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Spaghetti and


Denise and Mike were in the middle of a quiet meal, by themselves, at their favorite Italian Restaurant. Their daughter was on the way to her grandmothers and their son was at work in a nearby Japanese restaurant. The evening had been uneventful with Denise's salad and Mike's minestrone soup acting as nice appetizers for their main course. The service that night had been excellent and just as the salad and soup bowls were cleared away, the main course was placed in front of them.

Denise had ordered a chicken and artichoke dish, which from the appearance was bound to be very good, but it was when the waiter placed the spaghetti with Italian sausage in front of Mike that the night began to change. The moment the waiter placed it on the table Denise took a deep, audible breath. Not sure what the problem was Mike looked into his wife's eyes and noticed they seemed to sparkle with a devilish delight.

"Do you want to trade dinners?" he asked, still stunned at her reaction.

"No, no I like the chicken; it's just that... ah, nothing."

"It's just that what?"

"Well," she leaned forward, looked around her from side to side and continued in a whisper, "it's the sausage. Doesn't it look like something to you?"

"Like a sausage," he replied.

"Yes, but look at it."


"Look how it curves, just a bit, kind of twisting to the right."

Wondering if perhaps she had too much wine all he could say was, "So?"

"And it's length, don't you get it, the length is just right and the curve," she replied, her eyes moving oddly downward.

"I still... wait a minute, you picturing me skewered up on a skillet, cooking over a fire?"

Reaching out and grasping his hand in mock concern, "Oh no darling, nothing like that. But look at it, if the sausage was circumcised it would look just like yours."

Mike looked down at the sausage and with images of some strange sausage circumcision ceremonies spinning in his head he started to see a vague similarity in length and maybe even girth. Picking up his fork and knife he moved to cut the sausage to take a taste.

"No!" Denise cried out too loudly, drawing the attention of several diners around them. Leaning forward she whispered, "Don't cut it."

"But how am I supposed to eat it?" Michael whispered.

"Just eat the spaghetti; we'll take the sausage home."

"And what exactly do you want to do with that sausage when we get home?"

"We'll compare it; see just how close it is."

"So I'm supposed to eat only the spaghetti without even tasting the best part of it all?"

Denise gave Mike "the" look, a look so convincingly wanton that he felt his cock begin to harden in his shorts.

"Okay, okay, say no more. We'll save the sausage for take home." Mike replied, sticking his fork into the spaghetti, pulling up a number of strands and twirling his fork against the tablespoon he expertly swirled the spaghetti onto his fork and took a bite. Watching Denise as he ate, he was amazed, here was his wife of nearly thirty years fidgeting and flirting with him like she was a teenager. Finally, with still about half of his spaghetti left he signaled to the waiter and requested he box up the rest of their meal.

"Box up the sausage separately," Denise asked as the waiter walked away, breaking into a giggle as she looked back at Mike.

"I don't know what has gotten into you, but I think I have a new favorite meal here."

After paying the bill, the two of them headed out to their car barely able to walk straight they were holding each other so tight. Mike opened Denise's door and headed over to the driver's side, quickly sliding into the seat. He was about to start the car when he felt Denise's hands on his lap, one hand squeezing him, the other working his zipper down.

"What are you doing? Don't you want to wait until we are home?"

"I just want to measure it here," she said, sliding his cock out of his pants. "You need to get it hard." She looked up at him and then lowered her head to his lap, sliding her lips over him.

Mike was hard in no time and when she sat up he asked, "You're really going to compare them?"

She opened the container with the sausage and then said, "Lean your seat back; I need some room to get a good comparison."

He leaned the seat back and then reclined as Denise took the sausage and held it up next to his hard cock. Mike glanced down and damn, he had to admit she was right, the two sausages had to be within a sixteenth of an inch of each other and the girth looked right too. Beyond that, what was really amazing was that they curved in the exact same way, right down to the slight twist to the right. If only that sausage had been circumcised, it would look exactly like him.

Still holding the sausage next to his cock she ran a finger up along the dark blue vein on the cock, then gently flicked a fingernail just under the glans. The bluish head sparkled a bit with a drop of precum dribbling down over her hands. She then smiled at him and mouthed silently, "See what I mean?"

Mike nodded and watched her put the sausage back into the container. With the confirmation complete Mike figured they'd head back to the house and pick back up when they got to the bedroom, but when he suddenly felt his wife's tongue run up the length of his shaft he knew she had other plans. Mike remained motionless as his wife took firm hold of his shaft with her left hand and began bobbing her head up and down over him, sucking deeply as she moved.

Looking down on his wife, he realized that while she was pumping his cock with her left hand, her right hand was slipped down into her panties. She had never masturbated in front of him before, so he was immediately jolted by what he was watching. Letting the wonderful sensations slide up and down his cock, he watched her hips begin to move in unison with her hand.

Before long the excitement of doing this in the car, the vision of his wife masturbating in front of him and the sensations of warm wet suction she created with her mouth, Mike began to feel a pressure building in his balls. Reaching down, he grabbed one of Denise's breasts and squeezed as he raised his hips up, trying to push his cock even deeper into her mouth. He came, spurting his cum into he mouth in splash after splash.

Denise kept his cock in her mouth sucking the last droplets of cum from him before moving her head a bit. She rested her head on his lap, her lips brushing lightly against Mike's balls as her hand began moving faster. Mike could feel her warm, damp breath on his balls and softening cock. Moaning loudly, she shoved her hips forward and came, suddenly kissing his balls and cock as she stopped moving her hand and pulled her legs together.

They caught their breath for a few moments and then heard some movement nearby as a group of people were climbing out of their car. They sat up and Mike eased his cock back into his pants as Denise, straightened up her hair a bit. Starting up the car, they began the short drive home.

"You know, thirty years ago we'd head back to the house and do it again," Mike said.

"Thirty years ago we didn't have a house to go back to so we'd have had to do it in your parent's basement."

"Yeah, at least now we can head home and climb into bed together."

"And sleep," Denise added.

"Yes, and sleep," Mike replied, wondering if Denise would let him eat that sausage once they got home.

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