tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 02

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 02


It was night, and the Five-Star Hotel was active, as per usual. A brothel did business in this hotel, and was more profitable for the owner than the actual hotel was. At the evening reception, deals took place, and bargaining was completed as each customer chose from the displayed merchandise.

"Sonia, I've sent up a customer," called the receptionist.

"At what price?" though it was off-season, Sonia didn't want to compromise in price.

"Five hundred for every ten minutes,"

"And size?" she questioned cautiously.

"Six inch length, three inch width, with a diameter of four centimetres."

"Really? Six inches!" she exclaimed.

"I never lie, you know that,"

"Last time you told me six inches in length, and when it came out it was two inches, merely. Anyway, is it cut or uncut?"

"Sonia, you're really irritating me," and the receptionist hung up.

She was always ready for work, lying naked under a blanket, so there was no delay for stripping off. She stared at the door. Two minutes passed. Then came the sound of a turning handle and the door opened. The customer looked older than forty. White hairs scattered in his black beard and moustache, giving him very experienced look. His crotch was already bulging. He removed the clothes from his body and speedily pushed himself under the blanket with Sonia. He was warm, and it sparked her when he positioned himself upon her. She was, as usual, prepared with a wet pussy.

He planted a kiss on her lips and darted his tongue inside. She experienced the sour smell of his mouth, and cringed. She thought to throw him but, as the brothel mantra goes, "Customer is God". "Have you brushed your teeth today? I can't bear your bad breath." she choked, pushing his mouth aside.

But he ignored her, and opened up her pussy lips, then freed one hand to guide his tool. In one thrust, he was deep inside her and she forgot about the smell of his breath.

Sonia figured out he was strong, his tool was six inches, and rock hard to boot. She considered herself lucky that her duty this night had began so nicely. She moaned as he swayed above her and held his ass to synchronize their rhythm. He was moaning with each shove, throwing his whole strength in each kick. The movement was becoming faster and the cheap wooden bed of hotel "Five-Star" trembled and hissed under the weight of the fucking pair, cow and bullock. Suddenly the bed's two legs crashed to the floor, and became the slide. They tumbled head over feet onto the floor. But they didn't care of this disaster.

The phone on the nearby table rang loudly. In the moment of ecstasy, she didn't like this interference. However, she picked up the receiver and heard the frightened voice of the receptionist on the line.

"Sonia, the police have raided...there's no way you can run, but be prepared!"

She whispered, "Yep..." and hung up.

She was near her first orgasm. She was reckless about this happening, as she was voyaging to heaven and the itching inside her cunt was being satisfied.

"Hero, faster... The police are coming!"

"I can't. I have to balance myself," but he was trying his best to remain at her level.

"Oh god! I've requested to change this garbage bed, but who hears me?" He glued his lips to hers and she had to stop. He threw a fountain of saliva into her mouth and she swallowed like sour medicine.

"Open the door! Who is inside?"

They both heard the signal of the police's arrival but they wanted to continue until they climaxed! The police couldn't wait and kicked the door with strong feet.

"Bitch, open the door or we're going to break it."

Before the threat was completed, the weak door of the hotel crashed to the floor with a loud bang. There were three: inspector Londo and his two assistants, Chagan and Magan. In extreme jealousy, Chagan proceeded to the bed and pulled the kicking man off the whore. He parted from her only reluctantly. His dick came out dripping precum while her cunt streamed a rivulet of juices.

"Sir! Just a minute and it'll end," he begged.

"Bastard! You wanna fuck more, then here!" Chagan struck the customer's bare ass with his cane, who couldn't hold his climax back, so started rubbing his wet tool with his hand.

"Take this whore to the police station and we'll register a complaint against her," inspector Londo shouted, "and this customer also."

Hearing this, the customer's rubbing activity stopped and he spoke, "What have I done?"

"You are an accomplice in this crime," Chagan said.

"What do you need to leave me alone?"

"A thousand rupees, your gold plated wrist watch and gold chain." The policemen's greedy eyes couldn't miss the expensive watch and golden chain hanging and glittering on his hairy chest.

"Your bribe is too much," he tried to make it reasonable, simultaneously shooting loads of cum after being half fucked by pussy and half by fingers. However policemen didn't interest in it.

"Think seriously. If this case is registered, you can't save yourself from the complications of the law, plus the expense of lawyers, and the waste of time," persuaded Magan.

