Soothing My Daddy Ch. 02


I could barely remain sitting upright so powerful were the sinful sensations that Daddy triggered in me as he sucked at my labia and lapped me again and again, his tongue swirling and roiling over my aroused flesh – pussy juice suddenly splattering against his chin and chest as he roughly tongued my clitoris as carnal ecstasy so powerful it nearly made me black out, coursed through my body.

Daddy snarled and gobbled as he licked me...any words becoming utter gibberish as he filled his mouth with my cunt, tongue delving deep inside my slick, pink pussy, but I understood him. I was his favorite desert and he took nearly as much pleasure from eating his daughter's pussy as I did from having him eat me.

My pussy was on fire and Daddy's tongue was incestuous gasoline, igniting my pleasure and need for more as he licked and sucked at me. I let my head fall back and I screamed, "EAT ME, DADDY! LICK ME AND MAKE ME CUMMMM!" as my legs kicked wildly as I spread them wider and raised them up – my high heels dangling from my feet while I bucked my pelvis against Daddy's mouth – his tongue seeming to plunge impossibly deep within my quivering pussy!

Suddenly I was screaming with tears running down my face as Daddy's lips carefully, but securely fastened around my clit and he began to hum, suck and lick it all at the same time or so it seemed. I wasn't sure because I was having a super-orgasm – the pleasure welling up inside me being so intense, I wasn't sure if it was actually pleasure or some terribly wonderful type of torturous pain. I writhed in orgasm and it just didn't seem to end, but just kept rising and becoming new and unsuspected levels of erotic pleasure that seemed to consume me, evolving me into something new...a being not of flesh, but of pure carnal desire and joy and I screamed my love for Daddy until my throat was hoarse with pain and I was slipping into a world that consisted of nothing but never-ending orgasm.

I came back into myself aware that I was gasping for air and that my body was still quivering with ecstatic delight and that I felt as if I were floating or perhaps, rocking weightlessly in the air. I opened my eyes to see my father's loving face smiling back at me. Behind him, the scenery floated and changed. I felt safe and secure, wrapped in strong, loving daddy's strong, loving arms. It was only then that I realized Daddy was carrying me somewhere...carrying me like I was a child again...or his bride.

"Daddy, where are we going?" I said it in a halting, child-like voice.

"I'm taking you to bed, Pooh," Daddy replied, his voice sounding like pure love.

"Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?" I asked, impishly keeping my voice sounding young.

"Yes, I am. I'm going to fuck my little Pooh until you scream with more pleasure than you ever imagined possible."

I moaned wordlessly, anticipating the moment and not speaking until I saw Daddy was moving towards my bedroom. "No, Daddy," I whispered, pointing towards the door where he and Mama had slept for over thirty years. "That's our bedroom now. You're my man and I'm your daughter and you're going to fuck me on our bed!" Daddy's nostrils flared with anticipation and if he thought me presumptuous to claim Mama's place as my own, he didn't say so, but simply changed direction and took me into the bedroom where he was going to claim my virginity.

Daddy paused as he stepped across the threshold. "Oh my, been busy haven't you, Pooh?" he said staring around the room. Over a dozen candles lit the room with a single lamp turned on, its light muted into an erotic red shade by a scarf draped across the lampshade. Scented candles filled the air with hints of lime and coconut and gentle ocean breezes, bringing to life a secret fantasy of someday fucking my daddy on a beach somewhere in the Southern Pacific.

"Do you like it, Daddy?" I said softly, my hand slowly reaching up to caress his cheek. "Will you fuck me now, Daddy?"

He turned to the bed which was freshly made and turned down and he carefully climbed up onto the bed and moved on his knees towards the center of the bed where he tenderly laid me down. He loomed over me, staring at me as if I wasn't real or if he tried to touch me, I would simply dissipate like mist. I eyed the massive erection that rose from his lap, his thick cockhead oozing precum as it waved in the air. I spread my legs and pulled my knees back as I held out my arms to my father and moaned, "Fuck me, Daddy! Claim my cherry – claim me – make me your woman!" I waggled my fingers anxiously and sighed, "I love you, Daddy! Come fuck your little girl!"

Daddy moved between my spread legs – his cock so hard now that it nearly slapped against his belly and I was young and inexperienced enough that I had no idea how rare that was for a man of Daddy's age. I did instinctively comprehend his expression as he moaned, "God, yes, Pooh. I'm going to fuck you until you beg for mercy!" The coarseness of his voice – raw and hungry was matched by the almost bestial expression of lust and desire that was etched on his face. I understood completely. Daddy was a man and his daughter was a woman and like animals in heat, nothing could stop us from mating now.

