tagFetishSpanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 06

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 06


Author's note: This is not the original chapter 6 of this story. I sent the original chapter 6 to Kenny to read, and even though I felt it was a fitting end to the story, Kenny didn't agree and asked me not to post it. Therefore, you can let your imagination fill in what you think happened the rest of that amazing night when Jan finally got her spanking. I will just say this, though..... Kenny did keep his promise and Jan got her last wish.

This is the last chapter to this story, in other words, the epilog. Kenny and Jan both read this chapter and with a few minor changes agreed to let me post it.


It was several months after I spanked Jan before I saw either she or Kenny again. Kenny never emailed or called me, and since the softball season was over, I didn't see him at the ball park, either. I reached for the phone to call him more than once, but each time I hung up the phone before I finished dialing.

I agonized over and over about it -- about not hearing from him, I mean. Was I supposed to forget we were friends? Was I supposed to act like nothing ever happened? Was I supposed to disregard how I undressed his wife in front of him and spanked her, touching her intimately and then, before the night was over, finally fucking her? Yeah, okay, they asked me to do all that, but maybe they regretted it now.

I spent many a night stroking my cock remembering the things I had done to Jan, both in front of Kenny, and the things I did in the solitude of their bedroom when he couldn't see. I didn't feel guilty, no - that wasn't it at all. I didn't do anything he or she didn't ask me to do. I was completely honest and forthcoming with both of them about what was going to happen that fateful night. I laid it all out before we did it. I never lied or misrepresented the way Jan was going to be treated or what was going to happen. So why hadn't I heard from them?

I finally accepted the fact that perhaps they were ashamed of what they had done - of what they asked me to do and everything that happened that night. Maybe they were so guilt ridden and embarrassed they simply decided that our friendship had to end. I guess I could understand that, but it was hard to accept the fact that the price I would pay would stick with me longer than their shame would stick with them. I lost my friend, my best friend, and I didn't like it.

Putting myself in Kenny's shoes, though, I suppose it couldn't be any other way. For a whole night, I pretty much owned his wife -- in almost every carnal way possible. I embarrassed and humiliated her. I stripped her in front of her husband. I masturbated her. I took her wet panties off her and I kept them. I spanked her bottom and exposed her in the most lewd manner possible. I had her say those gut wrenching, but truthful things she always wanted to say. She was completely under my power that night and I knew exactly what she needed and what she wanted. Without exception, that night was her ultimate dream, desire and fantasy. Where I fucked up is when I made it all come true, exactly the way she wanted.... openly nasty, and, right in front of him.

It was the evening after Thanksgiving when I ran into Jan at the mall. Just the fact that I was at the mall was amazing in itself, since I hate those places and make an intentional effort never to go there. But, I needed to get my brother a Christmas gift and there was a store in the mall that had a particular gadget he wanted, so, off I went. After making my purchase at the check out, I turned around to see Jan standing there, no more than ten feet away, looking straight at me.

I don't know how long we stood there looking at each other, but, every second was uncomfortable. I just knew all she wanted was for me to ignore her and leave the store, so that's what I tried to do, much like a whipped dog would slink past his master to the safety of the doghouse.

Thinking I was going to safely make my exit without any kind of uncomfortable emotional delay, I turned to look back as I passed her and there she was, just five steps behind me. "Hey," she said, "aren't you even going to say hello?"

In the matter of an instant, I thought about all the possible things that could happen if I stopped. Maybe we would just exchange niceties, and finish with "it was nice to see you" and then it would be over. Knowing I would eventually have to face one of them, I prepared myself for the worst, stopped and turned to face her.

To say I was shocked when she hugged me warmly would be an understatement. The way her tiny frame latched on to me was more than a 'How ya doing, neighbor' hug. As the hug ended, she rubbed her hands up and down my sides and pulled herself back and looked up at me. "We thought you got abducted by aliens or something." Jan said. "It's been months. Where have you been?"

I was stunned to say the least. The look in her eyes was something I didn't expect. It was, well.... friendly. I started to stutter something, but, she interrupted me saying "Hey, its okay. Come on, let's go get some coffee and catch up."

