Sophie's Engagement


Trying to stop herself being frustrated at the thought of having to wait for sex, but realising that it wasn't Josh's fault, Sophie took a deep breath and walked out of the en suite bathroom and headed for the stairs.

Smiling once again, Sophie prepared herself to tease Billy some more when she got into the lounge, but was taken by surprise, as she was walking down the stairs, by Billy walking up and meeting her halfway.

"Any gentleman would let a lady pass." Sophie said to Billy as she stood looking down at him with a playful smile on her beautiful face.

"Well, I'm a perfect gentleman, so as the lady wishes." He replied and turned sideways giving her enough room to squeeze passed.

Josh's blonde girlfriend looked for a moment at the small space Billy had left her to squeeze passed before once again smiling playfully at him.

"Thank you kind sir." She said playfully and moved forward, turning to press her back against the wall as she tried to move passed him on the narrow staircase.

Billy smiled back at his brother's hot girlfriend as she moved back against the wall to squeeze passed him, but just as she moved directly in front of him, her large tits lightly brushing against his hard uniform covered chest, Billy moved and pretended to slip on the stairs.

Instantly he fell forward slightly in an obviously fake fall, his strong hands gripping quickly onto Sophie's tiny waist. Her large, firm tits pressed hard against his hard chest as he pushed her hard against the staircase wall and he knew that she had to be able to feel the hardness between his legs lightly brushing against her. Their faces were only inches apart, but Billy held tightly onto Sophie's small waist relishing in the feel of her firm but soft tits pressing tightly against his chest.

They both remained perfectly still, looking into each other's eyes, both filled to burning with lust. It seemed like forever, and Billy was about to press his lips against Sophie's right then; he wanted her so badly, and he could tell she was horny too, but she spoke first.

"Are you ok?" She said sounding surprised by his actions.

It had felt like forever, but in reality it had only been seconds.

"Yeah, sorry about this, I must have slipped on the stairs." He said as he stared into her big blue eyes.

With her hands flat against the wall, she still didn't make any action to move away from him.

"You slipped." She said as a playful smile once again appeared on her face

"Yeah, these stairs are really narrow, I just had to grab onto the first thing I could. I didn't want you to fall as well." He said as he smiled charmingly at her, knowing that she didn't believe the story for one second.

"Well that was very gentlemanly of you." She said teasingly, "But I'm not going to fall now."

Billy smiled back at her before reluctantly moving slightly away from her, leaving her slim body still pressed against the wall.

"Thank you for making sure I was 'safe'" She said with a smile and pushed herself away from the wall so that she was standing straight again, her big tits once again lightly pressed against his chest and their faces only a few more inches apart than before.

"No problem." He replied, "If you ever need a hand with 'anything' just let me know."

Sophie's smile deepened and turned even more playful.

"Same applies to you." She said, her eyes shining with what Billy knew had to be horniness. "Hadn't you better be going to the bathroom?"

"How did you know I was going to the bathroom?" He asked desperately wanting to place his hands back on her slim waist again.

"Why else would you be coming up stairs!?" She said with a satisfied smile.

Billy just replied with his own knowing smile.

"See you down stairs big boy." Sophie said still with that teasing-satisfied smile on her face.

"Unless you want to come and help?" He replied hoping that she would take him up on the offer.

Instead she just continued to smile at him playfully.

"No, you're a big boy, you can handle this yourself." She answered playfully, "And like I said before, down boy."

And with those words and her smile, she turned to continue to walk down the stairs, but not before Billy quickly brought his hand up and lightly brushed his hand across her gorgeous tits. The feeling of just brushing her tits was amazing and sent a jolt of electricity through his body and made him wonder if they felt that good with just a brushing touch, how good would they feel in his hands.

Sophie stopped and turned immediately as she felt his hand brush against her impressive tits.

"Now that was a bad boy." She said seriously but still with that playful look on her face.

"It was an accident." He said, trying to look innocent, "I was just moving my hand to make sure I didn't fall again, cause I don't have you to grab onto if I fall again."

Sophie just smiled knowingly at him and he returned the favour.

"Well then, as I said, I'll see you downstairs big boy." She said, her pretty playful smile returning before she turned once again and walked the rest of the way down the stairs.

