It started one fine summer afternoon shortly after I'd met Sophie. We'd had a couple of beers while wandering about the city, and of course eventually we had to find a toilet. Not a problem, we just went to the nearest McDonalds. There was somebody already in the only toilet, so we had to wait a while, fretting and joking about who was in the most need and would get to go first. When the door opened, Sophie and I both snuck in together. We usually did that, officially to avoid paying twice, but mostly because she always wanted to and I found her interest quite a bit exciting.

Once inside, I quickly pulled down my pants and sat down to pee. I'd made the mistake before of letting her go first, and I wasn't about to repeat that. She would hog the seat to torture me, wipe herself excruciatingly slowly, and generally tease me. And when I'd once stood to pee in front of the seat, she'd slid in right under my nose and stolen the seat. So this time I beat her to it. She stood in front of me and watched with a pout as I happily relieved myself. Then she suddenly did something that completely took me by surprise. "You're no gentleman" she declared, stepped out of her panties, hitched up her skirt, straddled my legs, sat down on my lap, facing me, and started pissing on my crotch!

I was totally unprepared for anything like that, and didn't know what to do, but after just a little while, I found the feeling of her warm pee over my cock and balls strangely exciting. My cock started stiffening quickly and as it rose, it grew right into her cunt! It actually entered her while she was still pissing over me, and I started making whatever little thrusts I could manage, still with her golden shower flowing. She went absolutely crazy, humped me wildly for just two or three thrusts, and then collapsed in my arms, pussy muscles spasming around my rock-hard cock as she orgasmed.

When she'd caught her breath, she rose, leaned forward with her hands on the wash-basin, stuck her ass out and smiled invitingly. I stood up and entered her from behind, holding on to her hips and humping fiercely. She was so wet I could hardly feel any friction, but I was hotter than I'd been in a long time so it didn't take long before it was my turn to come in an explosive orgasm. I shot load after load into her, so that when I was finally spent and pulled my shrinking cock out of her, a long stream of sperm and cunt-juice ran down the inside of her leq.

Giggling, she grabbed some paper towels and started wiping herself off. It was at that precise moment somebody started banging on the door and we realized just where we were! We hurried cleaning up, but the absurdity of the situation soon got to us both and by the time we were ready to open the door, we were laughing out loud! As a final gesture, as we passed the irate McDonald's employee in the doorway, Sophie dunked her rolled-up panties in the waste basket, before we continued our happy way.

We continued our walkabout around town. Suddenly, Sophie declared that she wanted to have a picnic, and dove into a convenience store. She got some food, a six-pack of beer and a pack of baby-wipes. Strange.

She dragged me on a bus to a big park where she guided me to a very quiet corner. It was a bit of a hike, but I could see it was worth it for the peace and isolation of the spot. She told me she went there a lot because it was "one of the few spots where a girl can have a bit of fun without unwelcome attention". And with that she took off the rest of her clothes, lay down naked on the grass, and popped open a beer!

What to do, what to do! I followed suit of course, and soon we were eating and drinking and laughing. Naked. A couple of beers down the afternoon, Sophie said that she needed to pee again, and with that she just lay down on her back and pulled up her knees. She used her hands to spread the lips of her pussy and then simply pisssd up into the air and onto the grass. She had quite a bit to give, too, so it kept flowing for a long time. And I was pretty sure I saw her fingers dip into the stream several times, as she played with her clit. Even after she'd stopped pissing, she continued masturbating for a while. Finally, she broke off and smiled up at me.

I kept staring at her in fascination. I'd never seen anything like this before, but it excited me and my cock was stiff and ready.

"I see you're really into watersports" I said, trying not to sound too stilted. "Do you like to receive as well as giving?"

She looked at me with a crooked smile before answering. "I go both ways. What I'd really want is to have somebody piss on my pussy while I masturbate, but no guy has been able to do that. Their cocks always get too stiff when they look at me!"