To this point, I hadn't spoken five intelligible words to Jan, but she hooked her arm into mine and pulled me out of the store. "Why don't you get me a black coffee and I'll be right back," she said, pointing to the food court, "I'm just going to run into the restroom for a sec. Promise you won't leave?" I nodded and she smiled. With that, I watched her disappear into the restroom as I made my way into the food court.

After getting her coffee and a soft drink for me, I found a table and sat down. I saw her come out of the restroom with her cell phone up to her ear. I watched as she talked, her hands making animated motions as she spoke -- even waving to me and holding up her index finger as if to say "I'll be there in a minute." I swallowed hard, not knowing what to expect.

She finished her call and closed up her phone as she walked toward me. "That was Kenny," she said, "He said to tell you hello and he would call you in a few minutes. He's in Memphis with the kids."

Jan went on to tell me that Kenny's grandfather had a mild heart attack several weeks ago and Kenny had been spending a lot of time there. This trip, he'd taken the kids with him since they were out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday, leaving Jan at home and would return Sunday evening.

She reached out and placed her hands on top of mine and said "It's so nice to see you. So tell me, why haven't you called?"

"Well," I answered, "I had this impression you guys were avoiding me, so I didn't press it. I thought maybe you decided the whole spanking thing wasn't such a good idea after all."

"What ever gave you that idea?" She asked.

"Jan, I never heard back from Kenny after that night, and it's been a long time. I just thought maybe you wanted some space, that's all." I replied.

"Well, you were wrong." She said. "We had a wonderful time that night. We both did! And I think you did, too. We just didn't call because this thing came up with his grandfather and we got busy with kids and school and all that.... but, we're not avoiding you at all. In fact," she paused, "I just told Kenny I saw you in the store and, uh, we thought you might be interested in coming over for dinner tonight."

"But, I thought he was in Memphis?" I asked.

"He is," she answered, "I'm all by myself until they get back on Sunday. But, you can still come by. He said it was fine with him. How about it?"

About that time, my cell phone rang. I recognized Kenny's number and looked up at Jan. "Go ahead and take it," she said, as she stood up from the table, "I'm going to get some more coffee and some french fries. I'll be back in a few minutes."

I stuck my cell phone up to my ear and answered his call. Kenny told me all abut his grandfather and apologized for not getting back with me after the night I spanked and fucked his wife. He went on and on about how much better their sex life had been and how he was getting laid four or five times a week and how much more sexual and sensual Jan had been since her spanking. He talked so much I almost couldn't get a word in. Then he dropped the bomb on me.

"Dude," Kenny said, "listen, I'm not going to be back until Sunday and today's only Friday. If you don't have anything to do, why don't you spend some time with Jan until I get back?"

"What?" I asked.

"Come on," he answered, "you heard what I said. You haven't found a girlfriend or something have you?"

"No." I replied.

"Then, what's the big deal?" Kenny said, then added, "She's all for it. You can go over there for dinner and stay until I get home on Sunday."

"Man, do you know how this sounds?" I asked.

"Of course." Kenny answered. "Look, since you came over, we've both been talking about our fantasies and all the crazy shit that turn us on. I've been honest with her and she's been honest with me. One thing we both want is for her to spend some time alone with you. Don't be a pussy, man! She needs you to make her feel like that again. Consider it a reward."

"A reward?" I inquired. "You know we did a lot of stuff that night."

"Fuck, I know that!" Kenny replied. "But, this is the perfect time for her to have a little fun. I'm out of town and she's all alone. She's hot and horny, dude.... she wants you to make her do things and she wants your cock. "

Kenny went on to tell me that they both were turned on by the idea of someone else fucking Jan and making her do 'things'.... making her suck cock, cuming in her mouth, fucking her over the dining room table.... just about everything you can imagine. The problem was, they were too chicken to make it happen themselves. They didn't know how to find someone they could trust and the whole idea of strangers seemed way too risky. Kenny confessed to me that he'd always fantasized about seeing another man pumping her in and out with a hard cock while she lies back with her legs wide open. He even told me they talked about going out to a bar to find someone to fuck her, but, they were too afraid to actually do it.

