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Something Else a Little Different


Sitting in the chair by the front window, the rain pattering down on the pane of glass. I watch as the postman makes his way through the puddles and drops mail into my box. My breath catching, I am anxious to read today's letter. I wrench open the front door and reach into the mailbox, just as I hear a yelp. I look up, hand still on the mailbox, and see the postman going down into the puddle.

Torn between retrieving my mail and going to help him, I freeze, mouth agape. He rises from the puddle, a stream of blood pouring from his nose. The sight startles me into action, and grabbing my mail I run into the house for a towel, dropping my mail on the table. Back out, I hand the towel to the postman and guide him into my house. He stands in my foyer, dripping, bleeding and trying to apologize.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I run back to the bathroom and return with a big fluffy towel. "Here, strip those wet clothes off and I'll toss them in the dryer, wrap in this and grab a hot shower. I'll meet you in the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee."

Nodding his head while holding the towel to his face, I ease the mailbag off his shoulder and drop it onto the boot tray to drip. Giving him instructions to the bathroom, I retreat to the kitchen to give him some privacy. When I hear the bathroom door close I grab his wet clothing, and take it to the laundry.

Humming a tune to myself, I empty his pockets, and throw his clothing into the washer. I take his belongings upstairs and lay them on the table. Sitting down at the table I rip into the letter, and anxiously read the contents. Smiling, I reread the letter, digesting its contents, and wriggling in my seat. The letter tells me to offer to suck the cock of the first man I see, immediately after reading.

Thinking of the postman, I realize that he is quite handsome and already naked in my bathroom. Chewing on my bottom lip, debating whether or not that this is a good idea, the doorbell rings.

Dropping the letter onto the table, I walk to the door and see a man, the first man who I see after reading the letter. He is handsome, smiling, wearing a UPS uniform and holding a package. Shaking my head, I invite him inside to get out of the rain. As I take the package and lay it on the table, he hands me the machine to sign for the delivery.

As I hand it back, I take a deep breath and before I can change my mind, "May I suck your cock please?" A shocked look registers on his face, but his lips curve into a smile. "Here, right now?" he queries.

Not trusting my voice, I nod...staring directly into his intense eyes. He drops the contents of his hands onto the floor, he unbuttons his pants, I shiver as I hear his zipper being lowered. Dropping to my knees, I grab his thighs and yank his pants down, looking directly into a 7 inch cock that is flaccid. I look up at him and he smiles, "I think you'll be quite pleased when I get an erection." he chuckles as he reaches for my head and pulls me towards his cock.

Licking my lips, I allow him to guide me to his soft cock. Taking it fully in my mouth, it reaches the back of my throat already, barely able to check my gag reflex, eyes bulging as it starts to lengthen.

I hear the bathroom door open and a startled gasp from behind me. The UPS man pulls out of my mouth in a hurry as the two near naked men stare at each other. I gulp in a big breath of air...as I try to hastily explain the towel clad man in my hallway. And red in the face, the letter on my table, that it must be the next man I see.

A knowing look passes between the two men and UPS's hand reaches to draw my lips back to his cock. I hear the towel drop behind me, hands on my hips, guiding me to a standing position, bent to the cock in front of me. The postman's hands pull down my pants and run over my bare ass...he pushes gently at my thighs, teasing them apart and runs a finger along my slit.

"Perfect! What a wet clam you have there, it seems to be pulsing as it waits for a cock." His voice carries to my ears, my throat once again filled with the gigantic cock of the delivery man.

UPS starts a slow pumping in and out of my mouth while I grip his hips, steadying myself. I feel the postman's cock nudging my wet lips apart and suddenly he thrusts forward, filling me, pushing me onto the cock in my mouth. Impaled at both ends, each trying to out thrust the other, each cock pushing me further onto the others.

Moaning as the dual attention drives me into a frenzy, I suck hard at the glans of the cock in my mouth, tongue swirling. My cunt convulsing on and squeezing the cock that invades me there. Panting each time he pulls back, gagging with every forward thrust, the huge cock bruising my lips, scraping my throat raw.

The postman delivering a steady pounding to my pulsing pussy. He reaches and grabs my clit, pulling it away from my body, pinching the sensitive nub, causing me to shudder. A full body quivering ensues as both men jam their cocks deep into me....both cumming, 2 squirting cocks filling me full.

The postman's other hand spreading my ass cheeks and ramming his thumb to the hilt in my ass. My screams muffled and lost, just a wet gurgling sound as my orgasm breaks, washing over me...cum splashing out of my mouth, dribbling and drooling over my lips. My ass and cunt spasming, muscles contracting as I continue to tremble with this exquisite climax.

