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Sometimes One Is Not Enough...


My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I met her when I was a teenager, and I was instantly infatuated with her, even though she wouldn't give me the time of day. It took me a while, but I eventually got her attention, and she fell for me head over heels. Now here we are, 10 years and 3 children later, and she's stunningly beautiful woman, going through a sexual awakening in her early/mid 30s. We share everything together, including our fantasies. Both the ones we are willing to act out, and those that are likely best left as fantasies in our heads. Lately, my wife's recurring fantasy has been one that she (and I) are not quite at a place that we are willing to experience, so I figured the next best thing would be writing this story for her. This is my first attempt at writing something like this, so bear with me. (Obviously the names used in this story are either changed, or made-up entirely.)


I met Marie when I was 17 years old. I vividly recall the day I met her as I was completely intoxicated by her. I even told my mother that I had met the girl I was going to marry. The only problem? She was 19 at the time (we are separated by 2 years) and really didn't have the time or patience to even notice the teenage crush I had on her. It took me 2 years to get her to notice me, and we were married by the time I was 20. We had our first child within the first two years of our marriage, and we've had 2 more since. She's a stay-at-home mom to our children, which means that her days are filled with toddler frustration, so she, more than anyone I know, deserves pretty much whatever she wants.

For the first few years of our marriage, Marie was very tepid about sex. She very much enjoyed being with me, and I usually left her satisfied, even though at the time I was a very inexperience partner, but our love life was very "vanilla." She was not a virgin when we got together, but her past sexual encounters had left her dissatisfied, and she'd actually never had an orgasm until she was with me. I on the other hand, she was my first, a fact which she revels in quite a bit, knowing that she is the only woman I have ever been with. But as I said, she was very close-minded to pretty much anything sexually outside of missionary for the most part. Over the years, I have been able to open her up and she has grown to love the joys of oral sex, toys, cosplay and even twinges of voyeurism and being bound and spanked. Now in her early 30s? She has become a raging nymphomaniac with a sex drive that can take as much as I can give her..... That is where my story begins:

[Long Hours at the Office]

I walked in the door to my house at 9:30 after over a 12-hour day at the office. I've had a lot of long days lately, which leaves my wife Marie home alone with our kids with no help or chance for any sort of break throughout the day. Since I was home so late, she had already gotten the kids into bed, and was sitting on the living room couch watching television when I walked in the door. She turned to look at me as I was hanging up my keys and taking off my shoes, and she smiled as she said:

"I've missed you so much Ben, I really hate when you have these long days."

I walked over to her and kneeled beside the couch so I could wrap my arms around her and touch the side of her face and give her a gentle kiss.

"I know dear, I've missed you today too. Did you get a chance to eat dinner? I can make you something."

She looked at me and grinned: "No, but I am not hungry. Just make me a drink. A strong one. I'm going to put a movie in for us."

With that, she stood up from the couch, and I started to walk into the kitchen to play bartender. I watched as the blanket she had covering her on the couch slid down her legs and fell onto the floor, to reveal that she was still wearing her exercise clothes from the workout she was able to sneak in while the kids were napping. Her tightfitting tank-top, and boy-shorts left no part of her figure to the imagination and I paused to watch her tall slender body as she walked to the other side of the living room to grab a DVD off the shelves. Marie is in incredible shape, and if you saw her walking down the street, you would never in a million years believe that she is the mother of three children. She is tall, with dark brown hair and her skin is a natural bronze due to her Italian genes. Her legs are so long they seem to never end, but in her tight workout shorts, you would barely notice her legs because you'd never be able to keep your eyes off of her butt. She is not a busty woman, and has told me many times over the years how badly she would like to have augmentation surgery, but I've always thought that her small breasts were the perfect complement to her slender build.

As I watched her move across the room, I felt myself becoming aroused just at the mere sight of her. Sometimes I am simply amazed that after 10 years, she can still get my engine going without even trying.

