*Ring ring*


"Hey Eliza! It's Tara! Are you up to anything?"

"Nope, just laying around the house."

"Do you want to go to that old New Age shop? I'm thinking about picking up some pretty stones to make healing jewelry. I found it online."

"Sounds fun! When are you going?"

"Now! I'll come pick you up."

"Okay, sounds great."

"So, are you excited about going to this place?"

"Yeah, I've never been. What do they have there?"

"Well besides the stones I want, tarot cards, books, incenses, candles, jewelry, herbs, singing bowls, cloaks.. random stuff."

"Sounds interesting."

The girls come upon an old building right next to a residential area. It looked like an old Victorian, much older than the buildings around it. As they opened the door, the heavy scent of incenses lofted out. It was sweet smelling almost. They opened the heavy wooden door.

"Hello and welcome to Mystical Days. Are you looking for anything?" The voice came from a heavy set older woman. Though she was dressed strangely, her face was kind and her voice cheery.

"No, we're all set. Thanks though!" Tara chirped.

Tara went right to stones and Eliza wandered around.

"Wow, there is so much stuff in here!" Eliza said under her breath.

She touched everything she found. Many things had strange symbols she had never seen before. She settled at looking at the books, since she loved to sit in her room with her cat and read. She saw titles like "Magik for a New Age", "Wicca: Way of the God and Goddess" and "Words of the Gods". The Authors had even stranger names like Night Feather, Skye Lovitt and Andrew Dragonheart. She found them terribly intriguing. She settled upon a book called "Spells for Creatures of the Night". She read the synopsis; it was a book of spells to create or summon various natural and supernatural creatures normally associated with night. She thought it was a little hokey, but none the less interesting. Though she would never use them, she had always been interested in the mystery of night.

"Hey Eliza! Are you ready to go? I found all of my stones."

"Yeah sure! Let me just pay for this book and we can head out."

"Oh, interesting read. I have a copy myself." Said the woman in the front.

"Yeah, I've never read anything like this before."

"Well be careful if you use them. They really do work."

"Ohhhh no, I'm just curious to read them, not to use them."

Eliza grabbed a mug of tea and her cat, then settled into her favorite reading chair. For each creature, it gave a description of it, how to conjure it then how to control it. Her favorite was the supernatural creatures. Many had accounts from different people about the creatures. She couldn't wait to get to her creature of choice- vampires. As a kid her dad loved Bram Stoker's Dracula. When she was ten, she told her parents that she wanted to study abroad in Transylvania. When she was older, she read the Anne Rice series and saw the movie adaptations. She thought the more human vampires were interesting, but always liked the more dangerous ones. This book seemed to have more of a social version of the Bram Stoker type. She liked that. The spell to conjure the vampire was:

To the Souls of the Undead

Take the Blood that flows through my Veins

As an Offering to You

To join Me here Today

Drink, Drink deeply

Let your Cup run over

Take my Life for your own

As a Gift

She read it aloud to see how it sounded. Silly, she thought. Suddenly she became very tired.

"Come on, kitty. Time for bed I think."

Eliza stripped down to just her panties. They were a light blue thong with white ribbon tied into a small bow in the front. She decided to throw on the matching night gown as well. It was also light blue, but silky, perfect for summer. The tiny straps barely held the outfit up because of her large breasts. She crawled into bed and her cat jumped up to the foot and settled down.

"Night kitty!"

And with that Eliza turned off the light. Suddenly the room got very cold. Her cat jumped promptly off the bed. Eliza didn't notice her cat gone, but how dark her room was. She couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. Strange, she thought. Normally she had very good night vision. As she started falling asleep, she felt a gust against her cheek.

"Hello Eliza."

Eliza perked up. It sounded like a man's voice, low and whispering. She felt drawn to it, but knew it couldn't be someone in her room.

"You called for me, didn't you?"

"Who are you! And why are you in my room?!"

"Oh child, like all the rest you call me then act surprised when I show up."

" Are you.. you.. a...."

"A Vampire, yes. Bravo."

"But.. I..."

"You thought the spell was fake. Yes yes. When will you children learn?"

"So what are you going to do here?"

"Well, I believe you made me an offer, said if I came, you'd give me a gift. Well, I'm here! Now time for my gift."

"You want... my... blood?"

"Yes, I do believe that was the offering."

"But I..."

"Come now, I know you know how I work. You made the offer."

"Okay... how will this work?"

"You just lay back, relax and we'll both enjoy."

With that he settled next to her. She was nervous, but did as she was told. She became very excited at the prospect of what might happen next. Her breathing was timid, her breasts became firm and her nipples hard. She could tell that the vampire could see and enjoyed the sight of her in this position. He slowly peeled off the blankets and watched tiny goose bumps form all over her body. The vampire used his long nails against her skin, to make it worse. She didn't move though.

