tagBDSMSociety Girl Ch. 02

Society Girl Ch. 02


Author’s notes: 1. The characters portrayed in Society Girl 2 and all my stories are fictional and any resemblance to any real person is completely accidental and is not intended or implied. 2. If the reader has not read Society Girl part one I suggest they do before reading this story.


I had instructed Deanne to knock and enter straight away so as she walked into my hallway I jumped out from behind the door and slipped a black hood over her head. She dropped the bag she was carrying and I held her tight as she screamed and struggled in fright.

I kicked the door closed behind us and whispered “Remember the safe word,” through the cloth and she nodded, relaxing a little but still fighting against my grip. This lady was not used to being treated this way and her natural instinct to fight was coming to the fore.

Somehow I managed to get her arms behind her and attach handcuffs to her wrists. Deanne realized that fight was now futile and she stood, her body shaking with fury and her breasts heaving as she breathed heavily behind the hood.

She swore at me as grabbed a handful of her hair and led her down the passageway to my dungeon. I laughed out loud at the unladylike language as I maneuvered her to the center of the room. I steadied her so she could get her balance and then I attached a leg-spreader to her ankles. Releasing one wrist from the cuffs I moved her arms in front of her and then attached leather wrist cuffs that I clipped together. Heard but unseen by Deanne I pulled a chain down from the ceiling and slipped the joined cuffs over the hook at the end. A noisy hand winch slowly raised her arms up above her head, my society girl was now completely at my mercy.

Only a few days ago Melissa was out shopping and I had answered the phone.

“Matt speaking, may I help you?”

“Hello Matt,” the husky, upper class voice was immediately familiar, “It’s Deanne here, do you remember me?”

“How could I ever forget my Society Girl?” I replied, “How are you Deanne, it’s been a while, I thought that maybe I wasn’t going to hear from you again.”

“Yes Matt, I have been going through a messy divorce that has taken up all of my time. Fortunately the lovely judge, he he, saw in my favor and I have the house and enough money to keep me happy for the rest of my life. I have often thought of your visit to my home and your promise to take care of me in your dungeon, and I want to make a time to come and see you, Sir.”

I smiled at the comment about the lovely judge and the use of ‘Sir’ at the end of her sentence. “I would love to see you again Deanne, do you want to book an hour, or longer?”

“Sir an hour would not be sufficient, I wish to be your slut for a full day at least. I badly need what you did to me when we last met, and more. I will pay you your full hourly rate for however long I stay, now when can you see me?"

I had the appointment book in front of me and duly made arrangements for her to attend to my address the following Friday and if her stay went into the weekend, I for one would not be complaining. We chatted for a little longer about some details of her proposed visit and after making sure she knew to bring a change of clothes, we ended the conversation.

I slipped the black hood off Deanne’s head and she shook her head to settle her hair into place. Her eyes were blazing at me with what looked like anger, but judging by the half smile I knew she was enjoying the situation.

“Fuck you don’t waste any time do you Matt?” Deanne spat at me then screamed as I slapped her face twice.

“Deanne you speak when spoken to, cut out the swearing and call me Sir, understand?”

“Y’yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.” Deanne stammered, her face bright red.

“It seems that Ms society girl needs to be put back in her place again,” I said quietly as I moved to some drawers against a wall.

Deanne’s eyes followed me and opened wide as I took out a sharp flick knife and walked back to stand in front of her. She gasped as I slid the knife under a button of her jacket and sliced it off.

“Don’t do that, it’s one of my favorite jackets!” Deanne yelled at me.

I ignored her and continued to cut the buttons off until the jacket fell open at the front. My hands went to her breasts, still covered by her blouse and bra and I squeezed tight causing a moan from Deanne. Then I slid the knife under her expensive jacket and proceeded to slice it into bits until it lay in small pieces on the floor.

Deanne was furious, her face blood red with anger at my impertinence but she said nothing, knowing that protesting was futile. I clicked the knife shut and put it in my pocket, then grasped her blouse in both hands and ripped it off her body. Deanne gasped as another expensive piece of clothing was rendered useless, but she remained silent, her heaving breasts telling me of her anger and excitement.

