tagLoving WivesSnow and Bunny

Snow and Bunny


"Fuck this snow."

"Screw the idiots that think they know how to drive in it."

I was stuck in a snow storm with a bunch of shitty drivers making things worse then it had to be.

"Don't slow done you freaking idiots, never stop when going up a hill in a snow storm."

"Shit, he stopped"

Now I have to try to back down the hill without sliding off of the road. It's a good thing my car is front wheel drive and handles the snow. Back down the hill I go.

"Merry freaking Christians to you."

The storm started after rush hour, so most people were already at work. I can't remember the last time it snowed like this. By the time I finished what I needed to do at work it was after seven and there was at least six inches of the white shit on the roads. What fun.

Once again my work has been consuming most of my attention. If I didn't have this huge project going, on I would have left hours ago. I called my wife before I left.

"Hi babe, I'm leaving now. Do you know anything about how the roads are?"

"Hello honey. The news is saying that the storm caught everyone by surprise. The road crews are just getting on the road. There are traffic accidents and tie ups everywhere. Maybe you should stay at work."

"There is no way I am going to stay here. I 'm here too much already. It's Friday, It's Christmas Eve, and I am not working this weekend. I only want to spend some time at home with you. My car goes great in the snow and I will drive carefully."

"It's not you I am worried about. Besides you get so stressed out when the ride home sucks."

"I will try to stay calm."

"I have something special waiting for you. I love you. Bye"

My ride home usually takes a half hour but I have now been on the road for over an hour. Every time I start to stress out I think about my sexy wife. The things we have done together were amazing. When we got married, I never would have dreamed that my virgin bribe would turn into such a wild woman. I get hard whenever she on my mind. When I'm at work, I have to keep my thoughts away from her. On the road going five miles an hour, if I'm lucky, is another matter.

I made it to the bottom of the hill. I now have to wait until everyone else gets moving. There are cars sliding sideways as they try to move up this hill. Sometimes it is best to wait until you get a clear run when driving in this type of storm.

My mind drifts back to a night last week. I was sleeping when my wife came to bed. I don't remember what I was dreaming at the time, but I do remember that my dream turned erotic.

In my dream I was getting the best blow job ever. I dreamed that some soft lips sucked my dick into a hot mouth and a talented tongue was circling around the head. The lips pulled me deeper into that inviting hole. I felt the lips reach almost to the base of my penis. This can only happen before I am fully erect. I don't like to brag, but I do have a larger then average package. The lips and mouth move up my shaft and start back down again. After a few times I am too hard for the lips to find the base again.

Some fingers start to lightly tease my balls. The fingers then move to the base of my cock. As the mouth moves so do the fingers. They encircle me and move as one with the lips. This feels incredible. As I build up to explode, I realize that I am not dreaming anymore and this is real. At that point I shoot into my wife's mouth.

After she is done licking all of the cum off me. She moves her face up to mine and kisses me.

"Go back to sleep honey. I just needed a late night snack. Good night."


Someone is beeping his horn at me. I better pay attention. Up the hill I go.

It takes me two more hours to reach home. I am very stressed out and glad just to make to home in one piece. There was too much snow and way too many cars for my taste. I push my way through the deep snow and the front door opens as I step onto the porch.

There she is, in her plush, white robe. The only lights on in the house are the ones on the Christmas tree and the light from the lit fire place. The living room, where the tree and fireplace are is to the right of the entranceway. She is standing at an angle so that the light from the fire dances over her face. She looks very inviting.

She hands me a glass that smells like cognac.

"Down this shot and then go up and take a hot shower. I left something for you to wear on the bed."

Down the hatch. She was right. I could feel the fire burn all the way down. It felt great. To the shower I go.

I take my time and make sure that I clean every nock and cranny ( whatever that means). I get out and shave my face and brush my teeth. I want to be smelling good all over. I use a little body spray and out to the bedroom I go.

I find a new pair if silk boxer shorts on the bed. I put them on and head downstairs. We keep the heat low upstairs to save money so I am a little chilled by the time I get to the living room. I find a roaring fire and a chair in the middle of the room. I note that the drapes have been pulled shut. My wife still has the robe on. I'm not sure what is going on. The room is very warm and I am starting to get a bet hot myself.

