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Sleeping Memories


Nervous, hand sweat, high blood pressure, disoriented, unable to concentrate. This was no way to feel while waiting to be called in. I had been out of work for some time now, applying to all sorts of jobs, and the result had been the same wherever I went.

"You're do not have the qualifications we're looking for."

"You're over qualified."

I had heard all the excuse by now, to young, to old and all the rest. I needed this job now, more then ever. I really needed the income, so I could pay my bills, and pay back some debts to some of my friends. I maintained my calm, and looked at the clock on the wall. It was soon time.

"Mr. Trust. You may go in now."

The voice of the friendly secretary caught be off guard, but without showing my reaction, I stood up, and made sure that I was ready. That my clothes were in order, and then with a smile towards her, I walked through the massive oak doors to the office. I was greeted by a short.

"You may sit down."

I walked to one of the two chairs in front of the office table, and sat down while I remained silent. I was slightly surprised to see that the chief of personal was a woman, and I watch her work while she continued to sign some papers. She picked up a folder, and looked inside it.

"So, Mr. Alan Trust."

That was all she said, and I took that as a sign that I should reply, so with some tension in my voice I said.

"Yes, that would be me."

She seemed startled that I replied, and look up from her folder. She seemed so familiar, and when she lowered her eyes into the folder once more, I lowered mine to the small sign on her table. With golden letters I could read her name, but Sarah Thompson did not mean anything to me.

"So you wish to work for us. I see you have the proper education, and your experience is quite unique to say the least. What makes you think you would be a good addition to our security staff?"

Her voice penetrated the silent air around us with precision and the right amount of distance which made it appear professional and cold. Yet there was something else there too, but I just couldn't pinpoint what it was, so while I continued to think about it, I explained my point of view.

"Good, good, yes, hm interesting."

By the sound of her voice, her thoughts were also elsewhere. I took a look at my watch, to appear busy. Her brown eyes followed my movements and she closed the folder, and placed it on the table.

"The truth is that we are looking for a special person. Someone with unusual skills, making him or her think in different ways than other persons would do, and thereby find holes in our security. Do you have any special skill that would qualify you?"

Finally, the rejection line. At least she had given me the chance to reply, but I did not know of any special talent that I could benefit with. I looked at her, and said.

"To be honest, I can not think of any talent right now, but may I think a little? It would also help if I knew more about your wishes, I mean if there is anything other than I've already read in the advertisement."

"Just any talent."

I began to think. I could play the piano, and several other instruments. I could cook a romantic dinner without creating a mess in the kitchen. What good would those talents do?

"No? In that case, I think this interview is over. We'll let you know in a couple of days."

I knew what that meant. Rejected, and the thing I would receive was an envelope with a short standard letter saying something I didn't want to hear. I took her hand, and said with a smile.

"Thank you, I look forward to it."

I was dying inside, but my smile was as warm and bright as a summers day, and I walked to the door. When I got to the door, I turned around when I thought I heard a silent sound. She was standing with both hands on the table, leaning her head down, which made her hair fall down and cover her face. I could hear her whisper.

"It's over."

I looked at her, and for a moment an image flashed before my eyes. A memory from a distant past, but I realized why she seemed familiar. I stood still until she realized that I was still in the room, and then with her eyes raised in mine, I whispered.

"Felicia, kneel before me."

The words came from a place in my being, that I had locked several years ago, but I said the words and recognized them as if they were spoken just moments earlier. As if I had chanted them to myself through my entire life, and as the words were spoken, the reaction was as excepted.

"Yes Master."

As I saw Sarah come closer to me, I began to remember the games I had played with my best friend when I was just a teenager. The games we played in my room, where I had realized that I could control others with my voice. My best friend, Felicia Summers, had become my friend when all the other kids were harassing her, pulling her ponytail and sometimes even pushed her down into trash cans. I had not been popular either, nor was I a fighter, but the simple fact that I was well built, and almost a head taller than the rest was enough to keep them off me.

