tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSmall Town Trio's Explorations Pt. 02

Small Town Trio's Explorations Pt. 02


Karla, Daniel, and Ronald barely finished making the supplies for the bake sale that night. It took a long time to untangle their adrenaline pumped bodies and get back to work. Even then, it was hard not to get distracted. The naked trio tried to focus on the task at hand, but it was difficult to ignore the temptation to play with each other's delicious bodies. Karla finally ordered everyone to get dressed, and, after some argument, they finished baking in boxers and panties. The last batch was pulled from the oven just as the sun came up, they all called home to let them know that they would be crashing at Karla's house.

That afternoon, the trio finally awoke, finding themselves sprawled out across the living room. Karla rolled off the couch and struggled to her feet. She felt exceptionally sore, either from sleeping on the couch, being up all night baking, or the enthusiastic romp of the night before. Looking around, she saw Daniel curled up on the recliner, and Ronald stretched out on the other couch. The guys lay in just their boxers, and Karla was in her panties and a long tee shirt. It was odd, because this is how they had awoken from countless sleepovers, but never as a result of such a night.

Her stirrings must have awoken them, because they began to yawn and stretch their aching muscles. Karla left and showered in her bathroom, feeling the water temperature dim a bit as someone used the other bathroom. She dried off and got dressed like any other day, pulling on some tight jeans and a light summer tank over her bra. When she emerged, Daniel was drying his blonde hair, dressed in one of his typical outfits, comfortably stylish. Ronald stood in the kitchen, wearing jeans but bare chested. His hair was still nappy from the couch as he stood over the stove, cooking breakfast, still a morning like a hundred others.

Ronald saw them enter, "You guys see my shirt anywhere? I can't find it."

"Yeah, it's in the bathroom. I slept in it last night," Karla said. The group sat down and ate, discussing random topics and laughed like always, scarfing down Ronald's conglomeration of eggs bacon and potatoes that did not look like much, but always tasted good. After breakfast they cleaned up, and Ronald fetched his shirt from the bathroom.

Halfway on, Karla called him out, "Hell no! Go take a shower. No one is gunna buy anything from us if you smell like a trash can."

He grumbled and strode off. Daniel and Karla finished gathering up the brownies and cookies, bagging them all up and setting them by the door. Ronald returned from his quick rinse, giving Karla a sarcastic look that said happy now?

She simply shrugged, grabbing the last of the treats. They were halfway out the door, when Daniel dropped his bag dramatically on the table.

"Ok," he said, "Last night did happen, right? Because we're all acting like it didn't."

The group grew silent for a bit before Karla answered, "We agreed. Nothing changes."

"I didn't say anything needed to change," Daniel said, "but we need to figure this out."

"Ok, so like... ground rules?" Ronald asked. Daniel nodded in return.

Karla set her bags down and sat on the arm of the couch, "Ok, so let's get our basics right out in the open." She held up a finger for each thing she counted out, "One, and most importantly, no one around here finds out. Ever."

They nodded in agreement.

Karla continued, "Two, we do want to do it again, right?"

Daniel and Ronald looked at each other and back to her, the three all nodding in mutual agreement.

"Ok then," she said, "but nothing romantic. None of us are looking to get into a relationship right?"

"Well your not really my type," Ronald said to Daniel in jest, then looked at Karla, "and I'm not about to date someone who wears the pants." Karla smiled proudly, not bothering to deny her dominant personality.

She looked at them both, "I know way too much about you two to ever attempt that."

Daniel chimed in, "I agree. So it's just physical stuff. I'm good with that."

"Ok," Karla said, "last thing, and it may be awkward. I loved last night, but there is one of me and two of you. I can't always double down, if you know what I mean. So are you two going to have issues if there's times with only one?"

Daniel looked to his friend, "I don't think so. Like we said, no strings, just fun when we want."

"Besides, you don't get to be the only one I tap," Ronald added to Karla.

Daniel rolled his eyes, "Anyway, we are all still new to this. I don't think there is such thing as too much or too little, unless someone is obviously excluded, which I don't think will be a problem."

They all agreed, and the invisible tension disappeared. Packing up, they left in the Chevy to the bake sale and helped Mrs. Connelly sell out of everything on the table. After it was done, she approached the three.

