tagMind ControlSmoking!



It was a beautiful night in the city. It had just rained moments ago and you could still smell it in the warm summer air as it evaporated off the pavement. Ben was doing his best to drown out the pleasing odor as he suffused his lungs with more carcinogenic smoke. He sat on his fire escape, legs dangling, as he looked out on the city around him.

Inside, his girlfriend and her sister were making dinner. Both were attractive with their reddish-brown hair and beautiful figures... but he had to admit, his girlfriend's sister was the more attractive. Sarah was not any slouch, in fact, he considered himself lucky to be with her, but Kelli was just that "little bit more"... little bit better figure, little bit more flirtatious, little bit better eyes, etc. However, Ben always made it a point to try and focus his attention on Sarah when Kelli was around. He knew that Sarah always had felt a little insecure against her sister's natural charms and that she had lost a few boyfriends to her when they were teens. Ben didn't want to make Sarah feel any worse on that topic.

He took another puff off his cigarette. He had been forced outside, no smoking allowed around Kelli. He didn't really mind, it gave him an excuse to avoid the flirtatious sister. He sometimes wondered how innocent those flirtations actually were. She had stolen boyfriends from Sarah before, after all.

He looked down at the burning ember in his hand. He wanted to quit smoking. He hated the idea of his will being sapped by such a thing as a little stick of rolled paper & dried leaves. However, this night, it was that will-sapping herb that saved him from a far stronger method of will-suppression.

The sisters had closed the window behind him, so the smell of tobacco wouldn't waft back into the apartment. Ben pondered idle thoughts as his mind lazily buzzed from the nicotine and the glass of wine next to him.

He dimly heard a knock on the apartment's door. Sarah went to open it. Ben started to get up to go inside, but in a fateful decision, opted to finish his cigarette first.

He watched through the closed window as she opened the door. From outside the apartment, a puff of sparkly dust sprayed into her face. She stumbled a couple steps back from the door.

Inside stepped a middle-aged man, well-groomed and dressed in slacks and sport coat. Ben could hear the man fairly well considering that it was through a window and the noise of street traffic surrounded him.

"You will not run, you will not attempt to harm me, or raise any kind of alarm. Is there anyone else home?" the man asked the question casually, but with the air of having said the phrase by rote.

Sarah looked strange. He body was alternating between incredibly stiff, almost frozen and then swooning with her knees wobbling. It would look like she was about to collapse, then she'd straighten again into that almost frozen stance before repeating the swooning state.

"My sister... my sister is here," Sarah replied haltingly, "and my boyfriend is... he is... he's out".

It was all very strange and it wasn't just Sarah's posture. It was almost like she had been trying to not speak, trying to hold her words back but unable.

"When is your boyfriend due back?" the man asked calmly.

Sarah closed her mouth tightly, but even Ben could hear her start to whine through her closed lips.

She whispered something, but Ben couldn't hear what.

"Ah, well, 'in a few minutes' will be enough time. When he comes through that door, immediately spray this into his face." The man started to hand Sarah a tiny aerosol can, then paused.

"Of course, you won't, under any circumstances, spray me with it." He then finished handing Sarah the can.

Kelli walked into the room carrying a plate full of baked lasagna. She glanced at the stranger, looked questioning at her sister, and then approached the man.

"Um, hi!" she said brightly extending her hand.

The man nonchalantly reached into his pocket, pulled out an identical spray can, then unloaded it directly into Kelli's face. Kelli reacted just as her sister had a moment earlier. Sarah was now standing calmly, docilely... no evidence of the stiff or swooning postures from earlier. She looked, well, almost bored.

Ben didn't know what was going on. He had listened and watched up till now, but what he had seen wasn't making any sense to him.

He crouched outside the window, watching stunned as the insane drama continued to play out. Who was this guy? He wasn't anyone he had ever met before. What did that strange spray do? He had been about to go in, but some strange preternatural sense told him to stay put and play it cautious. With the outside darkness, they wouldn't be able to see him from inside the brightly lit room.

