tagFetishSonia's Panty Slave

Sonia's Panty Slave


This is a variation on a theme dear to the hearts of many (or at least some). If you feel like voting – vote. If you can't be bothered – I don't care. If you feel like giving me feedback – then do. If you can't be stuffed – then pour yourself another glass of wine and skip on to the next rollocking yarn.

The fishnet pull-up stockings were stretched up over my waxed legs. A silky babydoll nightie covered my chest and draped itself over my midriff, riding up over the bulging satin thong that barely held my fat, hard 7" cock. I felt great. I was also stoned out of my fucking brain. This, you see, was my day off. I'd started with a joint and a strong cup of black. Then, as the dope hit, I wandered around our apartment drawn, as always, by that top drawer of my flatmate Sonia's dresser.

It was her bed I was lying on. It was her bed on which I found myself squeezing and rubbing the precum out of my cock, jerking myself into oblivion on the ptahcwork counterpain. Did I forget to mention that all these silky things I was wearing were hers? Did I also neglect to mention that I had a pair of her dirty panties pulled over my face and was sniffing and licking the crusty, musty, cummy crotch.

And this is how I looked when Sonia walked into the room, dressed in a sharp blue business suit, obviously home to pick something up she had forgotten.

She didn't say anything right away. I didn't notice her right away either. Finally, she cleared her throat and my head twisted in her direction. I was sprung! Shit.

"You dirty little cunt." She said under her breath. "How dare you! How dare you defile my room." She was shouting now. "How dare you rub your dirty cock all over my things. How dare you! You fucking pervert!"

And all this time I was gathered my stoned self up and trying to mutter apologies. Her fishnets ripped as I tried to pull them off. I think I heard threads break on the babydoll. My cock had semi deflated by now and I was stepping out of her panties when I felt her fist connect with my jaw.

"Sonia..Owwwwww..Just let me explain."

She looked at me. I could see the fury on her face and then I realized I still had her the dirty panties pulled over half of my face. I started to pull them off.

"Keep them" she said. "I don't want them back you dirty little cunt"

I backed away to the door. I'd never heard her so mad.

"Sonia…it was just..:"

"I don't wanna know. I want you out of here by the time I get back from work. I want you moved out!"

The door slammed as she left. I was sitting on my bed. I was still wasted and the then the news slowly filtered into my addled brain. I didn't have a place to live. I'd lost a friend. The worst of all, news of my cross dressing, panty sniffing morning would spread like wildfire around our large group of friends.

I lay back cursing my luck. A harmless little carousal. A joint. A dress-up session. And now I was sprung.

Just when I was about to slip into a moment of intense self pity the whiff of Sonia's hot pussy floated back in through my nostrils. I still had those damn panties on my head. My meat sprang back to life. Mmmm. That gorgeous scent of sexy Sonia's tight, smelly, juicy, well-fucked cunt.

I lay back and jerked my cock to a rapid orgasm. My sperm shoot up through the air when I came. I lay back smiling. At least I got one last load shot off, I thought.

The rest of the day was spent packing up my meager belongings from the flat. Most of the stuff was Sonia's. I had no clue where I was going to live, no clue about what I was going to tell my friends.

The phone had rung several times and I hadn't even the nerve to pick it up. I punched in the access code to pick up the messages. Two from Sonia. The first – she was really pissed off. The second - she seemed to have calmed down a little.

"If you don't want this to be all over town you'll be waiting for me when I come home with your bags packed. I've done some serious thinking." Her voice sounded stern, calmer, more in control.

I was waiting, bags packed, in the living room when she arrived. Ignoring me she poured herself a stiff vodka, kicked off her heels and sat down across from me.

"Sonia…" I tried to say.

"Shut up Rob."

I shut up.

"I going to ask you some questions now, Rob," she said to me. " I don't want to discuss your answers I want a simple yes or No. And if I'm not satisfied with your answers then news of your panty sniffing and cross dressing will be around all of our friends"

And then she started grilling me. How many times had I jerked off? Did I dress up on all my days off? Then things started to get weird. Did I feel she should punish me for this? Did I play with my ass? Did I ever feel I needed a cock up my ass?

