Solon: First Contact


"For the next several weeks your girlfriend will be on a 'honeymoon' with her new lover. And what is a honeymoon traditionally for? To give the new husband the chance to impregnate his bride as soon as possible. He wants to get her pregnant, have her bear his child. That is our objective, exactly. I predict that in about nine months every one of your Federation Navy's finest pilots will be lying in a maternity hospital with her lover at her side and a new-born Solonian infant nursing at her breast."

"During early morning strolls with her marvelous new man, his strong arm gently around the Kathy's still narrow waist, his fingers resting playfully on her undulating ass, she will realize just how safe and happy and she feels here with this man. Safe, happy, and, thanks in part to the testosterone capsule, horny as hell!

"`I don't know what's happening to me, darling, but I'm feeling so sexy again,' she will giggle in his ear."

"Ramo will know but feign a pleased surprise. `But honey, it's only been a few hours since I last fucked you silly. Are you some kind of fiend?'"

"`Maybe, I just know I want you inside me again.' Un-surprised, her man will kiss her and take her tits and bring her rapidly to full arousal. The walk will end abruptly with your ship's Captain sprawled moaning and panting on the soft grass, the skirt of her smart dress uniform hiked up over her waist, her legs splayed and her regulation Navy panties down around her ankles. Eyes closed and with our stud's big prick ramming deep into her cunt, shooting her full of his warm thick fuck, all she can do is beg him for more."

"Soon she will abandon the uniform for short shifts. They give her new boyfriend quicker access to her tits and her pussy `and they're easier to launder.'"

"A picnic lunch may lead to too much wine, the giggly realization she is hot to trot again and wants to get 'laid in the shade.' Foreplay won't have to last long before she spreads her legs obediently. Soon the pussy of your highly trained officer is again being penetrated. Her vagina is filled by a giant cock and again flooded with come."

"Late night trysts will end with one sated Federation Naval Officer naked and dazed by multiple orgasms, drifting off to sleep coiled around the torso of her lover like a contented little snake, his big hunk of man-meat still filling her well-spermed pussy."

"She'll be amazed to wake up every morning feeling deliciously ready for more sex, not knowing her man had been playing with her tits and fingering her clit while she was asleep. Giggling at her own arousal, she'll enjoy his kissing and sucking her tits before she lets him pours more hot come down her pleasure hole before breakfast. In short, Ramo will keep Captain Allen aroused and fucking morning, noon, and night."

"And what inevitably happens to a nubile young woman not on her contraceptives who day after day gets her cunt pumped full of semen by a virile man? In a couple of weeks Miss Total Naval Officer will notice that her period is late. In a few days, she'll figure it out: she's expecting a baby! Will she curse the a non-Federation man who has gotten her pregnant? Be aghast that she allowed sex to ruin her career? Will she rue having let a few days of passion, a few nights on her back destroy her life in the Federation Navy?"

"Not at all! She will be delighted to find her young hunk has got her knocked up. She'll be overjoyed to be carrying his child because she knows when she tells him, he is going to let her stay with him. The man who has been putting it to her better than she's ever had it in her life will continue to ram her full of cock. All Kathy will want is to keep this man fucking her. She'll be willing to stay on Solon forever, happy to make as many babies for him as long as he demands, if that's what it takes to keep his prick going in and out of her regularly."

"Her new husband will still keep the mummy- to-be in the most delicious rut. She'll be no less addicted to his prick when her pregnancy starts to show. Getting fat won't make her less horny. She'll never consider going back to the Federation. As her tits swell, her hips widen, her trim figure ruined forever, she'll appreciate even more a man who will keep putting it to her even when her tummy is bulging, keeping her sexually satisfied all through the pregnancy. In short, your women will stay on Solon because we've given them men to keep them fat, happy, and constantly pregnant."

"And that takes care of all of your crew."

"At least I have not been overpowered by the ray."

"I wouldn't want you to be," Ethne smiled. "A rayed-out zombie is of no use to us, and -- less fun. You see, we need a completely normal, sexy Lt. Tony Black to take his new Solonian wife back to Federation space. Rather poetic isn't it? A xenologist marrying an alien woman? By going back to the Federation with you now, the woman will be able to seduce and enslave a few important men and soften the Federation up for the larger numbers of Solonian women who will eventually follow."

"Ridiculous!" I exclaimed.

"Don't speak too soon, Tony. Wait until you see the girl I have picked out for you."

"You can come in now, Alexi," Ethne called over her shoulder. I was stunned when a gorgeous young woman walked in. She looked a lot like Ethne, but younger and slimmer. "What do you think, dear?"

"Even better than you said!," gushed the lithe young woman. "You're the best big sister a girl could have!"

"Well, Tony, how do you like your bride to be?" Ethne smirked.

I was almost speechless. She was incredible. Ethne ten years younger. But her beauty didn't alter my situation. "My bride?" I spat.. "You must be crazy! I would never pretend to marry this woman and let her go back with me under such a subterfuge!"