"I can't believe it!" The elder lady exclaimed, "Those brownies were amazing. It was like they were really made with love. I see you guys actually payed attention in my home-ec class."

The group blushed a bit, knowing the woman was right, but not in the way she thought. They packed up the table and chairs for their old teacher, and gathered some leftovers that she had set aside for them. On the way home, Karla suggested they go to the wilderness park. Ronald agreed and turned the old rickety truck in that direction.

The park was barely that, mainly a few paths cut into a dense forest. Hunting had long since whittled down the larger wildlife, and there were no real open spaces for camping. This left the park generally empty, save for the odd hiker every once in a while. The three had enjoyed the private getaway since they were big enough to walk, and had a little cubby in a rock that acted as their secret stash. After parking the truck, they made their way in to reach their secret respite.

When they were young, the cubby had held snacks and candies that they had swiped from the corner store. In their adolescence, the boys had hidden dirty magazines. Nowadays, they had their own stash of beer and dark liquors snuck out of their parent's cabinets. The rock casing sat right next to a streaming creek, and Karla had busted out all of her ingenuity and mechanical skills to run old hosing through the cubby, pooling cool water around the base of the bottles. It worked as an impromptu cooler and kept their drinks chilled, if not refrigerator-cold.

Karla stretched out on the familiar rock that hung over the creek, comforted by the sounds of babbling water. Ronald reached into their secret compartment, pulling out some beers, tossing one to Daniel, who sat on a log at the edge of the water, his feet dipped in. He slid another across the smooth rock surface to Karla.

They all just sat in the shady getaway, basking in the soft forest breeze. Eventually, they began discussing the night before, curiosity leading them to try and learn more about their experiences. Karla tried her best to explain the feelings she had when Daniel had played with her with his tongue, struggling to find the words to express. The guys sat listening in awe, almost like students in an interesting class. They soaked up the information, wanting to improve their skills in this terrifyingly amazing new territory. Then Daniel and Ronald described how it felt to be inside her, or to have her delicate lips wrapped around their swollen members. Karla listened just as intently, not realizing the full extent that she had affected them.

"It's strange," Karla said, pulling Ronald next to her and rolling onto her stomach, leaning in her elbows, "I had never thought of us like this. I always thought we would all go find some random mates and hang out to bitch about our significant others. I never thought we just might not need them."

"What throws me," Daniel said, "was that we have known each other since forever, but now it's like I'm seeing totally different people. When we were, you know, into it... it was incredible."

"I like it," Ronald said, running his hand down Karla's back, his fingertips playing with the waistband at the edge of her ass.

Karla looked over, "It is fun to make you two squirm." With that, she crept her hand to Ronald's zipper, pulling it down with her thumb and sliding her hand into the slot of denim, causing him to unwillingly shift a bit. Daniel and Karla laughed, and she stood, stepping over Ronald but lingering a teasing second as she did. Digging in her bag, she grabbed some of Mrs. Connelly's bake sale leftovers, and set the tray in the grass next to her. The others gathered around, sipping beer and eating desserts in the summer air.

Karla eyed the treats while they ate, an idea forming in her head. "Let me try something," she said abruptly. She reached over and unbuttoned Daniel's shorts, pulling the khakis and boxers away from his firming member. Unsheathed from its binding, his rod quickly grew inside her massaging grip. Giggling happily, Karla retrieved a cupcake and rubbed the icing along the length of Daniel's erection. Tossing the caky mound away, she began licking the icing away, like a lollipop at first, but eventually wrapping her lips around portions of his trunk.

Before long, there was no trace of the icing, and Karla sat up, wiping the chocolate remnants off of her proud face. "My turn," Ronald said, retrieving a piece of soft fudge. With the gooey dessert melting in his hand, he used his other to pull her thin tank top up around her collarbone. Karla tossed her bra along side them, and laid on her back in the soft warm grass. Ronald traced a pattern of chocolate around each of her nipples and down her cleavage, all the way down below her navel. Before he began, she took his stained hand and sucked the sticky substance from his fingertips.

