tagMatureSons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers

byAlex De Kok©

With apologies to the shade of D. H. Lawrence, but the title was just too good to miss!


She was gazing through the window overlooking the pool, when Fran came up beside her, handing her a tall glass, frosted with dew.

"Thanks, Fran, I need that on a day like this," she said, but her attention was outside. Fran moved alongside her, and the two women gazed at the view.

"Penny for them," said Fran.

"Just thinking that it's over two years since I last got laid."

Fran laughed. "And what prompted that , Susan Ellis?"

"Your son, Fran, as if you didn't know."

"Ah, my son. What is it, Sue? His incredible good looks, taking after his mother as he does? His swimmer's physique? His boyish charm? His friendly personality?"

"All of those, Fran, but mostly the size of the bulge in his swim shorts."

Fran laughed. "I thought it might be. Yes, Todd seems to be well developed where it might matter to a sex-starved woman. I can name another likely stud, too."

"Oh, yes. Who?" said Sue, interested, almost despite herself.

"Your own son."

"Joe? You're joshing me!"

"Nope. I think Joe might be as big as Todd."

Susan stared at her friend for a long, long, moment, and then burst into laughter.

Fran frowned. "Come on, Sue, share it. What's so funny?"

"Us. That's what's funny. Two divorced, middle-aged women discussing the relative size of each other's son's dick. That's what's funny."

"Sue, you said you hadn't been laid in over two years. Well, it's longer than that for me, three, almost four."

Sue reached out and squeezed her friend's hand. "I know, sweetie, I know. Life's a bitch sometimes, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess. What are we going to do about it? Put on our shortest skirts and our lowest-cut tops and go down to the Roadhouse, see if we can pick somebody up? I don't think so, do you? Honestly? And why have you started looking all thoughtful?"

Sue smiled, gesturing towards the window. "The answer is out there."

"Fuck my son? No way!"

"Sorry, Fran, didn't make myself clear. Not you. Me. And you with Joe."

There was a long silence, as Fran stared at her friend. Sue tilted her head, a half-smile on her face, until Fran gave her a wry grin. "Nice thought, Sue, very nice, but would Joe go for a woman twice his age?"

"In general terms, no, I don't think so. Would he go for you? I think he very probably might, given the right incentive."

"And that is? I'm not paying for sex, Sue."

"Not asking you to, sweetie. Joe likes you, Fran. He likes you very much, quite apart from being his best friend's mother. I was cleaning his room, and accidentally dislodged a pile of his college work. I was just going to pick it up and put it back, when I spotted a photo. Remember, about this time last year? When the four of us went to the beach?"


"And you were wearing your red bikini?"

"Oh, god!" Fran groaned. "That one that was about three sizes too small?"

Sue grinned. "That's the one. Joe had his camera. I suspect we weren't paying attention, but Joe took a photo of you in that bikini." Sue grinned. "I say this myself, girl, you looked hot in that photo!"

Fran flushed. "I felt hot. Hot with embarrassment."

"Didn't show. Anyway, Joe has that photo, near his bed. I suspect he might use it for jack-off material."

Fran blinked, startled, and then laughed. "Oh, my god! Me, the stuff of masturbatory fantasies! You must be mistaken, Sue, you must."

"Well, I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. But that's beside the point. If Joe wanted you, would you have him?"

"Seriously?" said Fran, and Sue nodded, her smile broadening as Fran went on. "Yes, I would! They say young men are best handled by experienced women, and I think I'd like to find out if it's true." Fran grinned, wry. "But will it happen? I suspect not."

"I'd have to say exactly the same about me and Todd, so if you have any ideas, let's hear them."

Fran looked at her friend, really looked at her, for a long, long, moment, then took a long swallow from her glass, draining it. "I'll get refills, and we'll talk about this."


Joe and his mother had just finished supper when she started to turn his world upside down, and probably inside-out, too, truth be told. "Joe?

"Yes, Mom?"

"Sorry for the personal question, son, and the timing, too, but it's important. Are you still a virgin?"

He stared at her for a moment, a little shocked, a lot more surprised, but they'd always been honest with each other, and he shook his head, although he could feel his face flush. "No, Mom. Not since second semester at college."

"Good experience?" He couldn't stop the grin and Sue smiled. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Yes, Mom. It was a good experience." Joe grinned, his flush fading. "Very good, in fact. But why is it important? Why the sudden inquisition?"


"Aunt Fran? What about her?"

"She hasn't been laid in over three years, is getting frustrated, and wants some action. But she wants good sex with no ties, from someone she likes, someone she trusts. I suggested you."