I took the knife again, flicked it open and ran the back of the blade across her throat. Deanne froze at the touch of the cold steel, then breathed a sigh of relief as I slid the blade over her shoulder to cut her bra strap. The other shoulder strap soon followed and now only the strap around her back held the bra. I slid the blade down the valley between her breasts and a quick movement cut the material, allowing her breasts to fall free. I teased her nipples with the cold steel and watched them harden under the sudden change of temperature.

I reached around her, unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt which fell to the floor. Of course the leg spreader bar prevented Deanne from lifting her legs so once again the knife sliced through the expensive material. Without looking at her face I grasped the elastic of her panties and ripped them off, Deanne was now nude except for the garter belt and stockings.

Deanne’s breasts rose and fell with her breathing as I stepped back a couple of paces to look her over. To my surprise she had put on quite a bit of weight and was no longer the trim, hard muscle girl I had met just a few months ago.

“Hmmm you have not been using the pool or gym have you Deanne since I last saw you?”

“Yes Sir that’s correct, the divorce has been taking up too much time.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it Deanne,” I stated, “If you want to do exercise you will make the time, it’s not as if you don’t have the facilities. What you need is some discipline back in your life isn’t it?”

“Yes Sir,” Deanne nodded agreement.

I moved forward and slapped her breasts from side to side a few times before sinking my fingers into the soft flesh of each the mounds. I then bent lower and took the left teat into my mouth, sucking hard and nibbling my teeth on the nipple. Deanne’s moans were of pleasure as I took as much of the breast into my mouth as possible and bit hard, my teeth sinking into the skin. I stepped back and admired the red marks of my teeth circling her nipple, then I repeated the sucking and biting on the right breast.

Deanne’s eyes were blazing as I released the breast and stood straight in front of her.

“So Deanne, anything special you want to do today or will you just leave it up to me? I asked, “I do like to make my clients fantasies come true if I possibly can.”

“I’m in your hands Sir, just treat me as you did last time, I trust you and I need to submit,” Deanne replied in a steady voice as she looked around the room. “You certainly seen to have a well equipped dungeon to look after my needs. God I am so turned on, I nearly came when you bit my breasts. Treat me as you wish, Sir”

My reply was to move behind Deanne and tie a black blindfold around her head totally covering her eyes. I was ready with a few surprises to give her the pain and pleasure she so desperately needed. Deanne gasped as her world turned black but remained silent, she certainly was overcoming any fears she had and was determined to obey. I unclipped her stockings from the garter belt, rolled them down her legs and then I dispensed with the garter belt.

From a wall rack I took two cats of nine tails and with one in each hand I took up position behind her. Starting with light strokes I commenced a systematic whipping of all her body.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” Deanne hissed as the first strokes fell across her arse cheeks.

I moved my arms so that the leather lashes criss-crossed each other and there was virtually no time when her body was untouched. Pink marks began to appear on her arse, back, thighs and shoulders of the back of her body. I moved around in front of her and whipped her breasts, stomach and thighs.

Deanne’s cries grew louder as I slowly increased the force of the strokes. I knew from our first meeting that she loved to be whipped and that she would use the safe word if the pain got too much for her.

I moved in slow circles around her body, systematically double whipping with the cats. The pink marks had turned to red and my nostrils twitched at the aroma of a very turned on lady.

The strength of my strokes were matched by the volume of Deanne’s moans and with a sudden scream her body tensed and then shuddered violently as she orgasmed. I dropped the cats on the floor and hugged Deanne, supporting her weight as her legs collapsed under her. When she had recovered enough to stand I quickly moved to the winch and loosened the chain, enabling me to take the hook from the wrist cuffs. I lowered Deanne’s arms, removed the leg spreader and the wrist cuffs and let her slump to the floor, her body still shaking from the orgasms.

After a few minutes she looked up at me and smiled, “Oh Sir, you sure know what turns me on don’t you, I have needed that for so long, amazing, just amazing.”

I reached down and helped Deanne to stand again, albeit on wobbly legs. I assisted her over to the massage table and laid her down on her back. The cool leather eased the heat of the whipping and she soon relaxed, eager to move on to the next experience. Her eyes never left me as I took four lengths of rope and secured her wrists and ankles to the legs of the table, slipping the stockings off so she was now nude. The rise and fall of her breasts gave away her excitement as I placed a small cushion under her head. Deanne watched as I moved around the room lighting candles and then turning the lights down low. A low moan escaped her lips as I moved beside her, a burning candle in my hand.