Three drinks later, and I couldn't possibly even tell you what movie she had chosen. Marie is a lightweight and gets incredibly horny when she drinks, so she was buzzed on her first drink, drunk by the second, and by the time she finished her third she was ready to go to the moon. We stumbled up the stairs to our bedroom.... Locked the door, and she laid down on the bed on her back, and parted her legs ever so slightly as if to welcome me in.

I climbed onto the bed next to her and pulled her tank top and sports bra over her head in one swift motion, and kissed her on the lips while I grasped the nipple of her left breast gently. She moaned quietly and arched her back, waiting for what she knew was coming next. I moved from her lips and started slowly kissing my way down her neck and chest, until my tongue found its way to the now erect nipple of her left breast. Now, while Marie does not have large breasts, she has the most perfect nipples I have ever seen on a woman. And at times, I can nearly bring her to orgasm simply by licking and sucking on them.

"Ben... you know what I want, please don't make me wait... My pussy needs you."

I didn't need a great deal of motivation, as eating my wife's pussy is somewhat of my favorite pastime. I slowly made my way down her stomach keeping my hand gently paying attention to her nipples, and pulled her shorts and panties off to reveal her perfectly clean-shaven, already wet pussy, begging to be tasted. I slowly kissed her waist and ran my tongue down the length of her glistening pussy lips, just barely tasting her sweetness. I ran my tongue along the inside of her thigh, teasing her with every errant pass over her clit. She groaned and grasped a handful of my hair and guided me to where she wanted to be touched. I proceeded to explore every fold and crevice of her most intimate areas letting my tongue explore her inside and out in my wordless way of telling her how much I loved her.

"Oh.... My.... God... you are so good at the things you do..." she managed to say...

I felt her muscles tense as she lifted her torso off the bed into the air, forcing my tongue deep inside of her. I began to rhythmically stroke and lick her dripping pussy from top to bottom, kissing her with a passion that can only be experienced while giving oral to your partner, in the most selfless act of pleasure. She finally let out a muffled scream as she reached her climax and came into my mouth. I desperately tried to keep up with the rush of sweet juice. I held her cum in mouth and let it drip slowly from my mouth into her belly button, and then drank and swallowed every drop of her. After she was finished, I stayed to "clean up" so I wouldn't miss a single drop of her, then let her relax briefly in the aftermath of her orgasm. Once I came up for air, she was once again ready for more.

"Make me come with your cock... NOTHING makes me come like your cock. I love your cock, I need you to fuck me."

As you can imagine by that time, my cock was rock hard, and there was nothing in the world I would rather do than thrust it inside her dripping wet, fresh-from-orgasm cunt. I wasted no time. I pushed the head of my throbbing cock against the slick opening to her incredibly tight pussy. She may have birthed 3 children, but Marie has the pussy of a just-legal teenage virgin, and although I have literally fucked her thousands of times, I have never grown tired of her. I listened to Marie sigh and stifle a tiny scream as she felt me slowly invade her with the girth of my cock. I thrusted in and out, going deeper every time I pushed in her, feeling her body shudder as my shaft filled her wet hole, stimulating every part of her insides.

"I'm your slut! God I love your cock... my pussy loves your cock." – I could tell she was about to lose it, as was I, because she knows that nothing turns me on like when she talks dirty.

I could feel myself tensing up, so I slowed my rhythm to enjoy every moment of sliding my cock in and out of her wet slit. I continued slowly, and purposely pushing my cock as far inside of her as I could, with each push, knowing that I could come at any second, until finally I couldn't take it anymore and my cock exploded hot cum into her. With every pulse of my throbbing cock, I filled her insides with more and more of my sticky cum. She felt the slow release and my warm juice fill her, feeling it rushing to find any space to leave my mark in her pussy and it pushed her over the edge. She came again while I continued to use her tight pussy lips to squeeze every drop of cum from me.

I rolled off of her onto my side of the bed and just stared at the ceiling for a moment, in awe of what this woman could do to me. Marie wrapped her arm around my chest, and sighed with content, and I had fully expected for us to go to sleep. Until she spoke:

"Ben.... I have had a fantasy for a while, that I've been afraid to talk to you about, because it's more than a fantasy... It would change our entire life."

