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Slave for a Day


Gretchen is sleeping when I wake up as usual. She sleeps much more than I do. Today is different though. Today I am going to be staying in bed longer, and she knows it, even though she is still sleeping.

Two weeks ago Gretchen and I were talking about fantasies, and I mentioned how I would love to have her as a slave for a day. Gretchen is only 22 and hasn't tried too much. After talking a little bit about it, she agreed, to do it and I started telling her the conditions.

1. She could only speak when spoken to. (If she needed to say something it must be proceeded with "If it makes you happy Sir___," and then what ever she needed like going to the bathroom).

2. When at home she was not allowed to wear clothes. (If we went anywhere I was to pick out her clothes).

3. When at home she was to crawl on her hands and knees to get around. (Unless she needed to stand for an activity such as cooking, or I told her to stand).

4. She was not allowed to look me directly in the eye. (Unless I told her to).

5. She was not allowed to say the word "no" to me.

6. Everything she did say was to be followed by the word "Sir."

With these conditions I told her that she would not be put in danger, I would not inflict pain on her, and I would not take any existing grudges or feelings toward her into the roll playing scenario. She was very hesitant after hearing these conditions, but decided to agree.

So here I am awake, in bed, next to my slave for the whole day. I hope she is ready. I slowly caress her shoulder and she starts to stir. I lean over to her ear and say "good morning my pet," to remind her of her previous commitment to this day.

"Good morning, sir" she says sleepily.

"I'm still tired and want some more sleep, but I need you to do a few things for me" I say to her to get her into the order-following-mood early. "First off I want you to suck my cock to completion. When you are done with that I will let you know what to do next."

Gretchen's only reply is a simple "yes sir." Without looking at me she slides under the covers and starts to lick my cock. I am already rock solid from 'morning wood', so there will not be a warm up period.

" I said I want you to SUCK my cock, not lick it. I'll let you know when I want you to lick it," I say to her wanting to cum so badly I can hardly stand it.

"Yes sir" I hear right before I feel the warmth of her lips engulf my cock-head. She starts with a few shallow bobs, then goes all out. She is now taking about half of my cock in her mouth with each downward movement, and coming up almost to the tip of my head. She is going faster then I knew her little head could bob. Soon I am getting ready to cum from this delightful way to start the day. I don't moan or signal I am close in any way, and when I feel my balls tighten, and the first rope of cum shoot from my cock head I hear Gretchen almost choke. She doesn't stop though. She keeps the pace going and going as rope after rope of semen shoots into her hot wet mouth. Soon she feels that there is no more cum to milk from my cock and she lifts her head.

"You can spit it out my pet" I say to her. I know she really dislikes the taste of cum and I want her to have some fun today too. She takes a step off the bad and almost forgets to crawl to the hamper for a used rag to spin into. I look at her ass as she places the rag on the floor in front of her, facing away from me, and lets the cum run slowly out of her mouth. I can see her pussy lips and they are glistening with moisture. I smile to myself and roll back onto my back and close my eyes.

A second later I hear her crawl back over to me and say "if it makes you happy Sir, I would like to carry out your next task for me." I can tell by the tone and direction of her voice that she is looking down at the floor. She seems to be remembering everything very well and I am very impressed. Maybe I will reward her earlier that I had planned, I say to myself as I give her the next task.

"I want you to go to the kitchen and bring me the empty 3 liter Mt. Dew bottle. You are going to hold it while I roll onto my side and piss into it so I don't have to get out of bed this morning, then you are going to dump the bottle into the toilet and flush it. Once you are done with that I will give you your next task. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand sir" she says as she crawls out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. She soon returns with the open end of the bottle held in her open mouth. She must have found it too hard to hold the bottle in her hand while she was crawling. I roll onto my side and just as asked, she takes my cock and puts the tip right at the opening of the Mt. Dew bottle. Soon I am letting my bladder loose and it feels so good to let it relax. It is both very strange and exiting to be feeling this while still in bed, but soon I am done. Gretchen seals the bottle and this time des not put the bottle in her mouth. I didn't figure she would. I can hear her in the bathroom empting the contents of the bottle and soon hear the flush of the toilet. She is just as quick to return to the side of the bed, eyes cast down, and on her hands and knees.

"I am hungry and want you to make me some breakfast. I am going to get a little more sleep while you cook. You can walk while you cook and set the table, but that is all. Once the food is served and on the table I want you to come back in here and wake me up by licking my balls. Do you understand my pet?" I ask, knowing she loves to cook breakfast for me.

"YES sir" she says excitedly and scampers off toward the kitchen. I roll onto my back and pass back out. I have just had a great blow job, and my morning piss without having to leave the bed. I am very relaxed!

