tagNonHumanSplit in Time Ch. 08

Split in Time Ch. 08


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

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Chapter 8

Amy woke to the feeling of arms around her, it took her a moment to remember the night before and that it was Susan's arms which were wrapped around her. The utter helplessness she had been experiencing at the beginning of each day wasn't there; perhaps having someone there when you woke helped. She carefully slid out of Susan's arms and went to have a shower; she glared at her reflection in the wall length mirror for a moment, seeing flecks of Susan's blood on her skin, that wasn't what was bothering her, what was pissing her off was the fact she now had new permanent markings.Like the markings she received the first time she went to the Kings Men these were made up of symbols, a cross between a rune and a glyph, Cleopatra knew it was a language, could see that the symbols had meanings, she just hadn't figured out what they meant yet.

The new symbols were the same glowing green as her old markings,in fact you couldn't tell what was new and what was old. Some of the new markings started on her feet, gradually wrapping around her legs in a spiral pattern until it joined the old writing that circled her hips, she also had three almost ruler straight lines which were evenly spaced racing up her arms. Although the strings of writing didn't join the old line that went across the back of her shoulders and down her spine but when it came to her shoulder joints the three lines joined into one wide band that went in another straight line across the top of her shoulders, up the length of her neck before it tapered off to nothing on the back of her ears.

Turning she focused on the lines that ran up her arms and recognised several symbols that ran down her spine and a few that circled her hips adding more credence to Cleopatra's insistence that the symbols were in fact writing and that it had to be important as it couldn't be washed off.

She turned away from the mirror and hopped into the shower mentally cursing the little blurs of light who kept doing this to her, as she turned the taps on. How was she going cover these up when she got back to her world, she was a Senator and to the best of her knowledge no other Senator had visible tattoos that glowed! The heavy stream of hot water soothed some of her anger and she didn't remain alone in the shower for very long before Susan joined her.

"How do you feel?" Amy asked.

"Stiff, tender," Susan answered, "But great." She smiled but frowned when Amy turned the water off. "Hey I was enjoying that!"

"You need to keep your scabs as dry as possible, and no scratching." Amy told her sternly as they both left the shower and grabbed towels. Amy helped to dry Susan, being careful of the wounds she had inflicted. She then willed some clothes for Susan to wear, leaving Susan to dress while she dried herself and dressed.

Susan struggled even with the simple sweats Amy had made for her, as Amy dressed herself, in jeans, shirt, sweater, socks and boots, with a simple thought. Amy seeing that Susan was struggling helped her into her clothes, "I'm sorry... my teeth may have struck bone, I did try for flesh only."

"It's not your fault." Susan replied.

"My redeeming quality, strong white teeth," Amy said with a grin as she quickly brushed and plaited her hair.

"Big strong white teeth," Susan corrected as she slid into some slippers, she wrapped her arms around Amy and gently kissed her. "Have fun today, I am staying out of the way." She told Amy before she released her and slid from the room.

Amy rolled her eyes and willed the soiled towels and the protective plastic sheet away. She left her room in search of food because she had a feeling she would be missing lunch; the dining room was full of people who were getting their food before going into the courtyard to eat. "Where are our Vampire guests?" Amy asked Rhun as she joined the waiting line.

"In one of the libraries, I warned them that this room was off limits as that door is almost always open." He told her.

"Why? I spelled the door myself; no UV can enter through it or any door for that matter." She replied as she shuffled forward a little.

"How? We 'spell' the glass to not let UV pass through. You can't 'spell' an empty space." He said confused, he understood what Amy was trying to say, spells were understood by everyone, even if what they did had nothing to do with magic.

"Hello..." Vivian said knocking his head a few times with her knuckles. "This is Amy we are talking about." She said in a condescending tone. "She can do anything."

Rhun rolled his eyes as he glanced away from Amy and scanned the room, "Right, I forgot." Frowning as his scanning eyes landed on Susan who was getting her food, and her stiff movements. "Is something wrong with Susan's arms?"

"I turned her last night." Amy explained as she gave up waiting and just willed a bacon and egg sandwich into her hands, "She'll be tender for a few days but she'll be fine." Taking a big bite of her sandwich she chewed for a moment before groaning.

"Do you want me to scan her?" Rhun asked.

Amy shook her head as she swallowed, "maybe later," she told him glancing back to her breakfast, "We have Alphas to gather."

He nodded. "Susan, if your movement gets any more painful go to the regen room and hop in a pod, it'll activate immediately and repair the wounds but don't worry it will be unable to prevent your turning. The Atlantians could never create any technology that could stop a Were infection, they tried and failed it was one of the few things they failed to achieve."

Susan nodded, Rhun turned as there was a knock on a door near him. He opened it and was met with a gorgeous Vampiress who flinched back into the shadows. Destiny's hair fell in thick brown waves down to the middle of her back, her eyes were a deep brown which seemed to always have a warmth to them. She was long and lean and completely alien in her beauty. She was dressed artfully in a pair of loose black silk pants and a simple white blouse. "Oh don't worry it is quite safe, it seems Amy figured out a way to spell the doors so that they too won't harm you if left open."