I didn't quite know how to respond, so I simply said "Well, you know that you can tell me anything. And you know that above all else I want you to be happy, regardless of what it entails."

"I want to have more than just you. Don't get me wrong, I love you completely, and you are the only man that has ever made me come... But I really want to be with other men. I don't mean that I want to sleep around, and I don't want to have a threesome or an orgy, well not right away, but that could be something we explore in the future.... But, I want to have more than one "husband." I know it's not fair of me to ask you this, because I would never be ok with you fucking another woman. But this is something I want, something I have wanted for a while and I've not had the courage to talk tell you."

I was shell-shocked. At face value, this was a punch to the stomach for me. Like any man, I'd had fantasies of having a threesome with Marie before, most of those fantasies involve adding another woman to the bedroom, as the idea of my wife eating another woman's pussy, or fucking another woman while I eat my wife's pussy is an incredible fantasy-rush, and I'll even admit that the idea of adding another man, and either watching him fulfill my wife, or the two of us fucking her at the same time had snuck its way into my subconscious, but never for long enough to consciously entertain the thought, even as a true fantasy per se'. The point is, all of my fantasies, regardless of what they are, involved Marie in some way and now to hear that her fantasy, specifically excluded me, was a bit of a shock.

"I'm going to need some time to think about it dear. I want you to be happy, but I am not sure if I can put aside my jealousy to be able to permanently share you with other men in our life."

She kissed me lovingly on the lips, told me she loved me and we both closed our eyes to go to sleep. I figured that we would talk about later when she wasn't drunk, and maybe have a clearer head. Turns out, her head was perfectly clear, and the alcohol had given her the liquid courage to say what she really wanted. If I truly loved her as I said I did, I realized I would inevitably give her what she needed to be happy.

[Flash Forward One Year]

David had been a part of lives, a part of our family now for the better part of six months. I did eventually realize, that I loved Marie enough to give her what she needed to be fulfilled in life, in every aspect of her life, that it would have been selfish of me to tell her that because I was unwilling or insecure, she would always have to live with the regret of wondering what experiences she could have had, if I hadn't held her back.

But I am getting ahead of myself, let's get back to how David joined our interesting arrangement:

[Introducing David: The Doctor]

Marie started looking for a new partner about a month after she told me about her fantasy. She and I had many discussions about it, and how we both felt comfortable going about introducing a third party to our relationship. There are questions to ask and answer.... Did Marie want to have separate lives with her individual husbands? Separate sexual experiences or group? Did she want to live as though she had completely disconnected partners, or did she want us all to interact together on a daily basis as a "family?" Eventually, I told Marie that she was free to do as she pleased, as this was her fantasy to play out in reality, and who am I to tell her otherwise? And that is when David came into the picture...

David is a 31 year old doctor that Marie met at a comic convention in New York City. She had, several years prior in her late 20s become very interested in Cons and Costumes/Cosplay, and I had always encouraged it because first and foremost it made her happy, and because the costumes many times made their way into our bedroom, giving us the opportunity to play out sexual scenarios that your average middle-class married couple can only dream of. David, shared Marie's love of costuming, and they hit it off almost immediately, due to their common interest.

She treated him like a crush for a while, and they spent quite a bit of time chatting over the internet and late night phone calls. David lived about a 2-hour drive from our house, so seeing each other in the beginning was a very rare occurrence and when they did meet, it was always for dinner and the occasional daytrip. Within the first two months of getting to know each other, they were not physical with each other aside from a few goodbye kisses. He treated her like gentleman and although she had hidden the fact from him that she was actually a married woman, he had never pressured her into having sex with him. Marie was insatiable with me during those few months, taking every bit of desire that she had for David, and channeling it into her lovemaking with me.

Finally, she invited David to stay for the weekend, with the intention of telling him that she was married, and to meet me, and for the three of us to have an honest discussion about what Marie's desires were. We had a long talk over a few bottles of wine, and he agreed to join our family making us a very strange "reverse polygamist" household for the very first time. David was head over heels in love with Marie, and like me, I believe he would have agreed to pretty much anything to make her happy. It took a month or so from that point, for him to take care of his personal affairs, and find a medical practice in our area. And just like that, within three months of Marie telling me about her fantasy, WE had another spouse.

