tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSpeeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket


A flash of blue and red showed in the rear view mirror. "Shit!" Joe thought as he looked down. His speedometer showed 90 and he knew he was screwed.

Joe pulled his car over to the side of the road and waited while the police car pulled in behind him with the red and blue lights still flashing. The spotlight turned on and blinded Joe for a moment, as the state trooper walked up to stand beside his door.

"License and registration, please."

He handed the requested items to the officer to hear the familiar question, "Do you know why I stopped you?"

"I was speeding," Joe said, and he really looked at the officer now, squinting in the bright spotlight. She had long dark hair and an athletic build. Joe felt his eyes drift to her breasts. Had to be at least a double D from the way the buttons on her uniform were straining like it was a size to small.

The officer looked at the driver's license, then back at Joe. "Speeding? Yes, you were. My radar says 92 in a 60 zone. That's reckless driving, Mr. Taylor. I can take your license right now for that."

Joe sat there trying hard not to stare at her breasts. Just thinking "I am in enough trouble without her getting offended."

The officer walked back to the cruiser while Joe waited. His mind wandering off to imagine what she would look like without that uniform on ...

"Mr. Taylor, I need you to step out of the vehicle."

Joe was so busy daydreaming that he hadn't noticed her walking back to his car. He pulled the door handle and opened the door slowly, then climbed out of the car.

"Now turn around and place your hands on the roof." He turned and put his hands on the roof only to feel her take his right hand and bring it down behind his back, then feel the cold of the handcuffs on his wrist. She quickly pulled his left hand down and that wrist to his right.

He nearly fell as the officer pulled him roughly away from the side of his car and turns him towards her cruiser. "Walk," she said, so he started walking. She took him to the back of the cruiser, and turned him to face away the trunk of the car.

"Stay here," she said as she walked up to the driver's door and the car, leaned in and turned off the lights, plunging this stretch of road into darkness. She walked back to the rear of the car and stopped standing next to Joe. She held her face close to his ear and whispered, "I pulled up your record, Mr. Taylor. You've been a naughty boy, haven't you? Four speeding tickets in the last two years? You really don't want this to go on your record, do you? You will lose your license for sure."

Nodding sheepishly, Joe started to turn his head, but she told him to keep looking at the car. She moved closer to his ear and whispered, "There might be a way to keep this from appearing on your record, Mr. Taylor. What do you say?"

"I would like very much to keep this from appearing on my record, officer," Joe said quietly, wondering just what she had in mind.

The officer nodded, "Good. I will keep this from showing up on your record, but you still need to be punished for it." She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed, bending him over the trunk. "Now, hold still," and with that, she pulled her hand back and swung it hard, landing it across Joe's backside with a fairly loud smack. Joe jumped as her hand connected, turning his head to look at the officer, but she grabbed his hair with her other hand and turned his head back till he was facing forward again.

"I said, to hold still," and she lifted her hand and spanked him again, another loud smack marking the second swat. Joe jumped again as her hand landed on his ass. He shifted under her hands but she held him down against the car.

"I saw you staring at my tits, too. Perhaps the punishment should be a little more severe?" She said, and pulled Joe back up to a standing position, and reached around him to unfasten his belt and open his jeans. Then she yanked his jeans and shorts down past his knees and pushed him down over the trunk again.

Joe was terrified now. What if someone came driving down the road? What if someone saw them? He jumped as the officer spanked his bare ass. "Oh my god! I can't believe this is happening," he thought as her hand landed on his rear a few more times, the skin warming where her hand fell as she spanked him. He began to feel a tingling sensation from the spankings, and it slowly spread until he noticed that he was getting aroused.

Apparently, the officer noticed it too and she stopped spanking him and stood him up again. "Enjoying this, Mr. Taylor?" she asked.

"Um ... yes? No!" Joe stammered, standing there as she looked him over from head to toe. "I think you are," she said with a grin, "I think maybe I should enjoy it a little, also." She dropped to her knees, now eye level with Joe's dick, hard as a rock and throbbing, and took it in her hand and slowly started to stroke it.