The man grabbed a hold of one of the dining room chairs and wedged it under the front door knob of the apartment.

"There, that will keep your boyfriend out until we're ready to receive him," the man said pleasantly. "Now, I know your name is Sarah, but what is your sister's name?"

Kelli started to give that halting speech that Sarah had used earlier, but Sarah now just replied in a monotone voice,


Kelli slowly regained her posture and also took on a bored, detached pose similar to Sarah's.

"Ah," said the man, "Kelli. Very nice. Well Kelli, I met and briefly spoke to your sister earlier today on the sidewalk and her beauty made quite an impression on me. I decided then and there to make her mine. I didn't know that she had a sister even more beautiful." The man gave a beaming smile.

"Kelli," he continued, "are you involved with anyone? Boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? Do you have any children?"

Kelli replied in a dead monotone,

"i have a boyfriend. i don't have any children."

"Do you love your boyfriend, Kelli?"

"Ye... Ye... I do," replied Kelli, showing slight signs of struggle in her voice.

"Kelli, you don't love your boyfriend any longer. You don't feel anything for him."

"No," said Kelli, her voice finally emitting some emotion. "You can't." Her body started tensing again, not moving, but muscles visibly tightening over her body.

"Oh, but I can," assured the man. He walked up to Kelli. "Kelli, think about your boyfriend. You don't feel anything for him now. Nothing."

Kelli tried to shake her head, but it was almost as if her body was fighting her, she managed a few short terse shakes, but each one was smaller than the last.

"No. No. I do care for him. i ca... i ca... i...." Her body resumed the relaxed pose again. "i don't feel anything for him. nothing." Again, her voice was devoid of inflection, of emotion.

As Kelli struggled, Ben watched as Sarah also had tried to fight whatever was controlling her... but just like her sister, it came to nothing. After a moment, Sarah's body relaxed again as well.

"Good girl Kelli." The man leaned against the back of the couch. "Now Kelli, I want you to think about how it feels to be deeply in love, far more than anything you might have felt for your sorry ex-boyfriend. Think about how wonderful it feels. How you would do anything for that person and how much you would love doing it. I want you to imagine unconditional love. Absolute love."

Ben could tell that Kelli knew what was going to happen next. She was shaking her head, her body now violently tensing then going slack, almost like she was going into a seizure while standing up. He tried to come up with a plan of attack, of some idea on how to save the girls. A part of him worried that this could be all some elaborate practical joke, but it was just too weird. Ben was treating this as if it were total and complete reality.

Kelli continued to fight.

"NO! No! No! No!" she repeated. "I'm not going to! I'm not going to think about that! Not about how it feels to be deeply in love... NO! Not think about far more deeply... how wonderful it feels. i would do anything for that person and i would love doing it." Her voice gradually lost it's anger, it's fight. You could hear the conflict drain away until it returned to its empty monotone.

"Kelli," the man said gently, "you deeply love me. You love me absolutely and unconditionally. You love me so much, you worship the ground I walk on."

Tears rolled down Kelli's cheeks. Ben expected to see a repeat of her earlier struggles, but they were greatly subdued now. She sank to her knees, her head bowed.

"No. I don't want to. I don't love you. You're making me feel that way. You can't do this! Please stop this. I don't know how you're doing this, but I want you to stop. Please stop!" She looked up at him, her mascara running down her face as her tears fell harder.

"Please!" she begged her eyes searching his face for some compassion, some sign of mercy. She reached up towards him, pleading.

Ben watched speechless as Kelli's outstretched arm changed from pleading for mercy to something else. It was evident thru her face, her body, and even that outstretched arm. Her eyes widened, her anguished face easing into a look of wonderment. Ben watched as Kelli fell hopelessly in love with this stranger in a matter of seconds.

The man took Kelli's hand and lifted her up. He took her into his arms and Ben heard Kelli gasp, and then watched as she molded herself to his body.

The man turned to Sarah.

