tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSniffer and the Hotel

Sniffer and the Hotel


The story starts with me getting an email on a sex website I belong to from someone calling themselves Snifferthenslave. The email told me that they were a secret submissive bi cross dresser that wanted to know if I wanted to meet for them to pose as directed for my camera and anything else I told them to do.

I emailed back that I was interested and had a bi male friend who would like to take part in a weekend evening shared hotel costs meet in the Dartford area and we would require Her (Sniffer) to dress as a maid and provide full room service for both of us.

I was surprised to get an eager email back saying "I am ready to meet two older horny bi men and split the costs and she would be happy to dress as a sexy maid and provide everything we required apart from pain and water sports. She even asked if we wanted bathing separately or together before we got started and would obey all commands.

Tony and I both married and in our early fifties, arrived early at the hotel at 6pm an hour before she was due to arrive. We placed lube and rubbers, if needed in convenient places ready for use later before we stripped and had a nice long shower together to get us ready for her arrival. How neither of us came in that shower I don't know as we spent ages playing with and sucking each others cocks as talked about what each of us had planned to do to her.

After the shower we both dressed in just shorts and T-shirts to await her arrival. At 7pm on the dot there was a knock at the door and Tony opened it to let in an average looking bloke aged about 36, 5ft 9in and slightly overweight with a small suitcase.

There was a long silence before any of us said anything, as we were all nervous about this first meet. Then Sniffer broke the ice by saying "I need a shower before I change into my out fit and become your sex slave!"

Tony opened the bathroom door and said, "Help yourself, just call out when your dressed ready to bathe us."

Tony sat back on the bed beside me as the shower started going and I looked at him and said "I am not so sure about this now?"

Tony replied "Don't worry about it, I will go first." As he said this he reached over and slid his hand up the leg of my shorts and started playing with my softening cock, and the more he played with it and the harder he got me the more certain I was that I wanted to go through with this.

I don't know how long this went on as my mind was focussed on the sensations Tony was causing in my now rigid cock. He always knew exactly how to get me horny and a few minutes after I had slid my hand down the front of his shorts to play with his still rigid cock we were interrupted by Sniffer calling out "I am ready for one or both of you now!"

Tony removed his hand from my cock and pulled my unwilling hand off his cock and out of his shorts. He then stood up, bent over and gave me a quick kiss and said "I am going to use that slut now, join us as soon as you can." With that he gave my aching cock a squeeze and entered the bathroom.

I sat there for a long time trying to make out what was going on in there, but with the door closed I couldn't make out anything apart from an occasional groan of pleasure which sounded as though it was coming from Tony. My cock stayed achingly hard with what I could hear and imagine was going on in the bathroom, until eventually my cock got the better of me as it always does and I opened the bathroom door.

The erotic site before me caused my cock to twitch and I felt some precum leak out and slowly trickle its way down to my aching balls. They were stood slightly sideways in front of me, Tony was stood with his legs apart and bending slightly forward while the slut wearing a very sexy maids outfit and wig had her hands round his waist giving his cock a really good seeing to with her hands. I stood there as her hands worked Tony's foreskin up and down his long shaft, exposing his shiny purple know with each pull while she was working her tongue around and in Tony' ring.

As I stood staring at the horny vision in front of me I took my eyes of the hand and tongue action and noticed that the back of Sniffer's short maids dress had ridden up exposing a nice well proportion arse covered in sexy see through lace panties. Either side of his arse you could see were the black suspenders supporting her black stockings were cutting into her thighs and although she was slightly overweight she had a beautiful pair of stockinged covered legs. That site alone nearly had me cumming but it was what I noticed next as I stood there transfixed that caused me to strip off and join in before I orgasmed on the spot.

I noticed a small wire going from a remote control on the floor up to Sniffer's panties and as I studied the sheer tight panties I could just make out the lump of what must have been a vibrating butt plug in her arse.

That did it, my cock was dribbling precum like there was no tomorrow and it was in control of me now until I orgasmed and it went limp and let me have control again. I stripped and sat on the loo seat and leaned forward to get a nice tight grip of her cock through her panties. Her cock wasn't that big but it felt very hard and hot. I wanted to make her suffer for getting me so horny so having got a real tight grip on her cock I started pulling it like I used to when I milked cows by hand.

Sniffer obviously liked this as she stopped dead still and just started shuddering with each pull on her cock. She was enjoying this to much so I pulled her panties over her cock and pulled her foreskin right back and then started teasing her wet shiny knob by rubbing her own precum all over the sensitive underside. Round and round I rubbed my fingers over her knob until she groaned, "Stop! What now masters"

I told her "lick and suck Tony's cock and then mine, but make sure slut, that we don't cum"

I let go of her cock as she turned and slowly slid her red lipstick covered lips down Tony's long cock until her face was buried in his hairy crotch. She then began to make a humming noise and Tony started moaning in ecstasy, I knew this meant that Sniffer must be deep throating him. This made me slightly jealous as I have always wanted to deep throat Tony's magnificent cock but I have never been able to control my gag reflex I can regularly suck nearly six inches of Tony's 7 inch cock without any problems, but the moment I start trying to get any more of his horny cock it makes me gag.

