tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSlow Stripped and Exhibited Ch. 02

Slow Stripped and Exhibited Ch. 02


I heard Rick coming back into the room and the boys must have also, because they stood up quickly at the foot of the bed and left me lying there with my dress hiked up to my waist and my panties rolled down over my hips.

"I've got her pajamas. You guys should probably go wait downstairs. I'll be down in a minute."

"Don't you need help getting her undressed?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, you wish. No, I think I better take it from here. If you knew how shy she was you'd appreciate how freaked out she'd be if she ever found out what we've been doing. You guys have to promise me you'll go to the grave with this secret."

"Oh, totally, man," they all agreed.

"Of course."

"Don't worry, man. We'd never say anything."

They began moving for the door. Then I heard John say, "Would it be alright if we saw her in her pajamas?"

"What the fuck's wrong with you, man?" Sam said.

"I just think she's pretty."

"I guess it would be alright," Rick answered. "I mean, what the hell? Go back downstairs and I'll call you when I'm ready."

They left. I opened my eyes and smiled and Rick lay down on top of me and kissed me deeply, squeezing my left breast through the dress. I moaned. Then he reached down between my legs and pushed the panties further down and put the palm of his hand on my mound. He used his fingers to spread my lips apart and began to massage my cunt. Then he slipped two fingers up inside me.

"Jesus! You're sopping wet."

"Well, what the hell did you expect, undressing me like that in front of three guys?"

"You got off on it, huh?"

"Oh, totally. I'm not sure I want to stop just yet. Oooh. Rub that a little harder."

He pushed my dress up to my shoulders and lowered his mouth to my breast and licked it while he finger-fucked me. I was getting really worked up. Then he stopped abruptly.

"Why are you stopping?"

"What do you want to wear?"


"What do you want to wear? The guys are waiting. Remember?"

"What'd you bring from the bathroom?"

"This is just your nightgown. If you're serious about continuing, maybe you should wear something a little more sexy."

"How about the white teddy?"

"Oooh. Perfect!"

He got it from the closet and I sat up and put it on. It's not designed to be sexy at all, really. Just little white panties and a frilly white sleeveless top that barely covers my bottom. Well, maybe little girl sexy describes it best.

"You look good enough to eat," Rick whispered as I stood in front of the full-length mirror combing my hair. He came up behind me and hugged me, putting one hand underneath my top, grabbing a breast and the other down the front of my panties. I leaned back against him and watched in the mirror as he massaged my breast and my pussy beneath my teddy. He brought me just to the edge of cumming and then stopped.

"Don't stop now," I moaned.

"Just getting you in the mood," he teased.

"Come on."

"Later. After the show. I'm getting so horny myself I want to ram myself right into this hot pussy right now, but imagine how much better it'll feel after we tease the guys a while longer."

"Okay," I agreed. "But you better look out once they're gone."

We got me arranged on the bed, my head resting on a pillow, my long auburn hair arranged just so.

"How about a few pillows under your butt?" Rick asked.

"Doesn't sound very comfortable."

"Yeah, but it will raise your hips and accentuate your mound. Plus your long legs will look even longer."

"Okay, you're the boss."

He got a couple of extra pillows from the closet and I raised my hips and he slid them under my butt. Then he put another pillow under my neck to keep it from breaking from the weird angle.

"I'll tell them you have to sleep like this for your sore back."

"I'm sure they'll believe anything at this point," I agreed.

With my hips raised higher than my shoulders, my bottom hem of my little teddy top slid down a bit exposing a few inches of my belly.

"You look great," Rick said. "Like you're begging for a fuck."

"Just make sure nobody obliges."

"Don't worry. That's a pleasure a reserve for myself."

"And me too," I added.

Rick doused all the lights except for a bedside lamp. Then he went over to my bureau and grabbed my perfume and sprayed a little on my legs and my neck. I giggled in anticipation. Then he went to the door and called the guys.

They came in quietly and I heard them come up alongside the bed.

