tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 01

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 01


"Show me some mobile phones," said the well know prostitute Sonia, attired in a semi-transparent sari and blouse. The black bra could easily be seen through her white blouse and the sari was just an inch short from the little window between her two legs. She might have shaved recently, otherwise curly bush would have popped out there.

"Price range?" asked the peddler.

"Whatever suits me," blurted she.

This place was called "Sunday Bazaar" which mushroomed with western countries' electronic garbage and smuggled items brought back from China. Peddlers sat on both side of the pavement spreading out their rugs. Other piles were visible, from old and discoloured bras and panties, to outdated electronics.

"Take a look at this model." He, with his constant effort, found something looking much like a vibrator.

"What the hell are you showing me?" shouted she.

"Ma'am, it's mobile. It was delivered yesterday. Totally new piece," he explained before cleaning the dust from it.

"Bastard, liar, showing me this mean thing and calling it mobile," she announced with disgust just before her heavy hand smacked across the shopkeeper's face. She was trembling like she had been one man tried to rape her. "Have you a sister and mother at home? Give it to them, they'll use it."

"Ma'am, be calm," he suggested, patting his red face with prints of her four fingers without showing any fury towards his customer's behaviour. The sentence "Customer is our God" read in many shops in India, and he might have proved it.

He continued, "It's really mobile. See here, it's the place to insert a sim card."

He opened it from the middle and this vibrator-like mobile parted in two.

"Wow!!! Why don't you tell me earlier," she said, surprised, fetching it violently from him.

She observed rounded keys on it but no screen.

"This model had no screen available."

"NO problem, how much?"

"Only five hundred," he spoke carelessly, like he was going to give it away for free.

"Two fifty is reasonable. You know, I'll regularly visit here and will be your regular customer. Without wandering to others I'll come here," she spoke, rolling it over her palm.

"No, I can't. I won't get any profit." He stretched his hand out to get it back.

"Oh, my cunt!" she cried out and planted an intense kiss on his finger printed cheek.

"Ohhhh..." he murmured, stunned as she did.

She inserted a hand inside of her blouse and between two balls where she kept a little purse. Before his reverie broke, she paid and disappeared, leaving behind the second print of her lips on top of her fingers.


She hurriedly stepped in and closed herself in the hotel's room. Sonia moved into the hotel "Five-Star" after pursuing this business. She bared herself and took the mobile, put the sim card inside, and set it to the vibrating mode.

She pressed a number and said, "Hullo, Savita? Call me right now. I wanna check my new mobile's ring," and hung up.

A little later it started to vibrate. She jumped on the bed with joy and inserted it inside of her cunt.

"Oh! Mobile cum vibrator!!!" Her labia began trembling. "Let me push more to feel my g-spot," and she thrust more inside. She lay motionless, widening her legs with little movement of her ass.

However, her joy didn't last as Savita cut the phone connection and the vibrations stopped.

"Damn Savita. Why couldn't she have let it ring some more?"

She tried inserting a finger to get mobile out, which had gone in further than its length. When the middle finger couldn't reach, she tried with the first finger, but it was all in vain. It had pushed in too deep. When she realized the seriousness of her adventure, the recent pleasure delivered by the vibrations vanished.

"I have to visit mydoctor," she spoke anxiously.


She stepped in to Dr. Chute's clinic and sat in the waiting room.

"Register your name," said the receptionist as she saw the newly arrived patient. Sonia stood up and went to her table, walking with utmost care, widening her legs so the mobile didn't voyage any deeper.

"Tell your name, age and problem."

"Sonia, twenty eight years, I've lost my mobile," she blurted.

"You lost your mobile? Ma'am, this is not a police station," replied the irritated receptionist.

"Lost means...aaah, I lost it inside me," she stammered.

"Where? I have to fill the patient's form."

"Deeeeep inside. Anyway, are you a doctor? No, then you can't understand." She was losing her control. "Fill out whatever you want, or I can get you fired from your job." Shocked, the receptionist spoke nothing.

She again sat on the sofa waiting for her turn.


"What's your problem?" uttered the doctor seated in front of her.

"My mobile has gone inside and I can't get it be out," she tried to explain.

"You swallowed it in your stomach?" questioned the doctor, though it wasn't possible.

"Not there. IN MY CUNT," she whispered at last.

"My god, you've such a big --" the doctor began, utterly astonished.

"Sir, it isn't of a usual shape. It's like...cucumber." Words were thrown out at last.

"What? You have a mobile in the shape of cucumber? Lie down on the bed. Let me check." He was still unable to believe what his patient was describing.

The Doctor stood up and walked to the bed as she stretched out. He pulled up the sari to her stomach and opened the lips, trying to see it using a medical flashlight. However, as it went deep, he saw nothing.

"What should I do...ahhh? Yes." Something sparked in his mind.

He climbed on the bed and squatted between her opened legs. Sonia didn't understand what he was doing.

"Let me explain. I plant my lips on your pussy lips and take deep breaths and you'll push it outside like a foetus. Okay?"

The doctor glued his lips on it and started to inhale air out of her pussy. She moaned to push it and after a minute of effort the mobile was between the doctor's lips with some pre-cum produced by the doctor's continuous touch.

She sighed with relief, stood up and said, "Give it to me." She pulled it out of his mouth.

"Just one minute, baby, let me clear your juice," and he licked until not a single drop remained on the surface. Then he handed it to Sonia.

"One thousand," the doctor reminded her about the fee.

"For what? After kissing my pussy and licking my cum, you still need your fee?" she screamed at the top of her voice

"I saved you from big trouble," he said as he tried to persuade her.

"What trouble? Ask someone what I charge just to touch me." She spoke stubbornly and left the consult room.

"Actually she said it right, she was really sugary, juicy and tasty," muttered himself, licking leftover cream on his lips.


AsylumSeeker has edited it and done well.

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