tagBDSMSlave Meets Master

Slave Meets Master


I sat at my staff meeting with Stacey Willard at ten fifteen that morning, half asleep. I wore a white blouse and a black skirt with black heels that morning. Stacey went over all the new author's we had added to our ranks over the last year. Snow rained beyond the window behind her, powdering the gorgeous city of New York that towered endlessly into the hazy distance. I'd zoned out since I was no longer involved with the upper management dealings anymore. No, I was just an author for Endless Nights Publishing now after having stepped back from administrative duties. It was too much work trying to play author, editor, and publisher.

I gasped as my eyes widened. Everyone at the table looked at me as I put my hand to my mouth. The unbearable vibration coming from my vagina had been sudden and unexpected. "Sorry, a sort of... uhm, nightmare." I smiled, my face going red as the Lush vibrator stopped.

Thomas was horny and he wanted me to know it. Who was Thomas? That's a good question because I'd never met him before. And yet, he had a stronger hold upon me than even my husband at that time. My husband, Max, was still in Europe and scheduled to be there until the middle of January. It was part of his three month winter tour, and that left me to my own devices when it came to my needs and satisfactions.

I'd met Thomas on Tumblr while trying to keep up with social media duties. I almost never check Tumblr, but I kept a porny queue of hotwife posts and such that I kept secret from Max. Thomas was one of those dominant types who liked to raceplay a little bit who had been following me for a long time. He occasionally sent me some naughty raceplay texts. I told him to knock it off as I was almost ten years older than him and knew my way around the sexual world a little better so that sobered him up a bit. I've dated guys from Tumblr, Tinder, and KIK before, but I'm a traditionalist when it comes to dating. I like to let the chemistry build in person. But I also crave attention.

After we discovered that we were both in New York, Thomas had invited me to play a little game with him if I was interested. I'm always interested in trying something new so I asked him what he had planned. He told me that there would be a package waiting for me at the Starbucks on 58th Street across from Columbus Circle. It would be behind the counter and all I needed to do was ask one of the baristas if there was a package for Cindy behind the counter.

Being, overly cautious, I had a friend pick up the package. The barista had no idea what it was or who it was for so the guy gave it to my editor friend, Jason, without question. Jason brought it up to me the previous morning and I opened it in the bathroom to find a brand new--unopened--Lush pink vibrator inside. Thomas had included instructions on how to send him the bluetooth code after I'd turned it on. I sent it to him and we did a little test run, me laughing as he made me wet and red. His next instruction was to put it on the next morning and leave it in throughout the day.

I was bored so I did, and that's when things got interesting. Thomas had control over me. He had my orgasm in the palm of his hand at any given time of the day--a complete stranger to me by name. At first, the feeling was hot and I'd gotten wet just thinking about it, knowing that it was there. It had only been on that one time in the office and only for a few seconds, but the situation had made me gush and fill my panties uncomfortably.

"What happened?" Jason asked as we walked back toward the elevator after the meeting.

"Nothing, just maybe a stomach cramp." I said. We grabbed some lunch and chatted, Thomas exercising patience. I wondered when it would happen again, when he would make me lose control. After we re-entered the publishing building and exited the elevator, it hit me. I stumbled and grappled for the wall, my diaphragm tightening for a few seconds before I ducked into the nearest restroom. I sat on the toilet in the stall, sighing with my legs apart and shaking as I came.

The vibration continued and I checked my phone messages. "How does it feel to be owned?" He texted.

"I need you." I texted back, really and truly wanting a full length cock right now over this stupid toy and his games.

"Not yet. We have another game to play." He texted back.

"You're driving me crazy!" I texted.

"Let's see how obedient you've become. There's another package waiting. If you remove the vibrator, I'll know."

I doubted that was true. There was nothing about the product that said it could sense when it had been removed or not, but it was part of the psychological game Thomas was playing. I left it in, getting through the rest of the day without making too much noise as I simply smirked angrily when it started vibrating this time. I'm a woman and I'm in full control of my functions. I closed my eyes as Stacey continued droning on about marketing statistics as I focused on the vibration. I licked my lips and took a deep breath to realize that everyone was looking at me again.

"Cindy, did you hear what I asked?" Stacey asked.

"No." I opened my eyes wide. Thomas had turned up the sensitivity to half as I swallowed hard, looking at Stacey without reacting. He left it there and he left it on, the mother fucker. "W--what is it?"

"Your books have the highest selling ebook rate, and we were hoping to convert that momentum over to some of the new authors. We were wondering if there was a method or tactic you like to take when working your social media outlets."

