tagIncest/TabooSoothing My Daddy Ch. 02

Soothing My Daddy Ch. 02


Here is part two of this story. It has receive very positive feedback so far and I hope you like the second part as much. I look forward to hearing your comments, both pro and con.

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters within are simply figments of my imagination! Enjoy!

It is amazing how quickly you can get used to the extraordinary! Three weeks ago, I had never dreamed of having a sexual relationship with my father, but trying to help him deal with severe leg cramps and pain brought on by work and stress led me into initiating a more intimate relationship with Daddy, I became used to having some sort of naughty fun with Daddy on a daily basis..

Not a night ended that I didn't go to sleep with the taste of Daddy's sweet semen in my mouth. Mama couldn't leave the house for more than a few minutes without Daddy's mouth and tongue feverishly licking my pussy. Once Daddy realized that while I was still a virgin – never having had a man's cock inside me before, but that my hymen had long been history (thank you, McFeaver's Riding Academy!), he also taught me how talented a man could actually be with his fingers. Even as he would make me moan and croon with pleasure using his knowledgeable digits, I was making another mental note to continue to be pissed at my old boyfriends who hadn't had a fucking clue!

Daddy's nights of walking the floors in pain, unable to sleep were long over and after several days of being obsessed with touching, kissing and licking each other's bodies, we were both getting more sleep as we became more confident in hiding our activities from Mama.

Mama wasn't a bad person, but the truth is she'd lost interest in sex years ago which had left Daddy high and dry and eliminated one avenue of relieving the stress of being a floor supervisor at the local paper plant and of being married to Mama who wasn't the easiest person to live with anyway. I know Mama loved me, but I was also the "later in life surprise baby" that she never quite got over having and she already had her favorite – my older by thirteen years sister, Amelia – now living in Atlanta and raising her own family.

Neither Daddy or I had any real guilt over our love affair – pleasuring my daddy had given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment unlike anything I had ever known and his touch was sweet ecstasy that grew each time his lips or hands touched me. I was in love with his long, thick cock and dreamed of the moment that he would take my virginity and completely claim me as his woman. The problem at hand was that Daddy didn't want to simply sneak a fuck with his baby girl...he was waiting for an opportunity to fuck me at our leisure...no hurrying, but rather taking our time and luxuriating in our incestuous desires.

Alas, between work and school and Mama's schedule running the local branch of a big insurance company, Daddy and I could never get more than an hour or two to ourselves and Daddy considered the possibility of the two of us slipping off to some 'No-Tell Motel' as too sleazy and out of the question. Still, we worked hard to squeeze in enough lewd behavior to keep the need to fuck at bay and I have to admit, any chance to have Daddy's cock stuffed down my throat, gushing torrents of his hot semen was a wonderful thing.

In three weeks, I'd managed to suck Daddy off as he sat at the kitchen table in a straight back chair, sitting between his legs as he relaxed in his favorite overstuffed chair, kneeling at his feet in my bedroom, while he was sitting on the toilet in the upstairs bathroom, with him sitting on the stairs, and in the garage. Daddy had twice made my Saturday mornings lovely by waking me up licking my pussy until I was on the verge of orgasm. We already were so attuned to each other that we could sixty-nine ourselves into a mutual orgasm. Several times as Mama cooked dinner, Daddy would find me and pin me to a wall and slip his fingers under my dress or down my waistband and finger-fuck me to an orgasm, his tongue in my mouth to squelch my screams of pleasure.

Every morning I would wake up with the erotic memories of pleasuring Daddy the night before...sometimes accompanied by the sweet echoes of Daddy pleasuring me as well. I would stand before my mirror, naked, inspecting my body and feeling both beautiful and fulfilled as I ran my hands over my curvy five foot, five inch body, my short, curly hair looking unruly and sexy. I would caress my full and pert 34C breasts and stroke my little pussy that always seemed to be wet these days and dream of lying back in bed, my legs parted as Daddy prepared to finally bury his huge cock in my virgin cunt!

Mama was oblivious to our incestuous affair, focused as she had been for years on making her agency the most successful insurance agency in town and on the rapidly approaching birth of Amelia's third child. I had no way of knowing then, but it was my big sister, Amelia who had disliked her baby sister almost as much as Mama had, that was to provide Daddy and I our opportunity to finally take our expression of love to a higher level.

