Speed Limit


The little Honda was my parent's gift to me on my 16th birthday and for a whole year I had been the Queen of my high school in my little chariot. My friends and I would zip hither, thither, and yon in my little car and we'd just be this screaming lot of happy girls with feet dangling out windows and all.

With the end of my senior year arriving it was time to select a college and my folks made a few trips with me to check out some schools. Just after Valentine's Day I was offered admission at a college across the mountains from us and it worked out that my folks couldn't go with me to see it.

"You're a big girl," my mom said, "and we trust you to take care of yourself, besides, it's just a few hours away."

That did it.

The following Friday after school I had my bag packed and left the house even before my folks got home from work. My dad wanted me to take the Interstate down to Sacramento and then across to Reno to avoid the snow across the passes. After I left the house I decided I knew better and opted to take the two lane highway along Lake Almanor and save myself two hours on the drive.

I swung onto the cutoff to Genessee and headed along the country road to US 395. Passing through the little excuse of a town called Genessee I popped a Britney Spears CD in the radio because the mountains were blocking the reception on the FM. I made the right at Antelope Lake and Britney was getting a little tired at that point. Or, I should say that I was getting a little tired of her. I was messing with the CDs in my visor when Fruit Grower's Road loomed up on me.

The next thing I knew I was upside down in my demolished car and I was having a seriously hard time breathing. My ankles hurt and I couldn't get them loose from under the dashboard...or was that on top of it? There was dusty snow settling all about and I decided to just take a second, get a breath, and assess my options before I freaked out.

Yeah, that lasted about 30 seconds before I freaked. I struggled for my purse and the cell phone and screamed with frustration as the purse spilled open and the precious phone fell just far enough away from me that I knew I'd never get it. I cried for about an hour as the road nearby was silent. I had a spike of hope as a car drove by but then it was gone and my screaming for help did no good. It was getting cold.

The sun was settling behind the hills when I heard an old sounding engine come along and I screamed again. The sound of the old vehicle started to slip by when I heard the blessed squeak of the brakes. The engine sound shuddered with a dieseling sound and then I could hear a door open and slam.

I was screaming for help again when I heard someone outside the car.

"Well, you're in quite a mess there, missy."

The face of a man about my dad's age suddenly showed up in my topsy-turvy world.

I passed out with relief at seeing him.

The next I knew I was in a cozy bed and I briefly had the thought that this had all been a bad dream. And then the pain in my ankles brought me back to a sudden reality. I opened my eyes to a very masculine room with a gun rack, boots in the corner, and my cozy bed had a very masculine black & red flannel blanket on it. I went to move and screamed with pain as my ankles complained.

"Hey, you're awake. Ya' had me worried there for a couple days."

The grizzled face looked in at me as I registered his words.

"How long have I been here?"

He kind of giggled. "Three days now. I had to pry you out of that car of yours and then the snow came in 'fore I could get you out of here so I did my best on your legs there and figured to just let you sleep it off. Ya' must be hungry I imagine."

Hunger was the last thing on my mind.

"I need to call my parents."

Again, the giggle. "Sure. The nearest phone is about fifteen miles from here in about two feet deep of snow and you have two busted legs there. You'll see that phone in due time, I imagine. Meanwhile, how's about some eggs?"

Mike, his name was, brought me breakfast in bed and then apologized for cutting off my jeans to get my ankles splinted up. They had been far too swollen to get through the tight jeans and I had to reluctantly agree that he'd done the right thing. He explained how the original plan was just to get me warmed up and then get me to help but then the snow came along and his old pickup truck wasn't up to plowing through so much snow. He went on to explain how he was a modern day gold miner and had quit a job in Phoenix as a call center manager, divorced his wife, and then moved up here to be alone and to escape the stress of modern living. The gold miner thing had been sort of a joke to him at first and then he found a decent vein of gold and started working it as a mine about five years back. He now had a decent income from selling the gold in Reno and had only moved from a trailer to this house after building it last summer. I asked about the electricity and he explained the lines for Antelope Lake came right across his property so it was pretty cheap to hook up to the grid in this spot.