Tony was groaning and his legs trembling as she worked her magic up and down on his cock with her vibrating throat muscles I looked at Tony's face with sweat pouring down it, as he desperately tried not to cum yet. As I sat there with my cock twitching between my legs I picked up the remote control and turned on the vibrating butt plug on, the sudden vibrations deep in her arse caused her to start sucking really hard trying to get Tony to unload his cum in her throat. Tony couldn't take anymore and pushed Sniffer of his cock and yelled, "Suck Martins cock now you oversexed slut"

The next thing I knew was the exquisite feeling of Sniffer lifting my cock to her lips and slowly sucking and nibbling their way down my cock as her tongue teased my knob. As her lips met my crotch I told her to pull off my cock and just lick the shaft and knob for now. It felt great the way she snaked her tongue around my knob and drank all my precum. I sat there, eyes shut, desperately concentrating on not cumming as she was holding me on the semi painful edge of an explosive orgasm; I wanted this to last forever.

In my excited state it seamed like I had been sitting there in ecstasy for hours as all my muscles ached, but it could have only been a few minutes, when with a faint strangled scream her mouth suddenly slid right down my cock until like Tony earlier I was lodged deep in the back of her throat. My eyes flew open in surprise only to see that Tony had lifted the maids dress to totally expose Sniffer's arse, pulled her panties to one side and removed the butt plug before ramming his cock deep up her arse. It was this last action that forced Sniffer moist lips violently forward and to swallow my cock.

I had to shut my eyes to concentrate on not cumming as Tony started fucking her with long slow deliberate strokes which caused her to slide her sucking mouth up and down my cock in time to the fucking she was getting and at the same time she was moaning with pleasure, which caused her throat to pulsate round my leaking cock each time her mouth reached my aching balls.

After just a minute of this oral stimulation I felt the familiar tightening in my balls as my cum started its journey into up my thick shaft to spray into Sniffer's mouth. I grabbed Sniffer's head and held it tight into my crotch as I emptied my cum load in four jets down her pulsating throat. I kept my cock forced down her throat until I finished cumming and only then did I let go. Sniffer pulled her mouth off my cock and started gasping for breath in between moaning in pleasure each time Tony rammed his long cock back up her arse.

As I sat they're recovering from my mega orgasm with my cock slowly going limp and Sniffer's head in my lap, just inches from my cock. Tony started to fuck her hard and fast until he suddenly let out a loud "AAHHHH" and jammed all seven inches of his cock as deep as he could get it in her pulsating arse as his balls emptied their load of hot cum deep inside Sniffer.

Sniffer groaned and her body started shaking in ecstasy when she felt her arse being filled with Tony's cum. After a while to get their breath back, Tony started to pull his softening cock out of her arse which caused Sniffer to moan at the thought of being left empty and to lift her head and console herself by starting to greedily lick my cock clean of any cum she had missed earlier. Then with a plopping sound Tony's softening cock slid out of Sniffer's ring and he climbed into the shower saying "maid clean me now."

Sitting there with my now abandoned half hard cock I decided not to be left out and joined Tony in the shower and got her to clean me as well. Once we were both clean I told her to dry both our bodies and blow-dry our cocks till we were both hard and ready for more. In the horny situation we were in with this slut it didn't take Tony and I to long to get from half hard to painfully erect again with those lips working on us.

I now decided it was time for a game while our balls refilled and told the maid to remove only her dress, place a blindfold on and kneel across one of the two single beds.

She removed the dress before leaving the bathroom, which gave Tony and I our first view of her false tits inside a very sexy looking black bra. If it weren't for her hard leaking cock poking out of the top of her panties we would have thought they were real tits, they swayed and bounced as she moved just like real ones.

After a few minutes Sniffer called "ready" and we went into the hotel bedroom. I said "Right slut listen careful, the rules are that one or other of us is going to do things to you, each time you guess correctly who it is, we will get you closer to cumming, if you get it wrong one of us will slip his cock in your arse and make you lick it clean before we resume, until eventually we will tell you to finish yourself off. OK?"

Her cock twitched in eager anticipation as she responded with "yes, masters."

Tony went first and stood in front of her rubbing his leaking cock all over her face. We asked, "Who was that?"

She guessed "Martin" so Tony said "wrong" as he went round behind her and started fucking her arse again. After about 20 thrusts he pulled out and walked back round and slid his cock into her mouth for cleaning. I couldn't believe this slut; from the way her cock started twitching she was getting off on cleaning Tony's cock clean. When they finished Tony went to the table and pulled a Ski mask over his head to hide the feel of his beard and then slid under Sniffer and started licking and sucking her cock. After a few minutes of this we asked, "Who was that" to which she replied "Tony."

Tony winked at me and said "wrong" knowing she had guessed it was him because of the ski mask.