Ben had to move. He had to do something. Would Sarah really spray him with the strange can if he entered the apartment? Could he get inside and take the guy out before the stranger was able to spray Ben himself? Damn! He had to do something before the guy twisted Sarah's mind like he had Kelli's. It was just that there was no way he could enter the apartment through this window, it would take too long and be too noticeable. If he went down the fire escape and went in through the front door, then Sarah or the man would spray him before he could help anyone.

He glanced over at the bedroom window. Sarah loved having the window open at night, maybe she hadn't latched it! He'd have to jump to make it, but it might be doable.


Sarah didn't understand what was happening. She remembered meeting the man on the street, he just seemed like a gentleman who just wanted to flirt with her. She admittedly flirted back a little bit, but she did tell him that she had a boyfriend. She had never expected to see him again.

When she opened the door to him, he had sprayed her with that strange chemical. It had smelled a little like cotton candy, very sugary. Then, things got weird. It was the most peculiar sensation. She just simply didn't care. Her mind and body now merely existed without any drive or purpose. She tried to fight it, but the will to fight also drained out of her. When the man spoke, she recognized those words as purpose, as meaning.

He told her to guard the door, and that was now her only purpose in life. She had no other purpose other than to spray Ben when he walked thru that door. It was like the chemical washed out all her feelings and thoughts, leaving them a pale and faded version of what was there before... while the man's words were a strong and indelible ink, permanently imprinting themselves on top of her old self.

"Sarah," the man said walking over to her with an arm around Kelli, "your sister is very attractive. Isn't she?"

Sarah always knew her sister was the more attractive of the two of them, but she could feel the man's words pressing down on her brain. As she looked at Kelli, she could see how attractive her sister really was. Her cute little nose, her round doe-like eyes, her well-toned body....

"Sarah," the man continued, "do you have any bisexual tendencies?"

Sarah knew what was going to happen now. She tried to fight it. She willed her body to move. She wanted to fight the man, to hit him... but his earlier command to not harm him squashed those ideas in her before they could even fully form. They just faded away the moment she even had an inkling of thinking about it.

She thought about running, maybe she could make it out the front door.... The front door. She was supposed to watch the front door and spray Ben the moment...

She could quickly feel herself losing the will to fight. She felt such despair, it was hopeless. Part of her hoped that Ben might be able to save them... but it was a momentary thought. She could feel a part of her responding to the man's words.

"no," she replied, the fight in her again gone.

"Well then Sarah, I think perhaps you need to expand your horizons. Kelli, I want you to listen to this too."

The man gently extricated himself from Kelli's clinging embrace.

"You are both sisters. Sisters love each other. You are both sisters and you love each other deeply. Look into each other's eyes. Feel that love."

Sarah looked into Kelli's eyes. She did love her sister. She did, the man's words didn't alter anything there. She tried to convey some sense of sorrow for their predicament to Kelli, but Kelli's expression looked spacey, almost fawning.

Dammit! Kelli was now so deeply in love with the stranger that she truly wanted to obey him and wouldn't consider fighting anything he said. Sarah felt so sad for her sister, forced into becoming an emotional slave to this evil, evil man. She wanted to protect Kelli from him. She loved her sister so much, so very, very much. She'd do anything for her. She moved forward and took Kelli into her arms. She hugged her sister close. She deeply loved her.

"Now," continued the man, "you may have not known this before, but you are both bisexual. You've always found each other attractive, but now you have to admit to each other that there is also a sexual attraction there. You not only love your sister, but you deeply lust after her too. Luckily, I came here and helped you realize that. Now, you are able to fully indulge in your emotions for each other. Do so. Now."

Sarah hugged her sister closer. NO! She didn't want this. She didn't want this man to poison her love for her sister. It was wrong and it was evil. She wasn't bisexual! Neither was Kelli! It was this man! He was making them that way! She wasn't going to enter into an incestuous relationship with her sister, no matter what the man said!

She was angry, frustrated, but those emotions also felt as faded as the rest of her old self. At least she felt her love for her sister warm and blazing in her thoughts. She hugged Kelli closer. She could fight the man with her love for Kelli. She just needed to stay true to that emotion.

