tagGay MaleSpeech and Debate Pt. 16: Finale

Speech and Debate Pt. 16: Finale


I survived Jury Duty ya'll! AND finished this chapter!

212,315 words. Essentially that is two full length novels (or one Gone With The Wind. :) ) in 16 months. That's how long I have lived with these characters in my heart and mind. And I've loved every minute of it. I hope you have as well. Your support has meant the world to me.

So here it is! Here is the final chapter of this series. There are two smaller series planned for sometime in the future. One on Ian and Justin (a spin off series if you will) and one on David and Daniel in college and post college. They will be smaller stories, shorter chapters.

I am going on hiatus from these characters for a few weeks so I can keep focusing for a bit on my Epic Fantasy series for a bit (those are 13-17 full length novels in a High Fantasy / Historical Fiction / MM Romance Erotica vein, while I plan the other David and Daniel epics. I will then be expanding these stories and editing and rewriting a bit for publication. Send me an email or meet me on my authors page to get more information!

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have helped me find my voice as a new author and sent me words of encouragement and thanks over the months. You have helped me find my path in this and kindled in me a true desire and passion to make writing less of a hobby and more of a career aspiration. I will never be able to express how much that means to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- DAMackey


DISCLAIMER: The following fictional story deals with sex among males. If you are offended by such material, are too young, or reside in an area where it is not allowed, depart. Though not observed in this story, care enough about yourself and humankind to practice safe sex.

The author retains all rights. No reproductions or links to other sites are allowed without the author's consent.


Gifts, Goodbyes, Fairy Nights and Dorm Rooms: The Final Chapter

by D A Mackey

Though I had spent most of my time alone, wrapped in my own little nerd world for the past several years, (read: my entire life up to 5 months ago) even I had sometimes indulged in a few of the rituals inherent in a teenaged Summer. I had seen the summer blockbuster movies marketed to folks of my age group. You know the ones I'm talking about; where the overly attractive white boy "finds himself" with the help of the "alternative" girl and they have a series of adventures and missteps together. The popular boy stands up to his hateful clique of popular friends when they make fun of him for hanging out with the "weird chick," and it all leads up to one terribly romantic kiss by a bonfire on a beach somewhere on a clear night with the full moon shining down on the two lovers sharing a blanket wrapped around their shoulders as the girl lays her head on his shoulder. They often star current Pop Princesses branching out from auto-tune into "acting," or whichever Hollywood starlet is en vogue that month.

Disregarding the obvious flaws with such films (it takes weeks to get permits for bonfires on public beaches, not to mention it's 90 degrees at night, even with a beachy breeze, so a blanket next to a roaring fire in July is just unthinkable; the people cast as the teenagers are usually in the range of early to mid twenties with zero acne and the shiniest hair imaginable) I hadn't expected there to be as much truth to those plot lines as I found there to be during my summer before college with Daniel.

The morning after graduation and onwards will always be one of the most special times in my life. Just the contrast to my previous Summers alone was enough to make this one more than memorable. I didn't even keep a list of the 50 novels and classics that I challenged myself to complete before each new school year, as I'd done since the summer before 6th grade! The list was growing pretty short at that point, anyhow; I'd read pretty much everything any reputable "Top 100" list could put out there. I did, however, challenge Daniel to read five novels that I thought he would enjoy given his affection for Jane Austen.

Daniel was perfection that Summer. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that he was doing everything in his power to keep us both occupied and busy so that I wouldn't focus on the timeline that counted down the days to my departure for University. He refused to let me keep a calendar with the numbered days. He even confiscated all of my red sharpies and did a security check for anything that I might have tried to use to track the hours and days as they ticked by.

In all honesty, the schedule he planned for us allowed me little to no actual down time with which to obsess or worry about the future. Every day was something new to do, every night something equally spectacular. Even the days spent inside watching TV or bingeing on movies were packed to the point of excess.

(I made sure that he became well acquainted with the glory and fantasy that is the inestimable Katharine Hepburn. Can you believe he'd never seen any of her movies? We started with "Bringing up Baby," and worked our way from there.)