I had just got home from working at the bakery and my mind was on what I was going to be wearing when I finally gave Daddy his nightly cocksucking. I was wondering if my low cut nightshirt was clean as I came in through the kitchen door to find Mama and Daddy sitting at the table – a fierce frown on my mother's face.

"About time, Lillian," Mama snapped. "Sit down, we need to talk."

My stomach began to do flip-flops as I wandered how Mama had found out about Daddy and me. I slid into a kitchen chair with my parents on the ends of the table between me. Mama just scowled disapprovingly as she had pretty much done my whole life, but my fears abated slightly as I gave Daddy a brief glance and realized he was doing everything he could to not grin from ear to ear. His eyes were alight with pure happiness.

Turning my gaze to Mama and trying to be nonchalant, I asked in as normal a tone as I could muster, "What's up?"

"Your sister is what's up," Mama snapped back at me. "As if you really care – I imagine Amelia can't remember the last time you called her to see how she was doing."

There was a sulky, petulant undertone to Mama's voice and I had to struggle to not snap back that it had been five months ago when Amelia had called me to chew me out for sending my seven year old niece a new 'Barbie' doll for her birthday and telling me that she was offended by my perpetuating such sexual stereotypes and that my specific response had been to, "Bite me." Instead, I took a deep breath and replied, "Is Amelia and the baby alright?" trying to inject a tone of concern into my words.

"She's fine," Daddy said before Mama interrupted him with an impatient wave of her hand.

Mama stared angrily at Daddy and then me before saying, "No, she's not! She's got a houseful of kids and a husband that works too much and doesn't do enough and she's in her eighth month and she needs our help."

"Our help?" I softly echoed. "Um, how?"

"Your mother thinks we should go down to Atlanta and help out...till after the baby is born and things can get back to normal," Daddy said, throwing me a wink. "I have pointed out that you're in the middle of your Senior year of school and that I have a job that I can't go gallivanting off from."

"That's not important!" snarled Mama. "What's important is that we take care of Amelia. She needs us!"

"Well, sorry, Mama, but I'm not taking off from school." My reply was short and angry and I was a little off balanced because I couldn't figure out why Daddy seemed so upbeat.

Before Mama could jump down my throat, Daddy spoke up, his voice a little louder than usual as if he was reminding Mama that she couldn't make the decisions for us all by herself. "Amelia's going to be fine and Pooh's not going anywhere and neither am I, Helen." Daddy paused and stared Mama in the face, backing down any snippy remarks she might have spit back at him. "Now, Honey...you can take off all the time you want – I know you keep the office running like a top and whatever can't be handled by Timothy or Bettina, you can deal with from your laptop. Helen, if you absolutely have to go hold Amelia's hand while she has another baby, you go right ahead. I'm sure that Pooh and I will somehow survive!"

My jaw dropped open in utter surprise. First off, Daddy hardly ever raised his voice to Mama like that...he was usually so soft spoken and agreeable. Second, it came to me in a sudden flash why Daddy seemed so pleased...Mama going off and spending God knows how much time down in Atlanta...maybe weeks and weeks of it just being Daddy and me!" I felt a shiver go through me that hardened my nipples and dampened my pussy!

Mama tried to stare Daddy down, but he wasn't having any of it. Finally, she resorted to getting teary-eyed and said in a slightly teary voice, replied, "I cannot understand how you can be so callous about your daughter...your first born child, John." She flicked me a hateful gaze. "Or your big sister, Lillian."

Daddy's voice got a little louder and a bit angrier. "She's a thirty-one year old woman with two kids and a husband – an adult who's been on her own for over a damn decade. And you best remember, Helen, you have two daughters and do what's best for both of them." Mama stiffened up at Daddy's words, but he softened up a little then and reached out and put his hand on Mama's arm in a familiar and affectionate manner and said in a gentler tone, "You go on down to Atlanta – it's only a five hour drive and if we need you here, we'll call. Pooh and I will be fine and I reckon we can manage not to burn the place down while you're gone."

Mama nodded, her face still angry and replied tersely, "I'll go pack. I'll leave in the morning." She stood up and stomped away – her anger with us apparent in her stiff-backed posture.

Once I heard her bedroom door slam, I turned and looked at Daddy who had the goofiest grin on his face I'd ever seen. "You reckon we can manage, Daddy?" I giggled and then I was climbing into his lap and kissing him all over his face. "I might manage to fuck you to death!"

