tagMatureSo Young!

So Young!


Of course she knew he was too young. But she couldn't resist. They had only just met, but she couldn't keep her eyes off him. Eighteen, enthusiastic and so full of himself. That's what you get at that age. He seemed too good to be true and completely out of reach. Then again, a bit of flirting wouldn't hurt, would it?

He didn't know what to think. Of course he liked to get attention, but this woman gave him a very different kind of attention. He'd never been flirted with. Still, he was pretty sure that was exactly what she was doing. How old was she anyway? Thirty, maybe a bit older. Truth was she was actually 38, but most people couldn't tell.

In the following days they got to know each other a little. They had to work together quite a lot, which helped her with what she now called 'her cause'. He could tell she started to dress a bit sexier. She really was showing off her legs and showing him more cleavage on purpose. And he couldn't help but look. Only days after they had met she had flirted with him so much he actually dared to touch her. They were only little and subtle touches of course. There were other people around after all. No harm in leaning in just that little closer or a brush of his hand past her arm. At some point, when he was in the way, she actually put both hands on his hips and moved him. That excited them both, but neither knew it of the other.

One day they both ended up near a restroom to which she had the key. It was hardly ever used and the door could be locked from inside. At the moment he was about to pass her she allowed herself not to think. All the teasing had turned her on and she didn't want to think this through. By the time she had unlocked the door he was very close by. She just pulled him inside. He was very surprised by her action, but that gave her time to start kissing him. Meanwhile she locked the door behind them. He doubted, didn't know what to do, but he knew what he wanted. His hands went to her behind and he pulled her close. She clearly liked it, so he started hitching up her skirt and pushed her against the wall.

At first she just let him fumble around, touching and feeling wherever he could, but after a few minutes she pulled him in closer and kissed him deeper. She just wanted to see how far she could push him. She was very pleased to feel him push right back, his passion unleashing in ernest now.

He moved away from her just a little, but enough to grab hold of her top, pull her straps down and start kissing her neck. Oh, she did enjoy that!

He noticed, so he started nibbling away. His heart was pounding like crazy. How far would this go?

Oh, what the hell, he thought, as he grabbed hold of her top once more and pulled it down. He made sure he pulled her bra along.

She gasped but leaned into him as much as she could. He moved down and started kissing her breasts. And then he found her nipples. He started sucking on the one and then the other until he realized that she really liked them to be licked as well. So he pushed her breasts together and started twisting his tongue around the nipples, preferably both at the same time.

That alone almost sent her into orgasm, but she managed to hold back.

When she got her head around the situation, she started pulling up his shirt.

He looked up when he felt what she was doing and stopped. Her heart sank. Was it over already?

But no, he started kissing her again, but wouldn't let her take of his shirt.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her, turned her around and pushed her close to the wash basin. She could see herself in the mirror, him behind her, her breasts exposed.

Of course, he could see that too. His eyes were big with excitement. Then he reached for her breasts yet again and started rubbing his thumbs over the nipples. She leaned back into him and moaned while he nibbled and bit her in the neck.

If only she could keep her mind on the goal!

She pulled herself together and started pushing back, moving her behind over his crotch. He was quite hard already, which pleased her. What pleased her even more was that she could feel him push her back as well!

She had to push him over that edge, any last reserves he might have had to go. Then she knew: she took hold of one of his hands and slowly started licking each finger in turn. Meanwhile she looked at him via the mirror. He stopped and looked at her and what she was doing.

When his fingers were dripping wet she placed them on one of her nipples and moved them around. It turned her on enormously, but it surely had an effect on him. He gasped and started moving his wet fingertips over her breast, paying extra attention to the nipple. Meanwhile he moved his other hand to her mouth.

"Suck them," he whispered into her ear. And she did.

Since she didn't need her hands for this she carefully moved her hands behind her, reaching for his dick. She found it quick enough and she undid his zip. His pants fell down (18 year old boys always seem to wear things that are way too big for them...) and she put her hands in his underwear. He gasped again, but did not stop her or what he was doing to her nipples.

She was still sucking his fingers and he was still massaging her breasts, maken them wet with her own saliva.

Then, he couldn't hold back any more. He let go of her breasts, hitched up her skirt even more, yanked down her underwear and then his own. She bent over, because she knew what was coming. To be sure she guided him, so he wouldn't miss in his haste. She never had to worry...

He grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting quite fast and hard, she just let him. This is what she wanted: fast sex, passion.

The mirror was so low that even with her bent down they could both see her breasts hanging down. She could see he was looking at them from time to time, also looking her in the eyes sometimes. She started sucking her own fingers and played with her nipples. That turned them both on. He fucked her even harder and faster.

And then he came...hard. Because of all the playing and fumbling she didn't last much longer either. He felt like she squeezed the last drops out of him when she came and he loved every second of it.

Finally, minutes later they had both caught their breath again. He found the whole situation quite strange when he realized what had just happened. She could tell he wanted to run, so she stopped him with another kiss.

"Don't worry," she said, "I won't tell if you won't."

He shook his head. "Well," she said, "we might do it again someday then?"

He nodded and turned a little red.

They kissed again and she let him leave. After she cleaned herself up and rearranged her clothes she went back to work.

There he was, silently working. Would they do this again? And if so, when and where?

She had to smile just thinking about that...

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