She could feel Kelli shifting slightly in her embrace. Kelli's arms now started to move across Sarah's back.

"sarah," Kelli began, sounding slightly embarrassed even in her montone. Sarah could feel her sister's blush... Kelli's cheek was so hot against hers.

"Sarah," Kelli began again with more emotion, her right arm sliding lower on sister's back.

"No, Kelli! You've got to fight it!" begged Sarah. She pulled Kelli closer into her embrace, firmly grasping her as if clinging to a lifeline.

She was acutely aware of Kelli's hand sliding down to her buttock and also pulling that deeper into the embrace. She could feel Kelli's thigh sliding in between her legs.

She wasn't bisexual, dammit! Neither of them were. Well, she didn't really know about Kelli. Kelli was always a little more wild than she was. She never had any bisexual tendencies though! Yeah, she knew Kelli was attractive. That was obvious to anyone. Kelli had a beautiful body with those firm, high breasts... those perfect little nipples that just.... She shook her head. She loved her sister and she wasn't going to let this man warp their love into something perverted, no matter how sensual it was.

"Sarah," Kelli breathed into her ear. "I have a confession." Her voice sounded sultry, seductive.

Sarah now tried to break the embrace. She loved her sister deeply, but she couldn't save her by holding onto her like this. By embracing in love like they had, it was giving rise to other feelings...

Her ear tingled where Kelli was nuzzling, she could feel Kelli's thigh rubbing, grinding against her, and she could feel what these sensations were doing to her. Her breathing felt tight, she could feel her body trembling.

"Sarah," Kelli looked into her panicking siblings eyes, "I not only love you, but i deeply lust after you too". Even though she was just repeating what the man had said, her tone was the total opposite of its earlier monotone, it was filled with heat and emotion.

Sarah could feel it too. After being sprayed, she had felt washed out, faded. Except with whatever the man had said. Whatever he said, she felt with a strange intensity... and now she could feel love and, dare she admit it, lust for her sister. She felt those emotions stronger than any she had ever felt in her life and she had to admit it.

"Kelli, I love you too and... and... I want you.... I... i... oh god... I love you so much and I want you so bad!" Tears streaming down her cheeks, she grabbed her sister and kissed her hard on the lips.

Sarah could feel her lust rising even higher as they kissed. Her sister was so sexy, so hot... she wanted to kiss all over her body, to taste her. They tore at each other's clothes.

The man leaned back against the couch and watched as the two sisters fell to the floor, pulling and ripping at each others garments.

He idly thought that it was a shame that the boyfriend had been gone. It would have made for a more interesting scene. Well, the man should be back any minute and once sprayed into docility, he would provide even further entertainment for the evening.

He heard a noise behind him, and he turned....


Sarah was rubbing Kelli's sopping pussy through her panties while Kelli howled in orgasm. Sarah ripped the panties off and started licking and kissing the precious little orchid in front of her. She felt Kelli's hands on her cunt now, rubbing her... it was so delicious! She could feel her orgasm building.

She felt Kelli's tongue enter her and she too started orgasming. It was paradise. She had never made love so fiercely. She totally loved her sister, was totally in lust with her. It was pure emotion throbbing through her clit.

They laid together, basking in the glow of their intense orgasms. Slowly, tenderly, they finished stripping off the rest of their clothes. Then, ever so lovingly, they proceeded to make love, enjoying every touch, relishing every kiss.

Sarah now admitted that she was bisexual, but she could only envision being with Kelli. Everyone else she thought of came across as faded, as pale imitations of emotion, but Kelli... she blazed in Sarah's soul.


As the two sisters continued their now tender lovemaking, oblivious to everything else, Ben continued his inquisition.

He had made it in through the bedroom window, watched as his girlfriend started to kiss her own sister, and realized that the man was more distracted than he would ever be. Ben was going to slug him with his old baseball bat, but at some point the man had set Sarah's spray can on the end table. Ben had managed to pick it up and then empty its contents into the man's face.

The tables had indeed turned.

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