"Don't think any more," Chagan said. "Give what we asked for and leave us with this horny whore." Saliva dripped from his lips as he watched her scratching her pussy under the cover of the blanket.

At last, the customer gave over the watch and chain and bucks to Londo. He dressed quickly and left the room.

"Now what should we do with this juicy slut?" Magan asked as he moistened his lips with his tongue.

She guessed instantly what would happen to her. She got excited with the thought of how the three bullocks would fuck her. Each pound would be hard.

"Wait. Our service isn't finished yet. Scrutinize every single corner of this room. We'll get proof to reinforce our case," and inspector observed the whole room. "Open that cupboard."

Chagan walked, opened the cupboard and cried out.

"What is inside?" inspector questioned.

"Sir, it is full of bras and panties," and picked handful out of it to show inspector.

"Bras and panties! My god! Let me see. My wife has told me to purchase some for her," Magan sounded pleased, like he found gold coins.

"You can't take all. I've also got a wife and she wears them," opposed Chagan

"But all are perfect fit for my wife! Look the size tag: 27-41-27," said Magan, taking a bra and showing it to Chagan.

"My wife isn't that size, but she knows how to sew and will make it suitable for her."

"Don't forget that your Inspector is here and he has a wife," Londo spoke with a commanding voice. He continued, "We'll make it three parts and each will take one."

"These panties smell bad, like rotten cream," spoke Chagan.

"We're taking them, our wives will wash them. Take this sack and put all of them inside," the inspector pointed towards an empty sack.

"It's my classic collection, don't take them!" spoke Sonia, seeing both hurriedly filling sack with her bras and panties.

"Shut up," decreed the inspector, "Magan, check the toilet and there may more hidden treasures like this. Chagan is capable of handling this underwear alone."

Magan dropped his work and walked to toilet. He tried to turn handle to open but it was out of order. It opened as he pushed it.

"Sir, I have found another treasure!" came a voice from the toilet, "come here quickly!"

The inspector went inside.

"Yuck, is it the treasure you're are talking about."

The inspector pressed his nose watching toilet bowl over flew with human waste

"Nay, Sir, look at this pile" Magan pointed to a corner of the bathroom.

"Oh! How lucky we are today, first thousands of bras and panties, and then the same number of CONDOMS!" the Inspector started jumping joyfully on the mound of used condoms, and forgot about the goo.

"Sir, slowly, very slowly, your elephant legs might tear them," Magan uttered seriously.

"Right," and he stopped, took one and smelled it. "It smells used."

"No problems. I gonna use it anyway. My wife will wash them with costly detergent powder." Magan didn't want to lose them.

And he took out his tool and slid one onto it.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm checking if it fits me," and his tool was suddenly covered with white sheath.

"Oi fool, they're not bras, take it off." Inspector irritated by this walking encyclopaedia.

"I've another idea. My wife is a trustee in an orphanage."

"What will the children do with them?" asked Magan, surprised.

"My wife has said that the children are mad behind balloons, so we'll do some charity work." Spoke Londo and blew one to see if it worked.

"You've a point sir. My guru says, "Always do charities of one third of your income."" Magan was in a preaching mood.

"This would be the first time wit sparks in you," and he showed the blown white balloon. "Tested O.K." and threw it on the pile.

Chagan appeared in the toilet with one big sack on his shoulder.

"Chagan, put it here and take another sack. We're going to take these condoms for charity."

Chagan left and returned in a second. The trio hurriedly filled it. The sack was full, not an inch of space remained.

"What do we do with these leftovers?" inspector said, as the sack denied swallowing more.

"Why worry, Sir? We fill our shirts' and pants' pockets!" and Chagan stuffed condoms in his all pockets. Magan and Mr. Londo followed him.

At last three still remained.

"We wear one each," Chagan advised, and three tools suddenly protruded and hid again but with a condom on each of them.

The trio came out from the toilet, each sack on their shoulders and pockets filled with condoms. Some couldn't fit inside, and so partly dangled outside the pockets.

"You looted me. You looted my memories connected with them. You looted my exquisite collection of five years. I'll complain to the Police Commissioner about what you have done," Sonia wailed heavily looking her museum stolen in front of her eyes.

"What will you say to the Commissioner, Sonia? That your bras, panties and condoms were stolen by Londo, Chagan and Magan? You can tell him whatever you like, ha ha ha!" and the inspector laughed heavily, along with his two assistants, leaving Sonia deprived of her basic right.


I'm thankful to Starryeyedkitkat for editing this story and his good suggestions to improve it.

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