Slave Ch. 01


"Pull out my balls."

With one hand gently stroking Master's cock I start to pull his heavy balls out of his pants with the other. I can't believe how big they are. When I finally get them out I look up at Master's eyes as I stroke the first cock I have ever touched and fondle the biggest balls I can imagine. The girls are kneeling behind me and whispering instructions in my ears. They tell me how to slide his foreskin down and lick the thick head of his cock. They encourage me to suck each ball into my mouth and play with it with my tongue.

"Suck my cock slave."

I look up at my Master with his cock and balls in my hands. I lean forward to lick the precum from the tip of his hard cock. I taste Master for the first time then slide my pierced lips down his shaft to take his balls into my mouth one at a time and then slide my tongue back up to take a man's cock into my mouth. I open my mouth as wide as I can but even then the thick head of his cock barely fits. I take more of his cock into my mouth, feeling the new rings in my lips as they rub on his cock. I lick on his shaft with my tongue using the stud and chain there to excite him. "Oh," I sigh,

"he tastes and smells like the powerful man that he is."

I can't believe how I am giving myself to this black man; this man I only know as Master. He pushes on the back of my head and encourages me to take his cock deep into my throat. I gag and push him away with my bound hands but he only laughs as he pushes his cock deeper into my mouth. Soon I am taking his cock into my throat at each thrust. The girls tell me how to tilt my head and how to swallow Master's cock as he fucks my face. At last I finally have him deep in my throat and my nose pushes into his pubic hairs. I see the gold lion tattooed behind the black pubic hairs and know that I have finally kissed the lion.

He cums then and I am not ready. The first load of his cum goes down my throat straight into my stomach but he pulls back to shoot the second into my mouth. I try to swallow but he keeps cumming again and again until his white sperm escapes past my pierced lips to run down my chin and drip onto my slave tits. I can't help myself I feel so owned as I suck and lick Master using the thick gold chain in my mouth to milk the last drops of cum from his still hard cock. I look up into his dark eyes with his black cock in my mouth and massage his balls as his cum dries on my face.

"You like sucking cock don't you," Master says as he smiles down at me.

I can only look up and nod my head yes with his black cock still in my mouth.

"There are four other cocks and a pussy for you to suck and lick tonight. You will suck three of the cocks and present your slave body to the forth master to use as he wishes before crawling under the dress of the mistress to lick her pussy."

Master pushes me away from his cock, "It's time to punish you now." I don't know what to do now I can only stare at Master's cock and hold my slave tits while I kneel in front of him waiting for him to tell me what to do. "Stand and lean over my knees!" Master orders. I struggle ungainly to my feet and lay myself over his legs. I feel Maser's hand caress my ass as Tattoo hands him a large paddle and I shudder at what is going to happen to me.

Master spanks my ass with all his strength and I scream out my pain. "That's one. You get ten for looking away and ten more for hesitating." By the time Master is done I am kicking my feet and crying in pain as the last of his hard strokes fall on my ass.

Master pushes me to the floor when he is done with me. "Now suck every cock in the room except the one you will have in your cunt," he growls. I lie on the floor in front of him wishing that I can ease the pain in my ass. Knowing that Master wants me to crawl to suck each man's cock I gather my knees under me and stretch forward while arching my back like a cat holding my cum encrusted face and tits off the carpet by my bound hands. When I am fully stretched I crawl forward on my knees showing Master my cum filled cunt then stretch out again until I get to the first man. I choose the fat evil smelling man first. His tiny cock barely fills my mouth as I suck it in. He quickly grunts his orgasm and I move on to suck the next man's cock into my mouth and the next.

Soon I am kneeling before the dark Arabian man while stroking his uncircumcised cock and looking up into his face with begging eyes as I wait for him to tell me how he will fuck me. I have picked him to fuck me because his cock is uncut like Master's. "Stand," he orders. I hurry to obey and stand before him with my hands holding up my slave tits for him to see. "Now turn around and sit on my cock."

Earlier tonight when I was raped, no used, by these masters it wasn't my fault I was tied to the table and couldn't help myself but now I must make yet another choice. He is telling me to fuck myself on his cock in front of a room full of people. Do I refuse and take the punishment? After a long moment I realize that there is no choice, I have to do what these people tell me.

I nervously turn and sit squirming around until I feel his cock enter my cunt. I am disappointed that I can't look this master in the eyes as I slowly move my cunt up and down his cock. He pulls at the chains on my body as he urges me to make him cum with my wet cunt. I pump my cunt faster and faster up and down his cock until I feel it thicken and spout out his cum into me.

