Sons and Lovers

byAlex De Kok©

"Does to me, too." He bent and kissed her, light, more friend than lover. "I'd like it to be there a lot."

"Sounds good to me, hon. We have three weeks before you go back to college, so I guess we can fit a good amount of fucking in before you leave."

"You'd fuck me in your own bed?" he said, surprise in his tone.

"Or yours, yes, of course. Hmm, just had a thought. Me and Joe invite you and your mom for dinner. No-one except us needs to know what else we do."

Todd laughed. "I hope there'll be some actual food included. You're real tasty, Sue, but I suspect a little low on calories for a growing boy."

"There'll be food, energy food. I don't think any aphrodisiacs will be needed." She giggled. "Not that I'd know where to get any."

"The only aphrodisiac I need is knowing that you want me, Sue. That's the biggest turn-on of all."

"Thanks, sweetie." She squeezed down on him and her eyes widened. "My god, you're still hard!"

He grinned. "When I jack off, I usually have to do it twice before it softens."

"You mean, I might get another nailing by that monster of yours?"

"I sure hope so."

"Anything I can do to help?"

He grinned. "Tell me what you like."

"What I like?"

"Yes, of course. What you like. Do you like missionary? Woman on top? Doggy-style? Do you like to make love in the open? Do you like to suck me off, or do you prefer me to eat you?"

Sue laughed. "Yes."

Todd frowned. "Sorry?"

She kissed his nose. "I like all of those. I like making love in the bath, in the shower, in bed, on the floor, bent over a table. I like to be naked with my lover, so that I can smell him, so that I can taste him. I like him to be naked, to be hard, so that I can feel him, run my fingers over his erection, over his balls.

"I like missionary position, so I can look into my lover's eyes when he comes. I like to be on top, to control the moment. I like to be taken from behind, like the animal I am.

"Honey, I'm just a fuck-hungry, lusty woman who is totally enjoying having you hard and inside me. However you want me, I'll give it a try. But never, ever, where it would hurt Joe or your mom."

He smiled down into her eyes, and she felt his prick flex inside her. "Sounds good to me, sweetheart. I think I'm ready to go again. You?"

"Almost. Give me a kiss, and then we'll have another quick shower. I don't know about you, but I am sticky with sweat and sex, and I want to be clean for round two."

Todd groaned. "Will I live?"

Sue laughed. "Dunno, hon, but what a way to go!"


Well, that's the end of my little tale. I hope you enjoyed it. As it's a contest entry, a vote would be appreciated. And I love feedback!

The story was inspired by an earlier tale of mine, 'Your Son, My Lover' also on Literotica, and there are similarities, but this one is new. Unlikely, perhaps, but hey! Erotic fantasy is what Literotica is about, isn't it?

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