Billy let out a large breath before turning to walk the rest of the way up. That had been intense. It hadn't been his original plan, he had originally planned to surprise her in the bathroom, but she had surprised him first. But there was one thing he now knew; no matter what Josh had said, no matter that Josh was his brother and Sophie was his girlfriend, he was going to find a way to fuck that stunning blonde beauty every way he could.

He turned right at the top of the stairs smiling at the memory of how good she felt pressed against him, and how he was going to get that body naked.

Taking another drink from his wine, Josh smiled to himself. Things really were great. He couldn't believe that Billy would be able to come to the wedding, he had been worried that Billy wouldn't have been able to get the time off. But now he had, and he was here. Josh had always liked talking to Billy; they had always been close in the family, especially after the arguments with his dad. But Billy had always been there for Josh and even now it was so easy to talk to him, to tell him everything that was going on.

So Josh continued to drink from his wine, completely unaware that right at that moment, his younger brother Billy had his new fiancée pressed against the wall of the stairs, with her ample tits pressing against his hard chest and his strong hands gripping her slim waist. He didn't know that his younger brother desperately wanted to fuck his gorgeous blonde knockout of a girlfriend, that right then he was planning a way to bang her tight ass all night long.

Josh continued to drink while he changed over the CD's in the stereo and smiled as he saw his loving Sophie walk in from the hallway.

Sophie smiled back at Josh as she saw him sit back down and press play on the stereo remote control. She smiled warmly, hiding the raging horniness within her as she remembered the feel of Billy's strong hands gripping her waist, her full 36C tits pressing against his hard chest, and their faces so close together. She had just wanted to grab his face and pull him to her, to fuck him right there on the staircase. Billy was handsome, and daring, and she needed cock badly, but even this couldn't make her feel this hot. It was because Billy was Josh's brother, and she had just that night gotten engaged that made her pussy crave Josh's brother's hard dick. She had felt it lightly press against her and had felt herself almost give in to the temptation, but she had promised herself she would stay faithful to Josh from now on, and she would. She would just have to make sure she didn't get into a situation like that again.

Calmly she walked over to the sofa and sat next to Josh.

"Did you see Billy going up the stairs?" Josh asked with a smile

"Yeah, we passed each other." She answered, trying to not let anything out of the ordinary show. "I forgot how nice a guy he was."

"Yeah, he's great." Josh replied, "I think he was a bit worried you'd cheat on me, being as gorgeous as you are."

"Why would I ever do that? I've got you." Sophie said, hiding her shock by taking a sip of her wine.

"Yeah, I know babe, I told him, but Billy's always been protective of all the family. You'd think he was the older one." Josh replied without any knowledge of how close he was to the truth about his girlfriend.

"Yeah, he is very...protective." Sophie said almost absently as her mind drifted back to Billy pressing her against the wall. She needed sex badly, and soon.

Just then the hall door opened and in walked Billy looking calm and collected, still with that charming grin on his face that sent shivers through Sophie's body.

"Hey Billy, feel better now?" Josh joked with his brother.

"Yeah, a lot better now." He answered with a quick glance at Sophie, she replied by smiling teasingly back at him over the rim of her glass.

"Want a top up, you're almost out." Josh asked as he lifted the wine bottle up and gestured to the almost empty glass on Billy's side of the coffee table.

"Na, no way, I'll be going to the toilet all night if I do." Billy replied quickly.

"No stomach at all." Josh jested which earned him a look from his brother.

Sophie smiled, Josh did seem to like bantering with other guys. 'He's so great' she thought to herself before looking back at Billy and taking another sip of her wine while looking playfully over the rim.

"I'll have a top up babe." She said to Josh

"Here you go babe." Josh said as he began filling Sophie's glass, "I don't know Billy, getting drunk under the table this early; shameful."

"I just don't want to be running to the toilet all night when I could be in such great company as you two." Billy replied with a glance in Sophie's direction.

Smiling to herself, Sophie knew exactly what 'two' Josh's brother was referring to.

"Well, as long as you're happy bro." Josh said smiling at his brother as Billy sat down.

"What about another coffee?" Sophie asked both of the guys

"Yeah, what about coffee Bill?" Josh asked his brother

"Sure, you know me Josh, I never say no to a good offer like that." Billy answered, once again directing a look at Sophie.

