tagNovels and NovellasSomething Wicked This Way Comes Ch. 02

Something Wicked This Way Comes Ch. 02


I felt someone stirring behind me and an arm pulling me back against their body. My mind was trying to wake up as I heard someone whispering in my ear "Morning Sweetheart." The whisper sent shivers down my spine and the chills moved up and down faster as he bit and sucked my ear lobe.

My head was pounding and I felt like some dwarves were inside my head mining with their pick axes against my skull trying to find gold. My hands felt like they were being poked with needles. I groaned and didn't want to wake up. I wanted to go back to my peaceful sleep where I didn't feel the pain in my head or hands.

I felt someone moving in front of me and realized I was between two bodies as my eyes slowly opened. I saw a man blinking his eyes as he too was waking up. He moved on his side to face me and kiss me. I instinctively pulled back and when I did, I saw the hurt in his eyes as I pulled away from him.

It actually took me a moment to realize it was Josh. I moved my hand to cover my mouth so he couldn't smell my stinky breath "I'm sorry Josh I just really want to brush my teeth before I kiss you." Which was mostly true, I didn't want to kiss anyone with morning breath.

He looked at me and I could see the hurt melt away from his eyes. He smiled "Of course Luv." He moved backwards on the bed so I could get out and I realized I was naked. My face was suddenly red and he laughed "Luv...It's not like I didn't see you like this last night." He cocked his head to the side and asked "Or don't you remember?"

I had to think about last night. I remembered we went to a bar and had some drinks, then we came back here and the memories suddenly came back to me all at once. My face was probably redder than a beet as I looked at him.

He sat up in the bed and moved so his legs were over the side and he wouldn't have to look at me. Was he embarrassed or sorry for what happened last night? Did he feel guilty because all of us were drinking and he felt like he and Dex took advantage of me? And now that I was sober, I wouldn't want them? But I had wanted both of them for so long and now there felt like there was tension between us that wasn't there before.

Dex must have sensed my uneasiness because he said "Ash, you don't have to feel embarrassed. If you regret last night or didn't want it to happen we're adults and we can pretend like nothing happened between us."

'It's not that' I thought to myself. "I wanted it to happen" was what I thought and whispered it out loud unconsciously.

Josh turned to look at me then and I saw the raw need in his eyes. It wasn't a sexual need it was just the need to feel loved and someone to care for him. I moved to sit up and look him in the eyes. "I did want that last night. I wanted it for a long time Josh." I kissed his shoulder softly and moved my face so our lips were only inches from each other. His arm encircled my waist and pulled me closer to him so my body pressed against him. "Did you Luv?"

I nodded and leaned my head into his and gave him a small, quick kiss. I didn't care about what my breath smelled like any more. They saw me every morning when I woke up and loved me for who I was and not what I looked like. I smiled at him "Yes." He smiled and kissed me passionately then.

He slowly broke the kiss and opened his eyes "So have I Luv...So have I." He smiled at me and I smiled back. He smacked my ass playfully "I need to brush my teeth and take a shower."

I nodded and Dex and I both said "I do too" at the same time.

Josh laughed "Are we going to conserve water then? The three of us take a shower together?"

I looked at Josh and then at Dex. I knew they were fine with each other taking a shower together, since they did it a couple of other times before. I put my hands in theirs "I guess we're conserving water then."

Josh stood up and helped me off the bed. Dex followed behind me as Josh led me to the bathroom. Josh turned the water on for the shower while I grabbed a couple of aspirin from my small bag and swallowed them down with some water. I could see the steam rising when the water finally got hot. He tested the water and turned the knob a little bit before he stepped in the tub and helped me inside.

Josh stood under the shower head, letting the water spray me as Dex moved in to stand behind me. There was something so erotic about standing there in the shower between the two of them. My body was suddenly tingling and it wasn't from the water, it was watching the water rolling down Josh's chest.

He turned around for a moment and bent down to get something on the side of the tub. He turned around holding a bottle of body wash in one hand and a sponge in the other. He smiled as he looked down at me. He moved the sponge under the water. He wiggled his eyebrows "You want me to wash your front or back?"

