tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlaves of Jaden

Slaves of Jaden



This story is complete and utter fiction. Every slave is over eighteen. It's set in the future on alien planets the first of the three alien planets is Hardan 5, the next and main planet is Jaden 6 and finally Zandor which has many similarities to Earth.

Chapter 1

The people on Hardan 5 had always led a peaceful existence helping the less fortunate in their society. All that changed when Jaden 6 invaded conquering and forcing their strict laws on the people. Vagrancy was no longer to be tolerated if you were caught without the creds to get you even one journey to your dwelling meant instant arrest. Tono Stent tried to give some creds to a young girl who was about to be seized by the guards left by the conquerors. He was also arrested and taken to the newly built prison not that there were many prisoners only those who hadn't yet been tried and even that was a mere formality as they were considered guilty and sentenced to a life of slavery on Jaden 6 the form of slavery was what would be decided.

"People of Hardan 5 at 2400 hours turn your monitors to the court channel and watch the fall of those who break our laws."

All court transmissions were compulsory viewing designed to make the people of the conquered planet feel as if they too could feel the sting of slavery. At 2400 hours twenty men and twenty women were led naked into the court room. Cameras watched as each slave was made to enter a scanner, needles took blood and hair samples.

"Bitch 1-6," the announcer said as he pulled the girl Tono had tried to save towards him. "You're pathetic you will become a work slave in the salt mines."

Tono was thrust into the scanner the announcer smiled this one showed more promise. Tono had always maintained a healthy lifestyle he'd soon find reason to regret that.

"Bastard 2-3 you go for auction to the highest bidder your owner will decide what form of slavery that takes."

Nobody on Hardan 5 knew what happened to slaves sentenced to the auction block. Many people watching the monitors felt that the laws were wrong but not many had the courage to stand up to the men of Jaden 6. Now they watched as each prisoner had an electronic device clipped to their right nipple. Now they were led out to where the transport waited to receive them. Tono was taken to a room and chained to a padded bench a guard pushed a button and the lower part of the bench separated pulling Tono's legs down and out at the same time the upper half separated pulling his arms up and out. Tono's head fell back he raised his head moaning as the stretching went on until the pain was nearly unbearable.

"Lower your head slave, you move when we say. Open that sweet mouth."

Tono obeyed watching as the man behind him opened his trousers revealing the difference between the Hardan and the Jaden, the Jaden had two cocks and both were erect. Tono moaned again as the Jaden man pushed both into Tono's mouth.

"Suckle, sweet thing,"

Tono had never sucked cock before and wasn't sure he could take both cocks, he started licking but not fast enough to suit the guard.

"Whip that inferior thing between his legs. You Bastard 2-3 will learn to obey every command without delay."

The guard started flogging Tono as the Jaden began to move thrusting into Tono's mouth battering the back of his throat Tono gagged as he struggled for the air he needed.

"I'm going to fill you with my seed you must drink it all down spill any and you will suffer in the mess hall for your guard's pleasure. I assure you it will be painful."

Tono felt it then as the both Jaden's cocks erupted spewing ropes of thick semen into his unwilling victim. He pulled out Tono realised his ordeal wasn't over as the Jaden's cocks instantly sprang into full erection he moved to stand between Tono's legs his fingers probed Tono's hole then thrust both cocks up into him. Tono screamed at first but then it turned into a deep hum of pleasure as his secret bud found the cock's rubbing against it so good a need to bear down swamped him.

"That is one of the best yet, the announcer was right, mark him as suitable for pleasure."

Tono didn't know that being a pleasure slave could have its disadvantages, spunk now leaked out of both his mouth and rectum.

"Oh dear, take him to the mess hall, let's see if you enjoy hanging by your balls for two hours. From now on when moving around the transport you crawl, sweetie."

The guards freed Tono from the bench and forced him to his knees they produced a red corset putting it on him and pulling the straps so tight that Tono lost several inches round his waist and forced the skin above the waist to bunch up making it look like he had breasts. Tono squinted down seeing what looked like a cleavage, his nipples appeared just above the top of the corset. The Jaden tapped her cane on Tono's breasts then lashed it down hard leaving two parallel stripes of red flesh.