"Fuck, she is one gorgeous woman," Sam whispered. "You are a lucky bastard."

"I can't believe she's shy about that body," Dave whispered. "It's perfect."

"How come you've got her on those pillows?" John asked.

"It's for her back," Rick answered.


"Kinda looks like she's waiting to get balled," Sam said.

"Yeah," Rick said, "or eaten. Come and get it!" They all giggled.

"I mean, how can you ever resist that?" John said. "I'd want to be fucking her all the time."

"We do fuck all the time," Rick said.

"Moron," Sam said.

"No. It was a fair question. Give him a break."

"Her breasts look bigger in that top," John said.

"Yeah, I love this outfit," Rick agreed. "There's something about it that makes her look so hot and yet so innocent at the same time. And it does sit just right on her tits. Sometimes, when she's still sleeping in the morning, I slide it up so it's just covering them just to fuck with myself. I pretend like I'm sneaking a look at her. Which I guess I kind of am." He chuckled a little nervously. He was playing his part perfectly.

"Can you show us?" Dave asked.

"I don't know. I've already done much more than I should. She'd absolutely die of embarrassment if she knew."

"Come on. She'll never find out," Sam said.

Rick sighed. "Okay, just this and then we're out of here."

He sat down on the bed next to me and took the bottom hem of the teddy in two hands and began pulling it up. When he had gotten right to the bottom of my breasts, he stopped and arranged it so that my belly was exposed and my chest above my breasts. Only my breasts were still covered.

"Well, I kind of get it like this," he said, "and then I just start slowing adjusting it a little bit on this side, and then this side, like this, uncovering just the bottom of this tit and now this one. Then, you know, I may go a little higher on this one, right up like this so the bottom edge is just resting on her nipple, like this. Sometimes her nipples get hard like they are now from sliding the material over them. Now I can do the same thing on this one. Just like ... there." He sat back admiring his handiwork.

It was really quiet in the room. I could only hear the sound of three young men breathing as they stared at my nearly naked breasts.

"Mind if I kneel down?" Sam asked.

"I think the view's probably better that way," Rick agreed.

Two of the guys went around the bed to the other side and they all knelt down.

"Nice little nipples," Sam said.

"Yeah. Tasty too," Rick said. "Like smooth little stones."

Suddenly I felt somebody blowing under my top. I waited to hear if Rick would say anything, but he didn't. The blowing grew stronger and then somebody started doing it on the other side and I could feel the whole shirt lifting off my breasts. The guys started giggling again.

"Oops! Where'd that wind come from?"

My breasts were now both completely exposed, the shirt blown up around my shoulders.

"Shit! Beautiful tits, man."


"D'you ever come on those?"

"All the time man. You kidding."

"Lucky bastard. I love tits that size. They're like not huge but you can still get a handful."

"And a mouthful."

"Yeah, and a fucking mouthful. Damn this is making me horny! What I wouldn't give to wrap those beautiful creamy tits around my hard cock."

"It's heaven," Rick said. "I have to admit."

"You fuck her tits?" That was John, the inexperienced one.

"Fuck, yeah. I put my cock right here between her tits and then I use my hands to squeeze them around it. Or sometimes she does. And then I bang them until I come all over them."

"But doesn't it get, you know? On her neck and shit?"

Rick guffawed. "It gets all over her, man. Hr neck, he chin, her face. That's one of the best parts." The others giggled as if they knew what it was like. I was beginning to wonder how much they'd actually done.

"Jesus," John said. "That must be amazing."

"Nothing like it. Watching my hot cum shoot all over these tits and that beautiful face. It's unbelievable." He leaned over and planted a kiss on my right breast. Then one on my left. Then he opened his mouth and took my left breast into his mouth and sucked.

"Oh, Jesus," Sam said. "I want some of that so bad."

Rick kept sucking and running his tongue over my nipple and I guess I must have started moving my hips because I heard one of the guys whisper, "Look at that. She's getting hot."

"Oh, Jesus, I don't know how much more of this I can watch. It's making me so fucking horny."

