tagGay MaleSomehow It Started

Somehow It Started


If any of them had been asked to pinpoint the moment it started, they probably wouldn't had known what to say.

But somehow...it started.

Casper and Aaron both thought of themselves as straight, and they had both had multiple girl friends; but somehow; sometime; they had started to think about each other in a new, unusual way.

When they found out they were the only two guys registered for the student's hiking trip, they both somehow half-expected something to happen.


On the trip, one of the girls brought a lifestyle magazines. During their lunch on the top of a small rock, they discussed one of the articles: "Spice up your sex life: A double dice domina decides your luck in the bedroom". The article explained how a two dice had refueled otherwise stagnant sex lives. The main innovation beyond normal sex dice was that the game ended after six rounds, after which the couple could still be fully dressed or (much better) smoking post-coital cigarettes. So the dice decided how much sex (if any) was to be had.

Naturally, Casper and Aaron made fun of the article, while Kathryn and Jenny defended it, saying that the power struggle of the bedroom was a natural front in the general feminist struggle for equality, and by subjecting to the same arbitrary power, both men and women could enter a powerless relation of true love and passion.

Aaron and Casper had looked at each other and had then collapsed on the ground laughing.

Afterwards, Aaron had also noticed a strange look in Casper's eyes. A look he remembered, when they had set up camp, said their good nights and crept into their sleeping bags. A look which meant something was bound to happen.


Snuggled in their sleeping bags both guys were still very much awake and highly attentive-adrenaline flowing through their body.

Aaron heard a faint rustle, then another; and another. Was he imagining it? Or was Casper stroking his cock just a few feet away? Aaron felt his own cock stiffening. He grabbed it through his underwear and massaged it, making sure that his sleeping bag rustled too.

He heard Casper's rustles getting louder, and he in turn increased his own movements.

"Do, do you want to play that game?" Casper smiled in the darkness.

"You mean...us?" Aarons voice conveyed both confusion and horniness.

"Do you think the girls wanna join?"

"No...but, hmmmm...I don't know; If we play, we have to go through with it, no matter what the dice say?" Aaron was not sure he liked the idea.

"Come on man. You're as hard as me. And they say that most of the times, it is just some grabbing with clothes on. We'd be lucky if any of us gets a hand job." Casper insisted while he caressed his own hard cock, his actions still well-hidden by his sleeping bag.

"Mmm...I know. It's just...it could go...you know...all the way. I dunno." Aaron adjusted his own cock, as he imagined Casper slipping his 8 inches into Aaron's waiting ass. He closed his eyes as a moan escaped him.

He opened them quickly again, when Casper suddenly lit up a small flashlight using its red color mode.

"Shh. We need to be quiet. The girls are just 10 meters away." Casper smiled. This time Aaron could see him, and noticed how one of Casper's hands obviously tugged at something under the thick sleeping bag.

"OK." Aaron whisperingly agreed. His cock was achingly hard now. "How was it? Only six rounds. Anything above sum 8 re-rolls, right?"

"Right. And each time one of the die shows a 6, you progress one step ahead, first the clothes...then more." Casper smiled to him seductively.

"And 1 to 3 are kisses, 4 and 5 caresses?"

"Mmmm, and 1-2 is mouth, 3-4 is chest and 5 is the ass," agreed Casper.

Aaron wormed himself a bit to one side and rumpled through his bag pack. He found the two dice next to a deck of cards. "First one with a six starts," he mumbled.

It took a couple of throws before Aaron threw 1-6.

"OK, round 1," Casper whispered, and sat up, so Aaron could take of Casper's T-shirt.

Casper threw a 2-4 (kissing the breast), but rerolled to 2-2 (kissing on mouth). He leaned in and tentatively met Aaron's soft lips. His cock jumped as the kiss began. He almost moaned and asked himself, how kissing a guy could make him feel so horny.

"Round 2." Aaron threw a 2-4 and began kissing Casper's breast and stomach. He enjoyed the hard muscles under his lips. He also enjoyed Casper's horny smile as they suddenly locked eyes.

Casper threw a 1-6 and liberated Aaron from his night T-shirt.