"You suggested me?" Joe was startled. "Why me?"

"You like her."

Joe snorted. "True, but she is my best friend's mother, and your best friend, too, as far as I can tell, apart from being a good-looking, friendly neighbor."

"Yes, son, she is. But we were talking about Fran. She's attractive. Good figure, keeps herself fit."

"Also true, but so are you attractive and fit, Mom. And also with a good figure."

"Thank you, but I'm not asking you to fuck me, Joe, but Fran." He stared at her and she gave him a rueful grin. "Guess it's the first time I ever said 'fuck' to you, isn't it?"

"Yeah, Mom. First time, but then, there's a first time for everything, isn't there?"

"I guess so."

"Including me, um, fucking Aunt Fran."

Sue chuckled. "Including that. Well, does it appeal, or repel?"

"Come on, Mom, get real! You offer me Aunt Fran on a plate, gift-wrapped, and expect me to say no? Of course it appeals."

"Good. Next question. Do you and Todd have any plans for the weekend? Friday to Monday inclusive?"

"No, I'm pretty sure we don't. Why?"

"Cape Aniya? Ever been?"

"The nudist place?" Joe's smile was wry. "No, Mom, I have never been to Cape Aniya. Why there? Are you thinking of going?"

"Not just thinking. We have a two-bedroom cabin reserved for the weekend. You, me, Fran, and Todd. Fran thought it was a good idea to let you see what you were getting before you committed yourself."

Joe stared at her again. "Whoa a moment, Mom. Am I getting the right picture here? While I make with the nasties with Aunt Fran, you and Todd are getting it on, too?"

Sue was suddenly unsure, it had all seemed so simple when she and Fran had discussed it, and she was hesitant, feeling the heat in her face, when she nodded. "Yeah, um, that was the idea, son. You okay with that?"

Joe reached for her hand, squeezing her fingers, and his voice was soft when he spoke. "Mom, when was the last time you got laid? I'd guess about two, three years, before you threw my no-good Dad out. Am I right?"

Sue nodded. "Yes," she whispered.

"Then it's time. Todd's a good choice. He's hot for you, Mom. He told me he masturbates to thoughts of you." Joe flushed. "Oops! Don't tell him I told you, okay?" He laughed, short, wry. "It was more information than I really wanted when he told me that, but then I jack-off to thoughts of Aunt Fran, so I couldn't exactly criticize, could I?"

"Our secret, Joe. I swear." Wow, thought Sue, feeling a flush of heat in her pussy. This could be good! I was right about that photo.

Joe nodded. "Mom, if you had to choose someone to take to bed, and if you'd asked me who, I'd have put Todd at the top of the list." He laughed. "A very short list, by the way. Only one name on it."

A surge of relief ran through Sue. "So I take it you're okay with this?"

"Yes, Mom. I'm fine. I was a little concerned about what you'd be doing, if I was fucking Aunt Fran, but if you're going to be showing Todd what a real woman wants, I can relax, and enjoy my own lesson."

"Real woman, eh? Thanks for that, son."

"Hey, I live with you, remember? I've seen you in your underwear, as well as in your nightie, and your bikini. I've never seen you naked, Mom, but I think I'm going to soon, yes?"

"On Friday, yes. I'll probably blush like a sunset."

Joe laughed. "You think I won't? We can have matching flushes."

"It might depend on Todd, son. Fran was asking him tonight, too."

"I forecast an enthusiastic 'yes', Mom."

Sue glanced at her watch. Just coming up to ten. Time to phone Fran. She turned to Joe. "Joe? There's a bottle of wine in the kitchen. Red. Open it, and pour us one each, will you? Then I need to ring Fran."

"Dutch courage, Mom? You won't need it, I promise. Hey, can I ring?"

"Get the wine. We'll see."

But it was Joe who dialed Fran's number, and Sue fought a giggle, listening to him, for it was obvious that Fran had answered the phone. "Aunt Fran? Hi, it's Joe ... no, it's you I wanted to speak to, not Todd ... why? I have a question for you, that's why ... no, it's an easy one, I promise ... yes, easy. Which side of the bed do you sleep?" He listened for a moment, a grin spreading over his face, then laughed. "Oh, you're not planning on sleeping. Should I be worried? ... that's good, I can manage well-rested ... yes, she's here. I'll put her on." He turned. "Fran wants to speak to you."

Sue took the receiver. "Get that wine, son. Fran, hi."

"Hi, Sue. I take it that I can expect sexual advances from your son this coming weekend?"

Sue laughed. "Yeah, and you know it, too, after that call. Not planning on sleeping, huh?"