I drew up one of my knees towards my waist and then stretched it back out again and then did the same thing with the other leg. Rick switched to my other breast and I began to squirm and breath harder. Then he stopped. There wasn't a sound in the room.

"Is she still asleep?" John asked. Rick leaned over and put his ear to my nose.

"She's dead to the world."

"Jesus, if that's what she's like when she's sleeping, I can imagine what she's like awake."

"She does like fucking," Rick said.

"Oh, man," John sighed.

"In fact, she gets wet faster than any woman I've ever been with," Rick added. "It takes like ten seconds of sucking her tits and she's soaking."

"She must be soaking now, then," Sam said.

"I'm sure she is."

"Any chance of checking that out? Just, you know, to satisfy our curiosity."

"You mean, touch her? No way!"

"We don't have to touch her, man. You could touch her and we could just look. I mean it's totally up to you."

"I don't know. We should really go."

"Okay, that's cool. I'm sure John here will see a wet snatch someday before he dies."

"Fuck you," John said.

"I'm only trying to get you a little education, man. Don't get all hostile."

Well, Rick knew if I wanted to stop at any point I would start to mumble, so I guess he decided it was okay with me because he said, "Well, okay, for the sake of education, I guess it would be okay. After all, Roxanne used to be a teacher." That was a lie, but it fit the scenario. "I guess I could show you just a little peak of wet snatch."

They all stood up and moved down towards the foot of the bed.

"I guess we need to spread her knees apart a little bit," Rick said, and he took one foot in each hand and spread them apart. "It's nice we've got her little pussy resting up high on these pillows like this. It'll make it easier to see."

"Oh, man, this is unbelievable," Dave whispered. "Her thighs are so fucking hot."

"Soft as silk too," Rick said, and he ran a palm up one of my legs all the way to my panties and then down the other. "Especially on the insides of her thighs. Up here it is like so fucking soft." And he rubbed one hand up the insides of each of my thighs and gently massaged them.

"All right. Let's just take a look here." He bent over so his head was close to my crotch and pulled the leg of my panties aside so he could see my cunt. "Hmmm. Let's see how it feels." He slid a finger over the lips.

"Hey, we' can't see shit with your head in the way like that," Sam complained.

"Just checking for moisture. I think she's ready. Okay. So, the good news is I'm going to show you guys her wet pussy. The bad news is I'm leaving her panties on. I'm just going to pull them aside for a quick look. Okay?"

Of course they all agreed. My heart was beginning to pound. I'd walked in front of a few open blinds in my day but I'd never done anything like this. Showing three guys my wet cunt while my boyfriend watched. No way. But here I was, about to do it.

"Why don't you guys get a little closer," Rick said. I could feel them leaning on the mattress between my legs. "I'll just stand off to the side and pull her panties aside like this."

And then he did and I was. Exposed, I mean. My sweet hot pussy peeking out through the leg of my white panties that my boyfriend was stretching aside.

"Jesus, nice puffy pussy lips," Sam said. "Too bad it's so dark in here though."

"Yeah," Dave agreed. "I can't really see if she's wet or not."

"Why dont you go grab that lamp over there?" Rick said. There was a floor lamp in the corner with adjustable heads. Somebody dragged it over and clicked one of the heads on. I could see the light grow brighter through my eyelids.

"There you go," Rick said. "Now, shine that right on her pussy." I heard another head click on. "Two of them?" Rock said. "What do you want to do? Give her a pussy exam? Okay, shine that one down there two. Might as well."

"Pussy exam sounds good to me," Sam said.

"Oh, Jesus, look at that," John moaned.

"Hey, dude, think you could spread her lips apart just a little? I can't really see any moisture." I'm sure there was moisture visible. I could practically feel it running down towards my butthole.

Rick reached over with his other hand and using two fingers spread my outer lips apart.

"Holy shit! Look how pink she is, man."

"Pink and juicy, man. Look at all that pussy juice. I would so love to lick that shit up.

To be continued.

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