We went camping, hiking, swimming in rivers and lakes and private pools, spent free hours and long weekends at Ian's lake house, went to the beach four different times, each time to a different beach. Daniel racked up a lot of miles on his old Jeep for sure.

The jocks even took me and Justin to a batting cage and tried to teach us how to hit a baseball. Now, I say "tried" because neither of us could boast any real talent for hand eye coordination. But we both managed to hit a few pitches...when we weren't flinching at the balls flying 95MPH towards our faces.

Daniel also took me shopping for new clothes a few times. He'd re-started our work out routine once school ended and finals were behind us; I had to admit I was noticing some changes to my body. I had broader shoulders now and the lines and grooves on my hips had deepened. Even my chest was beginning to morph from birdlike to some semblance of tone. Daniel insisted that a new body deserved new clothes and he was more than willing to provide them.

He helped me pick my courses for my first semester at school. I reveled in the freedom of choice and the sheer number of options. Our High School had a decent course catalogue, but there were only so many AP courses one could take. Daniel stoked that excitement when we were choosing my schedule, knowing that if he could get me riled up enough about the new things I would be learning in the Fall that I wouldn't remember that I was picking the things that would eventually replace my time with him.

I wonder if it pained him to do so? I wonder if as he excitedly mentioned things he thought I would enjoy studying, he knew that he was offering his assistance at driving a wedge between us.

Sometimes, Daniel would wake me up in the middle of the night when we were staying at my house or his, bundle me into the Jeep in my pajamas or just a pair of undies. We would drive all night long with the windows down, just watching the landscape pass us by in a blur, staring at the stars and feeling the humid summer air on our skins.

Everything he did with me and for me just made me love him all the more.

I didn't think it possible, but he anticipated my every mood, watched and listened and made that Summer all about me, him, and us. I didn't even have the energy to worry about my parents increasingly bitter divorce or the fact that my father had started dating a lady who was closer to my age than his by at least a good two decades.

The one dark time in that Summer was the four days I had been forced to spend at freshman orientation. My University was out of state, still only 4 hours away (three if Ian was the one who drove,) but it seemed light years.

Daniel drove me up. Those four days were literal torture. I had already read all the information they drilled into us. I am not one for "team building" exercises and trust falls. If that wasn't painfully obvious. I did my best to slip away and call Daniel whenever I could. I spent the nights tossing and turning on the ridiculously small dorm beds, unable to sleep without him near me.

If this was a glimpse of what school life would be like without him, I was seriously considering going the Bill Gates route and just dropping out before I even started. Every moment made my soul ache. I knew it would get better as I got used to it. But, dammit, I didn't want to get used to it. I had spent years in hellish loneliness already. It seemed cruel that I would be tossed back into bottomless pit that so soon after Daniel rescued me from it.

As the dreaded move approached, I came home one afternoon to a note on the kitchen counter from my mother. In no uncertain terms, she threatened my life if I didn't start going through my room and packing the things I would need to take with me and what I could part with or donate.

After two hours of procrastination, Daniel finally convinced me to get started. I plodded up the stairs like I was on a death march, Daniel behind me, literally pushing me up the stairs as I whined the entire way.

Daniel settled himself onto the foot of my bed, legs crossed easily beneath him.

"Three piles, babe. Keep and Pack over here, Donate in the middle, and trash over there," he said, sectioning out my room for me.

"Do I have to?" I groaned. "Can't I just throw it all out and start over. Better yet, burn the house down and get the insurance money and move to Bora Bora! You wanna go to Bora Bora with me? I'm sure we could find a bungalow somewhere!"

Daniel leaned back on his elbows and smiled at me.

"While the thought of you in a speedo on white sand beaches is enticing, I don't think arson is the way to go babes. Come on, the sooner we get started, the sooner it's done and we can go for a drive."

"Uuuuuuuuuggh," I sighed melodramatically, pulling open my closet doors, "but I blame you if I have an emotional breakdown."


To say I went through the task slowly would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a drainage ditch. Every single item took minutes to contemplate. I even lined up my pencils and pens and did an ink and graphite test on a scrap piece of paper before tossing any of them into the trash.

