Sorority Pledge


Each of the 17 sorority sisters walked over one after an other and hugged first Cindy and then Rebecca before proceeding upstairs to the party room. Michelle lead Cindy and Rebecca upstairs as Ashley and Taylor went over to Harmony, who was still sat naked and motionless on her white chair.

Harmony still couldn't believe that had just happened, the only way she knew it wasn't some awful nightmare was the fowl taste of the two girl's piss in her mouth.

Taylor shook her by the shoulders and as Harmony focused on the two girls in front of her they pulled her pledge robe over her head, pulled her arms through the arm holes and pulled it down to cover her.

"You did very well." Smiled Ashley kindly

Although Ashley was playing nice as not to scare the girl so badly she might think about leaving, all she could think about at that moment was the thought of pushing Harmony to her knees and pissing in the girls mouth like Cindy and Rebecca had done.

They stood Harmony up and each put an arm around her shoulders as they helped her up the stairs. Behind Harmony's back Ashley reached round and fondled Taylor's ass. She lent over and whispered in Taylor's ear,

"You're mine tonight!"

Taylor didn't reply, she just smiled and reached over and pinched Ashley's ass in response.

When they got upstairs they gave Harmony a drink of ice cold water to wake her out of the mental daze she was in and washed the smell of piss off her face. She was then sent to work with the other pledges as waitresses for the now 22 members of Zeta Sigma Omega sorority.

Harmony was careful to stay on the opposite side of the room from Cindy and Rebecca, she did see them looking at her from across the room a couple of times but she always quickly looked away.

Seeing this Cindy whispered to Rebecca,

"I love the fact that she thinks if she ignores us we can't do anything else to her tonight, she's going to get a real surprise later!"

The two girls laughed at this. During the party one of the other sorority sisters came up behind Harmony and in a sultry voice whispered in her ear laughingly,

"It's lucky for you we've all been told to leave you pledges alone tonight, as I have some very fun things I can't wait to have you do for me pee drinker!" the girl laughed.

As Harmony was in the middle of serving a couple of the other girls drinks at the time she couldn't turn to see the girl who whispered this for a few seconds and when she did turn the girl had walked off.

After about 90 minutes Ashley couldn't take it any more, she just had to cum very soon, she found Taylor and led her over to Michelle.

"Michelle, I'm going to slip upstairs with Taylor, can you see that the pledges get to bed in the next half an hour or so and that they do all sleep naked as we told them they must. Oh and also make sure nobody else messes with them tonight, you know we decided that the only ones allowed to order them around tonight are me, you and Taylor." Said Ashley.

Michelle agreed and Ashley and Taylor soon disappeared off upstairs.

As the two smiling girls entered Ashley's room the sorority president ran and threw herself backwards onto the bed. She looked right at Taylor licking her lips and pulled off her top before unbuckling her bra and unbuttoning her skirt letting them all fall to the floor. She bent and pulled off her shoes and socks before laying flat on her back on the bed now wearing just her knickers.

Taylor enjoyed the view for a couple of seconds before also rapidly stripping down to just her panties. Slowly, to build the anticipation she walked towards the bed, as she approached she lifted Ashley's foot and gently tickled her, causing the beautiful blonde to giggle. Then slowly, theatrically, she climbed onto the bed and threw herself on top of Ashley.

Ashley quickly rapped her legs around Taylor in a loving embrace, their lips met and their tongues energetically came together. Their hands explored each other's bodies, caressing each other's large firm breasts and tight asses.

Ashley rolled over on top of Taylor, she broke their kiss and with a big smile, licked her lips and raised up and turned to face Taylor's feet.

Ashley positioned herself carefully before lowering her face onto her lover's pussy as she lowered her own pussy right over Taylor's waiting mouth. Both girl's tongues quickly got to work on pleasuring each other and before long both girls came to a powerful orgasm all over the other one's face.

The two out of breath girls re-positioned themselves again, their heads now next to each other and as they looked at each other they both started giggling at the sight of their come on each other's face. They embraced in a long, slow, passionate kiss, both girl's were very turned on from the events of the day and they both knew that it was going to be a late night!