[Marie's First Time...]

Marie was as nervous as a virgin for her fight night with David as her husband. They had not had sex prior to David joining our family, so the first night he spent in our home after moving in, was to be their first time together. I was as supportive of her as I could be, but it was still a little rough that first night, knowing that another man would have his cock inside of my wife.

After we'd all had dinner together enjoying each other's company, I could tell that Marie, in spite of her visceral anticipation of fucking David for the first time, was having a hard time with me being in the room. I excused myself from the table, leaving the two of them to talk and went into the kitchen to clean up. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, heading down the stairs into our finished basement that we had converted to David's personal space. Marie attempted to avoid eye contact with me as they passed, but I stepped out of the kitchen, and took her by the hand while David continued downstairs.

"Don't worry about me." I told her... "I loved you when I met you, I love you now, and I'll love you tomorrow. And it's obvious that David loves you also. Go enjoy yourself. This is what you wanted."

She threw arms around me and kissed me before turning to walk down the stairs into the basement.

Marie reached the bottom of the stairs, trembling. She was nervous and excited at the same time. Once at the bottom of the stairs, she pulled the linen sundress she was wearing slowly over her head to reveal her body to David for the first time, hidden only by a simple black lace bra and g-string panties.

He was taken back at the sight of her, and instantly felt his cock begin to stiffen in his pants as she moved closer to his bed, where he was sitting on the edge shirtless, eyeing every inch of her stunning figure. Marie climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him as she slid her tongue inside his mouth. Feeling his lips against her sent a shiver up her spine and she clung to him as tight as she could. David reached his hands around to her back and unclasped her bra, which easily released and slid off of her shoulders to allow her to press her nipples against his bare chest. David lifted her up, and began to glide his tongue slowly from one breast to the other, just barely grazing her erect nipples with Marie catching her breath with each pass. She could feel the wet warmth of her pussy pushed against his leg, and all she could think about was having David pull her panties off to expose her dripping cunt to him.

Marie lowered herself from David's lap and gently prodded him to lay on his back on the bed. She pulled the end of his belt through the loop and unclasped the buckle, putting her one step closer to what she wanted from him. She unbuttoned his darkwashed blue jeans, and slid down the zipper and pulled his pants off and threw them on the floor behind her. She saw David's cock for the first time and giggled a little to herself without thinking about it.

"What's so funny?" David asked.... "Am I too small?" as he reached down with his hand to lift his cock from where it was resting on his thigh.

Marie gasped as she saw the fullness of his now completely erect shaft, and told him "Oh my no... I am actually a little scared that you might hurt me. Your cock is a good bit longer than Ben's, but I will warn you, you still have very big shoes to fill."

David looked at Marie and assured her "It's not your shoes I am going to fill sweetheart. Now get your panties off and let me see this pussy I've been jerking off thinking about for the past three months."

And with that, Marie turned so her back was facing David, and slid her panties off her hips, and slowly bent over to pull them all the way down her legs. Her glistening wet clit was inches away from David's face, and her scent drove him almost the point of orgasm instantaneously. Marie finished her show, and flicked her panties off her foot across the room, and climbed up on top of David. She lifted her hips just above his waist and reached down with her hand to grasp his cock and guide him to the entrance to her pussy. All her concerns about the size of his cock, melted away as he slid effortlessly into her, using gravity to pull her down to fit his entire ten inch cock inside her slender body. Marie felt every muscle twitch, every movement, every space inside her stimulated by David. He reached up with his hands to massage her breasts while she slowly gyrated her hips to move her tight pussy around the massive girth of his cock. She felt like he was further inside her than anyone had ever been, exploring parts of her that she didn't know existed. Marie slowly lifted herself up off of his cock, feeling the lips of her pussy sucking him, begging him for his cum, before lowering herself down again, feeling as though his cock was going to never stop pushing inside of her.

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