"Those whip marks will remind you that disobedience won't be tolerated I told you to swallow my seed and you let some of it leak out you also couldn't keep it in your bum so now you'll suffer. When you hang him up put vibrators in his holes keep him aroused and ready to offer his body to anyone when he's finished the two hours."

The guards put a red collar round his throat and attached a leash a double cock gag of red leather was forced into his mouth. Tono's moan was suppressed and they made him crawl after them as they lead him down several corridors finally entering a large room. They made him kneel with his legs spread apart while they drew his arms back through his parted legs fastening his wrists to his ankles. They turned him onto his back and lowered a chain with a leather harness which they wrapped round his balls padlocking the buckles. They forced a vibrator modelled on the cocks of the Jaden emperor up into his rear and switched it on. Tono's nostrils flared wide has the chain rose to leave him hanging there and Oh God I must suffer this for two hours. The guards laughed watching as Tono felt the pain of hanging by his balls and seeing his eyes glaze over as his arousal built.

"Don't come little one or you'll suffer there for an additional two hours."

Tono didn't think his body could really take the two hours he was doing now let alone an additional two hours. He watched as guards came and went dining while they jeered at him. Finally, he was lowered to the floor but had to remain kneeling in his ball of suffering arousal as they removed the ball harness then passing guards came to spunk or piss over him. Now they freed his wrists and led him to the communal slave quarters he was hosed down and made to join the others at the communal trough other guards filled it with mash the smell of it wasn't very appetising.

"You slaves' will eat anything we decide to feed you. All of this has the necessary nutrients for your well-being we can't sell sick slaves. So, eat or we'll hang you by the balls in the Mess Hall for the crews' enjoyment."

Tono lowered his head and started to eat surprised that it tasted okay. Once the trough was empty water filled the trough and they were made to drink and lick the trough clean too. Tono had always had difficulty forming attachments to others he'd been drawn to those stronger than himself and wondered if he'd secretly been wanting them to control him. He wished though that he had found that out before being sentenced to slavery on Jaden 6.

Chapter 2

Two days later the transport touched down on Jaden 6. People pointed at the male slaves sneering at their single cocks. Two wagons waited outside first the slaves designated for the salt mine were loaded and that drove off leaving thirty-four slaves to be taken to the auction house. Guards there examined the devices attached to their right nipple.

"Bastard 2-3 has been found to be suitable for pleasure. He has four options, pain slut, breeder, brothel or pony."

They removed the vibrator and made him sit with his hole covering a hole in the top of a column they chained him to it no escaping what happened next as it rose up double cocks came out of the hole forcing their way into him the column rose until his feet left the floor then column started to rotate, Tono gasped as the cocks in him proved to be vibrators, the audience watched as his eyes glazed over with the urge to come. Slowly all the columns were occupied and then the people came to examine the merchandise. A man caressed Tono's cock he moaned and gasped panting as the need to come built. Sando had always wanted a slave of this quality he had he thought enough creds to buy him unless Mistress Mara turned up.

"Go home Sando, he's too much slave for you to handle."

Sando turned his heart sinking as he saw Mistress Mara one of the richest slave owners on Jaden 6. Mistress Mara smiled malevolently up at Tono she grasped his cock and squeezed tears sprang to his eyes.

"Careful Mistress Mara he's not yours yet. First lot, Tono Stent from Hardan 5, sentence slavery designation pleasure."

Mistress Mara looked at Tono then put in an outrageously high bid one which she was sure couldn't be bettered by anyone here.

"One hundred thousand creds."

As she expected no other bids came in, Tono's column stopped rotating and lowered him to the floor the cocks withdrew from him, his knees buckled with the need swamping over him. A guard replaced the vibrator they'd forced into him on the prison transport and took him to stand with his wrists locked behind him to an iron bar. Mistress Mara made ten other purchases then left for her palatial residence surrounded by outbuildings where slaves were tamed and trained. She left instructions that the slaves should be delivered that evening.

Tono was one of the slaves to be delivered that night the double cock vibrators working in his ass.

"There's no need to switch these vibrators off we have perfected a form of constant energy."

Tono's knees buckled the intense need to come building as the slaves were herded crawling out to a waiting wagon with open sides. They were chained facing out of the wagon, kids threw rocks they passed but were chased away by Jaden 6's lawmen. By the time, they arrived Tono was hardly able to crawl but they just prodded him with the canes forcing him to crawl into the training barn. A large machine stood nearby Mistress Mara had Tono climb into it.