Meanwhile in the party room Michelle announced if anyone else needed a drink to say now as the pledges would be going to bed soon. The pledges finished pouring drinks and Michelle had collected up the left overs from the pizza's that Ashley had ordered earlier for everyone's dinner. The pledges were told to eat whatever they wanted out of the remaining pizza, but to eat quickly.

As the pledges ate the sorority sister's, tired from a long day, went off to bed, some in pairs, some alone. When the pledges had all eaten Michelle ordered them to tidy up the party room by throwing out the pizza boxes and empty alcohol bottles, washing up the glasses and putting everything back where it belonged.

When they were finished Michelle was waiting for them.

"Okay girls, now I want you to go to your rooms, if any of you need the toilet go now, then get into bed, naked of course and I'll be in in a few minutes to check on you all." Michelle told the 8 pledges.

They all rushed to their rooms, wanting to be as quick as possible, so not to anger Michelle. Harmony rushed into the bathroom, after the amount of Cindy and Rebecca's piss she had been forced to drink she now was desperate to pee herself.

Within a few minutes the four girls were all in the big king sized bed together, naked of course. To Harmony's relief the bed was big enough that they could all get in without touching each other. Harmony was very uncomfortable sleeping naked so close to the girl on either side of her though, she was between Britney and Amy.

After just a few seconds Michelle came in and to Harmony's horror she was followed by Cindy and Rebecca.

Cindy and Rebecca looked right at Harmony with evil smiles on their faces as they licked their lips mockingly at her.

Harmony could see that Rebecca was holding a box and she wondered what the box contained and for that matter why these two horrible girls who had so humiliated her earlier were here now.

Michelle walked over to the bed, she told the four girls to lie still and she pulled back the covers to reveal the four completely naked girls.

"Good, glad to see you can obey instructions." Michelle said with a smile.

"Cindy and Rebecca came up with a great idea about your sleeping arrangements and I liked it so much I've decided it will actually apply to all the girls rather than just the two they suggested." Said Michelle with an evil smile.

Michelle reached out her hand towards Rebecca who stepped forward and handed her something out of the box. Michelle held up the item for all the girls to see, they could now clearly see it but none of them had any idea what it was. The pink device was very strange, the obviously recognisable part was a belt like part, this had a small clip to strap it on. The belt had an odd grooved part on each side. The oddest part was a hood like part with straps below each ear.

The four potential pledges all looked puzzled,

"I'm sure you're all wondering what this is, well I think we need a volunteer to demonstrate it on, Harmony come here." Michelle ordered,

As Harmony was instructed to sit on the edge of the bed, the red headed Britney was told to move to where the blonde had previously been laying.

Michelle told Harmony to lay on her side facing Britney, she was told to move down the bed so that her head was around the level of the other girl's waists. Harmony had no idea what was going on, Cindy and Rebecca held hands with big smiles on their faces both very excited loving what they knew was about to happen to Harmony.

Michelle moved behind Harmony's head placing the hood over her, the other girls could see that the hood covered the top and back of the blonde's head with thin but very strong straps below her ears that ran from the hood to the belt. Her face and ears were not covered at all by the hood though. Lindsay gasped as at this view she realised what the hood was for, Amy brought her hand to her mouth also in shock and Britney realising why she had been told to lay where Harmony had been gasped too, but with a very big smile on her face. Harmony didn't have the view the others had so still didn't realise what was going on.

Michelle beckoned for Cindy and Rebecca to move forward and help, she told them to cover Harmony's eyes with their hands so she wouldn't see what was happening. The three of them then repositioned Harmony right next to Britney as Michelle motioned for the red head to roll on to her side facing away from Harmony.

Harmony was now laid just inches from Britney with her face pointed directly at the other girl's ass. Michelle helped Britney put the belt around her waist,

"ready girls?" Michelle asked Cindy and Rebecca,

"Oh yeh!" Cindy smiled as Rebecca nodded.

Amy and Lindsay lay transfixed watching this play out, they couldn't believe this was actually happening, Amy was thinking though that she really hoped Lindsay would be put in the same position as Harmony after the falling out the two girls had had earlier in the day.