Daddy kissed me back, his strong hands cupping my ass cheeks under my tight jeans. When he finally let my tongue slip from his mouth, he said softly, "I told you our time would come, Pooh. Just one more night and then I'll officially make you a woman."

I felt a foreshadowing tremor of orgasmic energy ripple through me and kissed Daddy some more before Mama came stomping back down, barking orders and issuing edicts on how I was to do things while she was gone. I decided to win gracefully and acted properly abashed by the weighty responsibilities I was now responsible for, acknowledging that I was to make sure Daddy's meals and laundry were taken care of. Daddy had to get up and leave the living room, his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing when I solemnly vowed to Mama to, "Take care of all of Daddy's needs while you're gone, Mama. I promise that you'll be proud of the job I do."

Mama narrowed her eyes at me, trying to figure out if I was making fun of her or not while Daddy had a coughing fit in the hallway. That night was like Christmas Eve. I thought I'd never get to sleep. Partly, that was because for the first time in over three weeks, I didn't go to sleep with the taste of Daddy's cock and semen in my mouth. When I had approached him, he just kissed me and said, "I think I'd like to save it for tomorrow night, Pooh."

I pouted a little, especially when he told me that we'd need to wait until tomorrow evening since he did have to work and I had school. I had really thought we would be in bed and fucking up a storm before Mama got to the city limits. As it was, Mama didn't leave until mid-morning – Daddy called me on my cell phone just as I was going into Chemistry. He's spent the morning helping Mama get ready – getting the car serviced and all and then saw her off before he went into his job late. "I'll be a little late tonight, Pooh – about seven o'clock myself," he said. "But it's Friday and we'll have the whole weekend to ourselves.

"I can't wait, Daddy!" I murmured back. "I love you!" Daddy told me he loved me too and hung up. I promptly cut class and slipped off, skipping the rest of the day – formulating plans for the evening that awaited us. I had an inkling of how a bride must feel on her wedding night. I wanted to make this evening special for Daddy and there were things to do.

I knew it would eat into my time, but I spent a few hours going to and from Knoxville, but after having visited a few certain stores, I considered the time to have been well spent. A quick stop at the grocery and then I was back home to peruse Mama's bookshelf full of cookbooks until I located an old dusty and battered green binder. Once I had the kitchen details knocked out, it was time for a long, hot bath and some finishing touches and then just having to wait for Daddy.

It was a little after seven when I heard him come in. I was waiting for him in the living room, feeling pleased as he bellowed out as he came through the kitchen, "Something smells delicious. What have you been up too, Pooh?"

He came striding into the living room and came to a complete stop as he found me waiting for him in front of the fireplace, his mouth hanging open in surprise even as my eyes went wide with surprise of my own. "Pooh...you're...you're beautiful." I was dressed in a lacy black garter belt, thigh high black hose and four inch black, high heels. Around my waist was a frilly red apron with the words, "Daddy's Little Girl" embroidered across it inside a heart. Other than that I was naked, my firm, pert breasts heaving a little with excitement while my nipples visibly throbbed. I had teased my hair into a perfect halo of black curls that framed my face and I imagined that my blue eyes burned with a powerful lusty energy.

Daddy himself looked good. He'd had a haircut and he must've showered and changed at work because he was wearing a clean polo shirt and slacks – his body, albeit stocky, projected power and strength. In his arms were two dozen roses – white and pink. I felt a little nervous flutter in my stomach as I opened my arms and said, "Welcome home, Daddy!"

He rushed to me then, setting the roses aside to kiss me, hugging me to him and nearly lifting me off my feet as we kissed, tongues dancing merrily with each other. "Pooh, I'm...well, I don't know what to say," he murmured, holding me against him – his cock clearly hard under his slacks.

I ran my tongue over his lips and whispered back, "You don't have to say anything, Daddy. Just enjoy!" I eased myself from his embrace and carefully squatted down, wavering a little on the spiky heels. I fixed my eyes on Daddy's face, never glancing away as I unzipped his pants and reached inside and drew out his erection – feeling so hard and alive in my hand. Keeping my eyes on Daddy's handsome visage, I took him into my mouth, his cock now so familiar to my lips and tongue and I felt myself growing wetter as I tasted my father's precum and the unique flavor that his flesh possessed.

