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Slow Stripped and Exhibited


My name is Roxanne. I'm 23 years old. I have shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, and a body I'm proud of. I work out to keep fit and trim and Mother Nature has done her part for me as well, gracing me with a figure that turns a lot of heads. Want numbers? Okay. I don't think the numbers are as important as how a woman carries them, but for those who get off on numbers, mine are 35-25-36 and my bra, when I wear one, is a B cup. I usually just wear a cotton top under my blouse or sweater instead. I'm 5'6" tall and weight 120 pounds.

When I was 21, I had a boyfriend named Rick who was as fond of showing me off as I am of showing myself off. I love to tease. Always have. I suppose some people might have a problem with this. Sometimes I have a problem with it myself and tell myself to stop. But I can't for very long. It's just the way I'm wired, I guess. Well, there are worse vices.

I'm what you would consider an 'innocent' tease. I don't go out pantyless in tiny skirts or wear blouses unbuttoned to my waist. I believe it's a bigger turn-on for guys when they get a glimpse of something they think they're not supposed to be seeing, so I always try to give them that impression. When I undress in front of a window, the shade is always partially pulled down so it doesn't look like I'm trying to be seen. I don't sit in restaurants in a dress with my legs spread wide. I'm subtle. I'm restrained. When you catch a glimpse of my inner thigh you will always believe it was a total accident. You will never suspect I meant for it to happen. I just find it sexier that way.

Rick knew all about me because I told him one night when we were drunk. Otherwise, he never would have known. The night we met he caught a brief 'accidental' glimpse down my shirt and couldn't stop thinking about me afterwards. Anyway, once the truth was out, he admitted that the idea of me letting other guys catch glimpses turned him on and we began to fantasize about scenarios we could use that would show me off and yet maintain my innocence. He agreed that guys enjoyed glimpses of nude innocence much more than glimpses of lewdness. I'm not saying that all guys would agree with us. To each his own. Anyway, it was the day that Rick met the son of one of our neighbors that this story really begins.

The kid's name was Sam. He was 18 and starting his junior year. Very cute, great body, sweet. I'd seen him mowing the lawn and taking out the trash but had never spoken to him. Neither had Rick until that day when Sam and a friend were playing frisbee and it drifted into our yard. Rick flipped it back, they started to talk, and the rest is history, as they say. They became friends of a sort, in the way that 23-year-old guys and 18-year-old guys can be friends. Not really close, you know, but they played some Ultimate Frisbee together, some hoops, did some biking; that sort of thing. Often there were other friends of Sam's included.

So, one weekend afternoon I was out on the deck sunning and reading when Rick came home from riding early along with Sam and two of his friends. He didn't usually bring them to our house and he usually stayed out longer so I was completely surprised when I heard them come in the front door. I was lying out on the lounger in a somewhat modest two-piece bathing suit and decided the best thing to do was stay where I was. I didn't want to go into the house dressed like that and run into a roomfull of men. I wasn't thinking that way at the time. I was just thinking about relaxing. Showing off just didn't even occur to me.

But they all came out on the deck and joined me, first Rick to say 'hi' and then shortly after Sam and then his two friends. I'd met Sam by then, and he'd always acted like a real gentleman, polite, well-spoken, not the kind of kid who stares at your chest while he's talking to you. But, then, he'd never seen me in a bikini before. Rick noticed right away that the boys' radar had been activated and before I knew it he had invited them all to sit down at the table which was right across from my lounger. They were happy to oblige, and the three of them sat there sipping their sodas and ogling my breasts while we all pretended to be talking. It was a bit of turn-on for me, but it was not my ideal turn-on situation. The whole thing was a bit obvious and I felt a little too self-concious to really be able to relax and enjoy it. But it got me thinking, and Rick too, and that's when we began talking about various scenarios that could we enjoy more.

We launched stage one a week later. Rick invited Sam and the other two guys (Dave and John) to go to the movies with us, but at the last minute I begged off complaining of a headache. While they were gone, I bathed, shaved, powdered, shampooed, moisturized, perfumed,etc. You know. The works. I wanted to look my best. Then I put on a pair of plain white panties cut high on my hips, and a cotton dress that buttoned all the way from hem to collar leaving just a few buttons undone. And that was it. Then I turned on the TV and lay down on the living room couch and waited. When I heard the key in the door I lay my head down on the throw pillow, made sure my long hair was neatly arranged and that the hem of my dress was resting just above my knees and shut my eyes. Then I heard them come in. Rick had brought all three boys home, just as we had planned.