"Master, I have been doing your wishes ever since the day we parted."

I had become Felicia's friend, but in the end also her Master. She wanted it, and I had taken control over her, and her whole being was mine to do with as I wanted. I had made her do things she wouldn't have done if I had not been controlling her, but she could not refuse.

"Felicia, assume the position."

I turned around, and locked the door as I remember all the things from the days of our youth, and the things Felicia had done by order from me. I remembered the day when she had admitted to me, that she did all the things I said, and for some reason she had become to love them all. The control had made her stronger, and all the other kids at school had noticed. She became popular with all the guys, and her raw smile when she rejected them was like a dart through their hearts. She had become powerful through the control I had over her, it had been a part of it all, but it had all ended the day her parents moved, and took her with them.

"Master, I'm ready for inspection."

I heard her voice, but I didn't turn around. I kept remembering the final day, when I buried my control over her in the back of her head, in the deepest corner of her mind. How I had given her control to be forceful without my direct control. I could still remember the single clear tear on her cheek as her parents pull her arm, forcing her into the car, and the cloud of diesel fumes when the car drove away.

"Felicia, your lips long for something to suck on. Your mouth becomes dry if you don't get to enclose a hard cock. Your tongue will stick to the your mouth if you don't get to trace the shaft of my manhood."

"No, not that. Please Master."

I smiled as I saw this Sarah Thompson, formerly Sarah Felicia Summers, on her knees with wide open eyes. She knew that if she didn't get to fill her mouth with my cock, her mouth would dry up, her tongue stick to the roof of the mouth, and she would not be able to speak.

"No? then resist me."

I looked into her eyes, and saw the wild fire burning, as if it was only yesterday I had seen it, but she did not move. She wasn't able to. I could see her mouth dry up before my eyes, and she kept licking her lips to make them moist, but to no avail. She lowered her eyes to the wall to wall carpet, and with a dry voice, as the wind through the desert, she whispered.

"Be gentle with me."

I looked at her, raising my eyebrows.

"... Master."

"Is this room safe?"

Even though I had control over Felicia for a long time when we were teens, I never did anything to humiliate her in public. I had no thoughts of doing that to her ever, and I needed to know if her office was safe.

"Yes Master, but ..."

Her mouth was to dry now, so I sat down in a chair in front of her. Her eyes were wide open, and I watched them fixed on my crotch. I placed my hands on the arms of the chair, and looked silently into her face. She was still the innocent looking country girl I had known, even if she had her hair differently now, even if she had change the color, and even if she wore more makeup. She was still the same.


I could see her eyes close, her lips forming as if she was to receive the tip of a cock against them, her tongue sliding out licking as to tease the nerve underneath the head of a hard cock. She kept licking, unable to speak. I watched her, her hands shaking at her side.

"Would you like to please me, Felicia?"

She began to speak, but no sound came over the moving lips. She looked at me in despair, and nodded her silent reply. I smiled.

"Do it."

Instantly her body began to move, as if bonds were taken away from her body, and she reached out with her hands towards me. She placed her hands on my thighs as she pulled herself closer to me, and I looked at her. I could hear her sigh when I told her that no hands were allowed. She forced her face towards my pants, and opened up my zipper with her teeth. I could see her hands together behind her back, and she continued to opened up my pants with her mouth. I could hear her breathing, as her anticipation grew. We both knew that she needed my cock inside her mouth to become complete again.

I felt her lips against my shaft as she took out my growing member through the opening in my pants, and when her lips closed around my cock I heard a sound from a distant past come alive again. I felt her completely dry mouth shower my head with saliva, and her satisfaction of the sensation was unmistakable. I repeated with the harsh voice I knew would send shivers down her spine.


"Sarah looked up into my eyes, and let go of my cock. There is a safer place. My other office."