I could see her point. She was hot like hell and could get a hard-on from a corpse. But I have a secret weapon.

"Watch and learn," I told her. "If I rub this spot on the top of my glans, it makes me piss!"

To show my point, I spat on my cock and started rubbing it with my thumb. It's a weird feeling, a bit like the over-sensitive pain after you've just come. Wide-eyed, she watched as my erection shrunk and when the first squirts of piss shot out, she gasped and her hands went to her crotch. Soon I had a steady flow going and she spread herself open for it. First one finger went in. Then two. Then one from each hand. Then two. With four fingers holding her cunt open, she arched back and offered her hole to me. I aimed between her fingers and when my piss hit the inside of her vagina, I saw the spasms of orgasm shake her body and contract her cunt so that a flow of my urine came welling back at me.

Eyes glazed over, she collapsed, panting, in the grass. For my own part, I was floating on a cloud of excitement and as soon as I stopped rubbing the "piss spot" on my cock, it rose to attention again. When Sophie started recovering and looked up, she saw me standing over her with a rock-hard erection again. She climbed to her knees and took me into her mouth. If there was still some pee on my cock, she certainly wasn't faced by it. She worked her lips and tongue up and down along my shaft in concentrated effort, and if I'd let her keep it up, I'm sure I would have come in her mouth in no time. But I wasn't about to let her get away that easily. Instead, I pulled away from her and pushed her to her hands and knees in the grass. Her ass stood up invitingly in the air, and if she even noticed that her face was pressed into the grass that was wet with our mixed urine, it didn't put her off.

I shoved my cock into her gaping cunt and again, she was so wet I could hardly even feel the walls of her pussy. No matter; I was only there for a quick visit. I pulled back and put the head against her puckered asshole. She gasped, but made no resistance as I slowly pushed my stiff rod into her ass. It wasn't easy, since we had no proper lube, but both were eager and willing, so we made it in the end. Or, I suppose I should say, I made it into her end. I started pushing in and out ferociously and she cried out loud with pleasure and started coming again. Her ass was already amazingly tight, and when she came, she squeezed me so hard it almost hurt. She collapsed, flat on her belly, in the wet grass, while I continued relentlessly fucking her ass. Finally, I felt my own orgasm approaching, and I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts as I started shooting my sperm into her colon. As she felt this, she came once more and again I felt those wonderful cramps squeeze my cock, milking it for the last few drops until I was finally completely spent.

Panting, we lay there together, me on top of her, my cock still stuck in her tightly squezzing ass. Finally, it shrunk enough that it couldn't stay inside her any more and as it plopped out, I rolled off her. Sophie reached over to our picnic gear and started cleaning herself with the baby wipes. Foresight! But judging from the gingerly cautious way she wiped her ass, she'd gotten at least a little bit more than she'd bargained for. Good!

I grabbed some wipes and cleaned myself while she watched with a bemused smile. Sitting down on a dry patch of grass, she spread her legs and started playing with herself again. Was she completely insatiable?

One finger inside her pussy and the other hand squezzing her breast, she looked up at me.

"You know," she said, "that was the most amazing sex I've ever had! If you promise to give me a working-over like that just once a month, you can do whatever you want with me in-between. I'll be your slave, if that's what you want!"

I pondered this for a while. I didn't beleive for a moment this was something she'd come up with here-and-now. This was another of these things she'd maneouvered for. But did I mind? Not one bit!

"OK," I said, "but if you want to be a slave girl, we'll do it right. You will have to keep yourself shaven clean all the time and we'll pierce your nipples and labia for heavy rings so you'll remember all the time just what you are. And maybe a tattoo. We'll definitely have to train you for fisting. Both ways!

Her fingers were back in her cunt again, while the other hand squeezed a nipple. Hard. Eyes closed, she whispered at me. "Yes, Master!" she said. Then she came again. Good girl! I could tell we were headed for something beautiful.

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