Smile Muscles


Before I met you life seemed to be what I thought was normal.
Before I met you everything seemed just okay.
Before I met you I didn't know I what was missing.
Before I met you I felt resigned.

When first we were alone, I felt something new.
When first we were alone, I hoped it wouldn't be the last.
When first we were alone, I realized the void in my life.
When first we were alone, I saw the spark in your eyes.
You triggered my smile muscles.

After I touched you, my heart's thirst was quenched.
After I touched you, my love capacity was expanded.
After I touched you, a blind spot was revealed.
After I touched you, a new hope grew from within.
You grew my smile muscles.

After you kissed me, our breath became as one.
After you kissed me, our energy was forever transformed.
After you kissed me, a cord was formed between us.
After you kissed me, my thirst finally knew relief.
You tickled my smile muscles.

When we first cuddled, our souls comforted each other.
When we first cuddled, our connecting cord strengthened.
When we first cuddled, our relationship cemented.
When we first cuddled, our lives were forever changed.
You flexed my smile muscles.
I want to sink deep inside you and feel your sex soothe the flames of desire. I want to taste your womanly essence as you release the pent up sexual energy from within. I want to breathe in your exhaled breath in order that I may absorb you into my soul. I want to again release my seed deep into your womb thereby continuing the growing of our bond. My smile muscles are forever thinking of you.

When first we made love, our lives' paths were forever altered. As we now make love, our open eyes grow the cord between us. As we now make love, my heart expands beyond the familiar. As we now make love, our unity is felt throughout the universe. You give me my smile muscles.

While listening to your heart beat, my heart grew stronger. While my heart grew stronger, I watched tears roll down your cheeks. While watching tears roll down your cheeks, I tasted your tears. In tasting your tears, I absorbed your emotions, energy and love. Now your tears give emotion and sustain to my smile muscles.

Remember when you touched me in the most intimate of ways and carried my scent home with you on our hands? On the way home, you repeatedly held your hand to your face and inhaled my scent. The next morning you awoke to the same scent and cuddled your pillow as me. You wondered what life would be like waking to that scent every day. That very same day, you shared with me your emotional overwhelm, the profound love you had for me. My smile muscles were then, and are still now, fully engaged by their knowing of your love for me.

In the days and weeks and even decades following our first lovemaking, my love and appreciation for you grows continually, and not just from a pure physical desire, but from the memory of what's been, what continues to be and what will be. It grows with each tender word, thought and feeling you share. It grows in the smells, taste and warmth you exude. It grows from the love that flows between us.

The feeling I have in anticipation of being with you again sustains me. The promise of another moment with you allows me to feed from the memory of what has been. When we first joined, there was an exchange of energy that was absolutely pure and lasting. I feel the gentle loving tugs on our connecting cord each day and it brings a silly smile to my face just knowing you're on the other end feeling something similar, or that you're doing the tugging. I know you feel the tugs too.

I forget to breathe when I read your 'I love you' messages and hear you speak. My heart races when thinking of you. My smile muscles are getting the best work out of their life because of you. The things that used to bother me daily are but a memory. The concerns, disappointments and unhappiness I had, before knowing you, are now so insignificant living in the shadows of the joy I have from being connected to you. When new concerns and disappointments crop up in my life, knowing I have you, makes them easier to handle because I have a shared energy source with you. Likewise, I know that when you need to pull from our shared energy source that you will freely take as you need to, because together, our supply is unlimited.

I now know that before we met the feelings of life being normal, of me feeling resigned to my lot in life and that everything was just okay was nothing more than me settling for less than I should. After experiencing but a few mere moments in the time clock of life with you, I now know there's so much more. You've forever altered my path. I now know what's possible where happiness and fulfillment is concerned. You are a blessing, a gift to me. I hope that I can be just as much a blessing to you in all the ways you are for me. One way or another, I am with you and you are with me, forever. I see you. I love you.

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