He told me Jan said that evening was the most amazing night in her life. He said she told him it was the fulfillment of every fantasy she ever had.... the way she was touched and exposed and spanked. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he was telling me the truth because he recounted most of what we did with such vivid detail. They must have discussed it over and over until it was engrained in their memories.

"Kenny, you're making it sound like Jan's turned into some kind of cum slut, wanting to fuck everyone in sight. Are you listening to yourself?" I asked.

"No, I'm not, and you know it." Kenny answered. "Look, here's the deal," he said, "these are her fantasies. She would never do any of this with anyone..... except you. I mean, with me and you. She said the way you treated her made her feel so fulfilled -- so nasty. But she also said you made her feel safe. It's like you set her free, man."

"So, let me get this straight." I asked. "You're telling me I can go over to your house and stay with your wife until you get home and I can spank her, touch her and fuck her as much as I want. Is that it?"

"Almost." He replied. "What I want is for you to talk to her and grant her fantasies. Whatever she wants, you give it. I tell you for sure, she wants you to make her expose herself..... and she'll want you to spank her.... and suck you off and she'll definitely want you to slam the meat to her."

"Damn." I moaned, as my cock pushed against my jeans.

"I've got an idea," he mused, "let me talk to her for a second."

I looked around to see Jan walking back to the table carrying her fries and her precious gourmet coffee. When she sat down across from me, I handed the phone to her and hunched my shoulders saying, "He wants to talk to you."

She took the phone from me and held it to her ear. After a minute or so, she blushed deep red and gasped. "Right here?" She asked into the phone. Her eyebrows shot up and she looked at me and her jaw dropped.

Jan leaned across the table and beckoned me closer. Then very softly, so no one else could hear her, she said "I want you to come over and stay with me while Kenny's gone," she began, "and I want you to spank me and make me do nasty things, really nasty things."

Then she listened to the phone for a few seconds and spoke again, looking straight into my eyes, saying "My pussy is wet hoping you're going to say yes. You can do whatever you want with me..... uh, even..... oh gawd, even take pictures or stick it up my ass if you want. Please say yes." She begged. "I don't know when we'll have this chance again. Please say you will."

She listened to the phone again and looked at me. After a short pause, she asked, "Please?"

"Okay," I answered, "but, with three conditions. First, you're completely mine and agree to do everything I ask from this moment on, and second, you have to tell Kenny every detail of what we do or talk about when he gets home. Agreed?"

She put the phone back to her ear for a second and said "Yes, agreed. But what's the third condition?"

I asked for the phone back and with her listening I told Kenny the third condition was that he had to agree to go down on his wife and eat her pussy within thirty minutes of getting home on Sunday. After I said it, Jan looked at me. Her eyes got big and she whispered to me "Oh my gawd! With your sperm in me? He'll love that. He won't say it, but, he'll love it."

At first, Kenny didn't say anything. But after a bit, he moaned into the phone and said "Oh, fuck, man. Are you going to cum in her right before I get home?"

"I think you can pretty much count on the fact that I'm going to leave a nice hot cream-pie for you to lick out of your wife, my friend." I answered.

Jan was speechless. She held her hands up over her mouth like she was going to scream. "What is he saying?" She asked softly. I held up my hand, waiting for Kenny to answer.

"Oh hell yes," he said into the phone, "you bet your damn ass I will. Go ahead and tell her, dude..... tell her I'll lick her out as soon as I can get the kids settled."

I held the phone away from my mouth and leaned toward Jan and told her what Kenny said. "Oh, gawd," she moaned, "I want you to really fill me up then. He's talked about doing this non-stop since that night you spanked me." With a twinkle in her eyes, she asked for the phone back and leaned back into her chair and whispered into the phone so I couldn't hear. After a minute, she leaned forward, said "I love you, too, honey" into the phone and handed the phone back to me.

"Okay, man," Kenny said, "you've got the green light. Take her home and spank her tonight. Treat her right and sex her up for me. But, be gone when I pull in the driveway, alright?"

"No problem." I answered.

