Slavery Ch. 09


Alana stopped screaming as she realised that her legs were spread uncomfortably wide. She opened her mouth to speak. Before she had the chance, Kalen pushed something cold and slimly over her lips. When she tried to speak, no sound emerged. One of Alana's greatest fears was to be gagged when she couldn't breathe through her nose. She had always imagined what it would be like to suffocate. Whatever the substance was allowed her to breathe through it. The last stage was a blind fold. As Alana's world went black she really started to panic.

"You are my property. I am going to fuck you like it," Kalen said. Alana tugged as hard as she could at her restraints, but they didn't budge. She could hear Kalen moving around the room. Every step he took made her tremble. When the first touch came, she jumped and screamed into her gag.

Alana felt Kalen's roughened fingers slip lightly across her collar bone. The touch stilled her, then made her twitch as it tickled. A little firmer, Kalen's fingers trailed downwards. They ran between Alana's brests, the stroked the skin underneath them. Alana was still tense, but the gentleness of Kalen's touch allowed her to relax a little. His fingers carried on exploring the skin around her breasts until Alana ached for Kalen to touch them. Her nipples were puckered, so stiff they were tender. She could feel wetness gathering at the entrance to her pussy as her arousal rose. When Kalen's hands left her body, Alana 's chest strained towards them.

A clink of metal caught Alana's ears, and when something cool and hard was set down upon her stomach she tried to jerk away. Kalen pinched a nipple which sent electric shockwaves through Alana which headed straight for her groin. Something cold clamped around one nipple, then the other. Alana stilled at the unfamiliar sensation. It wasn't unpleasant, not really, not at first. Slowly, the metal on Alana's nipples started to pinch. The pinching developed from pleasure to pain. Alana started to struggle. She whimpered soundlessly into her gag, trying in vain to pull her body away. Sweat broke out along her forehead as the pain increased. The tightening stopped, the pain eased to a strong ache, but still Alana felt distressed; she didn't know what was coming next, or why Kalen was doing this to her.

A wet flicker across one of Alana's pinched clamped nipples startled her. A groan escaped into her gag as she waited for more pain. Her nipples felt like they were on fire. Kalen's tongue lathed one nipple, then the other. It felt amazing. Alana's noises of pain changed to pleasure. She tried to lower her hands, to grip Kalen's head, until she realised that she was still restrained. She growled in frustration, but of course the sound couldn't be heard.

When Kalen's mouth left Alana's tender nipples she once again tried to arch towards him. Without his soothing tongue, Alana's nipples started to feel increasingly painful. She wriggled in discomfort, wishing she could communicate her growing pain.

"Ssshhh," Kalen muttered. Hot, moist breath caressed Alana's cheek. She hadn't realised Kalen was so close. Alana renewed her struggles. Kalen's fingers gently traced Alana's jawline as she wreathed in pain. Her muscles clenched as she tried to sit up. Tears streaked Alana's cheeks, she was breathless, and desperate to remove whatever was on her nipples.

Whether Kalen had decided that she had been punished enough, or if he just took pity on her, Alana didn't know. He removed the clamps, and she heard them clatter to the floor. His huge hands massaged her breasts until her struggling stopped and Alana started to calm. When Kalen's hand skimmed her hip she jerked away, afraid that he would hurt her again. Instead, his touch was light. He ran his fingertips along the bone, traced the top of her pubis before settling on the opposite hip.

When the whip lashed Alana it was the last thing that she had been expecting. Without being able to see her mind conjured up images of evil looking instruments, though the stroke had barely stung. Kalen's hand went back to stroking Alana. She could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins making her nervy. Alana felt shaky and on edge, not knowing when the next blow would fall, or even if one would come at all.

Kalen's fingers started to trace the crease between Alana's thigh and groin. Her pussy longed to feel Kalen's fingers there despite the way he was treating her, or perhaps because of it. She started to shift her hips to entice Kalen closer, but as she did so she heard a swish. The blow from the whip caught Alana right on the hip bone and, though she had known it was coming, the sting made her gasp. The contrast of fingers softly moving over her thigh made her shiver. When a finger swept over her pussy lips, Alana cried out thrusting herself towards them. Once again she heard the crack of the whip moments before it stripped her skin. This time Kalen landed a stinging blow on the bare flesh covering her pubic bone. The sting was almost too much. Three more strokes quickly followed: one on the inside of each thigh, and another across the underside of Alana's breasts.

Something moist and stiff prodded its way into Alana's slippery opening making her squirm with delight. As she wriggled, the tongue was removed. When the whip came down it caught Alana's swollen clit sending agony rippling through her. Her whole body convulsed and tried to curl into a ball. Her breathing became ragged as she tried to work her way through the pain, and tears once again streaked her cheeks. Alana whimpered into her gag, wanting nothing more than to be freed from this torture.