Dex's hands moved down to my hips and pulled me back towards him "You wash the front and I'll wash her back."

Josh looked at Dex and then me. I stood there unable to move or breathe. "Breathe Luv...Breathe." I nodded and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I couldn't help but think of them touching my body so intimately again. But this time it was more intimate, more sensual with us being in the shower together. I just hoped I wouldn't slip and fall.

It was as if both of them knew what I was thinking because Josh leaned down and said "Relax Luv, you won't fall." And Dex said "One of us will catch us if you do."

I nodded and remembered to breathe again. Josh moved to the side so that the water would hit my body. I closed my eyes as the hot water felt so exhilarating. Dex turned me slowly around so that the water hit my back. I moaned softly as the hot water hit my back. I moved my head under the water, letting the water get my hair wet. I smoothed it back out of my face and I felt Dex turn me around again.

I felt cold again as the hot water stopped hitting my body. I opened my eyes to find myself staring at Josh's chest. There was some hair on his chest but not a lot which I loved, I didn't like hairy men. I felt something soft, cold and slick touching my shoulders and back at the same time. I looked to see a sponge in Josh's hand touching my shoulder.

He looked down at me and smiled. I looked back down at his chest and watched one of the drops of water rolling down the middle of his chest towards his belly button. I moved my hands to his hips and leaned down, closed my eyes as the tip of my tongue came out and circled his belly button. I moved my tongue slowly up his body, following that imaginary line along the middle of his body up to his chest.

When I pulled away from his body I looked down to see his shaft getting hard. I reached out for it with my hand and stroked him slowly as he moved the sponge over my chest slowly. His eyes closed and he threw his head back for a moment, enjoying the pleasure I was giving him.

He looked down at me and watched as the sponge moved across my breasts. My nipples were already hard as he moved his free hand to my right breast. He rolled my nipple between his fingers and pinched it gently. I moaned softly as he teased my breasts.

He watched the soap suds slide down my body. I felt Dex's hard shaft behind me touching my back. He continued to wash my back as he leaned forward to watch Josh play with my breasts.

Dex moved to the side a bit as the sponge moved lower down my back. He moved it down my right ass cheek, rubbing it slowly up and down. I moaned softly and Josh moved to the side a bit to let the water wash the soap off me.

I watched the soap slide down my breasts as Josh leaned down into my chest. His lips brushed my right nipple teasingly. Dex's arm moved across the top of my chest, holding me against his body. I leaned back so my head rested against his chest.

Josh moved his left arm around my lower back and leaned down towards me. He moved the sponge down my body and I swallowed hard as it moved across my stomach. The softness of the sponge moving across my body brought a small cry from my mouth. I could feel the suds sliding down my body as Josh gently moved it back and forth.

Dex moved the sponge slowly to the crack in my ass. He moved it to the top and slowly slid it down between my cheeks about half way before sliding it back up slowly. He whispered "Do you like that Sweetheart?"

I nodded and closed my eyes "Yes."

Josh moved the sponge down my body, my hips and then down the front of my right leg going down to my knee before slowly sliding it up the inside of my thigh. He moved to my left leg and gently lifted it to the side so I could open my legs for him. He pushed the shower curtain out so my foot could rest on the ledge without pulling it down. The sponge moved up and down my thigh, sliding further up with each stroke.

When the sponge finally touched me between the legs I moaned softly. He moved it up and down between my lips gently as Dex moved the sponge down lower behind me. It slid down between my cheeks and down between my ass and the little bit of skin I had to my other opening.

I cried out and my legs started to shake. I put my hand on the wall and held on to the shower rod. Josh smiled "We have you Luv. You won't slip or fall, we won't let you."

At first I didn't know if I should let go of the wall or rod. I trusted Josh with my life and slowly let go. I felt the sponge moving up and down the crack of my ass a bit faster and harder before it suddenly disappeared only to be replaced with Dex's shaft.

I felt his shaft sliding up and down the crack slowly and teasingly. I knew what Dex wanted then, anal sex. I read about it and knew it could either be pleasurable or painful but I wanted him to do it. I wanted to feel his shaft sliding in and out of my body. I looked at Josh and I realized I wanted him too. I wanted to feel both of them inside me. I wanted to know what it felt like to have sex. I wanted to be closer to them...More intimate with them in so many ways.