When she finally released him, Ronald bent over her, descending on her plump breasts. His stubble tickled her skin as his soft tongue pulled the sweet coating from her nipples. He switched to her other breast, sucking her whole perky teat in one go, the force making her bite her lip and shift a bit below him. Next, he worked his way between her round lumps, having to spread them apart with his hands to get between them. Finally, he ran his tongue up her stomach, and cleaned up the last trace that lay just at her waistline. Karla's whole body wanted him to tear open her jeans and continue on her soaked clit, but just like she had with Daniel, Ronald crept away before finishing her.

As he lifted himself up, Karla grabbed his shirt, staring him down with a silent demand.

"I'm going to go for a swim," Daniel said, "You better finish up here, Ron." Daniel chuckled as he retreated to the nearby stream. Karla swept her hands to Ronald's pants, hurriedly undoing the clasps.

"Oh you want this eh?" Ronald said, and with a strong push, he rolled her roughly onto her stomach. Karla was taken by surprise, but excitement led her to comply with his hand's commands. Reaching around her, he pulled open her button and zipper, then yanked the tight denim around her knees, taking her panties with it. Pulling her hips back, he forced her chest into the grass, her ass pushed into the air. She bent her arms under her chest, gripping the grass with her fingers.

Karla could feel that this position not only put her seeping cunt right at level with his probing cock, but being bent over like this also spread her delicate flower opening wide, presenting it like a piece of art, framed by her firm ass and thighs. Completely helpless to his will, the only movement she could do was to arch her back and push her opening even more toward him. Just as she did, he slipped inside her effortlessly, helped along by her pouring juices. He spent several thrusts building up momentum, working deeper and deeper each time.

Karla hissed in pleasure as he did, gripping fistfuls of grass as his movements pushed her into the soft foliage. Ronald was pressing even deeper than Daniel had the day before, not because of size, they were about equal in that count, but from her bent positioning. Ronald could tell too, hearing her moans increase each time he delved yet deeper. Karla was surprised that she was enjoying the submissive posture, since she was normally a dominant personality. She even found herself pleading with him as he pounded her, "Deeper, harder, please..."

"Dirty girl," he grunted through a smile, "You like it when I take control for you... fucking you in the dirt..."

Biting her lip, Karla nodded and squealed, trying to position herself even a millimeter higher so he could reach yet farther inside her. Her efforts seemed to work, because Ronald took a strong grip on either of her hips, and pulled her so far onto him that her knees lifted from the ground. Karla's toes curled, and at the same moment, they released a cry of ecstasy as their bodies came to a massive crisis.

"Hey!" Karla protested when Ronald's clenched grip failed, dropping her unceremoniously back to the ground, tumbling to her side with her jeans still around her knees. He blushed with a sheepishly apologetic look before grabbing his beer and splashing into the sandy water. Not wanting to get the sticky mess between her legs onto her clothes, Karla kicked them off and peeled off the bunched up tank top. Shakily, she walked into the water with Daniel, supporting herself on the branches and rocks until she was deep enough to float.

Daniel had already removed his clothing, and he swam over to her, their naked bodies brushing against each other in the cool water. "Have fun?" He asked.

Karla giggled with a nod, "Ron is pretty... enthusiastic. I think I'll have to stay here for a while before I can stand again."

He laughed, looking over to Ronald who sat a ways down the stream laying in the shallow. "Always the brute force approach with you," he yelled at his spent friend. Ronald smiled and sat up, flexing him muscles and flipping off Daniel at the same time. "You're a gorilla," Daniel replied, rolling his eyes.

"If that's what it's like to be with a gorilla," Karla admitted, "then get me to a zoo."

Daniel smirked and slid his hands around her waist, working them back until they rested lightly on her buttocks, "There's more than one way to... peel a banana."

"Puns," Ronald called over, "that's how to get her hot."

Daniel ignored him, and Karla looked at him in curiosity to see his idea of peeling. Pulling her against him, he lifted her out of the water slightly, letting her legs wrap around his waist. She could feel the height of his hard rod pointing straight up between them, laying against her stomach as he held her close. Gently, he floated toward the rock wall, leaning her back against the soft mossy surface, the cool rock giving her chills. Still in a submissive mood, Karla let Daniel take the lead, kissing her gently on the lips and lingering so that every touch became energized. Their mouths separated and his tongue flicked the tip of hers, different from Ronald's more aggressive approach, but just as exciting.