"Ssshh," came Kalen's whisper. His breath was hot on her ear. His hand stroked Alana's damp brow. "I didn't realise you were that sensitive," he continued, "I won't do that again." With the whispered reassurance, Alana tried to calm herself down. He wasn't going to untie her, but he didn't want to hurt her either. She started to consider the occasions he had used the whip. It had always been after she had moved, after she had tried to encourage him. Alana decided that she would stay still to see if that had an effect.

Her resolve not to move was quickly put to the test as Kalen's tongue lapped at the lips of her pussy. He took long, slow, excruciating strokes as her deftly avoided her clit. He circled his tongue around her entrance, yet refused to enter. Alana clenched her fists in frustration, yet kept statue still. After what seemed like an age of teasing, she was finally rewarded for her patience.

Kalen's tongue circled Alana's clit before he touched it directly, pushing her a little further. When the warmth finally caressed Alana where she wanted it to, she had to force herself not to shiver. This would be the most difficult part. Alana cried out into her gag when Kalen locked his lips around her clit, starting to suck gently. As he increased the pressure, she tried hard not to buck her hips.

When two thick fingers worked their way into Alana, she stopped caring about punishment. Her hips rose to meet Kalen's hand. Alana's body stung as Kalen slipped a third finger inside Alana; she was still sore from the last time he was with her. As she tensed, Kalen stopped moving. It wasn't until Alana pressed against his hand that he continued to thrust his fingers into her as he suckled on her clit.

When Alana started to squeeze Kalen's fingers, he knew she was close and picked up speed. Alana gasped. She wished that she wasn't restrained so that she could pull his hair the way she liked to. Instead, she clenched her fists, her nails digging into her palms as his mouth moved upon her. Her stomach tensed as the muscles in her pussy quivered whilst she came.

Alana felt Kalen's body resting upon hers. With her legs widely spread, she could offer no resistance as her thrust into her. He wasn't rough, quite the opposite. He took his time, moving gently inside Alana until she felt as though she would burst. Her body craved him, longed for him to be slamming into her, hitting her cervix and causing her a delicious mix of pleasure and pain. As Kalen thrust, he removed Alana's blindfold.

"I want to look into your eyes whilst I fuck you," he panted. "If you look away, or close your eyes, I will punish you. Do you believe me?" Alana nodded, her heart in her throat. The slow pace was killing her sensitive flesh, and now she had to stare into Kalen's crimson eyes. It was too intense for her. Kalen's hands cupped her face, making her feel closed in. Alana whimpered into her gag. She didn't know if she was enjoying this anymore or not. Her body was still filled with adrenaline, and she was waiting for the next surprise.

"I'm going to come now," Kalen murmured. He kept eye contact as he did.

When Kalen untied Alana, she found her body was stiff all over. He took the gag from her mouth, but she still didn't speak. Her body was shaking from the stress of the event. Alana curled herself up into a foetal position on the bed, and closed her eyes tightly. She felt fragile, vulnerable. When Kalen lifted her onto his lap she made no protest.

"Have I ever treated you like I own you before?" Kalen sounded serious. Alana thought about it, really thought, then shook her head.

"No," she croaked.

"I could have done though. The last few days, I could have treated you like that from the beginning." Kalen worked his fingers through Alana's tangled hair. His lips brushed her tear stained cheek as she clung to him. She felt physically and mentally drained. Her emotions were all over the place.

"On Earth, we have something called Stockholm syndrome," Alana croaked. Kalen listened without interrupting as Alana explained.

"You think that is why you have feelings for me?" He sounded hurt. That had not been Alana's intention.

"I don't know. How can I know how I really feel for you when I am dependant on you?" Alana's voice was small, and reflected how she was feeling. She reached out and cupped Kalen's cheek.

"I think I understand, Alana. My marriage was arranged." He said no more on the topic, but for now that was enough. Alana wasn't sure how things would develop, or if he had forgiven her for her betrayal, but she wasn't sure what else she could do. Kalen shifted her from his knee.

"Get dressed," he said as he stood. Alana nodded. She didn't think it was a command as such. Kalen left the room, leaving Alana to pick an outfit. She had looked through her wardrobe before and found everything in a variety of bright colours. Alana picked a knee length green dress that had a white, satin ribbon around the waist. She tied her hair back, put some light make-up on, then sat and waited.

A knock sounded at her door. Alana opened it to find Kalen dressed in black and red beaded tunic, with baggy red trousers underneath. As strange as the outfit was, Alana thought he looked rather handsome. When he presented her with a bunch of flowers, she actually giggled.

"I have been researching Earth. I believe that I have come to ask you on a date." Kalen's voice was a little stiff, and he tripped over the unfamiliar word of date, but he sent Alana's heart fluttering. She nodded, giving her consent as she looped her arm in his. He lay the flowers down on her dressing table, then escorted her out of the apartment.

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He is scum and she is far too trusting. She needs to get some personality and start to fight back or at least run. Sheesh!

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