I awake the way I wish I could wake up every morning, with the gentle warm licking of my balls by Gretchen. "Mmm that feels good my pet. That was a very nice way to wake up" I say to Gretchen looking at the outline of her head under the covers. We both have a good meal and I tell her that she can look me in the eye while we are eating if she wants. Once we are done eating decide that she is being very good and needs a reward.

"Come here my pet," I say to her. "You have been very good today and I think you deserve a reward." She quickly comes crawling over in front of me and sits up on her heels, arms behind her back, and head cast down. I tell her to lie down on her back and pull her knees up to her chest with her legs spread. She does so quickly and is in position in seconds. I can see her pussy is almost dripping. I insert a finger into her slippery hole and it goes in with ease, so I add another. I am soon ramming my fingers in and out of her cunt as it grips my fingers trying to milk them as if they were a cock. In no time at all Gretchen is screaming and thrashing her head from side to side as her orgasm rocks her body. After her screams turn into whimpers I remove my fingers but her cunt stays open begging. "Did my pet like that" I ask, knowing the answer.

"Yes sir, very much sir" she says with a sigh. I lean back on the couch and just admire my slave and her wide-open cunt as her cum slowly runs down over her anus.

"If it makes you happy Sir, can I go pee"? She asks.

"Not right now, we have to get ready. We are going shopping." She almost picks her head up to shoot me a look, but quickly remembers not to. She doesn't know what I will do if she does something wrong. All she knows is it won't be painful, which I think makes her even more curious, and scared at the same time.

I get Gretchen dressed in a long thin sun-dress and some sandals. I give her nothing else to ware. We are driving to on of the local strip malls around our house and I can see her wince with every bump that I hit. Her bladder must be very full. We get to the strip mall and she knows exactly where we are going; a local sex shop.

"They don't have a bathroom for customers inside so if you want to pee you'll have to squat outside the car door" I say as I'm getting out of the car to walk around and see if she will go through with it. She looks around before she opens the door and sees that I have parked in a remote part of the parking lot and that no one should be able to see her as long as another care doesn't drive by. She quickly opens the door and squats next to the car with the door hiding her from behind and me from the front. There's a car next to us, so she is almost completely surrounded. She lets out a large sign of relief as her golden fountain hisses onto the pavement. Soon she has a huge puddle under her and it just keeps getting bigger. I then realize that although I have had my morning piss, she had not. She must have been saving it so that I could watch. She knows that I get turned on when I watch her pee.

Bladder empty and cloths straightened, Gretchen takes my arm and we head toward the sex shop. We walk into the shop and there is a very pretty girl behind the counter. She greets us with a warm smile and some standard pleasantries. We smile back and say hello. The whole while we are in the shop Gretchen is on my arm, but seems to be staring at the pretty clerk very often. Whenever the clerk looks our way Gretchen quickly looks away. I get an idea and walk to a display rack in front of the counter. I find and interesting item near the bottom and make sure that Gretchen is facing the counter when I bring her down with me squatting to look at the item.

"Spread your knees and don't move" I whisper in her ear as she looks down and blushes, realizing what I'm doing. Gretchen opens her legs and while her face stays a deep shade of crimson. From the front counter, the pretty cashier can see right up Gretchen's dress to her sopping pussy. I pretend to be very interested in the item and stay there for a while. At first the clerk is too shy to look, but soon is just standing there staring right at Gretchen's beautiful cunt. Our legs tire of squatting and we stand to roam the store some more. We are looking at some toys when the clerk comes over to us to see if we need any help.

"Yes, actually" I reply seeing the clerk checking out Gretchen. "Gretchen here likes to have something up her butt when I am fucking her. Small plugs are too small, they just fall out, but medium plugs are too big to get in. Vibrating bullets are OK, but the wire bothers her. What do you suggest?" Gretchen's eyes are now very wide as she looks at the floor as to not make eye contact with me, or the sales clerk.

"Oh...Umm...Well" the clerk stammers, not expecting such a direct question. She looks at Gretchen and gives her a full-on once over from head to toe. "I think we have just the thing over here" she says as she leads us over to a different area of the toy rack. "These just came in last week. They are plugs, but they have more than small, medium, and large to choose from" she says as she motions at some beautiful plugs. There must have been eight to ten in the set. Each one got just a bit bigger than the last. Not just that, but the exact dimensions were written on the packaging. "This might be just what you are looking for," the clerk said as she picked one off of the wall and handed it to me.

