that we were almost prostrate on the couch, "And you didn't even have to turn the page to read it." She climbed fully on top of me and attacked my mouth. Our lips gripped and pressed and tussled. I enjoyed it far too much.

I let her notebook slip from my hand onto the floor and tried to rotate on top so that I could get up, but to be honest, I wasn't fighting very hard. Her insatiable kissing drew me in. Each enthusiastic embrace energized me to kiss back, to press harder, to parry with her tongue, to suck her lips.

"Drrrringgg ..." The phone's ring zipped through me like an electric shock.

Mary-Kate reached over me and picked it up. "Hello?" she answered calmly, getting up on her knees and sitting on my stomach. "Mommy? Hi! ... Watching TV with Uncle Harvey. ... No, I finished it. Uncle Harvey helped me. I think he enjoyed tutoring me." She glanced down at me, smiled and winked.

"Mommy? ... Mommy? Who are you talking to?" She rolled her eyes. "Mommy, are you there?" As she stared up at the ceiling, she played with her zipper tab and then absently pulled it down her front. What was she thinking?

"Mommy? Mommy?" she tried to re-engage her mother. I grabbed the tab out of her hand and zipped it back up, which provoked her to slap my hands and attempt to unzip it again. Our hands grappled until she finally gave up.

"Mommy? ... Well, what was Daddy doing?" She dropped her hand to the hem of her shirt and started to pull it up. I tried to grab it back down, but she began walking up my body on her knees, and I had trouble getting my arms into position. Her groin slowly approached my face. "But if I'm finished, I should be able to stay up."

Mary-Kate had pulled her shirt up to her waist and positioned her pussy over my mouth. A thin fold of skin drooped below her fine hair and hovered inches over my lips. I squirmed my arms around desperately to push her back.

"Do you want to talk to him?" she asked, grinning widely at me. "Just a minute, he's got something in his mouth." She dipped down and slid her pussy lip across my lips.

I pushed her back and grabbed the phone out of her hand, wiping my mouth with my hand. She fell on her back, laughing.

"Sandra?" I spoke into the phone anxiously.

"Harvey, I don't want Mary-Kate to stay up late. Don't let her push you around. If she doesn't ... Bob! No! That one over there! I didn't say this one; I said that one. ..."

Mary-Kate crouched down at the end of the couch, and with an evil look, she crept hand-over-hand up my legs. At my waist, she undid the button on my pants and started sliding the zipper down. I batted at her hands, and again, we grappled for position, but this time, she had her two hands against my one.

I lost track of my sister's distant nagging and focused instead on the battle I was losing at my fly. My pants were now completely undone, and Mary-Kate was pinching at my shorts to pull them down. I grabbed onto some fingers from both her hands and gripped them. She tried to wiggle them away and then bent down and bit the back of my hand.

"Owww!" I cried.

"Harvey, what's wrong," my sister asked. Mary-Kate rolled back, laughing.

"Owhhh, that's not right," I said, shifting my legs off the couch and sitting up.

"What's not right?" she asked.

"The ... uh ... the thing about the flowers that you were saying," I ventured. Mary-Kate prowled up the couch towards me again. I waved a finger menacingly at her, but she just kissed it and crawled past.

"You're telling me," my sister continued, "I am having to re-organize this entire funeral. ... Bob. Bob! Bring me that brochure. No, no, no, the other one. ..."

Mary-Kate snuggled her face up beside my head, and then I felt something wet penetrate my ear. It was the tip of her tongue. I shook my head away, but she gripped firmly onto my neck. Then I felt her biting on my earlobe.

"Sandra?!! Sandra?!!" I called out in a panic. "I should really be getting Mary-Kate to bed now. It's getting pretty late." I tried to push her off me, but she trapped my hand under her knee.

"Okay, Harvey," my sister replied, "I have to go now too." Mary-Kate sucked my earlobe into her mouth and nibbled on it with her lips. As scared as I was, I still felt my erection poke stiffly up into the front of my shorts.