Suddenly, Daddy's weight was on me and his lips crushed against mine, his tongue hunting down my tongue as he kissed me hungrily, my nipples dragging against his furry chest as he hunched against me. I rolled my hips even as Daddy's hands reached down and cupped my buttocks, tilting me slightly and then I felt his immense thickness against my labia and I shrieked into Daddy's mouth as his cock spread my pussy lips and invaded my flesh.

I understood that any desire to be gentle with me was gone – that my first time with a man was going to be a primal, lustful thing and the only thing that matched my Daddy's desires were my own incestuous hunger to have my daddy buried deep inside me. Even as Daddy rammed his cock into my wet and tight pussy, I flung my pelvis up to meet his thrust and then I was screaming with pain and pleasure as my father's swollen penis spread my cunt flesh as he sank into me to the hilt!

"So goddamn sweet and tight, Pooh!" Daddy growled at me as I sobbed with both pain and pleasure, my mind reeling that it was my father inside me, filling up my most intimate place with the cock that had made me. My body naturally responded to his erect penis and without thinking, I was already beginning to undulate my body against Daddy's – seeking to start that magical dance that only a man and woman could that I had truly never known, but now hungered like never before to experience.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" I sobbed, already feeling an orgasmic wave building within me. "Show me how much you love me, Daddy and fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

My first honest cock induced orgasm exploded within me – part of it the incredible sensation of my cunt being completely filled with hard dick and part of it fueled by the knowledge that the hard dick was hard, Daddy dick! I began to buck and rock under my father and Daddy responded by immediately beginning a series of thrusts and lunges, sawing his big, hard cock in and out of my pussy, grunting like a working bull seeding his herd.

I wept with the pleasure of my daddy's cock buried in me. I screamed with the ecstatic knowledge that it was my father who was fucking me. I laughed and shouted in exhortation in the desire to never release Daddy's cock from my fiery and sodden cunt. It was was is impossible to fully describe the beauty and perfection that was that first dance of incest with Daddy. I only knew it was wonderful beyond words and that it was perfection and that love and lust for my father would forevermore be intertwined in my feelings for him. I could feel Daddy's love for me in every throb of his cock and I recognized his pure lust for me with every kiss he planted on my lips.

I smelled our arousal as the air filled with the aroma of pussy and cock and sweat and lust amidst the sounds of wet flesh slapping on wet flesh as Daddy pounded me with his cock driving the air from me in harsh gasps each time he bottomed out in my pussy, drawing wails of intense pleasure as he ground his crotch into mine, the head of his dick probing deeper with each thrust – seeking my cervix – seeking that most optimum location to fill me with his baby-making seed!

My eyes went wide and I screamed with new pleasure as I was suddenly aware of an overwhelming need to make my daddy a new baby – the most ancient and primal drives within me now awakened as Daddy drove his cock into me again and again! My body screamed to be impregnated by my father, my ecstasy addled mind seconding the notion as it sent my pleasure to even greater heights.

I screamed, "YESSSSS! FUCK ME, DADDY, FUCK ME AND GIVE ME A BABY! GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK AND FILL ME UP, DADDY – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! FUCK ME, DADDY!" between wet, sloppy kisses and harsh, quick gasps for air as Daddy just kept burying that wonderful penis inside huge that it made me feel tight and swollen from the delicious way his shaft scraped my clinging pussy flesh. "DEEPER, DADDY!" I moaned. "FUCK ME DEEPER AND HARDER WITH THAT DADDY DICK!"

Daddy obliged me, thrusting deep into me and as he ground his groin against my cunt, his hands swept down away along my widespread legs, lifting them up and then they were draped on his shoulders and he was tilting me up and then as deep as he was, Daddy's erection seemed to slip even deeper inside me, finding new sweet spots for the tip of his spongy and yet firm cock head to probe and then he moved his knees up just a little and began to hammer into me again – a series of brutal and quick thrusts that detonated my most intense orgasm yet.

I began clawing at his shoulders and back like a wild cat in heat, screaming wordlessly and shrilly as my body writhed and convulsed and the white hot ecstasy spread through me, consuming me until I was nothing but incarnate sexual pleasure and then when I thought nothing could surpass it, I could Daddy snarl, "Cumming, Pooh...all for you, little girl!"

