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Slow Motion Love


He and I lay down in bed, I in a pink, slightly see-through nightie, black panties visible against the pink fabric, and he in grey boxer shorts, elastic band hugging his hips, holding them in place. He lifted his leg, placing it across mine, the course hair tickling my smooth, shaved skin. Lifting my own leg, I placed it over his, so that our legs were intertwined, flesh against flesh. Leaning over, his soft lips touched my cheek, puckering slightly, "mwah" sound forming as his lips sucked in air while pressed against my cheek. His hands reached over, pulling my face towards his, eyes locking together, looking into each other's deep pools, black meeting green, swimming in a sea of white. Occasionally his eyes flickered downwards, peeking at my exposed cleavage.

His face came in close to mine, lips brushed against lips, a light touch, feather soft, then gone; another touch, almost ticklish, then gone again. His tongue flicked out, snakelike, and touched my lips before disappearing back into his mouth; out again, its pink surface running over my lips, tasting them. His lips came down on mine, solidly this time, but still light, pressed against mine. Kissing his bottom lip, I sucked it in slightly, teasing it, luxuriating in the softness of it. Our lips pressed together firmer, more ardent, passion increasing. I parted my lips slightly, inviting him to explore, to tease me with his tongue.

Our tongues slipped between each other's lips, just past the teeth, meeting in the middle, tip to tip. His tongue probed my lips, starting outside, then entering my mouth, just slightly, tasting the inside of my lip. My tongue slipped into his mouth, the taste of toothpaste still clinging to him, mouthwash freshly used, giving his breath a bit of a bite. Clean. Fresh. I felt his teeth against my tongue, then pushed my tongue in deeper, penetrating his mouth further.

Our tongues entwined, feeling the other. I touched the middle of his tongue tentatively with the tip of mine, stimulating his taste buds, letting him experience the taste of my mouth. I continued exploring his tongue, running it over the smooth surface, top, moving around the side, our tongues dancing together, hugging each other, wrapping around in acrobatic motions.

His tongue left my mouth, leaving it empty, wanting, lips leaving lips. Pausing at my lower lip, he sucked it gently into his mouth, teasing it playfully. His kisses traveled down, leaving my lips completely, to the labiodental crease, kissing once before continuing to move downward. He paused, kissing my chin. His tongue occasionally slipped between his lips, causing wetter kisses to dot my chin.

His mouth moved down still more, small kisses tingling on the skin, until it hit my neck. Lips puckered out, he kissed it, his tongue again slipping between his lips, blending kiss and lick together. He removed his tongue, pressing his lips firmly against my neck. The skin pulled tight, pressure building, as the flesh of my neck was sucked into his mouth. His teeth slightly grazed the skin inside his hot mouth, sending tingles through me.

Moving up my neck with soft, light kisses, he reached my earlobe. Earlobe inside his mouth, sucked on, his breath was heavy in my ear. I froze in place, electrified, unable to move, shaking ever so slightly. A slight tingle built between my legs, my pussy flushing, becoming wet. My sensitive ears, nibbled, drove me wild with lust, desire, pushing me beyond my limits.

Once I could move again, I ran my fingers down his back, clawing it, heard the gasp escape his throat as I came close to breaking his skin, a release from the tingles overwhelming me, running up and down my spine from his ear play before I could explode.

As my hands ran up and down his back, my tension building to the point of bursting, his mouth moved back to my neck, down it, then left it. My shoulders were showered with his slow, wet, small kisses.

His mouth, reaching the strap of my nightie, covered it, teeth biting down on the thin strap, tugging at it, until it hit the end of my shoulder. He pulled it, teeth only, over to the side, until at last it fell free of my shoulder, falling down my arm. His kisses made their way to the other shoulder, across my collar bone. Taking the other strap in his mouth, he again pulled it until it fell off my shoulder, down the other arm.

No longer secured by my shoulders, the nightie fell slightly, held up by our position on the bed, lying down, side by side. I could feel my nightie fall, ever so slightly, exposing more of my chest, stopped short by the top swell of my breasts, exposing the tops, just a little bit. It tantalized the senses with dangers of falling off, of fully exposing my breasts to his lust-filled eyes.

His mouth moved on, continuing its kisses, to my exposed chest, above my breasts. My hands reached up, entwining his hair, pushing him more firmly against me, as his kisses continued across my chest. I desired him to be closer, under my skin.

His hands moved up, pulling my nightie downward, slowly exposing first the top of my breasts, fabric tightening as it crept slowly down the swell. First one nipple popped free, then the second, the fabric no longer able to cover them. My nipples, now free, were exposed to his eyes. It was pulled further still, slipping down easier now that it no longer had to stretch to fit over my breasts, until the bottom curve of my breasts could be seen, where they met my rib cage, to finally bunch around my ribs, just below my breasts, their entire swell exposed to his watching eyes.