"We're going to be too busy tomorrow to phone ..." Sandra continued.

"Okay," I replied quickly, trying to hurry her along. Mary-Kate breathed into my ear. The warm air seemed to travel down my spine.

"We'll try and phone you on Saturday before we leave. Otherwise, we'll see you when we get home."

"Okay. Well, bye Sandra," I said hurriedly.

"Bye, Mommy," Mary-Kate called out before I hung up.

*** Thursday: Bedtime ***

I spun around and glared at her. "What are you doing?!!" I howled. "You'll get us in trouble!"

Mary-Kate clasped her hands over her mouth and squealed. Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. "I'm just trying to show you my appreciation for looking after me this week," she said coyly.

I stood up and fastened my pants. I held out my hand to her. "Come on," I said, "You're off to bed now." She was way out of control, and this seemed like the best way to cool things down.

She sat on her hands and shook her head. "I'll go later," she replied and then turned her head away to avoid my stare.

"Right!" I declared and bent down. I hooked my arms under her and lifted with an audible grunt.

"Aiyyyeee!" she squealed and threw her arms around my neck. "Don't drop me, Uncle Harvey!"

I took a few babysteps to get started and then stumbled towards her room. I thanked the heavens that it was not a big house. As I lumbered along, she slowly unzipped her sleepshirt. "Hey!" I grunted, "What are you doing? Stop that!"

"I have to take this off for bed, Unc," she purred, "It's too ho-o-o-ot to wear under the covers." She finished unzipping the shirt and draped it open. I looked stoically to my front, but in my peripheral vision, I could see pinkness and curves and fur and a hand that was sliding over all of it. My blood pressure rose steadily, and it wasn't just from my exertion.

I swerved into her room and set her down. "Thanks," she said in a pixie voice and let her shirt slide down her arms to the floor. She tiptoed over to her bed and herded her stuffed animals over to her clothes hamper. Then, she threw back the sheets and lay on her back.

I stared down at her soft, youthful form and her innocent, vulnerable gaze. Now might have been a good time to talk to her, but after necking with her on the couch, I felt complicit and addled. Any moral line that I could have proscribed us from crossing had long ago receded into the distance. I drew the sheets over her body and then sat down beside her.

"Uncle Harvey?"

"Yes, pumpkin."

"Did you like kissing me in the living room?"

I looked at her face. She seemed so guileless. "Yes, pumpkin."

"I liked it too." She grinned. "You owe me more homework kisses, y'know."

"I think you used up your rewards for tonight, my dear," I said and then added, "You mustn't tell your parents about that or anything else we've done like that this week."

"Of course not, Unc."

Nothing brings moral clarity like an appeal to suppress truth.

"Uncle Harvey? Will you hold my hand?"

"Sure, sweetie," I said, placing my hand in hers and letting her draw it under the covers.

"Remember last night, I said that I had a sore tummy," she said and continued to push my hand lower, "Well, I'm all tingly again."

"Whoa!" I exclaimed, pulling back on my hand. She held it firm enough to keep me from extracting it, but I kept it from going below her stomach. "I'm not falling for that one again."

"I'm not kidding," she whimpered, "I feel like my coochie is on fire and my tummy is doing flips. Please make it feel better."

"I can't, baby. We've done too much already."

"Unc, please. If you make me feel better, I'll smother you with kisses all night." She pushed on my hand again, and I resisted, finally breaking her hold and withdrawing it from the sheets.

"There's nothing I'd like better, but we can't," I said with almost no conviction. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then walked towards the door.

"Uncle, ple-e-e-ease," she pleaded, but with as much strength as I could muster, I turned out the light and left the room.

I leaned my back against her closed door and grimaced. I wanted so much to barge back in and take her. Kissing her earlier had been my undoing. She wasn't the only one with a burning groin, but I braced myself. Be strong!

Then from inside her room, I heard a muffled moan, "Uncle, ple-e-e-ease come back." Aaaahhh! It was too much. I escaped to the living room.

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