Sophie smiled again; Billy was flirting with her and teasing her back. She hadn't met a guy, who would flirt with her like this, at least not until she'd had sex with them. This seemed like a challenge, like who would crack the other first, and Sophie knew that she could win; she was hot and she knew it.

"Ok, four spoons right?" She asked sweetly

"Yeah." Billy answered

"That's a lot of coffee, won't that keep you up all night?" Sophie asked with a playful smile

"Maybe, but I'll find a way to use all that energy. I know a lot of different exercises, and it helps keep me with the high stamina and staying power I've got." Billy replied, smiling a satisfied smile as he obviously noticed the sudden gleam of lust in Sophie's big blue eyes.

She tried hard not to moan in lust, this flirting was turning her on more and more, and she needed release now.

"I'll go and make you a cup then." She said with a smile and was about to stand up when Josh spoke.

"No you're all right babe, I'll go and make this one, you stay here and talk to Billy." Josh said happily and bent down to kiss her lightly on her head,

"Bill, tell Soph about your high school days." Josh continued to Billy,

"Billy always used to beat everybody at races and gymnastics and stuff cause he had the stamina to just keep on going."

Sophie smiled up at Josh, "Really?"

"Yeah, once he ran a race with other schools' best racers and while all of them were panting at the end of it, Billy here hadn't even broken a sweat." Josh said and Sophie turned to look at Billy, feeling the burning desire in her pussy intensify. "They used to call him 'The Bull' you know."

"'The Bull'" Sophie repeated as she looked lustfully at Josh's brother, who just smiled playfully back at her. "I'd love to here about it." She said to Billy, "And maybe you can show me later; by racing Josh?"

Billy just smiled at her as she fought inside to control herself. She would remain faithful to Josh.

"Na, I've never been a racer." Josh replied as he moved past Sophie towards the glass doors of the kitchen

"Yeah, he's never been able to keep up with my pace." Billy said to Sophie, his eyes holding the real meaning of those words.

"Hmmm, now that I'd have to see to believe." Sophie replied, reminding herself that all she was doing was flirting.

Billy just continued to smile his charming smile at both her and Josh.

"Don't forget, no sugar." He called as Josh walked into the kitchen

"Yeah I know bro." Josh called back over his shoulder.

Sophie took a larger sip of wine this time, trying to settle the lust within her as it flowed like a drug through her body. She told herself again that she was only flirting and flirting was fine, that she would just let all of her horniness out on Josh later.

Slowly she once again calmed herself, knowing she would be completely faithful and that flirting was only going to make it better with her and Josh later, so with yet another sip of wine she smiled at Billy playfully.

Billy watched as his older brother walked through the glass doors into the kitchen before his eyes went straight back to staring at the luscious blonde sitting opposite him. He wanted so badly just to get up, rip her clothes off and fuck her on that sofa, but he had to play it calm, drive her crazy with teasing so she wouldn't be able to say no.

Sitting looking at the glinting light in Sophie's big blue eyes, Billy smiled.

"So Billy, tell me why they called you 'The Bull' then?" Sophie said after Josh had walked out of the room, a playful smile on her face that made Billy's dick rage even harder.

"It'd be much easier just to show you." He replied as he leaned back and smiled. Calm and cool, that would drive her crazy.

"Hmmm, I bet it would." The hot 22-year-old blonde replied playfully as she took another sip of wine Billy couldn't help but let his eyes wonder over his brother's fiancée's body as she sat with her long legs curled underneath her sipping her wine and staring teasingly over the rim of the glass. She was not only extremely fuckable; she just emanated lust and drove a guy wild just by being who she was.

"See something you like, or are you just lost in thought?" Sophie said suddenly and Billy realised that he had been ogling her for a while without even speaking. He had to remain in control if this was going to work.

"I dunno, maybe a closer look would help me decide." He said coolly Sophie smiled satisfyingly back at him and gently placed her wineglass on the table before slowly standing up and walking around to stand in front of the other sofa on Billy's left.

"Close enough?" She asked playfully, still smiling as she placed her small hands on her slim waist, emphasising her slight hourglass figure even more than her jeans and sweater were doing on their own.

