Size Does Matter

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Woman is tempted to cheat with a well hung man.
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There is not a lot of sex in here so be forewarned. I enjoy reading and writing stories in this category. I do not understand the cuckold mentality or how one would enjoy being humiliated and emasculated so I don't write about it. There are plenty of others who do. Just because I don't understand the motivation doesn't mean I don't respect those who do, it simply is not my cup of tea. My viewpoint comes from the perspective of two people who have willingly and consciously commit themselves to each other and strive to honor their commitment to one another. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

"Hey Mandy!" my friend Aimee said as she motioned me over to the table.

My name is Amanda Miller and I am meeting my best friend Aimee Baker for lunch at The Bistro where we get together every Thursday. "Hi Aimee, I'm starving!" I told her as I had skipped breakfast today after getting my twins ready and driving them to school. By the time I drove to the school and back, started a load of laundry, and cleaned the kitchen I barely had time to shower, dress, and drive downtown.

Aimee had already ordered me a Cosmo. I caught the server and she took our orders. I sipped my drink and listened as Aimee told me about her weekly conquests. We are both 26 but I'm married with two kids and Aimee is still single. I love my husband and kids but my daily routine does get a bit mundane and my weekly lunch with Aimee is my oasis where I like to live vicariously through her and her adventurous sex life.

I guess adventurous is a nice way to say slut. Aimee loves sex and it is rare that she doesn't have at least two to four encounters every week. Aimee is also a size queen. She is always talking about all of the big cocks she sucks and fucks.

I never have to worry about her trying to seduce my husband David because his 7" is too small to meet her standards. Unless the guy is packing 8+" she just isn't interested.

"What's shaken this week?" It's my way of getting the conversation going.

"Mandy I met this great guy this Monday! He is about 6' and about 180lbs. I met him at the gym and as I was admiring his bulging muscles and six pack abs I noticed he was admiring my girls and my cameltoe. He came over and introduced himself.'

"His name is Damien. I could see the enormous bulge in his shorts and I knew he was packing some serious man meat. After some small talk I agreed to coffee. That led to dinner and some heavy necking. Tuesday night found me back at his apartment."

We were interrupted by the server who delivered our food. Before I started chowing down I asked her "So what happened Tuesday?"

"Mandy you know me my pussy was flooding my panties and it didn't take long before he got me in his bed with my lips wrapped around his 10 1/2" monster. It was nearly as thick as a Coke can and I could barely fit the head in my mouth but I somehow managed to get about 3" in. We had to stop immediately as my teeth were scrapping his cock due to its gigantic size!

"So I ran my tongue and lips up and down his massive member but I couldn't wait to get that thing in my pussy. He was prepared and had a bottle of lube handy but fortunately I was dripping wet and he worked it in slowly until I had all of it inside me."

As Aimee regaled her story of lustful debauchery I for the first time ever felt my own pussy getting damp. Dave works construction and this month he has been working out of town and is only home on weekends. He is tired by the time he gets home after the 12 hour days and the long drive. Coupled with dealing with 5 year old twin girls our sex life is practically non-existent.

"If it's so hard to handle why you don't find a guy with a smaller cock that is more comfortable and easier to handle?" I was curious as to why she would torture herself.

"Mandy while there is some pain at first and involves a bit of sexual gymnastics to get comfortable the orgasms are mind blowing! You've only ever been with Dave so you've never experienced what a really big monster cock can do! You really should try it at least once. I could hook you up with someone." She said so cavalierly while I sat there agape in shock.

"Aimee I could never cheat on Dave. I love him! Besides I don't believe that the size of a guy's equipment is as important as you make it out to be. Dave satisfies me completely, that is, when we get a chance to do it." I said adding a bit dejectedly. "Between working out of town, travel and the kids we never seem to find the time for anything but a quickie."

We finished lunch and I had about two hours before I had to pick up the girls. When I arrived home I was so horny I went upstairs to the bedroom removed my panties from under my dress grabbed my dildo and went to town on my poor deprived pussy. It didn't take long for me to have an explosive orgasm.

Dave was going to get so lucky this weekend I said to myself as I got up and put on a clean pair of panties, cleaned and put away my rubber lover before heading out the door to pick up the girls.