Cindy and Rebecca removed the hands they had used to cover Harmony's eyes as they shoved the blonde's head right between Britney's ass cheeks, as they did this Michelle clipped the belt shut.

As the hands that had covered her eyes were removed Harmony was shocked to see her head was suddenly between Britney's ass cheeks. Her nose was right up against Britney's asshole, she pulled her head back, but nothing happened, she tried again and still nothing happened. She heard Michelle, Cindy and Rebecca laughing cruelly at her plight. She reached up to try and work out why she couldn't move her head and realised to her horror that because of where the straps attached to the hood it was impossible to remove it or move more than a few inches until the person wearing the belt took it off.

Harmony struggled and found she could move slightly up and down, but all she was doing was rubbing her nose up and down Britney's asshole.

This again brought laughter from Michelle, Cindy and Rebecca and a slight moan of pleasure from Britney.

"Well Britney do you like your new toy?" Michelle asked with a laugh,

"She is yours to do whatever you wish with, oh yes and you'll like this, as well as being able to position her to either smell or lick your ass you can adjust the strap, you see this S shaped groove, if you move this clip on both sides of the belt down to the lower part of the S her head will be pulled from your ass to below your pussy. So you can have her lick your pussy." Michelle explained excitedly to Britney

"and if you need to pee in the night you won't need to get up, you can just use her mouth!!!" Exclaimed an ecstatic Rebecca.

Michelle showed Britney how to move between the two settings and when she was sure Britney understood she moved Harmony's head back to Britney's ass making sure to ram her nose right up to the red head's asshole.

"You see Britney, some of us are wealthy and important and deserve to have our asses kissed," Said Cindy,

"and some of us are poor and pathetic and deserve to be used by their betters for whatever purpose they can actually be of any use for." Joined in Rebecca as the two girls fell into a fit of laughter again.

"Thanks girls," Britney smiled,

"There's one important thing you should know though, I did enjoy that cheese and tomato pizza earlier," she paused theatrically,

"but cheese really makes me" instead of finishing her sentence Britney let off a loud fart right on Harmony's face.

Cindy and Rebecca threw their arms around each other laughing harder than they had ever laughed before.

As Britney let off another fart on a horrified Harmony's face, Amy smiled, Michelle clapped and Cindy and Rebecca continued to laugh.

Michelle walked around the bed and instructed Lindsay and Amy to turn side on, she placed the hood over Lindsay's head to Amy's delight,

"Yay," Squealed Amy, hi-fiving Britney as Lindsay was strapped in place with her nose against the much shorter girl's asshole.

As Rebecca and Cindy regained their composure Rebecca looked over and said,

"Michelle, that looks awesome with Lindsay strapped like that to a girl more than half a foot taller than her."

Michelle and Cindy agreed, Michelle pulled the covers back over the girls as Britney and Amy shuffled to the middle of the bed and embraced.

"Britney, could you fart on Harmony once more, please" asked Rebecca in a tone meant to mock Harmony,

as they heard another fart erupt on Harmony's face Cindy walked forward and patted her head under the covers saying with pure evil in her voice,

"Sleep well bitch!!!" and walked off with a cruel laugh.

Michelle turned out the lights ushering Cindy and Rebecca out of the room and proceeded to the other pledges room. There she used the other two devices to tie Cassie's head between a delighted Tiphany's ass cheeks and Heather's head between a reluctant Scarla's ass cheeks. The four poor girls were now completely at the mercy of the four rich girls.

Britney and Amy whispered to each other for a while discussing what to do with their new toys, Britney letting out several more farts straight up a disgusted Harmony's nose while they talked.

"Having fun down there Harmony!" Amy taunted after one particularly loud fart from Britney.

Amy adjusted the belt moving Lindsay's head below her pussy and told the taller girl to lick her. Lindsay had never tasted a girls pussy before, let alone licked one and she had no desire to do so, but in the position she was stuck in she knew if she disobeyed things could get much worse.

As Lindsay's tongue started to excite Amy even more than she already was, the shorter girl started to play with Britney's breasts. Britney herself moved Harmony's head to her pussy and also ordered her to lick.