"Have a seat." She says.

I quickly do as she says.

"Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you to."

I quickly do as she says.

After what seems like a life time, but was actually only a few seconds, she says I can open my eyes. I open them to see in front of me a snow bunny. She has on a micro thong bikini bottom made of lather and white fir. She has a small white fur vest that covers her breasts. On her head she has white fir lined bunny ears. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she reminds me of some snow bunnies I've seen in Men's magazines. My dick is already starting to peak out of my boxers.

"Merry Christmas Sweet Hart" She says.

Some music starts to play and she begins to slowly move her body in front of me. This is incredibly sexy. She moves close to me and moves her face toward mine. I go to kiss her but she puts her hand on my bare chest and stops me.

"Remember, in this club, you don't touch the dancer, the dancer touches you." She whispers and then moves away to continue to dance for me.

She gyrates slowly and while looking into my eyes she removes her vest. She drops it to the floor and kicks it out of the way. She has on the smallest bikini top I have ever seen. The top just barely covers her nipples. I can see that her nipples are hard and are straining to be let out to play. She dances in close and I reach for her. She slaps me lightly across the face. That puts me in my place. I set back to watch and enjoy the show.

She turns around and stands across my lap with a leg on each side. She starts to move her incredible ass by rolling her hips. I want to run my tongue over her ass and bite her checks, but I know the club rules.

She reaches her hands between her legs and pulls my boxes down. My dick jumps out and is ready to go. She moves forward and turns around. She drops to her knees and finishes removing my shorts. I am now naked with a large boner in a chair in my living room. This morning, I would not have envisioned this. Before she stands back up, she grabs my dick and plants a wet kiss on the head.

Her dancing is becoming more erotic. She has her eyes closed and keeps licking her lips. She reaches behind her back and unhooks her top. She tosses the top to the side. She straddles me again, but this time facing me. She pushes her tits onto my chest and licks my ear. She slides up puts a nipple into my mouth. I run my tongue around it and then gently suck on it. She moans. And then pulls away so she can give me the other nipple. I lightly bite down on this one. She jumps back and smiles at me.

She begins to dance again. She is running her hands all over her body. She moves them up to play with her own nipples. She has her eyes closed and she moves to the beat of the music. I watch the refection of the flames from the fire move over her body. The whole vision is incredibly erotic. My dick almost hurts at the sight before my eyes.

Her hands move down to the bikini bottom. With everything that we have done in our sex life, I have never seen her touch her own pussy. She is rubbing the outside of the thong with one hand while continuing to play with her tits with the other. First one tit and then the other. Both her hands are moving with the music.

Finally her hand goes under the thong. I can see her fingers moving under the thin leather as she plays with her clit. She stops and stands up. She looks at me as she unties the bottom and drops it to the floor. All she has on now are the fur bunny ears. I wish I could capture this on film. My dick is wet with pre-cum as she stands in front of me like that.

She moves to only a few inches away from me and begins moving again. She is swaying back and forth and starts to play with herself again. I am so close that I can smell her honey pot. I want to shove my face in it and lap up her juices. She has her head leaning back and her eyes are closed. She is starting to pant.

I can't help myself. I pull her hips so she has to move her legs forward. She slides down so my prick slides into the opening folds of her pussy. She opens her eyes and leans down to kiss me. As our lips touch she pushes herself down so I am suddenly deep inside of her. We both gasp in pleasure. I think she might have came right then but I still needed to relieve my pressure.

I hold her by her lovely hips and lift her up until only the head of my penis is inside her. I hold her for a second and then let her drop. As her bottom lands in my lap, I grab one of here nipple and suck on it. I can hear her moaning as I suck away.

I stop sucking and I lift her, drop he, and suck a nipple again. I do the over and over faster and faster until I fell myself getting ready to cum. I tell her I'm ready and she stands up.

"Not yet, lover" She says

She turns around and sits back down and she guides me back into her wet pussy. She leans back and I use both of my hands on her breasts and nipples. She leans her head back and begins to ride my dick. We did not last long like this. As I started coming, she screams and her pussy grabs tightly around my dick and milks me dry.

This was the best present ever.

We stay sitting like this until I start to get hard again. She gets up and takes me by hand and we go upstairs.

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