"I think that she would like this one very much." I looked at the package and it said that it was 4" long, 1 ½" at the thickest point, and narrowed down to ¾" at the base before it flared out. "I'll take it" I said and handed it back to the sales clerk. I also grabbed some lube and paid. After I paid, I turned to the clerk and asked if Gretchen could try it out right now. The store was empty and the clerk got visibly excited at the thought of seeing me insert the plug into this gorgeous girl. She showed us to a back room just off from the front desk.

"Lift your dress and bend over baby" I told Gretchen whose face had turned that deep shade of crimson again. I lubed up the plug and slowly inserted it into her ass. The whole time the clerk was watching me do so, always moving so she had the best vantage point. The plug went in with a pop and it was over. Gretchen stood up let her dress fall and we were off. I thanked the sales clerk again who asked us to come back soon, but I don't think it was to purchase toys. Just as we were walking out two middle-aged women entered the store and smiled at us saying hello. The drive home was very interesting. Every time I hit a small bump Gretchen would gasp for breath, but this time it was not from a full bladder, it was due to the plug in her ass sending shivers up her spine.

Once home I practically ripped her dress off her and got her on all fours. I reached down to find her more wet than I've ever felt her. I guided my cock to her and placed the head at her dripping cunt. "Are you mine?" I ask in a stern voice.

"Y-yes...s..sir" she can barely get out as she is panting in anticipation. I ram the whole length of my cock into her in one thrust. Gretchen orgasms on the spot as I start to piston in and out of her with increasing force. Soon I am slamming in and out of her cunt hard enough that my balls are slapping her clit and my pelvic bone is hitting the plug in her ass. I don't think that her scream has stopped from the time I entered her. She is orgasming so hard that I can feel it soaking my balls and dripping off. Soon I am ready to cum as I feel my entire lower body tighten. I can tell this is going to be a strong one. Soon I feel my balls tighten as the first shot of semen is shooting through me. It feels like it is coming from my toes at it erupts into Gretchen's sloppy cunt. Shot after shot fill her womb. It just keeps going and the sound in the room has gone from a slapping to a frothy slurping as my cum overflows out of her used cunt. Soon I can feel the last few shots filling her to capacity and is going wild as yet another orgasm rips through her body. I'm not sure how many times she came, and I'm sure she has no idea. When they are this good, you loose count. We collapse into a heap on the floor. Breathing hard and sweating puddles.

Once we catch our breath I have her get a warm towel from the bathroom to clean me up. I almost get hard again as I see her crawl away, cum dripping down her thighs, cunt gaping open, and a plug in her ass. I yell that she can take the plug out if she wants and a "thank you sir" is all I hear from the bathroom as the water starts to run. Gretchen returns with the rag and very gently cleans me up.

"Clean yourself up and meet me in the bed" I tell her.

"Yes sir" she says crawling away. I can see her ass now wide open from the plug that had been there since the sex shop. Gretchen joins me in bed and we cuddle up together and fall asleep for a good nap.

I awaken to Gretchen licking my balls, and pretend to be asleep to enjoy the experience. After a while I tell her to suck my cock to completion, sit up, let it run down her chin onto her tits, smear it around her tits with her hands, and then let it dry there. Gretchen quickly gets to sucking me off like before, very fast strokes, and taking almost half of the length in her mouth. This time I have already cum twice and am lasting much longer. Soon she is running out of energy and I am not enjoying it as much.

"Lay down on your back, I am going to fuck your mouth. I want you to play with my nipples as I do so. I am going to cum in your mouth, but again you don't have to swallow" I say while moving her into position.

She barely has the time to get out the "yes sir" before my cock is jammed into her mouth. I fuck her mouth with a frenzy and can see her cheeks blowing out with each thrust inward.

"Look me in the eye while I fuck your face" I say to her. She locks her big beautiful brown eyes on mine and I continue to fuck her face like it was the last time I would ever get to do so. My orgasm comes over me quick and I am soon filling her mouth with my semen. I can see her trying not to swallow any and I pull out for the last few shots. I aim at her face and she quickly closes her eyes. The last few shots land on her forehead and nose coating her face nicely. I climb off and she sits up letting the cum dribble out of her mouth very seductively. It dribbles down onto her breasts and she smears it in just as asked. There she is, sitting there covered in cum, looking more beautiful than ever.

"I want you to make me dinner and not clean yourself up" I say looking at her.

"Yes sir" she says as she scampers off to the kitchen. We have a great dinner and I can't get over that she ate all of it covered in my cum. I guess she will never get to know what my punishments were, but I'm sure she had fun and we'll do this again. One of these times she'll slip up and I'll have to punish her. For now, all I know is that she is going to sleep very well tonight.

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