"Now, hold still, and not a sound out of you, Mr. Taylor," she said as her hand moved up and down his shaft, her thumb flicking over the head as her hand came up, then encircling him as it went back down. She repeated this a few times, then leaned in close and flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. She touched her lips to the tip in a kiss, then slowly opened her lips and took his cock head into her mouth. She worked her hand up and down his shaft and sucked on the head.

Joe shuddered and a small moan escaped his mouth. The officer stopped and looked up at him. "I said not a sound, or I will stop and call this in."

Joe nodded silently, wondering how this was punishment as she took his cock in her mouth again. She began bobbing her head up and down, working nearly the entire length with her lips and tongue. After a few moments, she pushed her head down hard, deep throating him. She twisted her head, and went back to bobbing on his shaft. Joe felt his muscles start to tense and knew that it wouldn't be long until he orgasmed. She must have felt it also, because she stopped. Just, stopped. She leaned back and stopped touching him at all.

"I'm sure you were wondering how this was a punishment," she said, "well, this is how. I am gonna use you to get off, but I am not gonna let you cum." She stood up and looked at Joe with a grin and unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it open to show her large breasts constrained in a lacy demi bra. She rubbed her breasts, moving slowly in front of Joe, watching him as she did.

After a few minutes, she slowly dropped to her knees and began to suck on Joe's cock again. He was still rock hard from watching her, but had calmed down enough that she could suck him again without pushing him over the edge. She slurped and sucked, bobbing her head up and down, waiting for him to shudder again, then stopping.

She stood up again, staring at Joe's cock as it twitched in the night air. She slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist, showing a lace thing that matched her bra. She turned away from Joe and bent over, her tight ass showing as she slid the thong down her legs slowly and stepped out of it. She stepped back a little, putting her ass right against Joe, and began to move, rubbing against him.

She turned her head to look at Joe over her shoulder and said, "Remember, not a sound, and don't cum, or I will report this." She leaned forward and reached between her legs, grabbing Joe's cock and guiding it to her pussy. She positioned it at her entrance then pushed back, impaling herself on his thick cock. "Mmmm ... yesss," she moaned as she took all of him inside her. She began to rock her hips slowly, working herself up and down on his shaft, her hand still between her legs, fingers rubbing her clit.

She rocked faster now, slamming her pussy down onto his cock over and over, rubbing her clit with one hand while she pinched and pulled at her nipples with her other hand. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, pushing her cunt down onto his cock and grinding as she came hard, her body spasming around Joe's cock.

She stayed there for a few moments, and then lifted herself off of his dick. She turned and looked at Joe grinned and said, "Well, Mr Taylor, I think we can forget about this little speeding incident. What do you think?"

Joe nodded slowly, afraid to say anything. He stood there leaning against the trunk of the cruiser as she stepped into her thong and pulled it up and pulled her uniform skirt back down. Then suddenly, she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth again. She worked her head up and down rapidly, sucking and slurping on his shaft. Joe watched as she bobbed her head up and down rapidly, feeling his muscles start to tense again.

She stopped and looked up at Joe with a grin. "You have been a good boy, Mr. Taylor. You have done what I asked. Now, I need one more thing to be satisfied. I need your cum, Mr. Taylor. Then, I will let you go."

She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started sucking again. She slowly took all of his shaft into her mouth, the head going to the back of her throat, sucking and moaning.

"Oh Fuck!" Joe yelled as he came, shooting cum down her throat with a shudder, his eyes closed as he rode out the climax.

Joe opened his eyes to find himself sitting in the driver seat of his car parked on the side of the road. There was no police car, in fact nothing but a memory and a slight tingle from what was starting to seem like a dream. He looked around again, and saw in the passenger seat, a uniform summons partially written out for reckless driving. Across the bottom of the ticket was the note, "I patrol this stretch of highway every Friday night. If I catch you speeding here again, I will have to punish you again."

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