I tried talking but no words came out and I could feel the need in Dex as he pressed his body into mine. I wanted to cry out as I felt the sponge falling from Josh's hand and his fingers moved between my lips up and down slowly. I wanted to feel his fingers...His shaft inside me exploring my body in the most intimate way, a way no man had ever done before.

Dex grabbed my hips and pulled me into his body. He moved his lips next to my ear and whispered "I want you Ashley." I nodded and closed my eyes. I waited for him to enter me but he didn't.

I suddenly felt hotter than ever and I could feel sweat rolling down my forehead. I felt dizzy, light headed and had to put my hand on the wall to steady myself. I tried to talk but my mouth was dry, I opened my eyes to find Josh looking down at me and smiling wickedly.

He moved his arms around my shoulders and the bent down to reach around my legs. He picked me up in his arms as Dex moved the curtain aside. the cold air hit my skin and I sucked in a deep breath through clenched teeth. I was suddenly cold and my skin was covered in goose bumps.

Josh carried me out to the room and leaned over to pull the sheets back. He lied me down on the bed, propping his body over mine. I looked down the length of his body to see his hard shaft between his legs.

I swallowed hard because I knew it was going to hurt when he took me. His hand cupped my face gently and he whispered "I'll be gentle Luv. I promise." I swallowed hard again and nodded. He moved his body down a bit and kissed my nipple. His right hand moved down between my legs and I felt a finger slide into me. It hurt a bit at first but he slid it in and out slowly, gently, letting my body feel the pleasure.

My body suddenly felt that urgent need of wanting to feel him in my body. I moved my hands down to Josh's arms and pulled him up my body to lie on top of me. I whispered "Lie on your back for me Josh." I knew I would never be able to roll over with him on top of me.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me with him as he rolled on to his back. I straddled his hips and felt his shaft pressing into my body. The need to feel them inside me tore through my body.

Dex stood to the side of the bed "I want her! She's mine." He was suddenly behind me, pushing me down roughly on top of Josh. I felt a sting of pain on my right cheek as he smacked it hard with his hand. I jumped and cried out from the pain and shock.

I could felt the tip of Dex's shaft in my ass. Dex and I both cried out, him in pleasure and me in pain. Tears filled my eyes and fell down on Josh's face as Dex grabbed my hips and pushed his way inside me inch by painful inch. I wanted to cry out but Josh's hand was suddenly on the back of my head. He pulled me down to his mouth, forcing my mouth to open. I could only scream inside his mouth as Dex held my hips and kept pushing his way inside me.

I felt him sliding in and out of my body, slowly at first and then he rammed himself inside me. A scream tore from my mouth as he pushed deep inside me. He pulled out of me and just the tip of him remained in me before he rammed inside me again and again.

He howled with pleasure and threw his head back as I felt him cum inside me. He slapped my ass hard again and said "You're turn." I felt him pull out of me and then Josh rolled me over on my back. He looked down at me, smiling wickedly and said "I've waited so long to do this."

Tears rolled down the side of my face from the pain I was in. I could feel something wet under me and I knew it was semen mixed with my blood. I finally opened my eyes to look at Josh. I knew in my heart Josh and Dex would never do this to me, but yet they were and I didn't know why they would want to cause me this much pain.

Josh looked down at me and smiled but it wasn't him I saw on top of me. His blue eyes had changed to red and his face was changing into something monstrous. I looked at Dex standing to the side of the bed. He too was turning into whatever Josh was. I started screaming.

I saw pointed tails whipping in the air and black horns growing out of their heads. It wasn't Josh or Dex in the room with me...It was demons...Demons that looked like the men I loved so they could rape me.

The one on top of me pinned my hands to the bed. Thankfully the other demon wasn't holding my legs so I could at least use them. I kicked, screamed and bucked my body as I tried to break free of the thing. I kept screaming 'No' over and over again.

All I could do was hope someone heard my screams and call the police or I could break free and get out of the room before the demons raped me again.

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