I smiled at Tony as I lined my cock up with her ring and very slowly pushed forward watching as her already cum lubed ring slowly widened and slid up my knob. It was a beautiful sight to watch as the purple knob slid in and then the feel of her ring snapping shut around the base of my knob finally went in is indescribable.

I stood there in sexual oblivion for several minutes at the sensations of her ring greedily pulsing on just my knob. Then I snapped out of it and slid the rest of my thick shaft up her arse. The feeling of sliding in using Tony's cum as lube was so horny I nearly blew my second load as I hit bottom in her arse.

I gave myself a while to recover and then started fucking her with long slow strokes so that I could feel my thick cock stretching her arse again with each forward push. The sensations of her arse stretching around my knob had blown my mind. Because of this sexy slut I know longer cared about the game I only wanted to empty my aching balls of the cum they were full of.

Tony must have known what was happening to me by the expression and sweat on my face as he hand signalled for me to pull out and cum over his face. As I pulled out of her arse Tony knelt with his head close to hers and when I got to the other side of the bed Tony directed Sniffer to lick my cock clean and then wank my cock. It was awkward for Sniffer to wank my cock properly and Tony helped to make sure it was aimed right, but in the state I was in it didn't take long before I groaned out loud and sprayed three jets of cum over Tony's face. I collapsed on the bed watching as Tony removed Sniffer's blindfold and told her to lick my cum off his face.

When Sniffer had finished her thorough clean up of Tony's face Tony started playing with her cock and asked if she wanted us to let her cum yet. She trembled and quietly said, "Yes, I can't take any more."

Tony then looked at me and said "you want to make him cum were you like me cumming?" I nodded as I looked at his 5-1/2 inch thin cock, the helmet was a deep purple nearly black in places and looked painfully inflamed as it dribbled precum continuously.

I could feel my ring twitch at the thought of having something of a size I could very easily accommodate filling me up as I told the slut "Remove your panties and go and put your butt plug in, then lay face up on the bed with your sexy legs together"

She came back and laid there on the bed in her stockings, suspenders and bra filled with the very realistic falsies. Her cock stood almost straight up and looked painfully angry as I leaned forward and teasingly rubbed plenty of KY all over her cock, it twitched in desperate anticipation of release. She didn't see what I was doing as in the meantime Tony had knelt over her chest and placed the tip of his cock just inside her mouth and told her to lick. She was eagerly keeping Tony's cock ticking over by slowly swirling her tongue around the tip in her mouth.

As I rubbed some KY into my arse Tony moved the slut round to lay diagonally across the bed with her head hanging off one side and her legs the other. Once he was satisfied with the new position he knelt on the floor and placed his cock in her mouth with his balls hanging either side of her nose. He had a wicked grin on his face as I squatted over Sniffer's cock and used my right hand to line it up with my lubed ring.

Once I was satisfied it was in exactly the right place I lowered myself down until with an audible pop it easily slipped in past my ring. It felt fantastic and I felt my cock begin to swell with pressure her cock was putting on my bladder, but my need to fuck this sluts brains out wouldn't let me linger and I just sat down with my full weight. She slid in so easily compared with Tony's big cock I knew I was going to last and enjoy this.

Tony on the other hand had pushed his cock down her throat and was enjoying the sensations Sniffer's groaning was doing to his cock and with a wicked smile he Said "take it slow and get the timing right" and then slid his mouth over my still swelling cock.

It was very difficult at first to get ourselves in time with each other, but after several false starts we got in the swing of it. As my arse slid down Sniffer's cock, my cock slid out of Tony's mouth and his cock was plunging into her mouth. Once we got the actions right we speeded up slightly, to me it felt surreal, in my mind it was as thought the slut's cock went right through me and into Tony's expert mouth.

Unfortunately for me as I was enjoying the sluts cock in my arse, she only lasted about four minutes of my fucking her cock, before both her and her cock went rigid and blew some really powerful jets of cum deep in my arse. As I felt the last jet of cum spray into my arse my cock gave one large twitch and I let fly with what cum I had left into Tony's greedy mouth, he sucked my cock dry and didn't let my cock slip from his mouth until it was quite limp. He came in the slut's mouth when he felt her lips tighten round his cock as she felt her balls emptying the biggest load of cum my arse has ever had as I sat on her lap enjoying her pulsing cock as it emptied.

Tony collapsed on the floor as I fell sideways onto the bed and the three of us just lay where we were for nearly 30 minutes to recover. Once we had all recovered we all went to the bathroom to clean up. For me it felt quite horny as I walked there with the sluts cum slowly leaking out my stretched ring and down my legs. I told the maid to lick and suck cum out of my arse and then wash Tony and I before washing herself. When she finished her shower we got her to kiss our cocks goodbye before leaving her to dress into her normal clothes in the bathroom as we dressed in the bedroom.

About 15 minutes later he came out with his small case and said he had thoroughly enjoyed tonight and could we organise another session in a few weeks time. Tony and I said, "Yes, as soon as we have all recovered."

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