There was a giggle on the line. "Nope, I'm not. Of course, with a bit of luck I'll pass out from exhaustion."

"What about me? Do I plan on sleeping?"

"Not if my son has anything to do with it, girlfriend. He is hot for you!" There was a murmur on the line, then Fran spoke again. "Sue, Todd would like a word."

"Put him on."

A pause. "Aunt Sue?"

"Hi, Todd, honey."

"Mom says this weekend was your idea. That right?"

"Not totally. I think the location was your mom's. Going away for a few days, somewhere that no-one knows us, that was my idea, yes, but I would have been happy with a little hideaway, somewhere out of the way. I have to say, since your mom suggested it, I'm sort of getting to like the idea of being naked in public." Sue laughed, almost a giggle. "Or trying to be, anyway. I guess I'm a closet exhibitionist or something."

"Well, I don't know about that, but you've been my dream woman for ages, and just the thought of seeing you naked, let alone touching you, is making me very excited. Very, very excited."

"Todd, honey, I'm wet just thinking about it." Sue glanced over her shoulder. "Put your mom back on, please, Todd?"

"Sure thing, Aunt Sue. Friday can't come soon enough. Here's Mom."

"Hi, Sue. What's up?"

Sue giggled. "Joe's dick, thinking about you, probably."

"No more than Todd's."

"Joe is hot to trot, girl. The boys are going to that football match tomorrow afternoon. The forecast is good again, so can I come over for a swim? I thought we might try tanning those bits that don't normally catch the sun, get them a little prepared for Friday. Sound good?"

"Sure does, Sue. Come over straight after lunch? Say, one?"

"One it is, Fran. See ya."

Next afternoon, beside the pool, the two women stretched out naked, sunblock well rubbed in. The day was warm, even hot, and they were relaxed with each other, even though they'd never been naked together in the past.

"So Joe was keen, was he?" said Fran.

Sue chuckled. "You answered the phone to him, so you tell me."

"In that case, I have to say, 'yes'."

"Yes is right, Fran. I asked him if he was okay with it, and if I remember right, he said something like, 'you offer me Aunt Fran, gift-wrapped, and ask me if I'm okay? Of course I'm okay with it'. So I think you can relax, girl." Sue grinned at the pleased expression on her friend's face.

"Pretty much what Todd said, too. I think we might enjoy this weekend."

"Think? I'm certain!"

"Any thoughts?" said Fran.

"About what?"

"The how? The what? Any thoughts on how to go about this?"

Sue paused before she answered. "Yes, I do. We spend the afternoon, after we get there, naked, on the beach or wherever. It is a nude beach, and it is summer, after all. Then we go off the Cape for a meal, somewhere we have to wear clothes, but we let the boys see us dressing. Neither of us has a particularly big bust, we can get away with going bra-less, so we let them see we leave off our underwear, that underneath our dresses or whatever, we're naked, naked and ready. If that doesn't have them ready to go when we get back to the cabin, nothing will! And when we're back we - do you like oral?"

Fran grinned. "Love it. Giving, and receiving."

"Great! Okay, when we're back, we blow them, swallow them whole. It won't take long, because they'll be so excited from knowing we've been sitting next to them without any bra or panties that they'll shoot on sight! When we've blown them, we teach them how to eat us. And when that's done, we fuck, but this time they'll last, because they've already come. Sound good?" Sue grinned across at her friend.

"Susan Ellis, you are a fucking genius!"

"Maybe. I doubt it, else how come I married such a complete loser? I don't mean financially, the divorce settlement was great, I mean in the intra-species bit, between man and woman? Or should that be inter-species? Are men and women different species?"

"Sweetheart, I have no idea. You're the college graduate, not me. But if I could answer that, I could probably tell you where I went wrong, too."

There was a long, comfortable silence before Sue spoke again. "Just curiosity, Fran, but did you ever make love to a woman?"

"You mean like in a lesbian relationship?"

"I wasn't thinking of anything that intense, just a girl-on-girl experiment, find out what it was like, sort of thing."

"Yes, in high school." Fran laughed. "Then I discovered hard dicks with warm men attached."

"Ah," said Sue, the best kind!"

"Definitely. Um, Sue, was there a purpose to your question, or just prurient curiosity?"

"A bit of both, I think. Whatever happens this weekend, and perhaps later, too, after we get back home, the boys go back to college in three weeks' time, and our beds are empty again."


"I thought we might perhaps try a little girl-on-girl action, or perhaps middle-aged-divorcée on middle-aged-divorcée would be more apt. Keep our libidos ticking over until Christmas, when the boys are home again."

Fran laughed. "It might be fun." There was another comfortable pause before Fran spoke again. "Sue?"