I looked at her, and then told her to stand up and to remove her panties. She did as she was told, and gave them to me. I took them, and placed them in my pants, before I zipped my pants again.

"Tell me where it is, and then let me leave. I will meet you there in 2 hours, and you will be dressed accordingly."

She stood up, her lips still longing to suck me, but then she turned around and picked up a card from her pocket. A black plastic card with gold print. The company logo, and below the words:

"Sarah Thompson, CEO"

"Just ask for me, and show my secretary this card."

I took the card from her hand, and walked out. The secretary outside smiled as I walked passed her desk, and I realized that I was much happier and confident now than I had been for a long time.

- - - - -

I walked up to front desk and waited for either one of the two middle aged women behind the desk answering phone calls to end the conversation. I smiled at the both, and turned to look at all the different architectural items, the marble columns, the high plants and the way the light came through the windows. It was delicate, a soft blend of cold dead marble, and the life in the plants. Light and shadows playing on the leafs. A few moments later, one of the women greeted with me a cheerful.

"How can I help you, sir?"

I stood still for a while, looking at the composition, before I turned to her, and smiled. Her short wavy brown hair was colored to hide grey hair I suspected. It looked unnatural in some way, and her eyes were small, light grey and weak. She looked into my eyes, and I could see her nostrils widening as her breath cause up. For a few seconds, I remained silent, knowing that it would make her a little insecure, before I spoke with a calm voice.

"I have an appointment."

I picked up the small black card and showed it to the woman. She looked surprised, and after gathering her thoughts, she said:

"Didn't you come here earlier this morning for a job interview? Where did you steal that black card?"

I smiled to her, and placed my hand on hers. I felt how she tried to pull it back, but I held it in place as I leaned forward and whispered:

"It just happens to be that I'm an old friend of Sarah."

My calm voice, was mixed with a sharp buzzing sound. The woman began to talk in her headset, and I could see in her eyes that she was fading away. As if she wanted to drop through the floor, and when the short phone call was ended, she looked up as I let go of her hand.

"She is expecting you, sir. Take the elevator to the top floor, and turn right when you exit. You can't miss it."

I looked at her, withdrew the card from the counter, and walked towards the elevator. Behind my back I could here the woman's voice of despair.

"Forgive me, sir, I didn't know."

I entered the elevator, and pushed the button for the top floor. The doors shut silently before me, and the soft red indicator began to count up. 2, 3, 4 ... I held the card in my hand, feeling it's surface with the tip of my fingers. It was warm, but so hard. It was to hard to be a normal business card, so I held it up towards the light, and noticed a thin line, which wasn't as glossy as the rest of the plastic.

The elevator slowed down, and the doors opened. The short hallway ended in a door to the left and a door to the right. A younger woman was sitting at a desk near the door on the right, and I walked the short passage towards her. She kept her eyes on me while she smiled and moved her hand gracefully in a gesture towards the door. It was a similar oak door as the door to the other office I had been to earlier in the day, and I took the long wooden bar in my hand and pulled gently. The door wouldn't open. I looked at the secretary, and waited for her to open the door by remote, but she had begun to get dressed.

"Mrs Thompson is waiting for you. She said you would have the access. Have a good day, sir."

I watched her go to the waiting elevator, and as it closed, I turned to the door. It was amazing how sweet the smell was from the wood, and as I examined the door, I noticed a card reader near the door on the wall. I took the card, and as I moved it through the reader, a clicking sound came from the door. I pulled the wooden bar again, and the heavy door opened with ease.

As I entered to huge office, I noticed how the lighting was dim, and that a single spotlight was lighting up the floor in the middle of the room. Near the edge of the light, I saw hair scattered over the floor, and Sarah kneeling with her forehead to the carpet.

I looked upon her, as I walked closer. My eyes adjusted to the shadows, and I sat down in a leather couch ten feet from her. I could hear her panting, knowing that her was still tormented by my command, and I said in a moment of compassion.


