tagErotic HorrorSlaves of the Damned Ch. 03

Slaves of the Damned Ch. 03


The girls were lined up once again, the giant chain around their waists. Carla stood behind Burcu, and Marie was behind her, just like they had been marched to the Iron Plains. Their shackles were back on, joined to their collars. They waited, under the gazes of their masters. They had been ordered to keep their faces high, but their eyes looking down.

The sun, which was permanently above their heads, had nonetheless cooled. It now appeared to be darker, almost black, as darkness had begun to engulf the land. Carla guessed that it was that phenomenon which produced day and night in Hell.

The slaves heard what appeared to be bare footsteps. Carla saw a litter approaching. She couldn't see it very well, for she was afraid to look, but it seemed to be carried by four male slaves. It had purple silk curtains around it, she saw, and was escorted by a cadre of demon soldiers.

-Kneel whores! Kneel before your King!

The complied, quickly, with a sound of chain.

Carla's heart accelerated. Was this the King? Was this Lucifer? She had never been more afraid in her entire existence. What horrible atrocities would he do to her? What perversion, what deranged humiliations? She trembled, and cold sweat broke on her filthy skin.

-Your slaves, Sire – said a voice, which Carla recognized being that of Asha'nung, her first rapist. She remembered him all too well.

The voice with answered struck fear into her heart screeched at her ears. It was the black voice of murder and hate. She felt helpless, worthless before it. It made her a slave.

-What happened earlier? I understand there was trouble with the spirits of Astarte – spoke the rider of the litter, hidden by the curtains.

-We fought them away, Sire. They managed to steal a few slaves. Nothing serious, really.


-Yes Sire.

-I wish to retire to my quarters now. Have a slut taken to me. Adorn her and bathe her.

-Yes Sire, it will be done.

-Let us go now.

With relief, Carla saw the litter departing, followed by its guard. Her heart sunk, however, when she heard Asha'nung walk towards her. He loomed over Carla, chilling her to the spine. His clawed hand grabbed her left nipple. Carla whimpered pathetically. The demon pulled upward, towards him, and Carla gasped. Her left tit was stretched, paining her, and she thought he would rip it off her. He released it and it bounced back with a jiggle.

He said nothing, but departed as well, leaving behind a miserable, petrified Carla.

They were marched back from where they had come, down the tunnel and into the city. Only the trip back had a surprise for her. When they were underground, in the dark and cold passageway, a magical waterfall drenched the girls. It was colder than ice, and stung at Carla's wounds. It did, however, wash away the sweat, the blood and the soot from her.

They were led into their cell block, where the coffle chain fell to the floor. Burcu was separated from her, to be locked in the cell in front of Carla's.

-Burcu! – exclaimed the girl – Don't leave me!

-It's ok Carla – comforted her Burcu – I'll be right here, across from you. It's ok.

-Shut up whores!

Carla was shoved into her cell, her ankles shackled, on her belly. Marie was once again beside her, as battered as she had been the day they met. Carla cried herself to sleep.

How long she slept she didn't know. She only knew that she was being dragged out of her cell. There were no shouts of "Dawn is here pigs!" this time though.

They pulled her up to a standing position, and covered her head with a leather hood. It surrounded her face completely, obscuring everything from her sight. She took a knee to her genitals, but her cries were obstructed by the hood. A trident on her back forced her to walk.

She didn't know how many there were, or where they were taking her. After a while, she was pushed through a doorway. Once inside, her hood was removed.

Asha'nung reclined on a large round bed on the other side of the room, naked, his shaft erect. An African girl was being taken away, glowing yellow sperm trickling down her legs. And Burcu, her sweet Burcu, was hung upside down, her body tightly bound by chains, her ankles shackled to a ring on the ceiling. Her lovely brown hair swayed. Her eyes were round and terrified. Her mouth was gagged with red silk.

Carla felt her knees give away, but somehow, she managed to stay up.

-Leave us – ordered the infernal commander – and you, kneel.

Carla obeyed.

-I have heard you two pigs have taken a liking to each other. How sweet. So sweet that I have devised a special delight for you. I will rape your cunt in front of your friend. I think she will like it. I know I will.

Carla felt her nipples being pulled towards the bed magically, and she had to rise quickly and follow their tug, lest they be ripped from her. She stopped at the edge of the red cushion. Her shackles disappeared, and a chain materialized between her collar and a ring at the base of the bed.

She now had a chance to appreciate his nakedness fully, something which she hadn't been able to do the first time. His red chest was covered with moderate amount of curly black hair, which coursed down his abdomen towards his pubic hair, which was plentiful.

Suddenly, everything blacked out. She at first thought she had fainted, but she realized her face had been covered by a mask. It was even more confining than the hood, for this mask was skin tight, covered her ears from hearing, her mouth from speaking and her eyes from seeing.

He was going to rape her and she wouldn't even be able to see it. She would be defenseless, a crippled bitch at his mercy. She wouldn't be able to know when the next blow would come, or where her body would be touched next.