"Now little slave, what this machine is going to do is to make you immortal but not stronger after all a stronger slave might rebel."

Tono blinked immortality and he'd been sentenced to slavery for life.

"Yes, you'll live as a slave until the universe implodes of course that's many years in the future. I have decided to make you a cum slut in my brothel after you finish a year's intense training."

She closed the clear lid Tono panted as needles injected him, she smiled at him as the intense pleasure swamped him. An hour later she opened the lid.


Tono crawled out looking up at her, she attached his leash and led him over to a bench in front of the mechanical model of a bull.

"Bend over the bench let the bull see your hole."

She removed the vibrator and pushed a few buttons Tono moaned panting as the bull's twin cocks forced their way up into his rectum, his nostrils flared his eyes glazed over with the need to come his cock twitching as it stiffened to full erection. She pushed a button and the bull squirted a gallon of milk up into him. It withdrew she plugged his arse with the double cock vibrator turning it on. Tono moaned, she made him turn over onto his back. Now she removed the double cock gag.

"Drop your head open your mouth wide let the bull in."

Tono obeyed moaning as the bull pushed into his mouth another gallon of milk forced down his throat to make his belly swell as if he were a pregnant woman. Again, the bull withdrew and Mistress Mara plugged his mouth with the double cock gag and put a chastity device on his cock capped so tightly that he couldn't ever expel the milk without permission.

"Up crawl for us little slut."

Tono moaned as his body acclimatised to the new sensations.

"Stand up, bend over hold your ankles and don't move until I say."

Tono obeyed then her cane descended onto his right butt cheek. She laid another blow into his left butt cheek. His nostrils flared he would have cried out begging her for more. She carried on until he'd received twelve strokes of the cane six on each buttock.

"I think you like all this, don't you?"

Tono looked up at her through his legs and nodded.

"Lower yourself to your knees."

Tono knelt before her, she led him to a drain and uncapped the chastity device telling him to piss. She held his cock as he sighed letting the piss run his eyes drinking in her beauty and desire racing through his body his cock struggling in the confines of its cage. She had him turn and removed the vibrator telling him to rid his bowels of the milk, it came out in a flood.

"You girl get your mouth busy bring him off, drink his cum."

The Jaden female backed away she didn't want his puny single cock in her mouth.

"No, I'm not letting a single cock slave use me double cocks are what I need."

"Are they really?"

Mistress Mara backhanded her to the floor.

"You're not a free Jaden any more the minute you turned to thievery you lost that right. Now suck his cock or I'll have you hanging by your tits for four hours."

The chastised girl had suffered that once and didn't want to repeat it she crawled over to accept his cock. It was then that she discovered that single cocks were just as good as two cocks she moaned as she licked and sucked him down drawing every drop of cum from him. Mistress Mara was surprised at to find that both Bastard 2-3 and Bitch 8-4 needed no further training.

"Bastard 2-3 you need no further training I will take you to the brothel tomorrow. You too Bitch 8-4 both of you will offer your holes to any client who wants to use them. You'll accept any beating ordered for your pleasure and for your clients. You'll serve there for at least a year if you have given all you can I will consider you for breeding. Bastard 2-3 you must do well. Take the other slaves to the main slave barn."

Guards herded the others out while another guard chained Tono and Bitch 8-4 side-by-side. All night they dreamed of the pleasures that waited for them. The head guard left with Mistress Mara.

"Mistress, why that male is he that special?"

"Yes, the announcer on Hardan 5 said that he'd never seen any slave score so highly on the testing machine. I'm thinking of breeding him to Jaden female slaves. Will the breeding produce single cock slaves or would his progeny have two cocks like Jaden males?"

"It's a good question. The chemicals that have made him immortal would he pass that ability on?"

"I don't think so other slaves I've bred have had to go in the machine when they hit their eighteenth year. Anyway, it's only the best slaves that go in the machine so we can enjoy them forever and they can enjoy us too. When you've eaten take them some food and have the other guards take the rest of the slaves to the communal mess."

"Yes, Mistress."

He went off to do her bidding.