Harmony like Lindsay had no experience of another girls pussy but she started licking around and exploring Britney's slick cunt. When she did something that seemed to please the rich red head she repeated it as she tried to figure out how to pleasure another girl.

As they both approached orgasms from the tongue's in their pussy's and each other's hands on their breasts the two girls kissed each other passionately. They both thought life couldn't get much better than this! They each had a girl completely at their mercy, they both knew they were rich and beautiful and they were now realising that girls like Harmony and Lindsay were inferior to them and they enjoyed treating them accordingly.

As they both came to intense shuddering orgasms in each other's arms, lips locked together, they were both turned on for different but equally powerful reasons. Amy loved Cumming on the unwilling face of a girl so much bigger than her, a girl she really didn't like. Britney enjoyed the power intensely of forcing another girl to pleasure her as well as the fact she actually saw Harmony as both inferior and attractive.

As both girls moved apart they each repositioned their respective captive with their nose against their asshole, Britney letting out another big smelly fart as she did so.

Britney and Amy both slept soundly, tired and satisfied. Harmony and Lindsay on the other hand were uncomfortable under the hot sheets and although both did sleep they only got a few hours each.

In the other guest room Tiphany quickly moved Cassie's head between her legs and experienced two delicious orgasms from the unwilling tongue of her new play thing. Scarla on the other hand was really uncomfortable with this situation, although she was one of the rich girls she didn't look down on the poor girls in the same way the others did, in the end she figured as she wasn't getting turned on by the situation that Heather's head spending the night below her pussy would be less unpleasant for the other girl than a night between her ass cheeks. Cassie wasn't so lucky and when Tiphany was done using her tongue she positioned the helpless girl's face back at her ass.

Cindy, Rebecca and Michelle each went to their separate bedrooms and all three spent most of the next hour fingering themselves. Cindy and Rebecca were each surprised at how turned on they were at the thought of what they had done to Harmony over the past few hours and what they planned to do to her in the next few days. Michelle was also turned on by these thoughts, she had found Cindy and Rebecca's hatred of Harmony infectious, she majorly looked down on anyone with less money than herself and she already knew tormenting such people got her massively turned on.

The next morning the girls were awakened at about 9am when Michelle came to their rooms. She instructed both groups of girls to get washed and dressed and be in the party room by ten for breakfast. She took the devices used to trap the poor girls back but promised all the girls that they'd be using them again very soon. The four poor girls were extremely relieved, not only to be free again but also because none of the rich girls had made them do any more than lick pussy or have their head between their ass cheeks. After Rebecca's teasing Harmony had feared much worse, although after breathing in Britney's fowl smelling farts all night Harmony couldn't imagine things could get much worse.

The girls took turns using the bathroom and showering and after an uneventful hour they all made it to breakfast on time. Food was laid out on the table ready and Michelle explained that as they were on a schedule they had caterers in to prepare breakfast that day and would be using them several more times in the next week.

Most of the girls had been pretty quiet so far that morning except Tiphany who was very happy and kept whistling or humming to herself. Amy and Britney were also on cloud nine at the situation they had going on with the power they had enjoyed over Harmony and Lindsay. Over breakfast the three of them compared notes at one end of the table about their night's activities, Scarla was quiet, she didn't really know what to say to Heather or the others as she hadn't enjoyed the night.

The four poor girls sat in a bit of a daze, none of them could really believe what had happened to them the night before. They were all hopeful though as they knew if they were successful in the next initiation task they would get out of this torment from Michelle and the rich girls.

At about 10.30 Ashley and Taylor entered the room, Michelle took Ashley aside and the two of them went off to talk in the sorority president's office. Taylor instructed the girls to do the washing up and tidy everything away, which meant them going into the kitchen.

As they moved between rooms they saw sorority sisters milling around, a few were just standing around talking, a couple were coming upstairs after going for a swim in the pool. They all seemed to just ignore the potential pledges when they passed.

Michelle told Ashley about the sleeping arrangements she had implemented the night before and both girls laughed when she told her about Britney repeatedly farting in Harmony's face.

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