Sophie's Engagement


"3 weeks!" He replied completely astonished, "Does everyone know?!"

"Not yet, you're the first we've told. We only got engaged tonight." Josh replied his face a picture of perfect happiness made Sophie feel even warmer inside.

"You're serious!? In 3 weeks my big brother's gonna be married!?" Billy said incredulously

"Yep, in 3 weeks me and Soph are gonna be husband and wife!" Josh exclaimed and they both erupted in laughter and shouts as they gave each other a huge hug.

As Sophie watched her fiancée and his younger brother hug and celebrate, she felt the contentment of knowing that soon her and Josh would be married. It was unbelievable! Finally after 3 years, they had gotten engaged, and in 3 weeks they would be getting married. Sophie, a bride! She had so much to plan, so much to do, she just couldn't wait.

As she sat on the arm of the sofa with her back to the kitchen, Sophie decided that her slut days were over, she was engaged to Josh now and would soon be marrying him. Yes, she had definitely decided that she would stay faithful to him now. She would.

Billy sat in the leather armchair facing his brother and his soon-to-be sister-in-law, holding his mug of coffee and occasionally taking a swig. Four spoons of coffee, just the way he liked it.

He sat listening to Josh talking about what had been happening recently in his life, and tried to keep his eyes from looking too often at his older brother's fiancée.

He had met Sophie only a couple of times before, and every time she had been more stunning than the image he remembered. This time when he had saw her walking in with the coffee mugs; it wasn't only his posture that was standing at attention.

He couldn't help but let his eyes flicker occasionally over to the hot blonde girl sitting next to his brother, her large tits molding the pink sweater she was wearing, perfectly outlining the watermelons beneath which in turn emphasised her tiny waist. Her long legs, encased though not tightly in her jeans, were still defined amazingly; showing the obvious strength that Sophie had in her legs that undoubtedly allowed her to fuck a man raw. And then there was her gorgeous face, framed perfectly by her long blonde hair, held back in a ponytail that bobbed and swung whenever she moved her head. Her large blue eyes looking innocent and yet lustful at the same time. She truly was a goddess in the flesh and Billy Seymour sure wouldn't mind worshipping her night and day.

It wasn't that he had never seen hot women, or had sex with hot women before; it was just that his brother's fiancée was far sexier and way hotter than any woman he had ever seen, and he was in the Air Force.

He had dreamed about fucking Sophie ever since the first time he had saw her, but she was his brothers girlfriend and he could never do that to Josh. His dad had fucked one of Josh's girlfriends before, and that's why the two never spoke, but Billy would never do that to the brother he loved, not even though Sophie was sex on legs.

Once again he tried to keep his eyes on Josh.

"So what's been happening with you little bro, found yourself a nice woman yet?" Josh asked him with an insinuating look on his face.

Billy couldn't help but laugh, everyone knew of his reputation with the ladies, even his family.

"No not yet Bro," He answered almost shyly, "In fact, I've been keeping away from the ladies for a couple of weeks cause there ain't been any of interest."

Completely true. He had been on base for a few months and lately there just didn't seem to be any hot women around, which was why looking at Sophie as she sat with her legs crossed smiling friendly at him as he answered, with her pink sweater showing the boundaries of her perfect tits well, that he found it harder and harder not to think about ripping her clothes off.

He tried as hard as he could, he would never fuck his brother's girl, he didn't before and he wouldn't now. Although he had never liked Josh's ex anything like the way he liked Sophie.

"You!?! Come on Billy" Josh said incredulously He smiled back and noticed Sophie's cheeks redden.

"Honest man," He protested, "I would've if I'd seen a girl worth it, but honestly, they've all been either prostitutes or dog ugly lately, not like your Sophie here."

Sophie's face brightened and blushed once more as he smiled at her again.

"Oh come on Billy, I'm sure you've seen women hotter than me around the world." She said shyly Billy smiled again, knowing full well how that charming smile of his affected women.

"Honestly Soph." He replied before taking another swig of his coffee.

Once again the blonde beauty reddened and looked shy. Billy didn't think that this girl even knew how to be embarrassed about her looks. She didn't seem arrogant, but she had shown in the past that she knew she was beautiful.