I felt Daddy thrust hard and deep into me – literally driving the air out of my body. In the tight confines of my pussy, I could feel Daddy's cock begin to swell and then he began to flood my womb with molten hot semen. "DADDDDDDYYYYYYY!" I screamed as my father began to empty his sperm inside me...pleasure spreading to every fiber of my body, making it feel as if my curly, black hair was standing on end while my toes tried to clench and make little fists. My nipples throbbed with a painful intensity, so swollen I thought they might burst.

My screams faded into sobs that were then muffled as Daddy kissed me again and again, licking and sucking at my lips as he just seemed to go on ejaculating forever. Time seemed to stand still – a long moment of forever perfection punctuated only by Daddy's soft moans of, "I love you, Pooh...Daddy loves you so much, Pooh."

The intensity of the erotic sensations left me helpless and limp. I felt my legs slide off Daddy's shoulders to rest all wide and akimbo. Daddy finally withdrew from me with an obscenely wet sucking noise which I could only respond to with a moan of both pleasure and loss. I felt Daddy's body rise off of mine and then he was cuddling me – holding me close, wrapped up in his arms and I think I murmured, "I love you, Daddy!" before I drifted off into a sweet slumber in which orgasmic aftershocks lent an erotic tone.

I awoke what must have been hours later. The room was dimmer as some of the candles had burned down and guttered out. I was aware of hands caressing my body – Daddy's hands, cupping and massaging my breasts while he showered gentle kisses all over me, starting in the sweet, sensitive spots in the hollow of my throat and the following a path downward, his tongue marking the trail, pausing only to kiss me here...and there. Lips pursed and closed around my nipples, first one and then the other, sucking them while his tongue flickered over the hard tips.

Daddy's sweet kisses continued down to my belly, stopping long enough for his tongue to tease my belly-button playfully before continuing down, kissing first my left inner thigh, then my right. A hand slipped over my bald pussy, smearing the wetness there that was both mine and Daddy's. His mouth blew warm air across my well fucked flesh and then his tongue zeroed in on my clitoris and I arched my back as again pleasure immeasurable coursed through my body.

Something wet and large slapped against my shoulder and I turned and saw Daddy's cock inches from my face. I moved and took it effortlessly in my mouth, my head dizzy as I tasted Daddy's now familiar semen and my own pussy juices. The combination was a new taste sensation and I was instantly hooked. Eagerly I sucked at Daddy's dick, my tongue busily swirling about to clean him up.

Then Daddy withdrew from my mouth and I would have whined in displeasure, but Daddy hands were guiding me – rolling me over and urging me onto my hands and knees. "Daddy?" I murmured questioningly.

"Shhhh, Pooh – Daddy wants to please his little girl again. I've...dreamed of this," Daddy said softly, pressing himself against me – his chest warm and scratchy against my back and his arms tight around my body. He kissed the nape of my neck, even as he pulled me upright – his cock between my thighs, his shaft sliding along my pussy lips – the sensation so good, I could almost feel my labia puckering with anticipation. Daddy's hand cupped my breasts again, palms rubbing circles over my hard nipples – the friction making the hairs on my arms stand up.

Daddy leaned me forward, his hands pressing down on my back until I went down, now resting on my knees and elbows, making my tight butt wave higher in the air. Daddy eased back and I felt his hands on my buttocks, spreading them slightly and then his erection was probing my pussy again – finding my slick and spread labia and then I let out a soulful moan as he again plunged into me – his firm thrust burying several inches of his cock inside me again and I bit my lower lip as new and lewd sensations rippled through me as his flanged cock head stroked into me from new angles, filling me up so sweetly.

I dropped my head to the sheets, my voice almost muffled as I moaned, "Yesssss! Oh, Daddy, yessssss! Your daddy cock feels so good!" Incestuous pleasure swept over me – my fingers clawing at the sheets as Daddy's arms went around my waist and he began to fuck me steadily from behind. I was stunned as I realized that from this position, Daddy was now again plundering virgin flesh – somehow sinking deeper into my pussy than the first time!

"Fu-fuck me, Daddy! FUCK ME HARD!" I screamed as pleasure expanded into ecstasy, growing greater each time Daddy impaled me with his long, thick dick. Again, I was swept away in the illicit joy of being fucked, being fucked by my father and that my daddy was fucking me doggie-style! I was quickly rendered nearly helpless – held up by Daddy's strong arms while my ears were filled with the loud and wet slaps of flesh against flesh as Daddy fucked me from behind.