"No, maybe a little closer." Billy replied as he to stood up and moved closer to the blonde girlfriend.

"I thought you pilots had to have good eye sight?" Sophie asked quietly as she looked up at his face as they stood only two feet apart.

"Yeah, but I've always liked to give a very thorough inspection." He replied his heart racing inside and the desperate need to just reach out and pull this sex-on-legs girl to him racing through his dick and mind. But he managed, somehow, not to give in. Not yet, cool and calm, he thought.

"Well, take a look." Sophie said with another teasing smile Billy let his eyes travel down from the amazingly beautiful blue eyed face of his brother's new fiancée, down her slender neck and straight to her large, full tits. The sight of those amazing melons, defying gravity completely in what had to be the happiest bra and sweater ever, was incredibly mouth-watering, but Billy slowly lowered his eyes even further, trying desperately not to grab Sophie's sweater and pull it off to see those dick-hardening globes.

His eyes travelled slowly over Sophie's flat stomach, her pink sweater clinging to the curves of her slim waist lustfully and down towards her tight denim covered thighs where the material clung closely to what must be smooth but strong legs.

As Billy's eyes reached Sophie's feet, encased in nothing but baby-doll girl pink socks, Sophie began to turn around and quickly Billy's eyes began to move back up her wondrous body.

His eyes travelled back up Sophie's slim legs until finally resting on the perfect image of her tight ass, perfectly framed in those stone washed blue jeans.

Billy forced his eyes to continue upwards, over Sophie's smooth, slim back and up to her long blonde ponytail that dangled down her back.

Lust pumped relentlessly through Josh's brothers veins and looking at Sophie's long blonde ponytail held up in that ponytail made him think how hot it would look, bouncing around as Sophie's head bobbed up and down on his dick.

And with that thought, lust took control of him and he reached his hands out quickly to grab hold of Sophie's tight, firm ass.

"Hey," Sophie said in mock annoyance, "You shouldn't do that." She finished playfully as she reached her hands around to take a hold of his.

"Shouldn't I?" Billy said, lust filling his voice as he squeezed brother's fiancée's tight ass while his brother was in the next room.

"No, you shouldn't you naughty boy." Sophie replied playfully and slowly pulled his hands away from her ass and turned to face him with a teasing smile on her gorgeous face Billy's dick raged in his pants to be set free and to fuck this beauty, and anyone walking in at that moment could have felt the amazing amount of sexual tension between these two easily.

Smiling sweetly up at him Sophie said, "So did I pass your inspection?"

Billy returned the blonde girls smile and almost laughed to himself. This girl was good. She was the best cock-tease he had ever met and she knew just how to drive him wild.

"Easily." He said as he looked down into those pretty blue eyes, which were now filled with a teasing light. "But that was only the general checking inspection. See, we usually have to have a feel around too, and then take a test drive before we can say the inspection was passed."

He could've laughed out loud as Sophie's eyes shone briefly from lust. Billy had now regained his composure. Lust still barrelled through him driving him wild, but he was back in control in this game of teasing between him and his brother's girl, a game that he was damn sure he was going to make end up with only one outcome.

"Well, Josh tells me I'm perfectly fine in the inspection." Sophie said, still smiling playfully up at him.

"Yeah, well, the only problem with that is Josh doesn't have the skills I do; he can only test you for so long, whereas me, I like to make sure, so I like to test all night." He said as he smiled down into Sophie's lust-filled gaze.

Sophie just smiled at him and gently bit her lower lip before replying.

"Well it's too bad you won't get to test drive me," She said teasingly,

"Because I'm hot, fast and hard and I'd use up all that staying power 'Bull' like no one ever has. Too bad."

And with those words, and a playful look, Sophie spun around, almost hitting him with her long ponytail, and swayed back to the sofa, dropping hard onto the leather seat and making her large tits bounce lustfully.

Billy smiled back at her, thinking to himself how irresistible Sophie Harper was. If there had been any doubt or guilt in him about wanting to fuck his brother's new fiancée, they were all gone now. He was going to nail that girl hard to the bed, better, longer and harder than he had ever done it before.

Still smiling at Sophie's teasing smile as she took another drink of her wine, Billy slowly sat down just before Josh walked through from the kitchen.

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