The way I saw it, if I could draw this out for as long as possible, then it would take literally forever and I wouldn't ever have to move. If I could just keep this sorting going, then next weekend wouldn't be allowed to arrive.

But dragging my feet also prolonged my pain. Each item I found and sorted was like chipping off a piece of my soul. Daniel did his best to help me along with words of encouragement and witty comments about clothes and things I wouldn't ever wear again.

(I distinctly remember a heated conversation about the pros and cons of overalls. He won that battle and the overalls are probably still hanging on a Goodwill rack somewhere.)

Several hours later, I pulled a shoe box from the top of my now empty closet. I poured the contents onto the bed: discarded bits of paper and receipts and broken tidbits. Why I kept them, I have no idea. None of them had any value. I was gearing up to sweep them all back into the box and toss the entire thing onto the trash pile when I caught the glimmer of silver on the bottom.

I fished it out and held it up to the light.

"Holy shit," I breathed.

"Is that?"

I nodded.

I had totally forgotten all about it.

The silver cock ring Daniel had bought me for my Birthday that first weekend we'd spent in Boston. When this whole thing had started. It shone and sparkled in my fingers and I couldn't stop staring at it. The first thing Daniel had ever gotten for me, and I had almost thrown it away.

I felt my chest getting tighter. I found it difficult to blink for fear I would dislodge the tears I knew were starting to well up in my eyes.

"You okay, baby?" Daniel asked quietly. I could feel his eyes on me, feel his tense concern.

I tried to nod my head but before I could do so convincingly, I felt a hot tear run down my cheek.

Daniel's arms were around me before the second tear could fall; I was suddenly crushed to his chest. I buried my face into his shoulder and breathed him in, everything that made him my Daniel.

"Shhh, it's okay David. It's okay." He comforted as I tried to stop the tears.

Daniel released me from his hug and jogged to close my door. He returned a moment later and grabbed my face in his hands, turning me up to kiss him.

It's nearly impossible to cry when you are kissing the man you love. At least, not without slathering him in snot and salt water. And who wants that?

Over and over he kissed me, my breath getting ever shorter as he gave me no time to recover between attacks. He pulled me tight to his body and pressed his lips to mine hard and fast, his tongue darting out to meet mine. As was always the case when we kissed, my brain went a little fuzzy. The emotions roiling inside me like a turbulent sea were still there, but they were wrapped and contained in the fog created by Daniel's physical affirmations of his love for me.

I felt his hands on the small of my back pulling me to him tighter and tighter as our tongues danced together. I heard a loud metal clink when I dropped the silver cock ring so I could slide my arms under his and grab into his muscled back.

Without warning, I shot onto my tippy toes when Daniel grabbed my crotch in a full and tight squeeze.

"Ahhhhh,!" I sighed high in my throat, my eyes on the ceiling, eyelids flickering.

Daniel rubbed and I responded instantly.

"Daniel, what are you doing?"

His fingers were at the button on my pants, fumbling but eventually popping it. He pushed them to the floor. My cock pulsed and throbbed hard against my red boy shorts, brought to life already by my expert boyfriend.

"What does it look like I'm doing, silly?"

He sunk to his knees before me, kneeling midway between the Donate and Trash piles, his hands on my hips, keeping me firmly in place. As if I had any intention of moving or running from his sudden affections.

There is nothing so sexy as looking down into the upturned eyes of your boyfriend as his lips move over your cock, even trapped behind red cotton as mine was. The sun sparkled in his brown gold eyes as he stared up at me, setting the specks of gold in their depths on fire and making my knees tremble. His breath was hot and moist on the underside of my head as he tongued and kissed up and down my shaft and sucked on my balls through the briefs.

My fingers were in his dark curls pulling him deeper into my crotch.

I felt like I had been unshackled when he pulled down my briefs and my thick cock swung forward. It didn't even make one complete bounce before Daniel's lips were around it and half of my length was buried in his throat.

I stepped out of my pants and undies as he bobbed further down my shaft. His tongue made waves against me; he knew just the right amount of pressure to use, just the right amount of sucking and manipulation.