"I'm just lucky, I guess." is what he said.

After breakfast he went out to do some chores and that left me alone to take inventory. My purse was nowhere to be found but my bag with my clothes and stuff for the weekend...I had to remind myself that the weekend had gone by...what day was it anyways? Oh, but back to the inventory, I pulled off the blankets and found my legs bare down to my ankles which were all bundled up with what looked like very proper splints.

"I was a medic in the Army and that's where I learned that if you're wondering."

I quickly covered myself up again.

"Yeah, thanks. It looks pretty good."

He sucked in a lip.

"Say, you're probably overdue to get to the bathroom, you want some help?"

Come to think of it, I was about to burst in more places than just one.

"How am I...?"

"Yeah, I'm figuring I'll just have to carry you around for a while."

As polite as he could be, he picked me up and took me to the bathroom. When he sat me down on the toilet I winced as the blood flowing into my legs put pressure on what I knew were fractures in my ankles. He excused himself and then closed the door to leave me to my privacy.

My panties were down around my ankles and I couldn't get them back up without standing on my feet and I ended up swallowing my pride and asking for help. Mike came in and just pointed out that I was probably also due for a bath and that the warmth might help with my ankles. I sat there on the toilet as he drew the bath and then covered myself with the towel he gave me as he undid my splints and revealed my sorry, swollen, bruised ankles. They were like little melons they were so round. Naked from the waist down he picked me up and sat me in the tub.

"You might want to get the rest of your equipment off there and I'll get it all washed for you. Meantime, I have a t-shirt that's probably big enough for a dress for you. You wear that when you get done there."

When he left the bathroom and closed the door again I stripped off my top and my bra and then eased into the almost-too-hot water. It was very much a balm to my sore body and my ankles did, indeed, feel much better as the warmth soothed the pain.

It was maybe an hour and the water was cooling off when Mike came back into the bathroom. I covered myself with my hands to save my modesty.

"Look, Lori, you're going to have to deal with the fact that you and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other due to your situation. When you get better we'll be done with this, but for right now save the show for someone else."

Chastised, I just made small talk and accepted my lot as he lifted me out of the water and sat me on the edge of the tub. He dried off my ankles and then put fresh bindings on them and then let me dry myself off and then cover up in his t-shirt before he came back in to get me.

He carried me out to the small living room and put me in his recliner where my feet were up and the pressure in my ankles let off so I was comfortable. We decided that the recliner was to be my new bed since it kept me comfortable and he really needed a good night's sleep in his bed so it all worked out just fine.

The next morning I woke up to see the snow piled up to the window and when Mike came out from his bed he helped me with my morning bathroom duties and then went out to shovel the snow off the roof.

I realized that with even more snow on the ground I wasn't leaving here for a good while.

The next few days saw more snow and saw Mike and I settle into a routine. Twice a day he'd carry me to the bathroom, twice a day we'd struggle to get my panties off, and every other day we'd struggle with my bra when it was bath time. A week after I had awakened here Mike decided that my wearing panties was just too much hassle when it came to going to the bathroom and my complaints to the contrary were pointless as he just took all of my clothes, tossed them in my bag, and then put them out in his shed.

"When you can get them yourself you can wear them again. End of argument."

Two days later he had to face some facts and I had my panties back when my period started.

Five days after that I was back to wearing just a t-shirt.

The third week after I arrived my ankles were good enough that I didn't need the splints anymore but I still needed Mike's help to get around.

It was March 10th and my eighteenth birthday when I woke up at night and Mike was picking me up from the recliner.

"What's going on?"

"Shhh, it's a birthday surprise."

He carried me into the bedroom and put me down on the bed. There was a hurricane lamp going and in the dim light I could see he'd shaved his beard and moustache off. He looked okay, you know?

"Uhm, Mike, what's going on?"

He pulled the blankets up over me and leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

"I've decided that you're sleeping in here tonight. You're old enough now. Besides, it gets lonely and I'd like to have you in here with me is all."