He chuckled, "You're good at this."

He put one knee between her lower thighs. He already could feel the heat coming off her pussy.

"Move your head to your right."

She did as she was told. He watched her vein throb and began to salivate. Soon he couldn't resist the temptation. He plunged his shiny fangs deep into that vein. He could tell she had never been touched by another vampire before. Her blood began to give him life. She lay silently under him. She felt the sexual charge in the experience. Like a symbiotic relationship. Her life was giving him life. Her sexual energy was going into him. Her breathing became heavier, almost to a pant. He moved his knee to right against her pubic bone. She was already wet through her panties and it got on his leg. He put his hand upon her thighs, at the hem of her night gown. His hands were rough against the silk. He lifted his head and she instinctually moved to face the left. Again he plunged his fangs into her. She let out a moan. He slowly moved her gown up to her waist. His cold, lifeless pinkies caught on the ribbon waist of her thong. He took his fangs from her neck and began to lick it, slowly. She felt every soft blond hair stand right up. Her head was dizzy from the blood loss and lust.

As he licked, he started to grind her knee into her love spot. Her body was motionless, but she started to become more vocal. He used his fangs to cut the straps of her gown. He used his mouth to slowly pull the silk triangles down her breasts. Her nipples strained even harder. He bit them just a little so they would bleed ever so much. Then he licked the sweet blood. Her back arched. He moved his other knee to between her legs, spreading them. The smell of her wetness became instantly stronger. With her blood in his body, he became instantly aroused and drunk on the scent.

He lowered his icy lips to her flushed face. She still could not see him. With utter surprise, he kissed her, deeply. This was not her first kiss, but the first that instantly caused her to feel high. He snuck one cold finger under her thong and began to rub up and down her wet slit. Her clit jumped out to find his finger. He gently rubbed it until she began to whimper into his mouth. She bit her own tongue, causing it to bleed. He savored the flavor. With his nails, he cut the weak fabric of the thong, revealing her hot pussy to the cold air. He slowly slid down on top of her, maintaining his lock on her sweet lips and touch on her hot button. His torso was warmed from her blood, but his extremities were still cold. Suddenly she felt as if someone had thrust a large icy dildo into her. She gasped and pulled away from him. It felt so different, but so good. She had never felt a sensation like this before. She quickly was in the throngs of orgasm between the thrusting and rubbing. She had never had an orgasm this strong or this long. It was like her whole body was orgasming. She didn't think that was possible. He continued to thrust, faster and faster- to super human speeds. Her body hummed against him. Finally he shot his icy seed into her. She convulsed then her body went limp. She couldn't even think straight, just gasp for air. He stroked her face, bright red and sweaty.

"You are delicious, my dear. All of your flavors are delicious."

With that he began to kiss all over body. He started from her slightly bloodied neck. Enjoying her life. Then down between her breasts. They heaved next to his head. He pushed up the remainder of her night gown to get between her ribs. He blew a breath of cold air up to her breasts, just to make her fuss. He got just the reaction he wanted. He dragged his fangs down to her belly button, so that a pool of blood formed in it. He slowly licked his treat out of its cup. He kissed his way down to her mound. Her pussy looked so innocent, having no hair at all, until he saw her wetness and his seed dripping out of her. The paradox made him smile. He licked what was drooling out her right away and she whimpered. He slowly teased her, letting his tongue dance around her swollen lips. She had never felt this good before. Suddenly he thrusted two icy fingers deep inside of her. She let out a scream. He moved in and out, all around her with a speed only a vampire could do. His eyes glowed red with lust, but she could not see them. She was too busy with her head swimming. He bit down a little to make her flesh bleed and that only made her scream out more in ecstasy. With a final thrust, she was once again cumming, but this time it was squirting everywhere. She had never had an orgasm like this before. She couldn't even ponder what was happening because she was so high. He wanted to do more to her, but knew she was but a mortal, unable to last as long as he would like, so he decided to let her rest.

"Are you okay, my love?"

"I.. I... yes" She said, gasping between each word, as if it took all of her energy.

"Haha, good. I had wanted to do more, but I don't think you could handle it."

"mm... no...." She managed to stammer out.

"Well, I should go now, it is nearly dawn."

"Please.. no.. I want.. more"

"Ha, there will be other nights, my dear. Just call me and I will come to you."

"What is your name? You never told me."

"Benjamin Porter, at your service. But I must bid you adieu."

"Good bye, Benjamin."

She tried to open her eyes wide enough to see his face before he left, but quickly disappeared.

"Next time I'll see him.. next time..." and she drifted off into a deep sleep.

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