Round 3: Aaron threw 4-6, and began opening Casper's sleeping bag. Fully opened, Casper crawled up on top, his hard 8 inches clearly visible in his tented boxers.

"The first re-roll," smiled Casper. Aaron threw 4-2 and began licking Casper's chest again.

Casper threw 3-3 and grabbed Aaron's abs and breast and began squeezing and scratching as he felt Aaron's soft tongue dart over his torso.

Round 4. "You think anyone of us will come?" Casper was anxious. The magazine had demanded that the game should only be played once per day, and that restriction really added to the excitement.

Aaron rolled 4-6 again. "What now?"

"I think you should jack me off through my boxers." Casper half whispered half moaned. Aaron slid one hand down Casper's stomach, lightly over the boxers, and slowly, so very slowly, he grasped Casper's 8 inches. He squeezed them calmly and Casper moaned as silently as he could. Aaron began sliding his hand up on down on Casper's cock, with his thumb caressing Casper's cock head.

"Your hand feels to good on my hard cock." Casper half moaned. "Mmmm." He moaned again as Aaron squeezed harder and increased the tempo.

The re-roll was a 1-4, and while still moaning from Aaron expert treatment of his hard cock, Casper felt his buddy's mouth as it began sucking on his nipples.

They lay like that for a couple of minutes. Casper's breathing became ragged as Aaron masturbated him harder and harder. Finally, Casper grabbed the dice and rolled 3-5 (caressing ass), and he slid a hand over Aaron's sleeping bag-clad ass. His re-roll was a 4-6 (again?), but he quickly obliged and zipped open Aaron's bag. He hornily noticed Aaron's badly hidden 7 inches under the soft boxer shorts fabric, and slid his hands over Aaron's buttocks again before re-rolling 4-4, and shifting his hands to Aaron's stomach.

He was lean, Casper thought. Not too muscled, and not fat at all. Lean.

"Fourth re-roll," whispered Casper and rolled 4-2 (touch mouth? No, kiss mouth?) before finally locking lips with Aaron again. This time they both quickly moved into a french kiss, with Aaron's hand still holding Casper's hard cock through the boxer fabric.

"Fifth round. You think anyone of us gets naked?" whispered Casper just before Aaron rolled 3-6, and then removed Casper's damp undergarments. Casper's cock was so hard. It stood up in the air all by itself, slightly curved to one side. Aaron could only just wrap his fingers all the around it.

"I'm pretty sure you still have to jerk me off," whispered Casper needily. God, he was horny now, and Aaron's hand had felt so good.

Looking Casper in the eye, Aaron began stroking him again. In slow strides he let Casper's foreskin slide all the way up over his cock head before slowly pulling it back. The slow teasing was clearly driving Casper crazy.

"The next six means your mouth on my cock." Casper smiled again.

Aaron re-rolled 2-5 (kiss ass) with his free hand. Casper looked a bit perplexed. While slow-stroking Casper's cock Aaron moved down between Casper's legs. Aaron then licked his lips and tentatively began to lick Casper's balls.

Casper jumped but then relaxed as he enjoyed Aaron's soft tongue licking away at the base of his cock.

Casper then took the dice and rolled 4-6 (what? again?).

"You have to turn around." Casper moaned, trying hard to keep his excited voice down.

Aaron obliged while holding Casper's cock in his hand and with one ball in his mouth. When comfortably lying in a 69 position Casper grabbed Aaron's hard cock though the boxers and began to jack it off as Aaron was doing him. Squeezing, sliding, squeezing, sliding. Seeing how the thin fabric clung to Aaron's hardness.

Casper rerolled 6-2 with his free hand. "This could end up real hot," he murmured, as he clumsily tugged at Aaron's boxers, and finally managed to slide them down. He looked at the badly illuminated cock before him, standing straight up without a curve. Perhaps a little thinner than Casper's own but by much. He slid his fingers over it, careful to tease Aaron as much as Aaron teased him.

"God you are killing me," mumbled Aaron in between licks.

Casper almost sputtered. "Killing you? I'm so hard I could hold this tent up all by myself." Casper was almost angry. Angry and horny. "You are THE tease here," he muttered as he grabbed Aaron's cock and began masturbating it quicker.

With his free hand he rerolled 1-6.