Her pleasure was impossible to mistake as her mouth was flooded with her own saliva. I could hear her swallowing over and over, and her body seemed to rise.

"Thank You Master. Thank You."

Her voice was still not more than a whisper, a sweet wind that came through the room, carrying her perfume over to me. I watched her, knowing that she was only wearing what I would expect of her: one pair of white 4" heels and a white ribbon around her slender neck.

"Felicia, come to me."

Without any spoken answer, she began to crawl to me, moving through the light toward my feet, and she came to a complete stop on her knees before me. Her face was still covered by her long hair, and I whispered.

"Your dreams are to be fulfilled, you will loose control over your body, and find pleasure once again in feeling the peace of pleasing. Your lips are missing something, Felicia. Your lips have been missing something for a long long time. Your mouth is getting dry again, much faster than before. You know what you need, Felicia. You know what can save you."

I watched as her body began to shake, her breathing increasing, as she stood still before me. Her hands moved needfully on her thighs, and finally she broke out in tears.

"Please Master, I can not stand this any longer."

I reach out my hand towards her, showing her the vibrator I had in my hand.

"Yes, Felicia, it feels as the sweetest pleasure, to be so close to the thing you need and not being able to touch it. You will get to have it, but not now. This is what you shall have."

She took the vibrator from my hand. I looked as she felt the twin shape. She hesitated some, but I could see in her shoulder movements that she wanted it, if it would save her from the torment she was given.

"Yes, Felicia, put in place."

Before I had finished the sentence, her hands had moved the toy to her crotch, and she pushed herself against it while moaning out loud. She leaned her head back, and her hair flew around her as the twin vibrator reach deeply into her two holes.

"That's it, Felicia, that's what you need. Now please your mouth with the thing that it needs. You are allowed to."

Her hands caressed my thighs, and down to my zipper. With great eagerness in her fingers, the zipper opened up before her, and she forced her head against my crotch, taking in my manhood between her lips, and moaning out loud sending vibrations through me as well. I rested comfortably in the couch, while the love of my youth was lost in her own pleasure of sucking me. Her lips and tongue caress every vein of my shaft, every smooth part of my head, and her eyes were on fire. Her breathing was heavy and rapid through her nose as she lost track of time and space. I opened up my right hand, and pressed the green button of the remote control. Her moaning was as the sweetest music as the vibrations cause her genital areas to contract around the deeply planted twins.

"Yes Felicia, those vibrations are grabbing you, taking you to the place you thought lost. Taking you to the point of release, and it will be done over and over again. You shall have what has been missing in your life since that day you dropped a crystal clear tear for me."

I watched her body move in spasms, and I knew the vibrations and my words would take her there in matters of seconds. Her lips was reaching for every bit of my hard cock, her tongue was flickering as I had taught her so many years ago.

"Cum Felicia, cum for your Master, and seal your destiny."

Her body began to instantly shake, and she began to scream with my cock deep in her throat. It was unavoidable now, and I pushed the red button, causing the vibrations to stop, holding her in middle of the orgasm, and the sweet sensation of hearing her gasp for air around my cock, started my orgasm as well. I shot my load of white thick cum into her wide open mouth, and I watched her face as she continued to fight the extreme lust that was waiting to be unleashed inside of her. My cum ran down her chin and down on her breasts, and instinctively she caressed it into her skin. I felt the sweetness end, and I pushed the green button again. Her reaction was instant once again, and she fell down on her back. Gasping for air while her body was moving in electric spasms, I watched her continue to pant and scream over and over while I zipped my pants, and stood up. I walked to the door, and before I closed the door, I pushed the red button to end this session.

"Rise stronger Felicia. Rise stronger."

- - - - -

I was employed in Security, and maybe one day I will advance in that department. I do not think I will, because my goals were never a career, but the love I missed for so many years. I moved in with Felicia six months later, helping her to fulfill her goals.

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