His kisses moved down from my chest, to the top of my breasts, kissing first the top of one, then the other, back and forth, while he moved his head downward. His hands moved up and outward, cupping the outside curve of my breasts, thumbs moving to cover each nipple, caressing them. His thumb left my nipple, mouth replacing it. The opposite nipple was grasped between thumb and pointer finger, pinched and pulled. Mouth leaving, his hand took its place back on my breast. Each hand squeezed a breast as he kissed my stomach.

The nightie, now in the way, was pushed up. No longer needing it, I removed his hands from my breasts, pulling it over my body. At first, it hid away my breasts, then allowing them to peek back out as it finished traveling over them. Over my head it went, my upper body now fully exposed, the fabric of the slightly see through pink nightie no longer covering his view of my bare skin. Topless, he was able to view me completely unfettered. His hands returned to my breasts, cupping fondling, playing.

Kisses continuing, they moved down to my bellybutton. His tongue poked out, between his teeth, and penetrated the slight hole in my stomach, tasting my sensitive bellybutton. Licking the edges, ringing it completely, contacting the bottom, he continued slowly, deliciously, moving, exploring, tasting. His hands moved away from my breasts, running along my sides, triggering my giggles as they tickled my sensitive sides, until they hit my waist.

Not stopping, his hands continued downward, hooking the edge of my panties, as if he did not want to break the connection with my skin. Not even for the small amount of fabric that held my panties together. Hooked, my panties followed his hands, moving downward, showing the top of my fur, then further down. My pussy lips became visible, at first only the very top, barely, then more, completely, showing the outside lips, the top, pressed together by my legs. He continued pulling them down, reaching knees, ankles, feet, then over my feet to slip free from me.

As he moved back up my body, his hands went to my knees, pushing them outward, a slight but insistent pressure, until my legs were spread before him. He then settled between my spread legs. His mouth came down on top of my pubis, licking the thin strip of fur, wet now with his saliva.

Hands moving around my waist, then slightly lower, they traveled along my outer ass cheeks, toward the center crack, until each hand firmly held a cheek. My ass was pulled up slightly, hips rotating, and his mouth moved down to my spread pussy. Lips were placed against erotic lips, exploring my labia majora with his kisses.

My legs bent, feet on the bed, knees in the air, his arms wrapped around them as his tongue probed my pussy, pushing in deeper. His arms wrapped around my legs until hands rested just above my pubis. His fingers moved downwards, coming into contact with the hood of my clit. They massaged the hood, stimulating my clit. Mouth leaving my pussy, his other hand came up, pointer and middle finger inserted inside; filling what had been emptied since his now absent tongue had been removed.

Fingers were worked inside me, pushed all the way in to the knuckles. They rubbed the inside of my vaginal canal, hitting my g-spot, located at the top of my canal, pushed towards the belly. His other fingers continued to work my clit through its hood: pussy and clit, rubbing. Moving the hood out of the way of his working fingers, they came into direct contact with my clit, pushing downward, rubbing back and forth, while his other fingers worked inside me, rubbing my g-spot, causing me to thrash as the tension built within: rubbing clit, rubbing g-spot, building, more, faster, harder, more, more. I burst, pussy tightening around his fingers, squeezing them, as waves of euphoria rolled over me in my release.

Removing his fingers from my clit and pulling his fingers out of my pussy, he moved his head back between my legs. Tongue out, he licked my pussy, getting my labia nice and wet, before working his tongue inside, running it around my labia minora, tasting my juices, until my pussy was absolutely dripping with his saliva and my salty nectar.

Now, I was thoroughly wet. He sat up, pulling my hips towards his groin, shifting his pelvis, until his penis head was placed against my pussy. My legs were pulled up, my ass now slightly above the bed, as he spread my legs. My pussy was opened wide, hungry for his waiting penis, wanting to be filled.

Rubbing the head of his penis against the outside of my pussy, head against lips, up and down, along the slit, the head was soon wet with our mixed juices, to be pushed inside my hungry pussy. A slight push in, then pulled back, lubricating more of the shaft with each slow stroke. Finally, my pussy swallowed the whole of him, our groins connected, two as one, the head deep inside me. My legs were lifted, placed over his shoulders, and then he started thrusting inside me.

Slow strokes, his penis was pulled out, until only the head remained inside me, barely, then his penis was pushed all the way pack in, my pussy completely devouring his shaft. He continued thrusting inside me, slowly, then pulled almost out, back in, the entire length of his penis rubbing against my pussy lips, slowly, deeply. Pull, push, deep inside, pull, push, mind devouring the delicious sensation of his penis against my pussy, pull, push, stimulating me the whole way, ecstasy reverberating through me, pull, push, my body feeling like an erogenous zone. His hips sped up, the long thrusts coming faster, pounding me, lewd sounds emanating from his sides slapping my thighs, breath louder, faster, deeper, panting. His penis, pounding inside me, almost to my cervix, harder, faster, deep inside, over and over, tantalizing, thrilling, fulfilling.

He paused, causing my mind to reel, to revolt with pleasure halted. His legs moved outward, spreading, until his knees poked between the gap of my arched legs, balancing himself. Lying down on top of me, he wrapped his arms around my torso, hugging me to him, holding me tightly. With me in his arms, he sat up, pulling me up with him until his ass rested on his heels. I stayed there, embraced in his arms, on top of him, his penis still inside me, spearing me. He shifted his head down, finding my nipples with his mouth, arms still holding me against him. My hips started their own gyration.