"But it will be no pretense, Tony," Alexi said sweetly. "You are really going to marry me. By this time tomorrow, you will be ecstatically happy with your hot new Solonian wife. You won't regret it, either, darling. There will be advantages being married to me," she said. "I can see that you rise rapidly in rank. After all, the more important you are, the more important will be the men I will have access to."

"Do you think you can bribe me to go along with this?"

"Perhaps not with money, darling...," Alexi grinned, "But there are ... other ways a Solonian woman can 'bribe' an Earthman. Ethne told you Solonian women have sexual urges far more intense and frequent than Earthwomen. In that, I am typical. And although I surely do not plan to be 'faithful' to you, prudence will dictate that more often than not my handsome young husband will have to satisfy my rather considerable sexual appetite."

"You'll have what other men only dream of, darling, a perpetually horny wife. From me you will get all the sex you can handle. Anytime you want to screw, your woman will be more than ready. Brush my tits, pat my bottom, or give me a lingering kiss and I'm hot to trot. I'll tumble into bed with you whenever you want it and screw you like a banshee. Better still, you can usually count on me to take the initiative. I'll make you one happy and very satisfied man."

"What you suggest is treasonous. I do not intend to help you subvert the Federation."

"But you'll do it whether you intend to or not, honey. One night in bed with me will be enough to change your mind for good. Centuries ago Solonian women learned we had to prevent our men from using our own intense sex drive to dominate us. So we developed ways of controlling our men instead of being controlled. We didn't have the hypno-ray then to overpower our men's will, mind, and desire. We had only the knowledge passed down from mother to daughter of how to use our bodies to excite a man, take him in our arms, and plunge him into a pleasure so intense he would do anything to repeat it. We drugged our men into submission with lust. They stayed home with the children and we kept them sated with sex and uninterested in anything but sex which we were more than happy to supply."

"Like generations of Solonian men, you will become an ever so contented consort. When I make love to you just once, darling, you'll need me to do it again and again. One delirious night in the sack and you will be addicted to my kind of sex. My warm wet cunt will be your dope and my tits will be like a pair of insistent pushers making you crave more and more. Now come here and let me give you your first hit. Just one good dose will turn you into my hard-dick junkie," she grinned, opening her arms.

"Get away from me, you witch," I exclaimed as she approached me.

"You don't mean that, darling," she cooed, slinking closer. "Look at these boobs. See how big and round and hard they are. I'm excited, too. I want you to feel mine up like you were doing to Ethne's. You were having such a good time with hers before you were interrupted," she added, opening her tunic. "And you were getting her so hot, so ready to screw, so eager to go down on you. You can pick up with me where you left off. Soon I'll be squirming to get laid and you can put it to me."

"And I know how horny you are, too, Tony. Come, let me tuck you into bed. There in my arms, sucking my tits, you'll slowly forget all about duty, or the Federation, or anything else. Come let me have some fun with you. Your horny wife to be has just got one thing on her mind, wanting to fuck her man."

"No, no!" I protested, frightened by the power of the arousal I felt.

"Don't fight me any more, darling. Give up. You want me too bad," she almost whispered as she came nearer, her perfect body naked, breasts undulating, hips swaying. "Let me tell you something else. There's a special reason I'm hot for you tonight. It's the perfect cover for our plan. I want you to make me pregnant. Come on, let's make a baby!" I was transfixed as she slipped into my arms and kissed me.

"Now, that's better," she said as I returned her kiss. "Oh!" she exclaimed in genuine pleasure as she felt me stiffen against her, "You know, I think I'm going to like being married to you." I held her close, returning her kiss with passion. My hands found her ass and pressed it instinctively to my loins. "You won't regret tonight and all the other days and nights, Tony. Let's take and advance against our honeymoon, darling. I am going to make it so sweet."

Minutes later my interrupted daydream of being bedded by a sexy Solonian was coming true. Alexi stoked my excitement to incandescence. Intoxicated from sucking her tits, transported by her manipulation of my cock, our foreplay became frenzied. At last she whispered. "Enough, darling. You're more than ready. I will take charge of our love-making now."

Helpless, I let her crawl on top of me and felt her cunt envelop my throbbing prick. "You're so hard darling! Do you have something for me? Something for my horny, fertile womb? Do you want to give me a baby? You do, don't you? Yes! Then do it! Fill me. Give it to me. Now!" I felt her orgasm once, twice and then I came in one mind-blowing orgasm and fell asleep.

I dreamed of angels.

When we woke up the next day, we started discussing the wedding. But before long Alexi decided to interrupt the planning to celebrate the engagement again.


Six months later when I stepped off the ship with a Alexi beaming at my side, I realized that I had gotten what I wanted. It didn't turn out as I expected, but at my side was my new wife with our child in her big belly.

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