The phone rang just after the girls and I finished dinner. It's Dave making his nightly call. "Hello honey how's the job going?"

"Well babe that's why I'm calling. The contractor is running up hard on their deadline and if they don't get the job finished by the deadline they will lose the four million dollar completion bonus. So we are going to be working six days a week 12 hours a day until the project is finished."

"I'll be making a pile of overtime and a bonus if we finish on or before the deadline. It will be impossible for me to drive home three hours for one day after working a 12 hour shift to turn around and leave three hours early to get to work by 6am and work 12 hours on top of it. So I'm going to do voluntary overtime on Sunday, sorry Mandy."

"No I understand, how long?" Hoping he didn't hear the disappointment in my voice.

"It will be at least two maybe three weeks. We have six weeks to the deadline."

"Okay. Call me when you can. Goodnight I love you."

"Bye babe I love you too." Then Dave hung up.

Logically I knew it wasn't his fault but emotionally I was angry and frustrated and I blamed Dave. I was looking forward to making up for some lost time in the bedroom. I even had Aimee agree to babysit so we could go out next Saturday. I already reserved a hotel room for a romantic evening.

I called Aimee and told her she was off the hook for next Saturday and filling her in with the reason why. "Aimee I'm so frustrated right now. I need Dave home. It's been two weeks already! Now another two to three weeks more without my husband!" I was in tears.

"Hey I've got an idea. Why don't you keep the room and go out to dinner and do some dancing. I know just the guy to keep you company. His name is Trevor. He is funny, sweet, handsome, sexy, and hung like a horse! Go out and have some fun you deserve it."

"I don't think it would be a good idea to go on a date with another man especially with Dave out of town. Besides what does it matter if he is hung or not I won't cheat on Dave! I most certainly don't need some God's gift to women pussy hound giving me the full court press."

I heard Aimee sigh "Hey girlfriend I just said a night of dinner and dancing. Trevor is a good guy and I know he will respect you as well as make you smile. Come on miss old married lady and let your hair down for once!"

I knew it was a bad idea but I really needed to get away for a few hours so I told Aimee, "Listen, I'll take the kids to my parent's house for the weekend that way you can go with me. That is the only way I can go. I'm just not comfortable going out alone with a strange man."

"Hey girlfriend it sounds fun. This way I don't have to be celibate all weekend." Amy chuckled but I get the feeling she is half serious as well.

"All right, go ahead and set it up with Trevor and make sure understands it's just dinner and dancing only!"

"Relax Mandy. You make the rules. I know we'll have a great time. Goodnight I'll see you Thursday at The Bistro."

"Goodnight Aimee and thanks for being a good friend."

After hanging up I started to feel guilty. This was supposed to be a romantic getaway so I could reconnect with my husband. God I miss Dave! Yet I was resenting the fact that my husband isn't here to do that.

I was telling myself that a bit of fun couldn't hurt and with Aimee to watch my back it would be fun to be in a man's arms even if it is just for a little innocent dancing. I began imaging what Trevor would look and smell like.

Aimee said he is handsome and funny. I can see us dancing cheek to cheek while feeling his cock rubbing on my pussy. I could feel the dampness between my legs increasing. It is not due to thinking of this Trevor per se but of having close physical contact with someone. So after checking on the girls I went to my bedroom closing and locking the door behind me.

Stripping my clothes off quickly and noticing my reflection in the full length mirror I find myself admiring the view of my naked body. I still look good managing to finally lose all of my pregnancy weight. Except for some stretch marks that were barely noticeable and a little cellulite on my ass I like what I'm seeing.

While looking at myself I grab my 36C breasts and give them a gentle squeeze. Using my left index finger I began to caress my areola in a circular motion making my nipples stand up and jut proudly out. Then I began rolling and pinching my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers.

It is making copious amounts of pussy juice run down the insides of my thighs. Finally after working myself up to a fever pitch I went and grabbed my rubber lover for the second time today. Lying back on the bed I work it up and down my slit getting it nice and slick with my juices. Rubbing it across my clit gave me a small orgasm.