I grabbed the sides of his head and guided him further down, pushing him into my hips and feeling every inch of my rock hard tool sink into him. He didn't even flinch as his nose ground into my trimmed pubes. His fingers massaged and prodded at my high ass and his throat spasmed around me, milking me in time to my own throbs.

He pulled back and gasped, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Fuck my face babe? Please?" he asked between panting breaths. "I want to feel you slide in and out."

I didn't need to be asked twice.

Daniel opened his mouth again and I mercilessly pushed my cock down his gullet.

Somewhere in my brain I was conscious of making sure I didn't hurt him, but that somewhere was very deeply buried. I needn't have worried. If the moans escaping from Daniel's full mouth were any indication, he was enjoying this rougher intercourse as much if not more than I.

In and out I thrust my hips, watching my slick wet cock vanish inside him as he stared up at me through his thick dark lashes. I picked up the speed as I felt the fog around my swirling emotions begin to sink into them. I struggled to maintain control on them, scared that if I let them gain the upper hand I wouldn't be able to stop myself or control my body and might actually harm him.

My dick was in absolute heaven. It pulsed out a steady stream of precum into my love which he took with practiced ease, swallowing whenever he could, between sighs and groans.

"You're gonna make me cum soon baby," I warned, never slowing my thrusts, grinding my hips into his face when he had me all the way inside his throat.

Even if I had lost control, Daniel was much the stronger of our pair. He easily pulled off of my dick and held me back with little trouble. I was a tiny bit proud when I saw the muscles in his arms tense up a bit as he held me back. At least I gave him a little bit of a challenge.

But only a little.

"Not yet," he begged, grabbing my slick shaft with a free hand and stroking me gently. His thumb worked up to my slit and pushed out another drop of crystal clear stickiness which he flicked onto the tip of his tongue.

He stood quickly, turned his back to me, lifted his tank top and pushed his shorts to the floor. He bent at the waist over the foot of my bed then crawled up onto his knees on the mattress.

He turned to look back at me, pressed his chest to the comforter and pushed his bare ass in my direction. His perfectly tanned ass, only darker and more defined after hours in the sun and days at the gym, was presented to me like a gift. His tight hole puckered in and out, hairless, pristine, and waiting. I loved how his massive balls hung down between his muscular thighs, swinging like two eggs in a basket. His dick must have been rock hard because I couldn't even see it's glorious length from behind him.

He reached behind him and ran a finger down his crack, pressing it into his own hole.

"Fuck me. Now."

It was not a question. It was most definitely a direct order from a superior office.

"But I'm not..."

"Now. Shut up, don't think, and fuck me. Make me cum. Shoot your cock off inside me."

"Daniel," I began.

"Now," he moaned, burying his face into the covers and wiggling his bare ass in the open air. "Shut up and fuck me right now."

Gay or straight or anything in between, when someone begs you to fuck them, it's no longer a question of if you will, but when or how much.

Daniel had decided on the when. And that when was right fucking now. It would have been un-southern not to grant his request. And I was and still remain every inch a southern gentleman.

I didn't so much as align my cock head against Daniel's open and waiting hole before he slammed his hips back hard into my cock and impaled himself.

"Ahhhhhhh, God Yes! Fuck me!" he screamed.

My dick was in the vice of his shute, pressed on all sides and ensconced in the heat of his passions. I felt his hole tremble around the base of my cock pressed all the way inside him, felt that hard knot of nerves buried deep, throbbing against my cock head.

Daniel rocked on his knees, quickly fucking himself against my pole, pulling an inch or two off before sliding it back inside him. He whimpered and gripped the bed sheets in white knuckled fists. I dug my fingers into his hip bones, and used one hand to press his chest harder to the mattress. Not that I had any real effect in keeping him face down there. He could have easily evaded my grip, but when he felt the pressure as I pushed down between his shoulder blades his entire body shook.

"Hard," he whined. "Fuck me hard. God baby, I need it, fuck me hard."

I more than obliged.

I rarely ever felt strong or all that manly, but as I pumped into Daniel's tight hole, I found that I was gritting my teeth and growling low in my chest. Each thrust felt like an affirmation of myself.

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