He pulled her chain roughly, and she was on top of him. She rested her hands timidly on his huge chest. The demon grabbed her hips, holding her upward, and Carla braced herself for his penis.

It plunged into her, impaling her, drilling up her labia. She screamed, wildly, but the sound was blocked by her mask. Burcu, who was seeing everything, could only guess Carla was wailing because of the way the girl threw her face upwards.

Carla felt she was being ripped apart, as her pussy stretched to accommodate his shaft. Asha'nung marveled at her tightness, laughing malevolently. He tightened his grip on her hips, pulling her up and down along his penis, dragging her down viciously each time, watching her bosom bounce. He pounded, reveling at the sound of their groins colliding. His tongue stretched all the way to lick her breasts. Carla could feel the forked appendage tit-fucking her, squeezing between her cleavage.

She was beautiful, but she had never had a supermodel's body. She had a slight layer of fat on her belly, slight enough that men had never minded it. It was the natural softness of a pretty girl who didn't exercise. Her belly now wiggled with each thrust, amusing Asha'nung. He could have given her a flat, toned abdomen, but her suppleness excited him. Many demons like soft bellies.

-Fucking pig! Take me in wench!

Carla felt like she was being killed, and the pain did little to quell her perpetual arousal, at least at first. For, slowly, pleasure began to creep up from her pussy. It was the curse Marie had spoken about. The demon was actually giving her satisfaction. The price was terrible, as the pain was unbearable. His penis writhed inside her with sickening viscosity, striking her nerves with a hellish mix of delight and fire. Her fluids flowed over him.

Asha'nung lashed her back with his tail and she fell on top of him, her masked faced against his chest, her tits on his abs. His skin was hot and foul.

He laughed.

-You are such a whore! Feel me pig! Pig!

He dug his sharp thumb nails into her belly, squeezing her while his tail struck her from behind. He tunneled with his cock up and down as he gripped her hips. He dominated her, completely using her for his pleasure. Carla felt her skin growing warm. She was close to climaxing. When she was about to explode, Asha'nung threw her to the floor, arresting her orgasm.

-Slut. You will come when I so wish it.

The slave, of course, heard nothing. She whimpered on the stone tiles, her desires frustrated and too scared to move. Her clit throbbed dully, pleading for attention. She had just been denied satisfaction.

Asha'nung stood over her, unbeknownst to Carla, a sick grin on his face. The slave was on her back, chained by the neck. The demon fondled his penis, pumping it with his right hand with a furious rhythm. He cursed as his sperm spilled all over the girl, a torrent of lava, smearing her white skin, covering her breasts, her neck, her belly.

Carla felt the boiling liquid sear her flesh like hot coals, and she twisted in pain and horror, cringing on the tiles. She tried to wipe it off her, but the sperm adhered to her hands. Her neck chain rattled with her pained contortions.

The demon left her there, squirming, and laid down on his bed to sleep.

Carla battled against the fire in her skin for what seemed forever, while Burcu watched her horrified. The sperm slowly cooled down, until it became black and hard, and Carla drifted away, between unconsciousness and slumber.

She awoke abruptly to the pain of Asha'nung raping her from behind. She had been lying on her belly, and now her master rode her furiously, stretching her, pulling her light brown hair. His muscular weight held her down, helpless, small, as his penis bored into her pussy.

Her breasts were being ground against the stone tiles. Asha'nung pounded his slave, his thrusts coming in quick succession. The speed with which he fucked her was superhuman, impossible, and Carla bled just when bliss seemed to be commencing.

He bit her shoulder, sinking his fangs into her skin, while rampaging between her legs. His raucous tongue licked the wound, drinking her blood, smearing it over her skin. He never tired, and his monstrous energy unloaded into Carla's slave body. Carla felt her orgasm nearing the surface, rising from inside her loins, warming her and tickling her fingers. When it came, it was blinding. She clenched her fists and tensed, her labia squeezing Asha'nung.

Carla screamed into the mask, defiled.

She felt like she was soaring, and even the pain seemed to yield. It towered, dancing inside her, curling her toes, closing her eyes. She shivered in ecstasy as the almost electric spikes of gratification lighted her body up. She tightened around him just as the demon erupted into ejaculation, and it was the same liquid fire she knew. She was burning again. This really was Hell.

Asha'nung left her there, contemptuously. He rose and walked to where Burcu hanged. She was still awake, and had witnessed everything. Tears fell to the floor, were they mingled with her sex fluids. Her cheeks were wet. She bit on her gag as he approached, dreading the monster.

-You liked that, didn't you slut?

Burcu whimpered wretchedly as Asha'nung squeezed her cheeks with one hand.

-Of course you did. You are a slave, a sick and deranged animal. You both are. I shall have a special punishment arranged for you too. It will be tomorrow. We do not like love here. We kill it.

With a psychopathic laugh, he swung her body back and forth, a sweet piece of flesh on a chain.

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