Allowing myself to ride the wave for a minute and upon reaching the crest I shoved that piece of molded silicone manhood deep inside my desperate pussy then holding it still as yet another even stronger orgasm came washing over me. After a minute I began sliding it in and out of my over stimulated sex increasing the pace steadily with each new thrust.

I could feel my impending orgasm starting to build and I was stroking as hard as I can sawing in and out, my hand nearly a blur. Closing my eyes and trying to be quiet as not to wake my girls I was screaming in my mind, "Fuck me, fuck me hard Dave and make me cum!!!" My stimulation hit a credenza and I am teetering on the brink of pain and intense pleasure.

Suddenly the biggest orgasm of my little session was hitting giving me sweet release. Every nerve in my body electrified with pleasure. With my rubber lover down deep inside, my love tunnel furiously gripping its shaft while trying to milk out the non-existent male essence.

My eyes were rolling back in my head and my fists clenching the bed sheets as my stiffening body is enjoying the cascading waves of extreme pleasure and in my mind I am screaming "I'm cummmmming!!!!" As my orgasm was subsiding I realized I'm sitting up in the middle of a gigantic wet spot.

I get up and go into the bathroom to relieve myself and clean up before going to bed. Tucking myself in for the night I am reflecting on what has transpired in the last 12 hours. I went from a romantic interlude with my husband to having a date with a man I haven't met. I have morphed from a reserved wife and mother of two to a horny masturbating slut.

As I drifted off I started thinking about Trevor. Wondering what his package would look like. I tried to push the thoughts from my mind but I keep hearing Aimee's voice saying "you should really try it just once."

Perhaps it was the notion of "forbidden fruit" or Aimee's constant talk about big cocks or my husband's long absence. Yet despite my best efforts I couldn't get Trevor out of my dreams. Echoing in my dreams is the passage "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back."

The Saturday that Aimee and I are going out arrived. I went up to the bedroom to select my outfit for the evening. I picked out a modest red dress that showed just a hint of cleavage when wearing it and stopping just above my knees.

I also put out a red push up bra that slightly accentuates my cleavage paired with matching panties. It's enough to say sexy without being too risqué. I grab a pair of red strapped heels that go with the dress to complete the ensemble. The last time I wore this outfit was to Dave's company Christmas party.

As I was dancing around with my dress anticipating the evening ahead my phone started ringing snapping me out of my reverie. "Hello?"

Through the receiver I heard the pleasing sound of Dave's voice saying, "Hello babe. I'm taking a break for dinner before I start in again until midnight. I'm calling while I've the chance because I need to hear your voice. I'm missing you so much!"

"Oh Dave I've been missing you too! How much longer will you be?" I said longing for his touch as well as his voice.

"Well I've got good news. The job should be barring some unforeseen emergency completed by a week from today. I can't wait until I have you in my arms! It's so lonely here with nothing but to do but work, eat, work, sleep and repeat." I can hear the longing in his voice.

"That's great news baby! I can't wait either! I'm lonely too but at least I have the girls to keep me company and my time occupied."

"Honey, can the girls come to the phone?" Dave was asking since it has been about ten days since he last spoke to the twins.

"I'm so sorry Dave but they are at Mom and Dad's for the weekend. Aimee and I are going out to dinner and then a little dancing. You can call them there if you have time. I need to shower and get ready anyway."

I can hear the bit of resentment and disappointment in his voice as he tells me "Mandy have fun. I wish I could be there to take you to dinner and dancing. Behave yourself! I know how wild Aimee can be, Okay? I'm going to hang up so I can call the girls. Love you Mandy goodbye."

As Dave was hanging up I am hoping that he reaches the girls. I also realize that I'm horny as all get out. I walk over to my dresser open the drawer and take my rubber lover from its hiding place. I peel off my blouse, jeans bra and panties and crawl naked onto the bed.

I put the ersatz cock into my mouth to wet it. I can feel the wetness in my sex growing. After a minute or so I rub the tip up and down my engorged clit while using my other hand to pinch my nipples.

I can feel the moisture leaking out of me as I line the phallus up to my waiting hole and shove it deep inside me. I came instantly with an intense wave of pleasure traveling throughout my entire body emanating from my hot wet pussy. I stroke the cock in and out producing another series of small yet intense orgasms.