"Oh, look, she fell asleep on the couch again," Rick whispered.

"Should we leave?" Sam asked.

"No, no, that's okay. She probably took one of her headache pills and when she does that, she's out cold for eight hours. She'll never know we're here. Just keep your voices down."

They tiptoed past and into the kitchen where I heard them opening beers.

"Just don't tell your folks I gave you any," Rick told them. They all assured him that their parents were okay with them having occasional beers as long as they weren't going to be driving and that night all they had to do was walk next door because they were all staying at Sam's house.

I had to lay there a while feigning sleep and trying to not get too bored before Rick brought them back into the living room to watch a video. "This is the only TV we've got, except for the little one in the bedroom," he said. "As long as we keep the volume down, she'll sleep right through."

And so they sat. The way the room was set up, the TV was right next to the couch and across from it were the two easy chairs we usually sat in when we watched. Rick brought out two more chairs from the kitchen and set them on either side of the easy chairs so that all four of them were not only facing the TV, they were facing me as well. Finally, I was going to get to have a little fun.

After they'd been sitting there for about five minutes, I rolled onto my side facing away from them and as I did I brought my top knee up towards my waist, pulling the hem of my dress partway up my thigh. I had to wait a while in this position and as I was turned away from them, I took the opportunity to unbutton the top three buttons of my dress down to the top of my breasts. Then, after waiting an appropriate amount of time I rolled back over onto my back, and, acting like I couldn't get comfortable, tossed and turned a little more and ended up on my opposite side, facing them. With my eyes closed, I couldn't see just how high my dress had ridden up my legs, but I guessed it was up a good eight inches above my knees, and with my top 3 buttons undone, the top of my dress was open just to the tops of my breasts. I groaned as if I were dreaming.

"Sorry about that," Rick said. "She must be having a dream."

"No worries, man," Sam answered and the other two boys agreed.

"I do love watching her when she sleeps, though," Rick said. "She looks so innocent."

"Yeah," they muttered.

"And, confidentially," Rick added, "I love looking at her body too. Not that I'm not supposed to. She's my girlfriend. But sometimes I get the feeling that she isn't totally comfortable with me looking at her. When we make love, you know, she usually likes to keep the lights off. So, you know, sometimes when she's asleep. Well, you get the idea."

"No, hey, that's cool," Sam said. "Some chicks are like that."

"Yeah, and, frankly, I figure what she don't know can't hurt her anyway. Though why she would be ashamed of that body is beyond me."

"I hear you," Sam said.

"You guys ever have a girlfriend?" Rick asked. They went around the room. Sam had and claimed he'd had sex regularly with his last one. Dave said he'd had sex a few times but had never gone "all the way" with a girlfriend and John admitted that he was still a virgin and had never had a girlfriend. I think they were a little younger.

"Ever seen a woman naked?" Rick asked John. They all laughed nervously.

"Not in real life," John answered. "Unless you count my cousin Debby when we were four." They all laughed nervously again.

"Well, you don't know what you're missing," Rick said. "You got to get yourself some." The other two boys ragged on John for a while.

"Don't you think Roxanne's got a great body?" Rick asked.

"Shit, yeah," Sam said. "From what I've seen, I'd say she's just about perfect."

As if on cue, I chose that moment to roll back onto my back and as I did I raised one knee - the one furthest from them - so that my dress would slide further down my thigh. I wasn't facing them, so they couldn't see up, but it felt like my raised leg was exposed almost up to my hip.

"Whoops!" Rick said. "There goes nothing. I guess I should fix her dress." He stood up. Then he hesitated.

"That is..."

"What?" said Sam.

"Well, I was just thinking. It's like I said before, what she don't know can't hurt, you know. And believe me, she is out. What do you say we let her sleep like this a while longer while we have another beer? That is, if nobody objects."

Needless to say, nobody objected. Sam offered to go get the beers and he had to walk past the end of the couch to get to the kitchen. As he passed by my feet, he paused.