Destiny walked into the room cautiously her eyes darting fearfully to the open door. "This takes some getting used to; I watched the sun rise today, for the first time in almost three thousand years." She walked to the door and carefully put her hand in the direct light, there were hisses from other Vampires who had followed her into the room, they watched in fear then disbelief as nothing happened, her hand remained whole.

A child ran in with a pail full of eggs and only just avoided colliding with Destiny. "Sorry," she said stepping around Destiny before going into the kitchen.

"Amazing." She said and turned to the others before frowning as a delicious scent filled her nose. This blood didn't quite smell human, although she had long ago given up on a diet of human blood, finding that with each mouthful it tasted less and less desirable. She wondered again who had sired her and if they were the reason she was different to the other Master Vampires. Unlike the other Masters who were now testing the open doorway for themselves, she didn't run a tribe, nor have the desire to start one, not in the traditional sense. She was in fact in charge of the conclave of Masters as for some reason she could keep them all from fighting.

Destiny tried to trace the scent but with open containers of blood and so many humans and non-humans about it was hard to trace. Not wanting to be seen as a threat she stopped searching and wentto the table which held pitchers of blood and sniffed each one before settling on the container of horse blood. She poured a glass and went to savour it back in the library.

Don't worry I'll keep an eye on them, Rhun told Amy as her eyes watched the Vampires carefully, although you have nothing to fear from Destiny, she long ago gave up human blood, never did learn why. He explained.

She was scenting the air. Amy said firmly having watched Destiny; she willed a coffee into her hands, adjusting the temperature to make it easier to drink then started to drink it in between bites of her sandwich.

So... you scent the air all the time, she hasn't acted on whatever she could smell so leave it. He told her.

Okay but I wasn't lying last night, I'll kill them all if so much as one of them bites someone. Amy replied firmly, finishing her breakfast she willed the cup away and turned leaving the room with most of the Ancients following her out, it was time to get the Alphas.


Amy appeared beside Wolfgang. He had been ready and waiting since dawn but with all the Alphas to get he didn't realise it might be late afternoon before he would be picked up. Alanna and Electra sat with himwhile he waited, Becky and Garnet ran up as Amy appeared. Becky had just finished her last duties and Garnet turned hopeful eyes to Amy. "Can I come please?" Garnet begged, "Ma said she'll keep things running and Sienna will be learning the ropes from Ma while we are away. Trial by fire so to speak."

Amy shrugged, she saw no reason to say no besides she wanted to get to know her sister in law. "Okay, ground rules though before we go. Rule one, no fighting, rule two, no fighting, can you guess what rule three is?" Amy asked.

"No fighting." Garnet said.

Amy nodded, "and rule number four, don't open any yellow doors."

Garnet, Becky and Wolfgang nodded.

"Okay let's go then." Amy said and suddenly they were before the temple, Garnet kept the exclamation of shock from her lips.

"Okay that freaks me out." Garnet said when she finally composed herself.

"You get used to it." Alanna told her as she bounced up to the front door then waited impatiently for her mother to open it. "Is Tarval back yet?" She asked her mother.

"He should be." Amy said with a smile, opening the door. Before anyone could enter, Vivian appeared with Ghan, Crystal and Keira. Amy was pleased to note that no one was wearing a collar today as it would have undermined Ghan's status with the other Alphas.

"This is it." Vivian told her proudly.

"Wolfgang, Becky and Garnet this is Ghan, Keira and Crystal." Amy introduced them all and watched as people shook hands. Wolfgang hesitated for a moment when he came to Crystal but it was just a moment before he took her hand and gave it a firm shake. Garnet and Becky also barely hesitated when it came to shaking Crystal's hand which pleased Crystal to no end.

"How has everyone settled so far?" Amy asked Vivian, as she hadn't really had a chance to see how everyone was getting along.

"Everyone pretty much sticks to their own groups or people they know, we've encouraged it as if a fight breaks out there is no way one of us would be able to stop it." Vivian answered. "Although Destiny seems quite content to just sit and tell the children stories, but that's about it for mingling."

"Cool, the Were have a few floors, here is a map," Amy said offering them all maps. "Follow me." she told them and took them to the floor their rooms were on. "Here we go, Crystal, Keira and Ghan these rooms are yours. Wolfgang, Garnet your rooms are directly across from theirs."

Becky held up her hand, "and my room is?" She asked in a leading manner.

Amy glanced down the hall just as Terri came from her room. "Terri..."

Becky turned to get the first look at her mate and was not disappointed by what she saw. Terri approached, the first thing anyone noticed was her eyes, the strangeness of them as one was green and the other was blue but not completely blue as it had a little spot of brown beneath the pupil. Then there was her presence, she was a confident woman, used to giving orders and having them obeyed. Her eyes scanned Becky; she hoped that this one was free for a tumble or more if they hit it off.

"Terri this is Becky, Becky, Terri." Amy introduced and got grins from those who knew that these two were mates.

