tagFetishSix Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 01

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 01


I have been on edge all week since my confession to my husband. I have been so nervous I have just about completely lost my appetite. It had all gone a little crazy last Friday evening when my husband, Steven, was on our computer and using the internet. I heard him call my name and I sauntered into the study wearing only a towel as I had just exited the shower.

"What is this?" he asked, a small grin on his face.

"What is what? I responded, moving around the desk so I could see the screen. What I saw just about caused me to faint. On the screen was one of the adult websites I had been perusing this afternoon prior to Steven arriving home.

"And this?" Steven flashed up yet another of the adult sites I had visited.

I shut my eyes in embarrassed confusion. Normally I wipe out the addresses of these websites from our browser so there is no trace of the sites I had visited, but today the phone interrupted me and I plain forgot. I could see from Steven's demeanour he was not outraged by my behaviour, but was clearly very curious as to why his wife was surfing adult sites on the web, particularly as he did not see me as the sexually adventurous type.

I didn't want to discuss it, but Steven took my hand and pulled me down to sit on his lap.

"Angela, all these sites you have been looking at deal with submission and humiliation. If this is something you are interested in why have you not shared this with me?" Steven was clearly a little hurt.

As ego crushing as it was, I blushingly confessed to my husband that for the past few years I had fantasised about being humiliated, but was too embarrassed to admit to such thoughts as they were so perverted. Steven was curious and asked me several probing questions about my fantasies, which I shyly answered.

As Steven continued to question me I could feel his manhood growing hard and realised he was sexually excited by the conversation. We had not made love for several weeks so I reached under my lap and unzipped his trousers, freeing one very erect penis. Throwing off my towel in an uncharacteristic display of uninhibited nakedness I sat down again on his lap, guiding his penis deep into my vulva.

What followed was one of the best lovemaking sessions we have had for many years.

Afterwards we remained in a seated embrace, his penis still within me. It was then that he whispered in my ear he was going to help me fulfil my fantasy. I gave a little laugh in response, thinking he was just joking with me.

But he wasn't joking. In fact he had already formulated his little plan.

"For the next six weeks I am going to set a task designed to humiliate you. I will inform you of the task on Monday and you must complete that task before the end of the week. If you do not complete the task you will be punished by a person other than myself. If you agree, you must stay in the game for all of the six tasks." Steven was smiling broadly, obviously delighted with his kinky ingenuity.

Steven's little game was so far removed from our previously conservative sexual conduct that I just stared at him agog, almost disbelieving what I had heard.

"Yes or no?" Steven persisted

"Steven. Let's discuss this further. I need to know what these tasks are likely to be before I agree to them." I was very apprehensive.

"No you don't. Not knowing will add to the excitement. And anyway, I am sure you would not agree if I told you now."

Steven could not stop himself smiling as I squirmed anxiously on his lap. Incredibly I could feel his penis growing hard inside me again, which only served to re-ignite my passion, which probably made me much more adventurous than normal.

Steven began to slowly grind his hips, stimulating my already engorged clit. "Yes or no?" he whispered into my ear.

I did not respond, but began to drive my hips up and down his shaft.

"Yes or no?"

"Yes," I responded breathlessly, trying to shut out the possible consequences of what I was agreeing to. We rode the wave of pleasure together and orgasmed in a chorus of animal grunts.

Nothing more was said over the weekend. Our daughter and son were home from university for a couple of nights and our attention was focused on enjoying their company as we had not been together as a family for almost two months. Steven and I have two children; Andrew aged 20 years and Matilda aged 19 years. Both are out of State at university. As we have a large five bedroom house which is now mostly empty we decided to help out the local college by taking in an 18 year old Danish exchange student for a year. His name is Henrik, and although he is quiet and shy, he has fitted in well.

Come Monday our children had returned to university, leaving the house to Steven and I, plus Henrik. Although I tried to focus on other things, I was only too acutely aware that it was Monday, the day when Steven was supposedly setting me my first 'task'.

I was a ball of nervous energy, and wished I had never mentioned anything to Steven.

After dinner Henrik and Steven cleared the table, before Henrik retired to his room to do his studies. As we sat down in the lounge with our coffees, Steven handed me a piece of folded paper. My heart was in my mouth. Slowly I opened it and read my first task. My jaw dropped, but before I could say anything Steven held up his hand to stop me.

"Is the task clear?" He sounded so matter of fact it was as if he had given me a shopping list.

Disbelievingly I read the piece of paper again. 'You are to go into Henrik's bedroom when he is asleep, dressed only in bra and panties, and masturbate yourself until you have a nice big wet spot on your panties. Love you, Steven XXX'.

I shook my head and pleaded to Steven with my eyes, but he just smiled and turned his attention to the television.

It is now Thursday night and I know I am running out of time. Henrik sometimes sleeps over with friends on Friday and Saturday night, therefore I cannot keep putting it off. Steven has watched my agitated state all week and has enjoyed seeing me mentally wrestle with my desires. A part of me wanted to call the whole stupid game off right away before anyone got harmed. But some primal urge from deep within kept pushing me forward.