I started moving my hips up and down, feeling his penis move in and out of my pussy, then sat on his lap completely, keeping him buried deep inside. I again started moving my hips, back and forth, first towards him, then away. Need building, I shifted my hips not only back and forth, but side to side, until my hips moved in small circles, his penis shifting around inside me, stimulating the front, back, sides, my entire pussy feeling the motions of his hot penis inside me. It felt wonderful, rubbing against the top, stimulating my clit, the bottom, pressing against my perineum, the sides, pressing my lips against my thighs, pushing my mind further, wanting more, feeling wonderful. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to climax again. My breath quickened, lust overwhelming me, my hips moving faster with want, need, desire. My hips, moving quickly, frantically, lost their rhythm in my passion, sometimes shifting only back and forth, moving up and down, shifting side to side. Other times I managed to maintain my small circles, frantically riding him. Penis almost popping out, my motions lost all control, my senses driven wild. I was an animal, in heat, wanting nothing more than to ride him until I collapsed, until I was fulfilled. Sweat beaded our brows, my legs getting sore from pounding our bodies together almost to the point of breaking, when it finally hit me. I climaxed again, my pussy tightening down on his penis, squeezing him inside me, as I shook in his arms, mind empty of thought, consumed by the bliss running through my body, bliss that bordered torture.

Once finished, calming enough to regain my senses, he picked me up, laying me down beneath him. Penis still pushed in firmly, he kissed me, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, my cheeks, neck, breasts. My upper body was showered in kisses while his hips remained motionless, letting his penis soak in the feel of my pussy, wrapped around it, embracing it. I basked in the feel of his lips all over my hot, sweaty flesh. Then, his hips started their movement.

Slowly thrust in, deeply, then back out, in, out, again, again. His movements gathered speed, until our bodies were making lewd sounds, yet again, flesh slapping against flesh, naughty, delicious, dirty sounds. Our stomachs slapped together, side against thigh: slap, slap, faster, the tempo picking up as his hips increased speed. His tongue went motionless in my mouth, his entire being focused on his hips, their movement and rhythm. Thrusts shortening, speeding up, they became quicker, more urgent, tension building inside him. Our breath came in ragged pulls, almost panting, as he sped up still more. Finally, he pushed in, quaking slightly, pulled out, then back in, and shuddered again. His body shook one last time, hips pushing his penis as deep inside as he could go, and he jerked slightly, hot cum filling my pussy.

He lay there, hips between my thighs, penis inside me, breath coming in long, ragged pulls. We held each other tight, locked in an embrace. I could feel his penis softening inside me, pulling back slowly, until it was too soft to remain. He kissed me and played with my nipples a little as he softened, until, at last, his penis slipped out, too soft to remain. A plunger pulled: with his manhood no longer inside, my pussy, lacking its plug. His cum leaked out of me, dripping down, to the bottom of my pussy, then lower, underneath, running down my perineum, down the crack of my ass.

Getting up, he went to the restroom to wash his saliva, cum and pussy juice covered penis off in the shower. As he came back, we passed, he pulling me against him, kissing me and smiling shyly. His cum continued dripping down my leg. I went to the shower, turned it on, and waited for it to warm up as I felt his sticky cum leaking out of my pussy, dripping down me, leaving its slimy trail down my inner thigh.

I took hold of the shower, removing it from its hanger. Shifting my arm around, I aimed the spray at my ass. My other hand snaked around my leg, running along the crack, then worked its way inside. I ran my fingers up and down my ass crack, across my anus, washing out the leaked cum, fingering my anus, just a little, pushing the surface, just a little.

Bringing the shower head around again, I spread my legs, placing the nozzle against the entrance to my pussy. Squatting a little, and with the help of my fingers, I opened the entrance, feeling the warm water rush inside, cleaning out the cum. Rushing water, inside my pussy, like a giant, warm, wet cum shot, working its way inside me, flushing me out, filling me up and trickling back out. It dripped off my pussy lips, down my legs.

Once my pussy was nice and clean, I ran water over the surface, washing the outer lips, then down my legs. Washing away the excess cum that had leaked down, the slimy trails it had made while oozing down my leg.

Once I was nice and clean, I toweled off, nice fluffy towel brushing against my pussy lips, my anus, my thighs, my legs, so soft and warm. Heading back to bed, I slipped back on my panties, one foot, then the other, pulling them up the length of my shaved, smooth, soft legs, to cover my pussy and ass with the thin, soft material. Nightie in hand, I lifted my arms, slipping them between the fabric and the straps, pulling it over by breasts, letting it fall about my waist, once again covering my breasts, while leaving them slightly exposed through the see-through material. I snuggled against him; arm across his chest, caressing his side, his face, occasionally kissing his cheek. At last, I noted his deep breaths of sleep. With that, I turned over, a smile on my face, and went to sleep myself, to dream my naughty dreams.

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