I don't know what the hell was happening to me but I found myself confessing to all sorts of things. Yes, I said. I loved ass play. Yes, I needed punishment.

"Rob, will you accept my punishment?"

"Yes Sonia. I will.

And inside I felt relief. I HAD a WAY OUT. But there was also an edge to Sonia's voice, something hard, something that excited me.

"I'm going to take a bath now Rob," she said. "When I get out I want you dressed up like you were when I caught you. And DON'T play with your dick while you're waiting."

God! I couldn't fucking believe this. Now she was asking me to dress up. Maybe this was turning her on! Maybe I'd just become the luckiest cross dressing panty sniffer in town.

I pulled the silky things over my trembling limbs and fat cock. I even pulled the panties over my head. I lay back to wait, squirming, dying to bring my cock out and jerk it off.

All of a sudden she was back, looking down at me with a haughty, bossy, look on her face. She handed me a sleeping mask.

"Put it on. And remember panty boy: No peeping or else!"

And with the mask on my world went dark. I could hear her walking about, arranging things in the room.

"I bet you'd like to put on a show for me, wouldn't you panty boy" I heard her whisper.

I nodded, feeling my cock shoot up another inch or so.

"Yes, I bet you put on a good show." I felt something being pushed into my hands, a huge rubber dildo that had been greased up.

"yeah. I'm gunna sit down here and play with my pussy while you put on the show of your life. And it had better be good panty boy. I better be able to bring myself off. Can you do that for Sonia? Can you put on the show of a lifetime for Sonia?"

"Yes," I muttered weakly. I'd never been so turned on.

"You have ten minutes. And it better be fucking hot!"

Still under the darkness of the mask I set about putting on the hottest show I could…I pulling my cock out and caressed it for her, sitting on the head and rubbing squeezing and jerking it. I poin-ted my ass in the direction she was sitting and pulled the thong aside. I slipped the head of the huge cock into my tight hole. God that hurt. "Ooooo that feels so good..a hot cock in my hole" I blabbered. And then I started sliding it in deeper stretching my tight hole, filling myself with this huge fuckin-g thing.

I was lost in the pleasure of the moment, screaming obscenities and now bucking up and down on the dildo, jerking my cock. I heard movements across the room and was sure that Sonia was diddling herself as well. I felt the sperm rise from my balls as I bucked up and down on the dildo.

And then I started to shoot off. Huge rivulets of gobby sperm roped up, hitting me in the face, dripping down on my chest. I felt so good, so hot, so turned on cumming for this sexy woman I lived with. Dressed up in her panties! I rubbed the cum into my chest and licked my fingers.

I heard a whisper from across the room.

"Good boy," it was Sonia, my sexy, forgiving, kinky room mate. I hoped she had diddled herself to a great little cum.

"Now put your hands behind your back for Sonia."

God that voice was sexy.

I felt her gentle fingers grab my hands and then felt metal around my wrists. There was a quick, vicious click and I felt my hands enclosed in handcuffs.

"What the fuck!?" I started to shout but Sonia was pulling off the blindfold. There was a cruel smile on her face and I looked passed her, across the room. A small video camera was set up on a tripod in the corner.

"Don't worry honey, it came out very well on tape. "

"But Sonia…"

"Just a little insurance policy, Rob. And now I must go put it in a very safe place.

She popped it out of the camera and strode down the hallway to the front door.

"Don't move until I get back!"

The door slammed and I heard her car start up.

The rubber dildo was still rammed deep in my ass. I rocked back and forth on it a little, feeling that somehow it was a comfort, the only comfort I had at that moment. I could feel the sperm drying on my chest and face. What had I got myself into? What the fuck was I doing? A whiff of pussy filled my nostrils. Those panties were still pulled over my nose. My cock hardened again automatically. Damn. It was the whiff of Sonia's sweet pussy that had done it.

"Insurance policy" that's what she said about the tape. I was replaying things back in my mind, wondering what this sweet-pussied woman was up to. Despite the nervousness my cock was still incredibly hard and my ass full of this huge rubber dick. I sat back to wait, wondering how I would get my hands free.

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