I sat there for what felt like thirty seconds staring off into space. The hum of the vibrator was quiet, but it was next to impossible to coordinate any coherent thought. "Networking." The word slid from my lips lethargically. "Lots of networking." I closed my eyes intentionally and took a shivering breath as the monotonous roll of the Lush tempted and coaxed me toward yet another orgasm.

"Oh... kay." Stacey said. "Moving on...."

"What the hell is going on with you?" Jason asked.

Thomas had killed the vibration at last, but the damage was done. My underwear was ruined and cleaning up the chair under me before leaving was awkward. "It's nothing." I said. We parted ways outside, me taking the subway uptown to Central Park. I got off and went into the Starbucks where there was yet another package waiting for me. I took it, but before leaving I asked the barista guy how much whoever paid to leave it there.

"I'm not sure, but I think the guy paid the manager like a hundred bucks to hold it." He shrugged. "That's just what I heard."

I went to the restroom and opened the parcel to find a note from Thomas on another package. "I'd like you to leave your panties and bra in here and bring them to me. I think we can both agree that they belong to me now. Now that you're sufficiently horny, Cindy, I'd like you to come meet me or I fear I might lose this primal desire I've stirred within you to some other stranger. You are such a slut and you know it. You'll get it if you need it and you're aching right now, aren't you? I know you are. Take off those panties and put this in. It's cold out for now, but the warmth is waiting for you. Come get what you need."

The address and room of a hotel was at the bottom. I opened the second package to unravel a silver, jewel-encrusted butt-plug. I scoffed at it and tossed it in my hand. It felt supernaturally cold. I put my soaked thong in the box and hiked my heel on the toilet seat. I tongued the corner of my mouth, running the plug into my vagina to moisten it before pressing it into my bottom. It hurt and I breathed frustratedly as the fat rounded part flexed and stretched. Relief as the big part slipped inside as my rectum clutched the plug. It was painful for a minute, but I got used to it.

A sudden shock of vibration made me fall down on the toilet seat. Someone knocked on the restroom door. I'd been in the bathroom too long. I gathered myself and the parcel, putting my bra inside as well. I didn't have big breasts so I wasn't sure how this was going to be a turn on.

The moment I stepped outside, everything changed. My nipples poked through my thin white blouse as the cool wind and snow met my shoulders. I pulled my jacket tight, but a breeze sent ice through my downstairs as the silver plug captured and amplified the cold like a subtle form of torture. It wasn't a bad kind of torture. I was so horny and I could barely walk as I put Thomas's hotel's address into my maps app. I was going to screw his brains out after the sexual mind-games he had been playing with me.

I took the subway, texting him as I went. He said he'd meet me downstairs and we'd go out for drinks. I'd never met him but I had seen pictures. Thomas was tall with short brown hair and a little beard stubble. When I saw him he had an open-throat white dress shirt under his dark blue blazer and matching dress slacks. He wore black loafers on his feet. Thomas put his arm around my shoulder.

"If it isn't my little Cindy." He said as we moved into walk. He put his hand into his blazer pocket and I felt the perk of the vibration as he grinned.

"You asshole." I said desperately. "You've made this day... interesting, to say the least." I breathed.

He nodded. "I know, let's go get a drink." We walked on. It was so cold, but he didn't seem to mind as the snow drifted from the sky over the cars and sidewalks as the pedestrians traveled to their nameless destinations. I felt his hand meet my ass while we walked. A ridiculous amount of cold greeted me as he lifted my skirt and massaged my right butt cheek. My face went red as we walked. My ass was bare. I felt him pat gently, keeping my black skirt above the cuff of his jacket. We made for the bar nearby. I met Thomas's eyes and stared daggers at him as he licked his lips, checking me out.

A guy in a brown hat walked by and nudged me. "Followed you guys for two blocks. Loved the view." He chuckled and ducked off in the other direction.

"You're such a slut." He said. "No panties and no bra. God I can't wait to fuck your tight pussy senseless." We drank a few beers, relaxing. Thomas sat with me in the booth and fingered me under my skirt around the vibrator as we drank. He turned it on three-quarters power and I felt him kiss me. I was helpless to resist. It took all my will to keep my composure in public as the vibration wore on me. I felt tired and sore from the use, but still so turned on.

We went back to the hotel room where more gifts were waiting for me. Thomas took off my white blouse and put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists and then a black leather collar for me to wear around my neck that connected to a leash. I let him put these things on me because he'd turned the vibrator on high. Sure, I could take it out but where would the fun be in that? At least, I could have taken out the Lush, but he'd handcuffed my hands behind my back and had the leash connect to my collar.