With a final thrust I plunge it deep into my pussy and hold it there as my body tenses while my final orgasm floods my body with endorphins. As I am coming down from my orgasmic bliss I slowly withdraw my toy.

I bring it with me into the bathroom. I decide to take a bubble bath instead of a shower so I start running the water for my bath and while it's filling I clean my silicone phallus once again then placing it on the hamper lid to dry.

I'm waking up in a bit of a daze then realizing that I had fallen asleep in the tub. I quickly get up and open the door to the bedroom and check the time. It's 4:00pm and Aimee is due here at 4:30pm.

I hurry and dry myself off and start using the curling iron on my hair. I spray a mist of perfume into the air and walk through the cloud so I have just a hint of fragrance on me. I dress myself and then look in the mirror to make sure everything is in place.

I think I pass inspection so I sit on the edge of the bed and put on my heels. I take a final look in the mirror and satisfied with the results I go downstairs. I barely make it down the stairs before the doorbell starts ringing. I make my way to the front door and open it to let Aimee in.

"Hey Mandy you look smokin'! You'll have every guy in the place drooling!"

"Aimee you look great!" I tell her but I'm thinking sex on a stick is more appropriate but I don't want to tell my slutty friend that she looks the part. "Let me grab my bag and then we can head out."

Aimee is driving and during the ride to the restaurant she said "Trevor is so excited to be meeting you tonight. I have told him all about you."

"Aimee you did tell him hands off just dinner and dancing right?" I ask her still a bit nervous.

"Mandy don't worry. I told him and besides he's a good guy and will respect your wishes. I'm certain that if you change your mind he is more than willing and ready to accommodate you. I can't say he won't try to persuade you to change your mind but he will not cross any lines doing so. I made him promise."

Arriving at the hotel we park the car, go inside to the front desk, and check into our room. We get the key from the clerk and take the elevator to room 424 on the fourth floor. The room is spacious and well decorated and comes with a king sized bed.

We set our bags down and after refreshing our makeup head down to the restaurant to meet Damien and Trevor. They were waiting for us at the bar and I got my first look at Trevor. I was surprised that Aimee didn't mention he was African-American.

He is about 6'2" and I guess weighs about 215. He has light complexion with honey brown eyes and a killer smile. I noticed he has a cute set of buns that are muscular and well defined. As he turned toward us I could see the outline of his six-pack through the tight black satin shirt he was wearing.

Aimee made the introductions. "Damien Trevor this is my friend Mandy, Mandy Damien and Trevor."

"It's nice to meet you both." I said as I extended my hand first to Damien and then to Trevor.

Damien just shook my hand but Trevor leaned in and kissed me on both cheeks. I was caught off guard and felt the need to remind him I'm married so I made sure to extend my left hand out where he could see my rings.

Damien said, "I hope you are not put off by Trev here but he spent a year in Paris and he got used to the la bise greeting and has kept it up since returning home."

Trevor spoke up immediately "Oh I hope I didn't offend you Mandy! I do forget the difference between French and American personal space and ways of greeting one another." He said looking genuinely embarrassed.

"No offense taken Trevor I just didn't expect it that's all." Hoping I didn't embarrass him too much. I had a glass of chardonnay at the bar while waiting for our table. When we were seated Damien ordered a bottle for the table. The wine was delicious and definitely expensive.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and desert. We finished the bottle of chardonnay and Trevor ordered a second. We were on the second bottle when the band began playing. Aimee and Damien immediately headed out to the dance floor.

It took a couple of songs before Trevor had the courage to ask me to dance. I nodded and he took my hand in his and led me to the dance floor. We danced a couple of songs before he pulled me in close but not offensively closer to his body.

He placed his hand on the small of my back close to but not touching my ass. As he pulled me closer I could feel my breasts rubbing against his chest and the bulge in his trousers rubbing against my leg. When the song ended we went back to the table for a drink.

Trevor began to tell me how lonely he has been since returning from Paris because he broke up with his fiancée just before returning. It seems that she fell for a Frenchman and left him alone for two days before returning. "She said that "It is a very French thing to have a quick fling with a lover and was her excuse."

"After she left off with her French paramour the very next morning that I decided enough was enough. I checked out of the hotel, threw her luggage and her plane ticket in the trash and returned home."