tagNonHumanSoulmates Ch. 03

Soulmates Ch. 03


A big thanks to AsylumSeeker for helping me edit this chapter. You're legend!


Dee drove like a mad woman to get to Maria's home. When they went inside, Ulisi called out, "Who's there?"

Maria snapped out of her thoughts. "Just me and Dee, I had to collect somethings." and raced upstairs

Dee headed over to Ulisi and sat down opposite, and the old woman said, "And here I thought I'd catch up with my reading". Marking the place in her Braille book.

Dee smiled a little. "Sorry, a little breakdown with Maria, she thinks that White Deer is wanting to control her emotions to be with Eric."

Ulisi arched a brow. "Well that's not possible, I made sure that wouldn't happen when she was three and called him Wa'ya."

Arching a brow, Dee asked curiously, "What do you mean?"

Softly chuckling. "I was trained as a shaman Dee," Ulisi said. "I've been giving her herbs which blocks out any attempt of spirits to take over her body. Sure, I loved my sister but I wasn't going to let my granddaughter be influenced with her emotions if she tried. She might of gotten in with making Maria dream of Eric, but it's all Maria's thoughts about the man."

Shock covered Dee's features. She could of been pushed over by a feather at that moment. "Oh my. You sneaky old wolf."

Maria was on the way back down the stairs, not hearing the rest of the conversation but hearing 'sneaky old wolf'. There was only the women in the house, Eric wasn't there. She'd know if he was because of that tightened feeling in the stomach she got.

She was carrying a large box and asked, "Who's a wolf?" as she put it on the chair closest to them and looked at them both.

Both women froze this time and Ulisi sighed. "I guess I've been hiding my own secret for a long time, my child." She held out her hand which Maria took and knelt down next to her grandmother. Ulisi didn't know where to start. "I know you've probably had an emotional night, so right now wouldn't of been the best, but I guess now the wolf is out of the bag, I should tell you."

Maria looked over to Dee and saw her eyes down cast so she looked back at her grandmother. "What do you mean?"

Ulisi patted her hand gently and said, "I'm like Eric. The wolf spirit came to me after Dee left the tribe. He set me a task to complete, so, here I am fulfilling it. The task I can't speak of, just yet, but it was important things played out."

Maria stood up and tried to pull her hand free but Ulisi had a good hold of it so she couldn't. Maria was confused. "How come your appearance is of a old woman while Eric shows a young man?"

Smiling, Ulisi answered, "Because I wanted to age so I did something about it. But that will change once I release my wolf again." She patted her granddaughters hand again. "So what is wrong, why aren't you back at their home?"

Shaking her head a little, Maria a little stunned with that and now with the change of subject. "Because I don't know if the feelings I have are my own or of White Deer's."

Ulisi smiled. "They are all yours my dear. On your third birthday when you called Eric, Wa'ya, I started to give you herbs that would block any emotions of any spirits that wanted to try to use you. I loved White Deer greatly, but I wasn't going to let her influence what you thought or felt. When I felt something different in you each morning, I upped the magic of the herbs. Even when I spirit walked, I told her not to touch you again and she promised she wouldn't. So what you are feeling, those are your own, not anyone else."

Both women blinked with the added information. Maria took deep breaths to let it all sink in. If tonight was a dream then damn, she was going mental in them. "So what I feel is my own?" she repeated.

Ulisi nodded. "Yes, what you feel is the drawing of the wolf. Even though you haven't gotten your wolf yet, your heart knows where you have to be. I have seen in my visions that your place is with Eric so hurry up and get out of here and back in his arms before you confuse the poor boy any worse than he is already." She chuckled.

Maria blushed hearing her grandmother just pawning her off again. "Thanks Gran. You always know what I have to hear," and hugged her gently, kissing her cheek and stood up. Heading over to the box and picked it up.

Dee smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, Ulisi."

Ulisi smiled, and moved her hand in a shooing motion. "Get out of here, I have some reading to do." She stared ahead and found her place in her book and started to run her fingers over the bumps again.

The two women left and got back into the car and drove back to the apartments in silence.

* * * * *

Richard looked towards the door when he felt Dee's presence stronger. "They're back".

Eric nodded, even though he wasn't bonded to Maria, the pit of his stomach clenched when she was close by. He continued to pace until he was told he was allowed to go back to his Maria.

For both men it seemed to take hours till Dee walked back thru the door laughing to herself and both men stared straight at her for any answers she could give them to clear the confusion.

She decided to make them hold out a little longer to give Maria plenty of time to set up her surprise for Eric which was what she was laughing about when she got to her apartment. "She was scared," she told them.

Eric growled, "I know she was scared but I thought she knew I would never hurt her."