He blew out the lamp and then I heard him shuck his clothes and then he got into the bed.

"I'm not so sure I should be in here with you." I was a little nervous, you know?

"Hey, no problem Lori. Feel free to get up and go back to the chair."

"You know I can't."

He drew in a deep breath. "Yeah, I know you can't. Now go to sleep."

Of course, sleep never came. He had come to bed and rolled over so his back was to me and then about an hour later he rolled back over and one of his big hands landed on my bare thigh. I sat as still as I could and then a few minutes later he kneaded my thigh and then drifted his hand up to my belly.

I knew what he wanted.

"Mike, we can't do this. I don't feel that way about you."

With that he kissed me full on the lips the softest kiss I'd ever had. I felt a flash of warmth across my body as he pulled me tight and kissed me some more. I went to push him away and felt his body bare against mine.

I pulled myself from his lips.

"Mike, really, we ca-"

He silenced me with another kiss as his hand went under my t-shirt and onto my bare side. I felt something wet brush against my leg and I instinctively knew what it was. Part of me was saying that I should fight him, but then another part of me was afraid of rejecting him and hurting his feelings after saving my life, and another part of me was sort of interested in what was to come.

I reasoned with myself that there was nothing I could do and I allowed myself to relax. I just fell sort of limp and then Mike scooted down on me.

He pushed my t-shirt up and let a thumb linger on my left nipple. No boy had ever touched me there before and the feeling was electric and scary all at the same time. My heart pounded and I began to feel lightheaded as I was breathing a little hard.

He stopped and I could barely see him the light as he pushed my t-shirt up. I understood and let him take it over my head. I was now naked with a real man who wanted me. It wasn't the wedding night fantasy I'd dreamed of, but it was real and it was happening regardless of what I wanted.

He kissed my breasts and then suckled one of my nipples like he was a baby. In the middle of the suckling he ran his tongue over the tip of my nipple and it sent this electric charge across my body and my moan only seemed to encourage him. He then started kissing both of my breasts and then worked his way down to my belly button, licking his tongue in and out of it.

"Oh, God. We really shouldn't be doing this, Mike."

I may as well have been talking to a wall.

His kissing of my belly button somehow became a kiss of my belly just where my pubic hair starts and then I felt his lips tug ever so gently at the first, smallest of hairs.

He drew in a deep breath and then leaned in between my legs. His tongue swept through my cleft and a chill went up and down my body with the intimate contact. I arched my back as if to ask for more and then he just dove on in and unleashed his pent-up abilities on my inexperienced body. I'd brought myself to orgasm before but what Mike did to me was a whole new universe of sexual pleasure that I'd never imagined before.

I kept arching my back to get as much as I could from this amazing new sensation and found myself frustrated wanting something *more*. I honestly had no idea what *more* was at that point and tried to just settle for what I had.

He put his hands on my legs and pushed them apart and made me gasp as his tongue drove itself into my cleft. I thought I was going to pass out when he breached a line and I suddenly felt him in a place that had never felt anything move before. I enjoyed every thrust of his mouth onto my body and every wet, licking probe of my depths elicited a new, electric response.

"uuunnnghhh, no Michael....Uhm, ngh, no...."

It seemed like someone else was saying it as the purest, whitest wave of warmth and pleasure swept over me and enveloped me in the warmest, most satisfying bliss.

I came to my senses as Mike kissed his way up my body and then I had the strangest realization as he kissed me and I smelled and tasted myself for the first time.

His hands were busy while we kissed. One hand relentlessly massaged my breasts and the other had a finger that was probing my cleft with a diligent urgency. I swooned when his finger slipped into me and...I have no words to explain it, but he did something that brought me to another orgasm almost instantly and I wrapped my arms around him to hold him tight as if to prolong whatever magic he was doing to me.