"Jesus," he said. "Nice legs." Dave and John jumped up immediately and joined him down at the end of the couch. With my one knee raised and my other leg flat on the couch and the hem of my dress slid up to my hip, there was a lot of my flesh showing although I wasn't sure if they could see all the way up to my panties or not.

"Nice," Dave said.

"Jesus," John moaned. "She is so hot."

Rick got up and walked over and looked. "Yeah, I love looking at her legs. I try to get her to wear shorter skirts but she's too shy. I tell her she's got the nicest legs I've seen, but she won't believe me. They're really soft too," he said, as he said this he reached over and touched my raised knee and then ran his hand down my thigh. I moaned and moved my leg just a bit and they all giggled.

"Fucking hot," Dave said. "You're a lucky bastard."

"Yeah, I know," Rick said, and he ran his palm down the inside of my thigh, this time making sure to fully uncover my other thigh as well. "When I have these two creamy thighs wrapped around me, I'm in fucking heaven. Who wants another beer?"

They all did, and Rick left them there to stare at my naked legs while he went into the kitchen.

"Jesus," John said. "I can see a little bit of her panties."

"Shhh," Sam said and then I heard them giggling as he reached over, took the hem of my dress carefully in his fingers and raised it a little higher so that my panty-covered crotch was exposed.

"Fuck!" Dave giggled.

"Fuck is right," Sam said. "I'd fuck that anytime. Those thighs are so creamy, I'd love to shoot my load all over them. Wrap them around my head and lick that pussy."

"Shhh, he's coming back!"

Rick brought back the beers and they all sat back down but they weren't even pretending to watch the movie anymore. They were watching me, waiting for me to change positions or something and as they did they started to trade stories about hot girls they'd known, girls they'd had sex with, hot girls in movies, strip clubs they'd been to, and on and on. Rick kept the conversation on sex, getting them more and more worked up.

Just then, I groaned again and shifted position so I was facing away from them again and stretched out both my legs. My dress had ridden almost up to my waist partially exposing my panties in the rear.

"She's got a great ass," Rick said.

"Can't see a whole lot of it," Sam said.

"Yeah, you're right. We can fix that though." He came over to the couch and slowly raised my dress some more, exposing my whole panty-covered ass. "Now what do you think? Nice, huh?"

"Sweet," John said.

"Highly biteable," Sam added. They all laughed.

"Hey,check this out," Rick said, and he took the legband of my top leg and pulled it towards my butt crack, exposing half my ass to the boys. "Nice skin, huh."

"Jesus," Sam said. "Can you do the other side, too?"

"I'll try." He reached under my hip, grabbed the bottom elastic of my panties and pulled it up until it too was buried between my butt cheeks. Now, for all intents and purposes, my ass was completely exposed.

"Nice!" I heard Sam come over and stand next to Rick. "It looks like she's wearing a G-string. She could be an exotic dancer with an ass like that."

Dave chimed in, "Yeah, man. Fuck yeah!" The second beers were loosening them up.

"Jesus. I'd like to see that from the front," John piped up. "I'd give anything to see that from the front."

"I think we can arrange that," Rick said. "But I think we should get her upstairs so we can get her into her bed after that. She looks like she's going to get a chill like this."

They all agreed and offered to help carry me, but Rick said the best thing to do was for them to go upstairs and wait in the other bedroom while he woke me and walked me upstairs. He promised them that I'd fall back asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and they could see my G-string from the front before he tucked me in. They disappeared up the stairs, whispering and giggling.

"How you doing?" Rick whispered as he bent over and kissed me on the lips. "Having fun?"

"The best!" I whispered back and I let him lead me up the stairs while I pretended to be sleepwalking and mumbling.

I lay down on our bed on my back with my feet resting on the floor and the hem of my dress half way up my thighs. He unbuttoned another button so that my cleavage was exposed and arranged my hair to partially cover my breasts.

"How far you want to go?" Rick whispered.

"I don't know. I'm feeling pretty hot. I'll follow your lead and if I get uncomfortable I'll just start mumbling and that will be your cue to stop."

"Okay. I love you," Rick said and he bent down to kiss me again. Then he called the boys in from the other bedroom. They appeared in a flash.

"Okay. Where were we?" Rick asked.

"G-string?" John whispered.