"Lick me clean," the man moans into my ear as I slowly move my cum filled cunt on his cock while his hands roam over my tits and slide down to play with my clit.

In a daze I stand and turn to kneel between master's legs to take his wilting cock in my mouth. I can taste my own cunt juices and his salty cum as I lick him clean. Looking up at the master with his cock in my mouth after willingly fucking myself on it in front of Master and four other people I know now that I am truly a slave and I will do what ever they tell me to.

Knowing that I still have one more task to do I crawl across the floor to put my head under the dress of the rude woman and lick at her thighs. In the near darkness between her legs I see that she is a gusher and know why she didn't stand to join the men at the bar. The back of her dress and the chair under her are sopping wet with her pussy juices. The mistress moans and pulls my face into her smelly crotch. I lick her pussy using my new tongue stud and chain to excite her while I grind my chin stud into her ass. She quickly starts cumming and holds my head tight against her pussy as she wets my face and cries out her passion. When she is done I kneel back out from under her dress to look at her with her pussy juice dripping down my smiling face. I smell and look like a total cum slut now with dried sperm and wet pussy juice all over my body as I lean forward under her dress to gently kiss the woman's thighs and lick at her clit until she has her second orgasm.

When she is done with me the rude woman pushes me to the floor. I lay there curled up in a ball at her feet feeling completely helpless. My ass is still red hot from being spanked by Master and I feel the new slave tattoos on my cheek and chest and each ring and chain on my cum covered slut body.

Master snaps his fingers and points to the floor by his side. I crawl as quickly as I can to kneel in front my Master and stare at the bulge of his cock in his pants wondering how much lower I can sink into slavery as my tongue licks the woman juice and salty cum from my pierced lips. My ear lobes ache from the swaying of the heavy rings in them, my nipples throb from the weight of the heavy gold chains in them and I feel each ring in my cunt lips and every other chain on my body as I wait, patiently like the slave I have become, on my knees for his next command. I feel that I should be crying but there are no tears left.

"This slave is entirely mine now. I thank you for watching as this witless young girl finds her true place in life as the slave that she is. You may leave now."

I hear the sounds of the men as they dress themselves and leave the room while I stare at Master's cock with my face fiery red in embarrassment at what I have just done in front of them. The rude woman is the last to leave and Master laughs at her when he sees how wet the back of her dress is.

When they are gone Tattoo and Master talk about what will be done to me while the girls play with my blonde hair and I hold my heavy tits up for Master to see. I feel so dirty and used as I kneel with my legs wide open showing Master my cunt as the cum of so many men flows out of it onto the floor.

"She knows how to walk in high heels, Master," Tattoo purrs as she caresses his leg and strokes his hard cock. "When she has the operation I think you should have her tendons shortened so she can't walk in anything less than seven inch heels."

"Operation!" I scream silently with my wide frightened eyes staring at Master's cock.

"Yes, that is a thought," Master answers. "But for now take her and the slaves to their cell."

"Yes Master," Tattoo says as she stands to lead us from the room and down a narrow hallway to a small room with two beds and a cushion on the floor rolled up between them. She pushes us in and shuts the door. I hear the lock click and look to see that there is no handle on our side; we are trapped in the windowless room until Master or Tattoo lets us out. The girls don't seem to care about being locked in our cell as they lead me through a door on the far side of the room into an ornate bathroom. Asia turns on the taps to the huge bathtub while Russia pulls out thick washcloths and even thicker towels from a closet. When the tub is full I am forced to step in and sit. I hear the chink of gold chain on porcelain as I lean back into the hot water still holding my tits with my chained hands. The girls begin to soap my body clean of sperm and juice. Russia frees my hands from the chains that hang from Master's thick gold collar to relock them to the sides of the belt around my waist. I wonder if my hands will ever be free again and know that they never will.

When they are done cleaning me they lift me to my feet and towel me dry. I am so tired as I am led to stand between the two beds while the thin futon is unrolled for me and I am made to lay down on it. A chain is locked to Master's collar and attached to the wall above my head. I expect to be covered by a blanket but I am left naked as the two girls ignore me and slide into their soft beds, pull their covers up and go to sleep. I lay on the floor awake for what seems like hours. I can't even touch my wet eyes, massage my aching red hot ass or even play with my throbbing cunt. At last, in spite of all the things that have been done to me, I fall asleep as well.

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