I feel back onto the bed exhausted from the exertion of two mind-blowing orgasms and was barely sensible enough to register him moving over me. There was a little pain in my ankles as I had to spread my legs to make room for him and then the release of that *more* as his body slipped up against mine. There was a little discomfort as he slipped back and forth against me and then a satisfied fullness came over me.

My hands went to his sides and then down to his butt which was gently rising and falling between my legs. I tried to make sense of the feeling in my body and then the feeling of his warm butt in my hands and then I realized that it wasn't his finger in me.

"Mike, we can't...we can't do this..."

He whispered into my ear, "Too late, we already are."

With that he pulled himself almost all the way out as if to make the point and then slid himself all the way back in.

'My God,' I thought,'it's happening, he's fucking me.'

My concentration suddenly drawn to my pussy I could feel my pussy lips being pulled back and forth as he fucked me and the urge to curl my toes despite my broken ankles was almost too much to bear.

He kissed me as we...fucked...and it was so terribly erotic to feel is tongue in my mouth and his penis in my body all at the same time. It was like he was trying to become a part of me or make me a part of him. He strained to get deeper into me and I arched my body to let him all while realizing that everything in my life was changing with this. Despite everything I'd been taught growing up I knew that for the rest of my life I'd be addicted to this feeling.

I was examining my life as this man was fucking me and I realized that I wasn't using any protection.

"Mike," I disengaged from our kiss, "we're not protected." I said this in a voice that was breathless and interrupted by his thrusting's.

"Yeah, do you care?" was his whispered answer.

He never heard the answer as he kissed me and silenced me with his wonderful tongue.

His hands came up to my shoulders as his intensity gathered and I soon felt the curious sensation of his balls patting on my ass as he drove into me as deep as he could.

It seemed like I'd been shocked when the wave of the orgasm swept over me and I felt my body lurch from deep inside. At the same time as my orgasm was peaking he would hold himself in me, then thrust a few times, then hold, until he finally held himself as deep as he could in my body and I felt every ripple of his penis as it began to spasm. It felt like a hose was inside me pouring sperm right into my womb and the promise of what it would do blanched my passion. But it was far too late to stop what I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to and I quietly accepted my first insemination as I wondered what pregnancy would be like.

I was soaked in his sweat and just lay there beneath him gathering my breath and my wits for a while. He kept himself in me as we cooled off and then after a while I felt him firming up again inside me. Despite my obligatory protest that we should stop he just kept on. It was much slower than the first time and with the novelty of that first passion passed I rather enjoyed just sitting there caressing him as he lazily pumped himself into me. It was really very loving and warm the second time when he looked into my eyes and I felt him spurting into my now-willing body.

We soon fell asleep next to each other quite exhausted from the evening.

The next morning I awoke alone only to have Mike come into the bedroom with my breakfast. It was sort of surreal as we had a morning chat without any discussion of the night before. He collected the breakfast dishes from me when I finished and then carried me to the bathroom where I decided a bath was in order. When he left the bathroom I marveled at the white semen that slipped from me into the toilet and after I flushed it away I called him back and he helped me with the bath.

Shoveling snow was important again and he was outside for several hours clearing snow from the roof of the house and the outbuildings. When he came in for lunch we were quiet and watching CNN and then after he put the lunch dishes away he simply came over and picked me up.

He carried me to the bedroom and I didn't complain as he took my t-shirt away from me and then he just stopped and stared at me, naked for the first time in the daylight.

"My goodness, you're beautiful."

I blushed and pulled the blanket up to cover myself.

Naturally, I did watch as he stripped off his heavy clothes and I'll admit a bit of surprise when I saw my first naked cock. When he freed it from his boxers it bounced a bit and then ever so slight throbbed with the timing of his heartbeat. I amazed at the thought that it had been inside of me.

He came to bed and promptly, but gently, got himself between my legs.

I accepted his kiss without complaint and found myself rather pleased as he slowly rutted himself against me. I relaxed and spread my legs for him and then he entered me measure by measure until he was once again inside my body. There was that familiar electric feeling as the desire to have him deep inside arose again and I found myself whispering at him.

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