UPS pulls me up and seals his lips to mine, sucking cum from my mouth, sharing his spunk. The postman's cock pulling free of my quivering cunt, he spins me, thumb still buried in my ass and does the same. Pulling UPS's cum from my mouth...and spitting it back to mine. Just the thought of what an intimate moment this is...causes my body to jerk and buck as it rides another wave, leaving me clinging, my arms tight around the postman's neck.

I can feel UPS touching me, caressing me, his hands cool on my fevered flesh. He strokes my back and pushes me forward, until I find myself at eye level with the other cock. Barely managing to draw in a breath, the postman guides his cock to my lips and runs its wet tip along my bottom lip, teasing them apart.

Unable to resist, his cock smelling of our spent passion, I open my mouth and allow his cock to slide in, starting to grow as it slides along my tongue.

UPS is caressing my ass, his hands kneading the flesh. His fingers parting my cheeks and I feel his cold saliva drop onto my crack. Knowing the size of his cock, my heart beats faster and I try to push the postman from my mouth. He grabs my head and holds me fully impaled.

UPS's cock nudges at my puckered rosebud, trembling I shake my head from side to side, causing the postman to gasp in appreciation. UPS's hand smacks my ass, the sound like a crack of thunder, my cheek heating instantly, then he slaps the other, a volley of smacks til I can barely breathe.

Screaming onto the cock in my mouth, UPS pushes his cock against my protesting rim. My muscles spasming, as he keeps a steady pressure on my ass, his hand delivers another round of smacks. Gagging as the postman's cock continues to grow, UPS finds my clit and tugs hard at it, while pushing hard at my tight ring...his cock breaks through, my ass giving way and letting him in.

An almost instantaneous orgasm rips through my body, my mouth sucking hard at the cock...my ass gripping and sucking at the other cock....screaming, vibrating, body quivering as they start a rhythm, both of them fucking me. The air filled with the delicious scent of sex, the sounds of rising passions....my body turns the sensations of the battering cocks into pure pleasure.

My ass feeling speared, stretched to the point of tearing wide open, my mouth so used, bruised lips gliding along the pounding cock. These men surely know how to deliver, feeling the tightness in my belly, the fingers that tear at my clit...I tremble, body bucking between these two men as they once again drive my body into a frenzy.

Howling, screaming, gasping, my pussy pouring its nectar, I cum...long and loud and hard....over and over ...until I can no longer see or hear, only take pleasure and morph it into a climactic bliss.

Hanging limply between them, they continue to ram their cocks home. Both men uttering guttural moans, as once again....almost as one they erupt inside me, filling me, it overflows from all of my well fucked holes.

The postman grabs me upright and kisses me full on the lips, sucking his seed from my mouth and pulling away lets it splatter over my breasts. UPS drops to his knees and spreads my cheeks, forcibly sucking cum from my ass, then snaking his tongue forward to tease my clit....before poking his tongue into my gaping ass once more. Howling with delight, the postman once again covers my lips with his.

UPS rises and encircles my body with his arms from behind. Sandwiched like this, two strong muscular men, my body trembles as aftershocks rocket along my nerve endings.

They let go of me, keeping a steadying hand on me...and exchange a few whispered words. They guide me back to the bathroom where UPS strips off the rest of his uniform, and they bodily lift me into the shower.

Joining me under the warm spray we jockey for position and soap each other til I am tingling all over. We let the hot spray rinse the suds away and step out. Embarrassed suddenly, by my wanton display, I grab a towel and quickly wrap my nakedness. They both laugh and tell me that it is a little late for modesty.

"Where's that hot coffee you promised?" says the postman. Shaking my head , I wander to the kitchen, two towel clad men right behind me. I put the kettle on to boil and soon have steaming mugs in front of these two amazing guys.

"Let me toss your clothes into the dryer, I'll be right back." I hasten to the laundry room, move his clothes to the dryer and slip into a tank top and pair of shorts before returning to the kitchen.

As I approach I can hear them talking, deep voices resonating as they tell each other how lucky they were to have happened to show up at my house at the right time.

I enter the kitchen and take a seat between them. Leaning to kiss one, and then the other I thank them both. By the time the dryer has stopped, we have exchanged names and addresses, phone numbers and emails...promising to do this again real soon. As they both dress and prepare to leave, I share one last kiss with them, and walk them to the door. Smiling as I watch them walk away...

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