"How old is middle-aged?"

Sue giggled. "Much older than we are, girlfriend, much older. You're what, thirty-nine? and I'm just turned forty. We're young!"

"And fit, and apparently desirable, too, or so our sons would have us believe."

"And when did they ever lie to us? At least about anything serious?"

"Never, as far as I know, but I can only speak for Todd, of course."

"Joe's the same, far as I know. I think we raised a couple of good ones."

"Me, too. We'll see just how good they are in other fields on Friday."

"Yes, indeed. Can't come too soon for me."


And eventually, Friday arrived. They'd agreed they'd all travel together in Fran's SUV, and Fran and Todd arrived to collect Sue and Joe just after nine.

"Ready?" said Fran, as she and Todd came in.

"Yep. All packed, with the singular exception of anything to wear on the beach except sunblock," said Sue, laughing. Joe just grinned at Todd, and flushed a little when he caught Fran's eye, but she just winked and blew him a kiss.

"It's about a three hour drive, so I thought we'd look for a diner, maybe just before noon, then we don't need to waste time eating once we get there," said Fran. "Okay with you guys?"

"Sounds like a plan, girlfriend," said Sue. "Let's go!" Five minutes later they were on the road, Todd in the back seat beside Sue, Joe in the front with Fran. Both women were conscious of the fact that they'd be in bed with the young man sitting next to them later that day, but it just added a zing to thoughts of the weekend they were all planning to enjoy, and an extra dampness to the pussy area.

They found a roadside diner just after midday, and got themselves some food, and shortly after one-thirty were at the Cape. The admissions office was staffed by a woman of middle years, in halter top and shorts, who quickly confirmed their reservation.

"Once you're through the gate," she said, "turn right, and follow the road behind the pines. Watch out for the numbers. You'll see a little access road for each cabin, and there's parking to the rear of the cabin. You're in number seven, and you have your own path to the beach. It's only short, about twenty yards, and you're on the beach just seconds from the cabin."

"Sounds great," said Fran. "Did our drinks order go through?"

"Yes, indeed. You'll find the water and sodas in the refrigerator, ready for you. The air-conditioner was turned on an hour ago, so everything is ready for you. Here's your key, and enjoy your weekend."

"We were planning to go into town for a meal, later, so two quick questions," said Fran. "One, is someone on duty if we come back late? And two, can you recommend somewhere to eat?"

"Take your cabin key with you. If the gate is locked when you come back, your key opens the control box. You can see it on the pole there, bright blue? Open the box, press the button. The gate will open. Drive through, and the gate will close automatically. That's if you come back after nine. There's someone here until then. As for your second question, do you like Italian food?"

"Yes, we all do."

"Toni's Tavern, then. Good food, reasonably priced." The woman grinned. "Toni's my cousin, but the food is good, I promise." She rummaged in a drawer, then passed over a leaflet. "Directions!"

"Great!" said Fran. "Right, that's everything."

"Enjoy your weekend. Might see you on the beach tomorrow, I'm due three days off."

"Maybe we will. Bye for now."

There was tension in the air as Fran drove along the access road. Joe spotted the sign.

"There," he said. "Number seven." Fran turned in and ten seconds later they were there. A two bedroom cabin, as promised. A tiny kitchen, dining space for six, living area with two couches facing each other over a coffee table, TV. And two bedrooms. Each with bath, each with two beds, as promised, and which they'd booked as cover, the reservation being in their own names, but the rooms were big, and in each room one of the beds was a double.

"Which one do you want?" said Sue, head cocked.

Her son pointed. "That one. Okay, Fran?"

"Okay, sweetie."

"Guess we're in here, Sue," said Todd. Hmm, when did the 'aunt' get dropped.

"Guess so, honey. Plans, anyone?"

"Test our collective nerve out on the beach, I guess," said Fran, with a shrug. "Which means that we need to take our clothes off. Suddenly, I'm nervous."

Todd laughed, glancing at Sue. "I'm petrified." She grinned, taking his hand and leading him into their bedroom.

"Okay," said Sue, "we'll just pile our clothes on the single bed for the moment." She grinned. "We need the other one for other things, later, for us."

Holding Todd's eyes, she began to unbutton her blouse. A slow grin spread across his face and he loosened the waist band of his shorts, sliding them down just as Sue discarded her blouse. Her own shorts quickly followed, along with his t-shirt, leaving Todd in boxers, Sue in brief bra and panties, and moments later, the two of them were naked. There was a long silence as they studied each other, each of them with a touch of red in their face, a hint of lust in their eyes. Todd was the first to speak.

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