"He is right though Soph." Josh said proudly, "You are the hottest girl around"

This time Sophie just smiled and lightly kissed Josh's cheek.

"Yeah well, this hot girl thinks that we haven't celebrated our engagement properly yet, so I'm going to get a bottle of champagne. Anybody want any?" Josh's blonde fiancée said as she stood up.

"Yeah, good idea babe." Josh said enthusiastically. "Billy?"

Billy looked from his brother to Sophie and smiled again.

"Sure, I'm not going anywhere tonight anyway." He said to the hot blonde, warring with the thoughts in his mind.

Smiling, Sophie quickly turned and walked through the glass doors and in to the kitchen. Both of the guy's eyes fixed on her tight ass as it swayed lustfully away from them.

Watching that tight ass sway seductively in those tight jeans, and seeing her long blonde ponytail swing from side to side as she walked away, Billy felt the lust within him rise. This was going to be wrong, she was his brother's fiancée, they were going to get married in 3 weeks, but she was also one hot piece of ass. With his dick standing at attention, Billy knew that he couldn't resist anymore. His smile affected her, so he would see how far he could push her and the situation. After all, really it would be a good thing for Josh, to know if his bride-to-be would stay faithful to him.

But Billy knew that he didn't want her to. She was his older brother's girlfriend, and he knew it would be wrong, but she was just too irresistible.

So as Josh resumed the conversation, his younger brother planned how to fuck his gorgeous fiancée.

Sophie let out a long breath when she had walked into the kitchen and round passed the counter. She remembered Billy being charming and knew what his smile did to women, but she never remembered him causing her to get so embarrassed so much. Of course back then she hadn't been fucked by so many guys behind Josh's back, and although her sex drive had always been high, it had never been as all consuming as it now felt.

"Get a hold of yourself girl." She quietly said to herself as she tried to calm herself down. "You're engaged now."

Sophie took a moment, as she looked through the fridge to find the good champagne she was looking for, to get herself together.

"There's no need to blush like a school girl every time he smiles at you." She said to herself as she picked up two bottles. "He does have a nice smile and he is charming but I've had more than that from other guys lately and I haven't acted like this before. I'm engaged now and I've got to be a good girl, but there's nothing wrong with harmless flirting so stop acting like a girl looking at her first crush."

Feeling a little more relaxed; Sophie lifted the bottles out from the fridge and stood looking at them.

"Hmmm, which one?" She said thoughtfully before replacing the larger of the two bottles and closing the fridge.

"Good choice, but they both look good to me." Came the sound of a male voice from by the counter.

Looking up quickly, and slightly jumping, Sophie looked over to see Billy standing with his arms folded and smiling at her. She hoped he hadn't heard anything that she had said to herself.

Smiling warmly, and quickly to hide any shock and to make sure he didn't notice her wondering if he had heard, Sophie replied, "Yeah, but this one is the better tasting one, even if it is stronger."

Billy's smile never changed but Sophie thought she caught a glint of amusement in his hazel eyes.

"I wasn't referring to the wine." He said simply whilst still smiling.

Sophie immediately caught on and with a playful smile she looked down slightly at her large tits, straining against the fabric of her pink sweater.

"I'm glad you like them." She replied playfully as she looked up, "At least you'll enjoy the scenery while you're here tonight."

"I'm enjoying it a lot." Billy replied and Sophie smiled deeper

"I can tell." She said and gave a significant look at the slowly rising bulge in Billy's pressed trousers.

Billy instantly noticed where Sophie's gaze was aimed and blushed slightly. Sophie laughed lightly as she walked passed Josh's younger brother, stopping briefly to lean slightly towards his ear.

"Down boy." She whispered playfully before laughing lightly again and continuing to walk towards the lounge. "We'll need some glasses and some ice." She said without looking back as she walked through the glass doors.

Sophie smiled to herself as she walked around and placed the bottle on the coffee table before sitting down next to Josh on the sofa facing the chair Billy had been sitting in.

"It's good to have him here, isn't it babe?" Her loving fiancée remarked

"Yeah, it sure is baby." She replied as she smiled lovingly at him.

Josh returned his fiancée's warm smile before changing the track of the CD that he must have put on before Sophie had come back into the lounge. Sophie hardly noticed the track change however as her thoughts were all on how she was feeling, and to her surprise, Josh's younger brother.

