tagGroup SexSpecial Investigation Ch. 2

Special Investigation Ch. 2


It was late on a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished a long assignment when my pager began to vibrate on my hip. I looked to see who wanted me and saw Mary's phone number. I had not seen her or Beth all week due to the investigation I was working. I was excited and called her immediately. Mary said that she and Beth knew I had been working hard and wondered if they could come and pick me up and take me to an early dinner. I thought this was so sweet and agreed.

Mary said that they would meet me at the office shortly. I went back to work finishing up the reports from my assignment that I had just completed. About two hours later Beth and Mary arrived and commented on how cluttered my office was. I had video equipment strewn about everywhere cause I was cleaning and replacing them into the containers I had for storage. Beth was intrigued at all the stuff I had and asked about everything. She would pick up something, examine it and ask how it was used. A little frustrated I handed her a regular video camera and asked if she knew what that was, she giggled and said that she was not stupid and that yes she knew what it was. In fact she had one at home but never used it. Seeing my frustration at wanting to get done, Mary went to Beth and kept her occupied with the camera.

I heard Beth comment on how she liked being video taped. She had always wanted to be on TV or in a movie but never had the chance to see herself like that. Mary told her to stand back a little and that she would turn the camera on and tape her doing something. Beth did as she was told and began playing like she was the weather girl on a local TV station. A moment later Mary said "cut" and then rewound the tape and let Beth watch through the eyepiece on the camera. Both girls began to laugh uncontrollably at the antics playing on the tape.

I suggested that I hook the cables to my television set in the office so Beth could watch herself live as she played. I now was caught up in the game and even put the camera onto the tripod to steady the image. With everything connected Mary told Beth "action". Beth began to pretend she was some slut in an X-rated movie. She ran her hands over her face and neck as if they were the hands of a young stud starting to seduce her. Slowly she moved her hands to her breasts and kneaded them through the cotton material. Mary said that she was doing a good job but that she really needed to be a bad little slut and show the camera how bad she wanted to get fucked. When I heard this I turned from what I was doing and looked at the television screen. Beth was now half sitting on the edge of my desk and was pulling her dress up with one hand and rubbing herself between her thighs with the other. Mary said "better", "good" "I like it" Mary urged her on and complimented her moves. By now I was totally aroused by these two women making a porno movie.

Beth continued to fondle herself as I watched both the television screen and her. Mary said that Beth was too quite and that she should moan a lot. People really like to hear a woman moan while she was having sex with herself or someone else. She complied with the order and damn that was really making me so horny. My cock was swelling inside my jeans. Beth let go of her dress and turned her back to the camera so we could see her unzipping her dress.

She unzipped slowly until she got it all the down to her waist. She turned back around and faced the camera as she slid her arms out of the dress and dropped it to the floor. She unhooked her bra from between her cleavage, squeezing her breasts just before she released them from their bindings. She looked so great standing there with her bra hanging from her shoulders, her tits firm and supple with her nipples standing erect. Beth was rubbing her tits with her hands and squeezing her nipple between her fingers. I looked to Mary and saw I was not the only one effected by this little show Beth was putting on.

Mary was rubbing her pussy through the slacks she was wearing. She commented that she needed to see some of that beautiful pussy on the tape. Beth climbed completely onto my desk and had her legs spread apart. Beth was completely wet and Mary zoomed in on her wet glistening pussy. Beth moved her hands to her pussy and began fingering herself. Beth kept the camera zoomed in as she slid a finger in and out of her wetness, pulling out and then rubbing her clit.

I was so completely engrossed in the action I had not noticed that Mary had removed her clothing and was rubbing her tits. I commented that the show was very sexy and that it needed to be spiced up a little. Mary stood up and walked over the Beth. She bent over between her legs and dropped her head down. I took the camera off the stand so I could get a good view of all the action. I watched as Mary was darting her tongue in and out of her slit, teasing her clit.

She had her ass sticking out and her legs parted. I moved back behind her and did a close up so I could get a good look at her ass hole and sopping wet pussy. As I did, she put a hand between her legs and slid it back and forth over her enlarged clit. With each glide she would run a finger deep into her own pussy. Beth was reaching her own orgasm now and was moaning loudly at the pleasure she was receiving from Mary's expert tongue. My cock was aching inside my jeans now. So hard that I thought I was to was going to rip out my zipper.

Before Beth had a chance to cum, Mary pulled away and had her lay on the floor. Before I knew it, they were in a 69 position enjoying each other's pussy. I was hurting so bad now that I had to replace the camera on its stand and get undressed myself. My cock felt better not being confined and sticking straight out. I stroked my cock slowly until I had my pre-cum slicked over the entire head. Beth looked at me and commented that she must be pretty good to be able get me so worked up. I suggested that I should give her an Academy award for the leading lady part and Mary should get one for best supporting actress. I looked through the camera to make sure it was zoomed out as far as it would go. Making sure that it could see all of Beth's body underneath Mary.

I got on my knees behind Mary so Beth could suck and lick my balls. I slid into Mary's pussy easily with my dick while Beth enjoyed my balls. I went in so fast and deep that Mary let out a little whimper. She raised her head from the pussy she was mouth fucking for a moment and moaned softly at the pleasure she was receiving. She was bucking back and forth impaling herself on my hard rod then would dip her head back down to savior more of Beth's sweet honey. I felt myself nearing my explosion and did not want that to happen yet, so I pulled out of her pussy for a bit of a rest. When I did this I could feel Beth's tongue licking my entire shaft, getting al off the pussy taste from it. Moments later I went back to fucking Mary's pussy.

Fucking her hard now. Banging her as hard I as could, wanting to feel her pussy convulse around my cock. I could feel Beth under me and new she was licking her clit hard also. The harder we fucked Mary the harder she ate Beth's cunt. Suddenly Beth pulled away and was screaming how good it felt. Mary did the same and replaced her tongue with two fingers deep into Beth's cunt. They both were cumming and cumming hard. I felt both women begin to shake and tremble with ecstasy. This sent me over the edge and I tried to pull out. I wanted the camera to catch my cum shot on Mary's ass hole and pussy. Beth quickly began cleaning Mary's cum off my cock as I shot load after load. Feeling her lick me as I shot felt so good. Once my orgasm stopped I looked down and watched as Beth hungrily cleaned Mary's ass and pussy.

We all lay on the floor together enjoying the moment when Beth spoke. She told us that next time she got to be the director while I played the leading role. We all laughed at this as I said that someone was going to have to work on my cock some the get it erect again. Mary took hold of me stroking it gently saying that would be her job.

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