"Oh,yeah, right. Let's see." He knelt down and slid his hands up under my dress and under my butt and tugged my panties up into my crack. Then he came around front and made sure my lips were still covered. He rubbed me there for good measure.

"Can't we see what you're doing?" Sam asked.

"Now, now. Don't get greedy. I'm just making sure nothing's showing that shouldn't be showing. Okay, ready. You guys ready?" They said they were. They were standing in a semi-circle right over my prone body. Rick put hand on each of my knees and started sliding them up the tops of my thighs pushing the dress up. When he got to my panties he paused for dramatic effect and then continued, sliding his palms over my hips and up onto my abdomen, pushing the dress further up. Now I was deliciously exposed from the waist down except for my little white panties that were bunched into my butt crack and which he had neatly arranged to make sure my lips were still covered in the front.

"Can you roll down the waistband a little, just so it looks more like a real G-string?" Sam asked.

"I guess," Rick said, and he took the waistband in his fingers and rolled it down over my hip bones until only my pubic hair was hidden from view.

"Jesus, that's fucking beautiful," Dave said.

"She does have fantastic thighs," Sam agreed.

"Here, let's get her turned around and all the way up onto the bed," Rick said. "Somebody get her feet." I felt two hands gently take my feet while Rick knelt down on the bed next to me and put his arms beneath my waist and my thighs. "Ready, go." He lifted while they swung my legs around so that now I was lying flat on my back in the center of the bed.

"Thanks," Rick said. "See how soundly she's sleeping. Those fucking pills really put her out."

"Sleeping beauty," Sam said.

"Yeah. I never get tired of looking at her."

"What color's her bush?" Sam asked. "Is she a natural brunette."

"All natural. I guess I can show you a little bit." He sat down on the bed next to my legs and rolled the waistband of my panties down further exposing some of my pubic hair.

"Nice!" Sam said. "I love a woman's mound, man. To me it's like their sexiest part. You like mounds, John?"

"Huh?" John sounded hypnotized.

"You like mounds?"

"What's a mound?"

"What's a mound? Fuck. Come on. Tell me you know what a fucking mound is."

"You mean her cunt?"

"Ugh! Will you listen to this ignorance? Rick, are you hearing this? Show him her mound, man."

"I already am. Half of it anyway."

"Come on, man. Show him the whole thing. We can't let him remain this ignorant. It's our duty."

"I don't think I should."

"Come on, man. Another inch or so. What's the difference. You can still keep her hole covered."

"Okay, but just for a minute." John took hold of the waistband of my panties and instead of rolling it as he had before, this time he knelt down in front of me between my legs and tugged down on them, pulling them out of my crack. He uncovered my entire mound and a little bit more, reaching underneath me and tugging the panties out from beneath my butt. Then he rolled them down a little bit more so that essentially they were like this narrow belt of white cotton wrapped around upper thighs just below my crotch.

"There's a mound for you. This right here," he said, and as he did he ran his palm over my mound, petting it. "Soft hair too."

"Jesus," John moaned.

"In-fucking-credible," Dave said. "That is fucking gorgeous."

"Yeah, I know," Rick said. "Listen, I'm going to go get her nightgown. We can't leave her like this all night. I'll be right back." He went off to the bathroom.

"Unbelievable!" John said. "Her thighs are fucking incredible. I want to bite them so bad."

"I want to run my tongue up those thighs and bury it in her hole," Sam said.

"I just want to see that hole," Dave said. "What do you think? Think he'll let us?"

"Let's just see here," Sam said, and I felt fingers take a hold of my panties and slide them down lower. "Now we'll just spread these pretty knees a little more." He put a hand on each of my knees and pushed them apart. They couldn't spread very far because the panties were holding them together.

"I think if we get down here." He was half-lying on the bed with his head between my knees and he was trying to pull my panties to one side to expose my lips. "There's her lips." The other two leaned down on either side of my thighs and peered up between them.

"Oh, man, they're so puffy."

"I think they're swelling up because this is making her hot."

"What are you talking about? She's sleeping."

"Never heard of wet dreams?"

"Do chicks have wet dreams?"

"Of course chicks have wet dreams, asshole. Jesus!"

"Fuck, I can smell her. She smells so hot."

"Shhhh! He's coming back."

to be continued...

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