Chapter 3

Mistress Mara carried on to her private residence. She opened a closet door looking at her personal body slave. As a tourist from Zandor he'd fallen foul of Jaden 6's strict laws and now like Tono he would serve her forever. If he hadn't been gagged with the double cock gag he would smile she saw that in his eyes, saw the need always there. She leant down caressing his single cock, he lifted his ass thrusting towards her.

"Do you want to come?"

He nodded frantically his body struggling to bear down as she pushed the double cock vibrator deeper into him.

"You were disobedient this morning, I said you would have to be punished first. Crawl out, Bastard 4-8!"

He obeyed her crawling to rest his forehead on her feet. She removed the double cock gag.

"Look at me. What did you do this morning?"

"This slave came without permission, Mistress."

"Did I tell you to lick it up off the floor?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you?"

"No, Mistress, this slave refused."

"Why did you refuse?"

"This slave wanted you to punish it, Mistress."

"Fetch the sheath."

He crawled over to a long low box and lifted the lid it was full of the latest equipment all designed to either pleasure him or punish him and the worst one was the sheath. He'd only had to suffer it once before. He leant forward and picked up with his teeth carrying the metal sheath back to where his beloved Mistress waited. She took it from him he knelt and spread his legs waiting for her to put it on him. He watched as she opened the sheath revealing the small but blunt spikes in both halves. Now she rested his cock and balls on the bottom and closed it, snapping the catches together and tapped a button on the sheath.

The device started sending mild shocks at first, he panted as his cock tried to stiffen to erection every movement made the device increase the intensity of the shocks from mild to high. He whined as his pain increased his heart beat faster the chemicals from the machine meant his heart wouldn't feel the strain. Finally, the device went from high to very high, he cried out his screams pleased her, his tongue straining towards her. She watched him as he suffered for an hour, her fingers pleasuring her double clits, his eyes drank her in wanting to put his tongue to work on her clits. She leant down pushed the button again, he moaned his relief as she opened the sheath and freed his cock.

"Don't touch yourself!"

He moved his hands to his sides, he followed her to the lounge. She pointed at his spunk that had dried onto the floor. He knew what she wanted and lowered his head to lick and suck at the tile. Once he'd cleaned it to her satisfaction he crawled over to where she lounged on her daybed. He crawled between her legs looking up at her.

"Do it, lick me out. Do it well and I might let you come."

He lowered his mouth over her genitalia then started licking her from her hole to her clits paying especial attention to her clits she made no outward sign that he was doing well as for half an hour he kept licking from hole to clits. She clamped her legs shut his mouth in the right position to receive her juices he moaned as she let her juices flow into his waiting mouth. He swallowed and went on swallowing until he'd taken it all down him. Mistress Mara pushed him away.

"Go to the kitchen. Make my dinner when you've served me you can fetch your food."

"Yes, Mistress."

He turned and crawled to the kitchen, he stood and made her meal of Slaag with Porg followed by Gaag. Slaag was Jaden for what on Zandor would be a stew, Porg was like potatoes and Gaag the closest analogy he could come up with was a sorbet. Mistress had had a Jaden Chef teach him how to cook the only time he could taste Jaden food but not eat it. He placed it on a tray with all the condiments and a bottle of Jaden wine with a glass. Now he carried the tray to the dining area and placed it before her waiting on his knees while she tasted it.

"Satisfactory. Bring your bowl."

He brought the plastic bowl from the closet.

"You may come into it."

She watched as he smiled stroking his cock into full erection his cock was still sore from the punishment but he didn't care. He waited until she nodded and groaned as his cock spewed thick ropes of semen into the bowl.

"Now take your bowl and put a can of slave-food in it. Make sure you mix your seed in well."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Do you remember your Zandor name, Bastard 4-8?"

"Yes, Mistress. My name was Mantor Sadon."

The Jaden liked all their pleasure slaves to remember their previous existence to reinforce the superiority of their ownership. Mantor thought back to before the holiday four years ago, his parents had worried that he would be mistakenly enslaved. One drunken escapade at the most holy Jaden temple and his fate was sealed. Nothing the authorities on Zandor had done stopped the inevitable. His parents had been told to think of him as dead he would never be freed from his new life as a slave to the nobles of Jaden. The truth was he didn't want to be freed he had realised he'd wanted this all long.

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