She poured herself a drink and shook her head. "That wasn't what she was scared about. She knows you'd never hurt her because she knows Richard and I would kick the living shit out of you if you touched a single hair on her body without her say so." she said smiling.

That confused Eric even more. "What was she scared of then?"

Dee went over to him and patted him gently on the shoulder. "She was scared her feelings weren't her own. She was scared, she thought White Deer was influencing her emotions."

Both men blinked. Neither of them had thought of that. They both knew White Deer would never do anything like that to jeopardize Eric's happiness.

Laughing at the look both men had, Dee said, "We went home so she could collect something and Ulisi reassured her that whatever she was feeling was her own and no one elses. The old wolf had been giving her teas so it stops spirits influences on her since she called Eric, 'Wa'ya' when she was three. Whenever she felt a change in her attitude, she'd strengthen it and so forth."

Eric fell back on the sofa, completely stunned at how far Ulisi went to protect Maria and her emotions. Then out of nowhere he said, "I guess Billy and his boys better make the new build faster when they start," he chuckled.

Both Richard and Dee looked at Eric curiously. "What build..." Richard asked.

Eric cringed a little. "Err, I kinda rang Billy before bout getting Maria's desk made and told him I wanted some refurnishing done on the floor below us. It's not being used so thought it would be nice if Ulisi moved in here. Better her being with family than by herself in that big house on her own. Was thinking like here, one side could be Ulisi's apartment and the other side Maria's studio space. That's if you don't mind? We aren't using it for anything."

Both them looked at each other and shrugged then grinned, then Dee said, "As long as we're allowed in the studio and not be kicked out each time she's working on a masterpiece." Which made them all laugh.

Then Dee jumped. "Shit, she's gonna kill me. Get over there now Eric. I told her I'd send you over as soon as I got back here."

Eric growled at Dee and quickly left through the offices. Eric couldn't believe Dee held him up from seeing his love because she wanted to talk. He moved through his apartment, tracking her scent, once it got stronger he said, "Maria, I'm sorry, I shouldn't of spoken so much of White Deer. I won't speak about her again."

Maria smiled looking over to him from the dining room table. "It's fine. I don't want to you to stop talking about her. I want to know about her, about your life as you should know about mine." She had the box beside her on a chair and started pulling out pictures and memories of her life. Even drawing she had done when she was younger, of a girl and a wolf together.

He went over to her and sat down and started looking thru the memories she wanted to share with him. For some reason, his wolf was content. With her showing trust in him of her private memories, he knew he would only ever be honest and open with her as much as he could.

* * * * *

As soon as Eric was gone, Dee smirked. "So where were we before the interruption?". She went over to the bar fridge and pulled out a bottle and poured the dark red liquid into a glass. She looked over to him and he nodded so poured a second glass before putting it back in the fridge. She took both glasses over to him and sat down on his lap and wriggled as she handed him the glass.

He groaned and arched his hips into her backside when she sat. "I think we were just about to do start some foreplay." He took a sip of the red liquid then screwed up his nose a little. "I hate human blood."

Dee nodded. "Same, but we have to, if we want to go to the reservation next week."

Even tho they were vampires, they were more pack than coven. They usually make kills of dear and bled them for their food. They did work during the day, but animal blood didn't have the kick to it, so they didn't do much traveling during sunny days. Human blood tho, for some reason when they went on the diet of only that, they were able to handle sunlight better. Especially the rare blood types. Tonight they were having a nice glass of AB-. For Dee and Richard personally, with their way of living. The rarer the blood type, the stronger they became during those days of their human diet.

Dee and Richard were both psychic vampires. While Dee specialized as a empath, Richard specialized in the mind. When they worked together, no secrets were ever able to be held on to. Against other vampires physically, they might not win a fight, but mentally, they could drive any vampire to madness quickly which made them a strong team in the city. The other vampires in the city knew, not to test the two, but they always offered help when covens were in need of assistance like Eric did for the weres.

Soon they had finished their drinks, the glasses on the table in front of them and Dee shifted to straddle him. She grounded herself hard against him which made Richard buck up again her. His hands moving to her hips and firmly rubbed his clothed self against her.

She flashed him a wicked grin and a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she sent him her thought of what they should do.

He raised his eyebrows and smirked before quickly picking her up and whispering, "As my lady commands."

She wrapped her legs around him as he stood and started to move herself a little more freely against him as he carried her to the bedroom.


To Be Continued.....

Due to the type of story this has turned out to be, I'm not doing any in depth sex scenes. But I do plan on writing them and posting them separately if you want to see the down and dirty side of this group. I do apologize if you wanted sex scenes in the story, but I think so far it has been a little to innocent for them. If you disagree, let me know and I can fix the other chapters up that could have them in it.

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