I noticed Henrik's light in his bedroom turn off at a little after 10 p.m. Nervously I lay in bed with Steven until after 11pm. Finally I took a deep breath and turned to look at Steven. He knew that now was the time, and reached out to squeeze my hand in support. Naked, I climbed out of bed and went to my drawer, pulling out my most conservative bra and panties set. My fingers fumbled nervously as I struggled with the simple task of dressing in my underwear. I could not believe what I was about to do.

Once I was dressed in my underwear I was too afraid to look at Steven for fear I would lose my nerve. Silently I exited our bedroom and tiptoed down the hallway to Henrik's bedroom. Fortunately his door opened without a noise, and I peeped inside the room to ensure he was a sleep. I was much relieved to see he was sleeping with his back to me. Carefully I took two steps so I was midway between the door and his bed. I wanted to ensure I was close enough to the door so I could make a dash for it if he woke.

I stood looking at the sleeping form of Henrik for several minutes before I worked up enough courage to slide my hand inside my panties. Slowly I began to work my fingers up and down my vagina. To my shock I began reacting almost instantly. My labia swelled and I could feel the first signs of dampness. A thrill surged through me and I began to rub harder. I opened my legs wider to give my hand better access.

Suddenly Henrik stirred and rolled onto his back. I froze on the spot, my hand still inside my panties. I willed myself to stop breathing as I was sure he would hear the frantic beating of my heart. If he opened his eyes now I would be caught in the most embarrassing position of my entire life.

Fortunately he remained asleep on his back. Gradually I began to pick up the rhythm again on my swollen labia. I hate to admit it but the thought that he could open his eyes at any time and catch me masturbating made the whole scene even more exciting. I even opened my legs wider; enjoying the free access this gave my hand.

I was soon so wet that I began to hear slurping noises. I removed my hand and pulled my panties up tight into my crotch so that the moisture leaked into the fabric. Quickly I exited the room, closed the door, and hurried down to my own bedroom. As I entered Steven had a broad smile on his face. Excitedly I jumped on the bed, knelt with my legs open, took his hand and proudly guided it to the crotch of my panties. I was soaking. In one swift movement he pulled the panties aside and thrust straight into me. We had never had sex with such passion in our entire marriage.

Afterwards Steven made me recount in detail what I had done in Henrik's bedroom, which was followed by another session of intense sex. Given Steven and I typically only had intercourse every two weeks or so, sometimes longer, it was amazing our frequency had suddenly soared through the roof. Something positive was definitely happening to our sex life.

The following Monday the routine was repeated. Once Henrik had left us to do his studies Steven and I made a coffee and retired to the lounge. I was full of nervous anticipation as he handed the note over to me. I read it, and then glared at Steven in disbelief. He had gone too far this time. The note read; 'You are to let Henrik see you completely naked. He must see your pussy and breasts. Love you, Steven XXX'.

I continued to look at Steven, despairingly. "Steven, we need to discuss this," I implored.

Steven's response was to give me a wink before turning his attention to the television.

My response was to sulk. How could I ever go through with this task?

It was this thought that occupied my mind constantly over the next few days. Could I shame myself in this manner? But the more I thought about it the more my perverted mind began to accept I could do it.

However it took me until Friday before I could work up the courage to try and fulfil the task. I had heard Henrik on the phone telling a friend to pick him up at 7.30pm.

Just after 7.00pm I went into the bathroom in the hallway and had a shower, being sure to leave the door unlocked. Steven and I actually have our own bathroom in the master bedroom, and the spare bathroom in the hallway is normally only used by Henrik or visitors. I therefore knew Henrik would not expect anyone to be using this shower.

After I finished the shower I turned it off, but remained in the cubicle dripping wet. I waited for what seemed an eternity before I heard the door open. Henrik was obviously surprised the light was on.

"Is anyone in here?" he called out.

I was desperately nervous but forced myself to remain silent. I heard the footsteps of Henrik enter the bathroom and go to the basin to clean his teeth. Just as he reached to pick up his toothbrush I nonchalantly pulled back the shower curtain and stepped out, giving Henrik a full frontal view of my nakedness. I don't believe I have ever felt so humiliated, displaying myself to this 18 year old youth.

He emitted a screech of surprise and brought his hand over his mouth. At the same time I howled, "Oh my goodness Henrik. I am so sorry. I didn't hear you. Steven is using the other shower."

Henrik began to back away towards the door, but his eyes were riveted on my naked body. He was clearly captivated by what he saw. He apologised over and over in broken English as he reluctantly exited the bathroom. I gathered my towel and beat a hasty retreat to my bedroom where I excitedly put on a dressing gown before seeking out Steven in the study.

He was studiously doing some research on the computer for a medical article he is writing (Steven is a Doctor with his own medical practice). I sidled up beside him and he looked up to see my beaming face

"What?" he asked, smiling back at me.

"I did it," I gloated in excitement. "Task two done."

"Holly Moses, Batman." His eyes lit up. "You must tell me everything about it. Every little detail."

And I did. I confessed to Steven how humiliated, yet excited, I felt to be seen totally naked by a person other than my husband. Needless to say the sex that followed was great. We did it right there on the desk in the study.

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