I held the candle over her breasts and then tilted it so a few drops of wax fell on her right breast. Deanne’s body arched as the heat from the wax burnt her skin but she stayed silent as further droplets fell. Drip by drip the wax hit and slid down the slopes of her heaving breast. Deanne gave a few yelps as the first drops of wax hit her nipple, then moaned in pleasure as her gleaming eyes watched the drops gradually cover the nipple. I moved my hand so that her left breast received the same treatment, once again amazed by the amount of pain this sexy lady could accept. I continued dripping wax down over her tummy, skirted her hairy pussy and dripped more wax down the inside of her thighs. She was twisting around on the table within the confines of the ropes as the hot wax continued to drop onto her white skin.

Suddenly Deanne screamed loudly, “Enough Sir, mercy please, mercy!”

I immediately snuffed out the candle and grabbed a flannel cloth from a jug of ice water. The icy cold cloth eased the pain of the small burns enabling Deanne to relax back onto the table.

“Are you ok?” I asked anxiously.

“Yes thank you Sir,” Deanne panted. “The pain on my thighs was just so intense, thank you for stopping so quickly. I’m sorry I had to use the safe word.”

“Never apologize for the proper use of the safe word Deanne,” I replied as I continued to cool her skin. “The safe word is there to protect you, though I must admit I was surprised when you used it.”

“Well there is a first time for everything I guess Sir,” Deanne said with a grimace as I peeled a lump of wax from a nipple.

I released Deanne’s wrists and ankles and helped her to sit up with her legs hanging over the edge of the table. She remained quiet as I passed a glass of water from which she gratefully drank. I could almost hear her brain ticking over as she looked around my dungeon at the various pieces of equipment.

“I guess you are wondering what’s next?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I am.” Deanne replied, short and too the point.

“To tell the truth Deanne, I don’t know, the dice will decide.”

“The dice? What do you mean?” The uncertainty of Deanne’s voice showed her concern.

“Back in the 1970’s there was a best seller written by Luke Rheinhardt called The Diceman,” I replied. “It was about a man who was totally bored with his life so his day was decided by a roll of a dice. Six choices, and he always followed the instructions of the number that he threw.”

I took Deanne’s arm, helped her off the table and led her over to the gynecologist’s chair. “Sit here and I will explain more.”

I lifted Deanne’s legs into the stirrups and strapped them into place, then securing her wrists to the arms of the chair.

“I am going to give you six numbered alternatives and then I will throw a dice. Whichever number I throw, that is what will happen to you next. You will approve of the six alternatives before the dice is thrown and after that you have no say, understand Deanne?”

Deanne bit her lip and looked at me warily, “Um, yes, I understand, but what are the six alternatives?’

I walked over to a shelf and took down a clipboard with a typed list attached. I placed the board on a chair so Deanne could read the alternatives, turned and left the room.

The closed circuit television in the living room enabled me to watch Deanne while she read and thought about the alternatives on the list. I made myself a cup of tea and left her alone for nearly thirty minutes.

When I returned to the studio Deanne gave me a ‘why did you leave me for so damn long?’ glare but remained silent.

“Ok Deanne feel free to talk,” I said, “What are your thoughts?”

“Well, Sir, number one, shaved, that’s fine by me, I have let my pussy hair grow too long. Number two, golden showers, ugh, well I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I’ve tried it. Number four, clothespins, well I suppose I know what you would do with them, so they are ok too.” Deanne looked over at the cage and continued. “Number five, three hours in the cage! Shit it looks awfully small and uncomfortable but if you say so I’ll do it. Can you explain more about number three and number six please Sir?”

“Sure Deanne, no problem.” I smiled inwardly but kept a straight face. “Number three, lesbian. I have a bisexual lady friend who you will introduce you to the pleasures of sapphic love. No pain, just lots of fun. Number six, sensory deprivation. I use earplugs and headphones with music together with a blindfold to stop you hearing or seeing. Then you have to put your complete trust on me for the next hour or so.”