Aaron hadn't seen the roll, but suddenly felt a soft wetness on the tip of his cock. Then he clearly felt how Casper's tongue darted out and began caressing his cock; perfectly complimenting the long strokes Casper was simultaneously administrating. Aaron moaned. He had never had anyone suck his cock before-and God did it feel great! In his horniness he pressed his hips against Casper, who quickly retracted.

"Only the tip," moaned Casper in between sucks. "Only the tip. The next six is the full deal. Remember?"

Casper passed the dice to Aaron, who rolled a 5-5 (caress ass), thus grabbing one of Casper's buttocks with his free hand; squeezing it hard. There was still time, Aaron thought, as one of his fingers "accidentally" slipped in between Casper's buttocks, and momentarily caressed Casper's hole. Aaron could feel him stiffen and then relax. He repeated the "accident" a couple of times before he re-rolled a 5-4, which shifted his attention to Casper's chest.

Next roll was a 1-6. "Mm, hot," Aaron thought, as he pulled Casper's foreskin back, stuck out his tongue and tasted his first cock. It tasted OK, he decided and he began suckling on the cock head just like Casper did on his.

The both lay there for a while, both getting closer to coming.

"What happens if one of us cums?" Aaron asked between slurps.

"Dunno. The other one gets to decide how he wants to cum?" Casper suggested, and then began sucking harder as he noticed Aaron's ragged breath, while he passed him the dice.

Casper rolled 1-2 (kiss mouth).

He stopped sucking for a second. "Isn't there a rule against like...stopping the action?" he whispered to Aaron.

"Yeah, I think so. One cannot go from blow job to kissing," Aaron agreed.

Casper rolled a 5-1 (caress mouth? no, kiss mouth), then 2-2, then 1-5 (which he also decided was "stopping the action"), then 6-4, and he moaned a little as he began to slide Aaron's cock longer into his mouth, and Aaron quickly started to help him with his eager hips. Soon half of Aaron's 7 inches disappeared into Casper's mouth with each thrust of Aaron's hips.

Aaron moaned hard. He was so close. If he came now, Casper would probably want to fuck him! The thought of Casper's hard cock penetrating his virgin ass pushed him over the edge. Aaron grabbed Casper's head and thrusted harder. Casper took almost 6 inches in the moment when Aaron erupted into his mouth-sperm spurting down his throat. Casper gagged a little then began swallowing as quickly as he could. He felt his own cock stiffen as Aaron violently moaned around it, and began to slide down Casper's hardness. Him coming hard into Casper's eager mouth had ignited a devil in Aaron. His mouth swallowed Casper's hard perfect cock, his hands grabbed Casper's buttocks, and his fingers sought the pink hole.

Casper moaned around Aaron's cock when he felt a finger slipped into his own ass, he was not able to hold back his own orgasm anymore. He felt Aaron push a finger in deeper and his ass clenched hard on it as he squirted into Aaron's mouth, coming quicker than he had expected and harder than he had in a long time.

Eventually they slowly but still pantingly disentangled themselves, and lazily licked each other's cock clean. Aaron swiveled around and they lay naked together on their sleeping bags.

"I have never cum so hard," croaked Casper, immediately silencing himself, when he realized he had spoken out loud-too loud.

"Shh." Aaron motioned with a finger over his mouth, and cum on his chin. He moved his bag closer to Casper's, then put his arm around Casper, moving them closer until their soft cocks touched.

"You think they heard?" asked Casper, motioning towards the girl tent.

"Dunno. But yeah, it was pretty great, right? You wanna play again tomorrow night?" Aaron asked with closed eyes-a relaxed smile on his face.

"Sure." Casper smiled back as he felt Aaron's arms around him tighten. He nuzzled into him, feeling Aaron covering them both with one of the sleeping bags.

"Wild, right? Did you think we would end up blowing each other?" whispered Casper.

"Mmmhmmm, wild," answered Aaron faintly.

"You know Kathryn is into you, right? Crazy, I got to you first." Casper rambled on.

"Shhh, shut up, and go to sleep...with me." Aaron smiled.

"Make me."

Aaron sleepily covered Casper's mouth with his. Kissing lazily they drifted off to sleep.

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