Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 05


The pageboy whimpered as another cock entered his aching ass. He had no idea how many it had been, but it was a lot. He opened his eyes and could see the maid on a table in front of him. She was in the same position as he was and she too had a cock up her ass. She saw him looking at her and she smiled and waved. He groaned.

The pervs came running into the cottage, chattering excitedly, but they went silent when they saw Snot Brite sitting at the table with Merlin.

"Well, well." He said. "If it isn't the mighty miners, I hope you have plenty of diamonds for me. If not, who will be first for a little dick?" He waved his wand and they cringed.

"No, no." Cunnie said. "We have diamonds."

"Lot's of diamonds." Horsy added. Merlin looked at them.

"That had better not be a lie." He said. "That might make noses grow, but the material has to come from somewhere." Rock took a deep breath and nervously stepped forward.

"Here you go dude." He said, and emptied a bag of about eight good sized diamonds on the table in front of Merlin.

"Not enough..." Merlin started to say, but Shitty had stepped forward and emptied another bag. One by one the pervs each emptied a bag in front of Merlin. The diamonds were very large.

"Forty one diamonds." Cunnie said proudly.

"Wow," Snot Brite said, eyes wide, "that's more than twenty five isn't it?"

"Yes." Merlin said. He took two good sized diamonds from the pile. "We will be upstairs for a short while." He said. "Do not disturb us." The pervs nodded, and listened to the crackle and fizz of major magic spells from upstairs for a while, wondering what was going on, but not daring to look. Eventually Merlin and Snot Brite came back downstairs. The pervs were happy to see that Snot Brite still looked the same.

"So," Merlin said, "how did you manage to get so many diamonds in one night?"

"We found a new mother lode of inspiration." Squirty said, looking at Snot Brite.

"Really, can you get more from this mother lode?" Merlin wondered what he could achieve with this much power, he had this idea about ladies in lakes and swords in stones, but he would need a lot of diamonds.

"I think we can." Squirty said, he had just had another idea.

"Good." Merlin said happily. "I think I will take Snot Brite with me for a while." The pervs frowned, and Snot Brite looked surprised.

"That could be a problem." Quickie said, and Merlin glared at him.

"Why?" He asked.

"Uh, well, she is the mother lode of inspiration." Quickie said. Snot Brite smiled, she was a mother lode of inspiration, which sounded impressive, whatever it meant. Merlin frowned. He didn't know exactly how the pervs' mine worked, but he knew the magic was too strong for him to even go inside it; he needed the pervs to do that for him.

"I have use for her." Merlin said.

"So do we if we want to get diamonds." Noisy said. There was an impasse for a couple of minutes.

"Uh, hello?" Snot Brite said, and they all turned to look at her. "You guys want me so you can screw me, right?" She asked, and the pervs nodded. "And you want me so you can screw me too?" She asked Merlin.


"Well, why don't I stay here, and you can come early to pick up the diamonds every night and screw me while you are waiting?" It was a simple solution, but a good one.

The pageboy woke up. He was in a soft bed, and he wondered if his memories of last night had all just been a bad dream. He hoped so, but his ass was aching badly, and he thought there was no other explanation for that. An arm reached around him and pulled him close to a body behind him.

"Wasn't that fun?" The maid whispered in his ear. "Now do you want to be the mummy or the daddy?" The pageboy closed his eyes.

"The daddy?" He said hopefully.

"OK then, roll over and suck mummy's cock."

"Magic dildo, huge and grand. Who's the sexiest in the land?" The Queen was once again deeply impaled by the magic dildo. She smiled in anticipation of the answer.

"Magnificent Queen so very tight, the sexiest one is still Snot Brite."

"What? It can't be, she's dead." The Queen said angrily.

"Gorgeous Queen, with splendid curves, she lives now with the seven pervs."

"Does she?" The Queen asked. "I might just pay her a visit and finish her off myself." She got off the magic dildo again.

"I haven't cum." It howled.

"You'll just have to wait." The Queen snapped.

"Just until she leaves the room." Elsie whispered. She wanted to be more beautiful for William. If magic dildos could smile, that one would have.

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