Slowly, he slipped down into the water, kissing her neck as he descended. His hands still supported her by her backside, but he was so close now, she could feel electricity on her skin everywhere they touched: her breasts pressed against his chest, his arms squeezing her thighs, and his firm cock, standing against her smooth mound. Its length slid down the height of her burning slit as he descended, and when his mouth reached her nipples, the tip of his hard member aligned itself with her opening, pressing against her aching entrance.

Daniel rolled his hips ever so slightly beneath the water, and Karla shuddered in anticipation, feeling him taunt her cunt. Ever so slowly, he began kissing his way back up her chest, moving from her nipples to her shoulders then to her neck. As he ascended, his length slid into her just as slowly as he worked his way back up. Taking him inside a millimeter at a time was excruciating, every part of her wanting to wriggle free and fall upon his full length, but the intoxicating feeling of his incremental advances made her want to cum just from his first slow thrust.

Feeling his waist meet hers, all Karla wanted was for him to get into his rhythm, but he still kept his slow pace. Before, he had simply let gravity drop her onto him, but now she felt the pressure on her behind increase as he pushed her hips against his, still just a millimeter at a time. Karla gripped his shoulders, and her eyes widened as he kept creeping into her. Daniel had long since passed the point that she thought was possible, and his slow movement meant she could feel him slipping deeper and deeper with every nerve inside.

His length felt like it was in her core, deep enough to touch her very being. Karla was pressed hard against him, pressing against his back with her crossed legs. Finally, he released his grip and began sliding in and out slowly. His pace was steady and even, letting them both savor the feeling of every motion. Each time Daniel slid in, Karla gasped inward, he body tensing against his powerful muscle. With each retraction, she would breath out letting the tingling between her legs spread across her whole body.

They continued for what seemed like a lifetime, Karla's body going from tense to limp, like an electric charge being turned up then down again. His lips explored her neck and face, leaving marks of red on her neck and biting her lip gently. She dug her fingertips into his back, and he began quickening his pace. His movements were just as gentle, but he began to drive her from simmering pleasure to powerful ecstasy.

Daniel's movements were amazing and different. Both times she had been taken by one of them, they had bent her over and handled her from behind. Both times had been amazing, the feeling of being controlled, manhandled... it had overwhelmed her completely. This was an entirely different experience. Karla was face to face with Daniel, reveling in his reactions. Instead of feeling like a submissive, she was an equal, experiencing every sensation in parallel with him. They melded together, not only in the flesh, but in raw emotion as well.

Daniel began breathing as heavily as Karla, his rhythm becoming quicker. Her gasps turned to moans, and the electric feeling inside built to an overwhelming level. Karla's insides felt like they were rolling inside her. The entropic concentration inside suddenly burst, and her body tensed against his, her limbs squeezing him against her chest and pulling him deeply into her. With a hoarse cry, her body fell limp, and Daniel pressed against her one last time.

Karla's shaking body twitched in pleasure as Daniel released a flow of hot cum into her. The two stayed in each other's arms long after he slipped out of her. Karla felt his hot juices flowing out of her, mixing with the stream before washing away.

"That..." Karla smiled and kissed him again, "that was amazing."

"Different strokes for different blokes and all that," Daniel told her. Ronald slipped around the rock, eyeing the pair.

"Have fun?" He jested.

Karla splashed him, sending the group into an all out water war. Evening fell soon after, causing them to reluctantly return to the truck. Ronald decided to take the long way home, cruising through the back country. They watched the sunset as they drove until Karla laid across the trucks bench, her legs on Ronald as he drove and her head rested on Daniel's lap. She fell asleep cradled between her two best friends, wondering what adventure they could have next.

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Well paced, nicely written

Glad to see you were able to sustain the small town atmosphere and close friendships which you introduced in the first story. Those, together with the erotic themes and the likability of your charactersmore...

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🖒👌😉😙 Sweet!

I can see this. Had my husbands best friend still been alive (early at 42, cancer) this most likely would have been us, longterm. They had shared over 30 years as best friends, even after they got married.more...

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