It felt good to be flirting again; it kind of helped her deal with the horniness that had been steadily growing since her shower earlier. She would have to take care of that soon, she couldn't wait to go to bed with Josh tonight, she would fuck his brains out. And it would be Josh and no one else from now on. She was engaged now, and she would remain faithful.

But flirting with Billy was harmless, and she was sure Josh would appreciate how horny the flirting would make her later.

Wrapping her arms around Josh, Sophie smiled warmly at her sweet boyfriend, he would be getting the best lay of his life tonight.

Josh smiled back at his loving fiancée. He still couldn't believe that they were actually going to get married in a few weeks. He had known that he had loved Sophie a few weeks into the relationship and now she was officially going to be his forever. He felt as if the warm feeling of happiness was shining from him brightly.

"You look happy babe." Sophie said softly as she smiled lovingly at him

"I've got you that's why." He said warmly as he gently kissed her soft pink lips.

Sophie's smile deepened and her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with affection with those words.

Just then Billy walked through from the kitchen with a bucket filled with ice and gently placed it on the table.

"Hey you two love birds want to get a room, there's other people here." Billy said lightly as he placed the unopened bottle of wine into the ice.

Josh couldn't help but laugh at his younger brother; it was so good to see him again.

"We will later." He replied with a smile at Billy

"You're a lucky man Josh Seymour." Billy said quickly as he sat back down on the leather chair

"I know." Josh replied with a proud smile. He really was blessed to be with a knockout like Sophie.

"Well if you two guys are finished talking about me like I'm a piece of meat, I'd like a drink." Sophie spoke up, trying to sound like she was annoyed, but Josh knew that she always liked the attention.

"Well you are an amazing example of womanhood Soph." Billy said charmingly and Josh smiled

"Here here." Josh said as he squeezed his girlfriend's smooth thigh through her tight jeans Sophie just smiled again at both of them.

"My drink then gentlemen?" She said questioningly, looking from both of them.

Josh's smile broadened and he looked over at Billy with a look to say, 'Whatever the lady wants', before reaching over to open the bottle of wine.

What a great night this was turning out to be. Firstly he had gotten engaged to his gorgeous girlfriend, and then his younger brother came to visit.

Josh was really happy as he began pouring the drinks, but he didn't realise that this was just the beginning.

Billy took another sip of the fine tasting wine. He didn't usually like the taste of wine but his attention was not on his tasting sense, it was all focused on his eyes and ears, and they were completely focused on the stunning blonde girl sitting opposite him next to his brother.

Time had passed quicker than what Billy had realised and the wine had flowed freely. They had almost drunk three-quarters of the bottle already, but with his attention firmly fixed on Sophie and her knockout body, time just didn't seem to exist for him.

The conversation had gone through the usual and he had updated them about what had been happening in his life lately, that he wouldn't be back in service for another month so that he could attend the wedding, that he was loving his life in the Air Force and that he may soon be promoted in rank.

Josh of course had continued telling him how things were going in their life but Billy only paid half a mind to what was being said.

Sophie on the other hand, had provided more than enough entertainment, just by being herself. She hadn't done anything obvious, but Billy knew from experience when a woman was flirting with him, and Sophie Harper showed all the clear signs. While Josh had been telling him about his promotion, Sophie had been looking at Billy, and if he wasn't mistaken or blinded by his own desire, he would have said there was a teasing look shining in her eyes. The way she had taken sips of her wine, in a slow sip whilst looking over the rim of the glass. The way she had curled her feet underneath her so that the fabric of the jeans pulled tighter against her legs and emphasised her smooth thighs.

Billy had no doubt she was flirting with him, but he knew it was all in a teasing way, like in a 'I know you want me, look at how hot I am, but you can't have me' way, and with the fact that he hadn't gotten laid in a month, he didn't know how long it would be before he would have to go upstairs and take care of the now throbbing hard on he was trying to hide by crossing his legs; which of course Sophie found amusing by the smile on her cute face.

Then she did something that almost made Billy cum right there.

"So where is it you're thinking of moving to?" Billy asked his older brother, only paying half the attention he should have

"Well, we were thinking of..." Was all Billy heard Josh say as Sophie interrupted his attention.