Thomas was fully dressed and I--famous, bestselling author, Cindy Johnson--was naked, on my knees with a collar around my neck and my hands handcuffed behind my back. I had a silver butt plug in my ass, a Lush vibrator in my pussy on high making me squirm, and my master had me completely at his will. I couldn't ask to be in a more blessed position. "You couldn't bring a blindfold?" I asked.

"No, Cindy, I want you to see yourself being owned." He said, noting the mirror closet that reflected my situation clearly. My black hair was down and met my shoulders as I looked back at my brown eyes that had looked back at me this morning when I did my makeup. He gently rubbed my signature high Korean cheekbone. "Look at you, little slut. Come, let's get you fed."

Thomas pulled the collar and gently guided my head to his pants. I bit the belt with my teeth and pulled it, releasing the clip as the belt fell away. He was rock solid in his dark blue slacks. He undid the button on his pants and I grabbed the zipper with my teeth, feeling his firm cock through the fabric of his pants with my cheek. I unzipped his pants and watched him pull his pants and underwear down with one hand. His cock was bigger than I was expecting, worryingly large. It was big and round and long like a torpedo. He pulled my leash, lifting my chin to his balls and shaft.

His long hog pushed between my lips into my mouth. He traveled down my tongue and gagged my throat. He thrust back and forth in my mouth, wrapping his arm around my neck to pull my face down as he slid as far as he could. I choked, but it was a good kind of choke. "Breathe through your nose." He said instructively, keeping his cock deep as he fucked my face.

I finally coughed as he pulled out, saliva strands pulling from my lips and his shaft as he kept me at bay with the leash. I took deep breaths of free air as I glared at him. He smirked and lifted me up over the edge of the bed. I felt gratifying pain as he spanked me hard. "You've just got too much spunk!" He spanked again, the slap echoing through the room. I felt him keep spanking, the buttplug throbbing in my ass with each swat. I saw that my butt was red in the mirror and came at the thought of my husband seeing the abuse I was taking.

He reeled me up and around on my back as he pushed his cock into my mouth from the other direction, his balls resting on my nose. Thomas pinched and pulled my nipples, playfully slapping them as he rolled and pulled. I gave a cry around his cock and he relaxed.

"Oh, look at how red your pussy is." Thomas clicked his tongue as he withdrew his cock from my mouth. "You need it more than you've ever needed it before don't you?"

"Oh, please, please, please!" I begged him.

He hummed and reached down to massage my vagina aggressively with his strong fingers around the Lush vibrator that had been on high for so long I'd become desensitized to it.

"Think you're ready?"

"Yes, god dammit!" My fingers clenched as I yearned for him, a dildo, anything but the god awful vibration that just seemed to make me itch more.

"I should record you begging me to fuck you. What a lost opportunity. What would the world say?" He mused.

"I don't care, just do it already!" I breathed.

"Oh Cindy, you need cock don't you?" He cooed.

"Yes, whatever, just turn off the fucking vibration!" I glared at him. It was becoming unbearable, probably because I was thinking so much about it, but I'd never been so sexually agitated before.

"Ah, ah, ah, the feeling will pass into ecstasy my little slut." He said as he massaged my clitoris under the Lush with finesse. My legs and stomach heaved as he stimulated me further over the vibration. I arched and writhed on my back and heels. I had a pained expression on my face as pure bliss filled me from head to toe. That's when I started peeing and crying. It was an immense cascade of feelings from pain to unbearable joy. I breathed in and out, in and out, hyperventilating with my hands tied behind my back as Thomas continued fingering that spot without faltering.

The vibration stopped and Thomas undid my handcuffs. A violence overtook me as I leapt on him. He hadn't even taken off his shirt as my pussy found his cock and I fucked him. He didn't fuck me, I fucked him like I'd never fucked a man before in my life. It was the best sex I'd ever had as I rode him for the next hour and a half. He was my fuck-post and I needed it more than ever. He made me need it. After I was done, a renewed energy hit him and he pounded me under the silver buttplug that was still wedged firmly in my asshole.

The leash was still around my neck so he pulled my head and hair back fucking me upright as I looked in the mirror. My hair was a wreck and I had my makeup running down my cheeks. I looked like Thomas's cheap whore and that's what he wanted. He put on a condom and finished inside me after another hour of aggressive primal sex. If you've never needed it as much as I did in the moment I got it, you don't know what a real orgasm is. I just felt sorry for the maids who would have to clean the sheets the next day.

Thomas and I parted ways, me going back to my flat in Queens where I passed out on the couch for the day. I was exhausted and felt amazing. It was like therapy or something. Thomas and I stay in contact, occasionally playing a few games on one another. I sent him back the buttplug and told him he left one hole unfilled if he wanted to play a dirty game with me.

We'll see what he says.

-- Cindy J.

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