"Sweet sweet Pooh – Damn, little girl, I love your tight pussy!" Daddy moaned, his voice hoarse with desire. His hands slid up my waist to cup my tits again, fingers digging painfully into my firm tits and using his grip for leverage as he slammed into me faster and harder. "Love you, Pooh...Daddy loves you so much!"

"L-love y-you, tooooo!" I wailed back, feeling myself being raised up by Daddy. One hand left my breasts and suddenly there were fingers intertwined in my curly hair, pulling my head back farther, arching my back as I felt Daddy's lips on my cheek. He fucked me without mercy then, holding me against him, rolling his hips and thrusting forward to bury himself deep in my young womb again and again. My lips found his and we kissed messily and erotically, tongues slathering against each other before, during and after each slobbery wet kiss.

Daddy's hand left my hair and slid back over my body – caressing my shoulder, my right tittie and then slipped over my flat belly to find my cock filled cunt, fingers sweeping over the wrinkled and sopping wet folds of flesh and then bracketing my clitoris which he teased as I broke off a wet kiss to scream as I orgasmed – my pussy tightening around Daddy's throbbing cock!

I could only hang limp in Daddy's grasp, my body convulsing in the throes of carnal ecstasy as he fucked me, him groaning in pleasure as he wormed his cock in and out of my greedily grasping pussy. Abruptly, Daddy stopped and I whined as I felt him withdraw completely. Daddy was gasping for air – his face red with effort as I realized he'd been fucking me for many minutes. He gave a halting laugh and said, "Just got to take a breather, Pooh – reckon I'm not gonna be cumming too quick!"

Daddy fell onto his back, looking both sexy and funny with his body slick with sweat and his erect cock waving in the air. As my own orgasmic sensations waned, I knew I had to have more of Daddy's dick and I giggled and said, "Let me do the work for a while, Daddy!" I scrambled on top of him – moving into a squat over his hard-on and taking it in hand. "My turn to fuck my daddy!" I purred as Daddy's eyes grew wide at the wantonness of his daughter.

I trembled with excitement as I rubbed the head of my father's cock against my wet flesh, sending new tremors of pleasure through my body. "You are so big, Daddy!" I sighed as I eased down and his cock head popped inside me. "I love you, Daddy...I love your big cock!" I whispered in my sexiest little girl voice as I slowly impaled myself on my daddy's erect penis. I gave a low and lewd mewl as I felt Daddy expanding me, drilling deeper inside me and making me feel more like a real woman than ever before.

Daddy's dick seemed to go on forever inside me until finally I felt his wiry pubic hair tickling my bald pussy. I gave a little wriggle, making my firm tits bounce a little and wrinkled my nose at Daddy and said, "I love how fucking huge you feel in me, Daddy!" And I did...Daddy's cock was again at the limits of virgin territory. I rolled my hips to see if I could him any deeper into my womb, but like a perfectly fitting glove, my pussy was absolutely packed with his cock, almost as if it had been meant this way...Daddy and Daughter joined together – cock and pussy as God had wanted it to be.

Orgasm washed over me and I almost fainted from the intensity, reaching out with my hands to steady myself on Daddy's chest – fingernails raking light, bloody lines on his flesh. Neither of us seemed able to speak – rendered mute by our incestuous joy and capable of only sighs and moans. My world went gray for a moment, leaving my consciousness awash in an ocean of ecstasy and then I was back, impaled perfectly on Daddy's cock, his eyes locked onto mine as we said, "I love you," silently to each other.

As my orgasm receded in intensity, I slowly began to rock atop Daddy and that was sinfully sweet. I got my feet positioned and slowly rose up a few inches and then slowly dropped back down and almost swooned. I never imagined a cock producing so much pleasure. I think Daddy felt it too as he managed to gasp, "So fucking sweet, Pooh! Daddy is so proud of you, baby girl!"

Daddy's words felt almost as good as his cock and I began to slowly ride him, rising up enough to savor the sensation of Daddy's cock scraping along my pussy flesh, but never, never letting him escape my clasping lips. I slowly eased into a steady motion, whispering, "I love you, Daddy," as I fucked him – holding his hands against my breasts after he reached out and began to squeeze and caress them.

It was my turn to sweat madly with carnal effort, dripping perspiration as I bounced atop Daddy's cock – drops of sweat splattering against Daddy's chest as I felt him filling me up again and again...orgasmic explosions temporarily halting my efforts as I sobbed and cummed again and again!

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