Smiling at him she took a sip from her wine before placing the glass gently on the table, and then slowly sat back and gently began to raise her arms over her head.

Making herself look like she was stretching fooled Josh completely but Billy knew his brothers fiancée was just teasing him more, and Billy had to fight to keep his jaw from falling open as Sophie gently arched her back, pushing her large, firm looking tits hard against the soft fabric of her pink sweater. The sweater molded itself perfectly around the perfect twin globes and lifted slightly around her middle to show her perfectly flat stomach and her tiny waist.

All the while Sophie continued to look at him with that teasing look in her eyes, knowing full well what kind of an effect she was having on her boyfriends brother.

Billy hoped his eyes weren't too wide as he drank in the wondrous site of her body.

Sophie took her time in her 'stretching' before once again leaning to pick up her wineglass with a satisfied smile on her pretty face. Billy didn't know how much longer he could last; he had to find a way to get into her hot body, and soon.

But just as he was thinking rapidly how to fuck his brother's fiancée, Sophie interrupted Josh by once again placing her wineglass on the coffee table and slowly standing up.

"I'm just going to the bathroom babe, I'll be right back." She said to Josh sweetly, but as she turned to walk towards the hall door, she gave Billy a teasing smile, which almost made him blow his load.

"So what do you think?" Billy heard Josh say suddenly, instantly dragging his attention from the hot blonde who had just walked through the door.

"About what?" Billy said, trying to look innocent.

"About the area we're going to move to?" Josh answered

"Oh, yeah, yeah, sounds cool." Billy replied quickly Suddenly Josh's face took on a look that Billy couldn't quite work out the meaning of.

"I know what you're thinking Billy." Josh said seriously and suddenly Panic set in to Billy but he fought it down and kept his calm.

"What do you mean?" He replied sounding far calmer than he had before. If Josh found out he was trying to find a way to screw his hot girlfriend...

"She drives most men crazy." Josh replied, "She's a big flirt, but don't worry she's completely faithful to me and she'd never do anything to hurt me."

All of the tension suddenly left Billy as he realised what his brother was saying.

"Yeah, she is a knockout; I hope I can have someone like that one day." Billy said honestly, "But I'm glad you can trust eachother. I mean, a girl that hot would have every guy who sees her after her."

"Yeah, but they can try all they want, she loves me and no one else." Josh said completely honest.

Billy smiled at his brother, feeling relieved in one sense but disappointed in another. Josh was so sure that Sophie would never cheat on him that Billy had to agree with him, she had given no sign of wanting anything other than flirting, but he had to find a way into that ass, he just had to.

"I'm glad you've found a good one bro, you're really lucky you know." He replied as he watched Josh smile, then, an idea came to him and he fought even harder to hide his smile than he had to hide his nervousness. If Sophie wanted to flirt, then he'd drive her crazy with it. "I'm gonna have to go to the toilet man, I think Sophie mentioning it has made me wanna go."

"You never did have the stamina for alcohol did ya Billy." Josh remarked with a smile

"Na, I think I'll go back to the coffee after this one." He replied

"First door on your right at the top of the stairs, Soph'll use the en suite in our room" Josh said as he smiled and took another drink of wine.

"Cheers bro." He replied before quickly darting out of the lounge and in to the hallway. All that filled Billy Seymour's head at that point was that he was beginning on 'Operation Seduce & Fuck Sophie Harper', and he had never failed on a mission yet.

Sophie smiled as she checked her hair in the mirror above the sink; her ponytail was still perfect. Josh always loved her to have a ponytail when she sucked his dick because of the way it bobbed around as her head moved up and down his dick. The thought made her almost moan in horniness, she had been flirting lightly with Billy for a while now and she was getting more and more horny every second. Just then a thought came into her mind.

"I wonder if Billy would find my hair in a ponytail hot while I sucked his dick like Josh does?" She thought to herself.

Suddenly she realised what she had thought and stopped looking at her hair. Her horniness was growing and so was her need to satisfy herself. She needed sex now.

Trying to force out the wondering thoughts about Josh's younger brother, Sophie tried to think about how she could get Josh to bed quickly, so he could fuck her brains out and calm her down; but she knew that he hadn't seen Billy in ages so he probably wouldn't go to bed for a while.

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