"Oh, Pooh, but I thought we were waiting for..." Daddy's voice trailed off as I rolled my tongue teasingly over the head of his cock.

I let him slip wetly from his mouth, feeling my saliva dripping off his cock as I replied, "Oh, we will, Daddy, but I wanted to do this for you now because I know it will help you last longer...later." Daddy groaned as I gazed up at him with an evil smile in my eyes while I took him back into my mouth, sliding my lips back and forth – each time taking him a little deeper down my throat. It pleased me to know that even though three weeks ago, I came nowhere near being able to deep-throat my father's cock, I had mastered his long, thick monster quick enough.

I felt almost giddy, sucking Daddy's cock in the middle of the living room without any worries of getting caught and Daddy moaned and sighed as I sort of giggled and hummed gaily with my mouth stuffed full of his throbbing penis. His fingers intertwined in my short, curly hair and I crinkled my eyes at him to show how pleased I was when he slowly began to fuck my face.

I sucked and slobbered and licked at Daddy's cock until I could feel him tensing up, coming off the balls of his feet and I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of his cock and sucked ferociously until he growled, "POOH!" and then he exploded in my mouth – gushing thick streamers of his strong, hot semen. I moaned approvingly, my tongue rolling over his piss slit, urging him to give me more of his seed...his sweet daddy seed that I knew I was forever addicted to.

Daddy squirted and shot semen for what seemed forever, but finally the flood of his sperm eased to a trickle and then nothing and I finally let him slip from my mouth, offering one last loving kiss and lick to the slowly shrinking head. "Thank you, Daddy," I purred, slowly rising up – my muscles taut and protesting as I did.

"Thank you, Pooh...that was incredible." Daddy pulled me to him again and kissed me on the lips, not seeming to mind in the least that he could taste himself on my lips. That made my daddy all the more attractive to me – I'd never come across a high school boyfriend that had let me kiss him after I went down on him.

"You're welcome, Daddy," I said as I started to undress him. "Are you ready for dinner?"

My father nodded as he watched me strip him naked, replying, "Um...yeah, it smells wonderful, like something my mother used to make."

I giggled and leaned into Daddy, enjoying how his naked and hairy chest felt against my bare titties and kissed him. Then I slipped my hand through Daddy's arm and led him towards the dining room – a rarely used area of our house. There, dinner awaited us and Daddy sighed happily as I said, "It should, I found Granny Paula's recipe book that she gave Mama and fixed her 'Pot Roast and Taters!'

Daddy looked at me with an expression of wonderment as he murmured, "My favorite! I can't believe you've done all this...your mother never..."

He stopped speaking as I guided him to his seat and kissed him again. "Well, from now on, my daddy is going to be treated a lot better." I leaned over, well aware that Daddy was staring at my hanging breasts and bussed him on the cheek. "I'm going to give you whatever you want, Daddy." I moved to take my seat, pleased that I'd impressed Daddy as well as score points at Mama's expense. My mother had never cared for Granny Paula or her cooking and had flat out refused to use her recipes.

Daddy was in hog heaven as he made his way through his mother's pot roast and roasted potatoes which he claimed I'd fixed perfectly – eating two helpings while I watched him, a little surprised at how good it made me feel to please him in such a domesticated way.

When he finally finished and I cleared away the dishes, his eyes watching my mostly naked body the entire time, I said teasingly, "Is my daddy ready for dessert?"

Daddy groaned and leaned back, patting his belly as he replied, "Lord, Pooh – I'm not sure I could eat another bite!"

I laughed as I stepped to him and eased myself atop the dining room table in front of him, scooting back a bit and spreading my legs as I tugged my apron away to reveal my newly shaved and baby smooth mound to my father. "Are you sure, Daddy? It seems to me that lately this might be your favorite treat."

"Ohhhh, Pooh!" Daddy breathed, staring hungrily down at my bald pussy – as hairless as the day I was born. My labia were swollen with arousal and spread wide apart – their lewd blossom revealing glistening wet flesh. I had been sopping wet since before Daddy came home – the evidence gleaming on my juice covered thighs.

I barely had time to whisper in a little girl voice, "Eat me, Daddy!" before he plunged his face into my crotch, his tongue wide and flat as it licked my cunt from bottom to top before spearing between my pussy lips and into my sodden, fiery cunt. "Oooooohhh, Daddy!" I crooned as several hours of lusty need were finally addressed by my father's talented mouth.

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