Deanne thought for a short time, gave a wry smile and said, “Well I did have a fling with a fellow cheerleader while I was at college so I think that number three would be fun. As for number six, well I did contact you originally to give up control and just submit. What you have done so far in our two meetings has been the most exciting time of my life. So go for it Sir, roll the fucking dice, I’ll take my chances!”

“Very good Deanne, a very courageous decision,” I said as I took a dice out of my pocket, holding it up so she could see the different numbers on each side. “These rolls don’t count Deanne, I just want you too see that the dice is legal and not weighted in any way.

I threw the dice eight times onto the massage table with different numbers coming nearly every time.

“Ready Deanne?” I asked, “The next throw decides what happens to you immediately it stops.”

Deanne nodded, her eyes focused on my hand. I held my hand in the fashion of a gambler at a casino, stopped for half a minute to increase the suspense, then threw it onto the table.

“Number one,” Deanne cried with some relief in her voice, “Shaving.”

I moved to the door of the dungeon and opened it and said, “Come in now, your expertise is required.”

My subbie entered, completely nude and carrying a tray with shaving equipment.

“Melissa! I hardly recognized you with that short haircut!” Deanne screamed loudly in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Melissa looked at me and I nodded my permission for her to speak.

“Hi Deanne, I am Master’s personal slave these days. I was a novice subbie when I told you about Him and His services before He visited you at your home.” Melissa smiled and continued. “And Deanne, I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been before in my life, now let me shave all this hair off.”

For once in her life Deanne was lost for words and watched as Melissa knelt down with the shaving equipment. Melissa carefully trimmed back Deanne’s pubic hair with small scissors as Deanne watched, amazed at the surprise appearance of her old friend. Shaving cream was brushed into the stubble and Melissa carefully shaved all the hair from Deanne’s pussy. I smiled to myself as I noticed that the bottle of after-shave lotion was missing from the tray. Melissa wiped the excess foam from Deanne’s crotch and looked enquiringly at me. I nodded my permission once again and braced myself for Deanne’s reaction.

Melissa took a larger pair of scissors and moved around behind Deanne. Without warning she started to cut large hunks off Deanne’s long locks.

“Stop! What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Deanne screamed, twisting her head from side to side and fighting against the straps holding her in the chair. “Don’t cut my hair!”

I moved quickly in front of Deanne and held her head still with both my hands. “Deanne stop that now! You agreed to accept the roll of the dice. I rolled number one, shaving. You said go ahead, so that’s what we are going to do.”

“Nooooooo! I thought you just meant my cunt hairs,” Deanne screamed again.

“You assumed that Deanne, you did not ask, continue Melissa.”

“Don’t you fucking dare Matt, don’t you dare cut my hair off,” Deanne said with some venom.

As when I first met her I noted the dare and no use of the safe word so I continued to hold Deanne’s head still while Melissa once again got busy with the scissors. Long lengths of Deanne’s hair fell to the floor and soon she slumped sobbing down into the chair and I was able to let go of her head. Melissa’s few days of training with Mary the hairdresser had really paid off and soon she was ready to use the electric hair clippers.

As Deanne sobbed at the loss of her lovely hair, Melissa again looked at me asking for permission to speak and I nodded.

“Deanne, you look so sexy with your hair short. Master has given me permission to give you an option. I can trim your hair short like Sinead O’Connor the Irish singer or I can cut it right back and shave you bald.” Melissa was enjoying herself. “Either way will look great, and think of the different wigs you can use. I have a wig for you to wear if you want when you leave.”

There was silence as Deanne sat sniffing and thinking about what Melissa had just said.

“Well fuck it Melissa and Matt, sorry Matt Sir,” Deanne actually giggled and sat up straight again, “I came here to be controlled and I must confess I am so wet right now. In for a penny, in for a pound, do whatever you like Melissa.”

Melissa grinned at me as she switched on the electric clippers. With long strokes starting at Deanne’s forehead and going back over her head, Melissa trimmed the short hair back until it was stubble. After brushing foam all over the remaining hair Melissa carefully shaved Deanne’s head until she was completely bald. After the excess foam was wiped off Melissa massaged some baby oil into Deanne’s scalp. I was amazed at how easily Deanne had accepted losing her hair and I agreed with Melissa, the bald look suited Deanne and was very sexy.

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