"Listen," he added, "I told her to take you to one of the stores there in the mall, pull you into a dressing room and masturbate in front of you. Be sure you take her panties from her." He said. "She really got off on it when you took her panties last time. She'll get into it if you make her get 'em all wet and then make her give them to you. Tell her you're going to take them hostage and you'll trade them for new ones next week. That'll make her cum, believe me. Fuck, she'll probably have a melt down."

The vision of that very scene flew through my mind as I listened to Kenny and looked at Jan across the table from me. Imagining what she was going to look like in a few minutes as she stood in front of me lowering her jeans to her knees. Then, while I watched she would begin to touch herself, running her fingers up and down her slit, rubbing herself through her panties creating a nice crease between her pussy lips.

Kenny asked me to call him later tonight on the speaker phone in their bedroom after I filled her pussy with my hot cum. I had to chuckle to myself at the words he used. He was obviously excited -- probably as excited as Jan was.

As for me, I was pretty excited, too. But, more than that, I was elated that our friendship was still intact and they seemed pleased to finally find someone they could both live out their intimate fantasies with. I didn't have any romantic desires for Jan. Sure, she was a beautiful woman, but they were married and I wanted to honor that. They just wanted some excitement in their sex life. I didn't see any harm in helping them get what they both seemed to want.

After I hung up with Kenny, I looked across the table as Jan offered me some of her french fries. "What kind of panties are you wearing?" I asked.

"Bikini," she answered, "pink, I think." She blushed profusely as she answered my question about her panties.

"Are you wet?" I inquired.

Still blushing, she nodded her head and told me she was. When I asked her if she knew she had to masturbate for me before we left the mall, her eyes lowered to the table and she nodded again. "Is your pussy shaved?" I asked.

"It's been about two weeks since I shaved it." She answered.

"You're going to have to shave it all off for me as soon as we get to your house," I told her, "I don't want any hair covering your vagina when I spank you..... I want to see everything clearly."

"Okay." She replied.

"I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures of you, Jan. I think your husband will want to see what he missed out on, and I'll start by taking a few of you shaving your pussy. And by the way," I gave her my serious look, "I want a lot of pictures with you in your panties for myself and a lot of you playing with your pussy. You'll do all that for me, won't you?" I asked.

Her face was flushed and her cheeks were beet red. She wasn't smiling at all. Her eyes were glazed over and I don't know if she was panicking, dreaming or if I was pushing her too far.

"You're going to keep the pictures to yourself, aren't you?" She answered.

"I will." I replied. "I give you my word on that. I just want some pictures to look at when I'm home alone, uh.... taking care of myself."

"Ah, I understand." She said. "You're going jack off looking at my pictures?"

"Yep," I laughed, "and I hope you won't mind me taking a few pairs of your panties home with me, either. I'm talking about wet ones, Jan. I want you pick out some panties for me to keep and I want you to wear them for me and get 'em all wet with your pussy juice."

The look on her face was absolutely amazing. Her eyes got huge and she gasped for air.

"Do you think that's sick?" I asked. "I mean, for me to want your wet panties... saturated with your pussy juice? How are you going to feel knowing another man is sniffing your panties, looking at naked pictures of you and jacking off?"

I waited for her answer, and when she opened her mouth to speak, I could barely hear her. "Speak up," I said, "I can't hear you, Jan."

"It excites me." She answered.

"Oh, you nasty girl!" I said smiling. "You don't mind at all, do you. In fact, I bet it turns you on knowing I'm going to be masturbating using your panties. Isn't that right, Jan?"

She could only nod her head up and down. I think she was caught somewhere between embarrassment, excitement and humiliation and she simply couldn't speak.

"Well," I confessed, "it excites me, too. And if you want me to come over regularly to see you naked and make you do nasty things, I would be honored to do so. That's something you better talk over with Kenny, though. If he's turned on by this cream-pie thing, I could help him out with that, you know..... as long as you don't mind me giving you a good fuck in front of your husband."

I could see the wheels turning in her head as she sat across from me with a blank look on her face. "Come on," I said, rising from the table and reaching out for her hand, "I want to see you play with your pussy. Let's see if we can find an empty dressing room quickly."

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