Terri frowned for a moment wondering why Amy was bringing Becky to her attention and not introducing her to the rest of the group. Becky offered her hand to Terri, which Terri took and brought to her nose taking a deep breath. "Oh..." Terri said more to herself as she now understood. "When's dinner?" She asked although food was the last thing on her mind, she wanted to jump Becky's bones but she had obligations, she was here for a gathering not a mate although now that she had Becky she wasn't going to let her go.

"Sadly not far enough away however no one will expect you to linger over your meal." Amy answered, "Becky go and put your things in Terri's room." Amy suggested as the others also took this time to put their things in their room.

Wolfgang walked out of his room and frowned; he turned and walked back into his room, walked out, took the four steps it took to get to Garnet's room and walked in. He came out again, "Okay... how do they do it, my room is massive and has an en suit yet it is only four steps away from Garnet's room which is just as large."

Amy chuckled, "we're Ancient..." She said as if that explained everything before she turned and started to walk off.

Wolfgang rolled his eyes as the others chuckled and followed Amy.

"Tarval!" Alanna said as she ran and launched herself at her mate. Wolfgang tensed as he watched his daughter run into the arms of a man whose race was considered his enemy. His eyes took in the size of the group that followed Tarval, there were a little under ten in the group, if it came to a fight it would be an even match... if Amy fought beside him.

Tarval laughed and scooped Alanna up to kiss her deeply. Everyone watched the happy reunion, some were pleased others furious. Amy approached and smiled, "I know everyone except one S'ephalim and the two Gephalim." She said seeking a better introduction. Michelle was also here but like Tarval who was not considered a true Gephalim, she was not considered a true S'ephalim.

Tarval released Alanna and let her slide down his body, he blushed, ashamed that he had forgotten his manners and took a deep breath, "this is Joan." He said gesturing to the woman beside Gabrielle.

Amy took her hand and gave it a firm shake.

"And this is Peter and Paul." He said gesturing to the twin Gephalim lords who were only distinguishable by their breast plates. "Everyone this is Amy."

Wolfgang frowned as he saw a wingless woman in their mist that he vaguely recognised as she was still classed as a missing person, "Bianca?"

"Alpha." Bianca said respectfully. Wolfgang tensed, ready to attack the man who had stolen one of his members. Dominic did nothing, he just waited.

"Wolfgang calm down, Dominic stole Bianca because on some level he knew that she was his mate. If I remember correctly stealing women from another pack or pride used to be common practice, so I don't know why you are chucking a fit." Amy told him.

Michelle frowned, "how do you know that?"

Amy grinned a little amused, "I'm Ancient." She said with a little shrug.

Michelle rolled her eyes, "that explains it then. You're nuts."

Amy gave her a big smile and nodded vigorously. "I would have to be to call a complete gathering of every non-human leader I could get my hands on." She said seriously before breaking out in a new wide smile.

"Definitely nuts." Gabrielle agreed.

"I'm hungry." Sage said.

"When are you not hungry?" Amy teased.

Sage thought for several moments before she shrugged.

"Come on dinner should be ready." Amy said to the group, "Wolfgang go tear your sister and her mate from their room please." She asked. Wolfgang chuckled and he and Garnet went to interrupt their sister. When Terri and Becky walked out they were straightening their clothes and casting angry looks at the group for interrupting them. "Okay let's go eat." Amy said before she walked off forcing everyone to follow.

Robin had decided to keep the meals as informal as possible to encourage mingling so had kept the buffet table, only it was now twice the length and there were two to cater for the numbers.

Rhun walked up to Amy, "Amy just curious..." he said as she came to a stop. "Would you be able to do the same thing you did to the doors, to the kitchen courtyard?"

"Why?" Amy asked as she grabbed a plate.

"Destiny said it might make the other Masters more... approachable if they can go to most if not all of the communal areas and the courtyard is the most communal of areas we have." He explained.

Amy thought about it, "well since the walls extend above the tallest of the trees and encase the entire courtyard I don't see why the same principals can't apply." She told him as she got in line, already placing her will on the walls the same way she placed it on the doors.

"So you'll do it?" He asked.

"Already done, but you... can ask Destiny to test it." She told him before she focused completely on the food.


Amy was doing some last minute checks before she turned in later that night, mainly she was walking the halls and just making sure that no one was out fighting but most seemed to be willing to at least hear her out before they let their grudges come to the surface.

She smiled when she saw Ghost, who for some reason was also wandering the hall. What are you doing up? She asked him silently as his English was still in its early stages to the best of her knowledge.

"Just making sure all is right." He said hesitantly, his accent thick and completely alien to her. He struggled to say some sounds since they weren't a part of the languages he knew, he swallowed some sounds and growled out others. It was strange but not unpleasant.

"Ah... so that is why I haven't seen you much recently." She said with a smile.

He nodded, "yes, I turned Katie a few days ago and have her in my rooms."

"Good for you." She said with feeling.

He smiled a little hesitantly, "alpha..." he said then paused. "Will Katie be safe at the meeting tomorrow? If a brawl breaks out I will protect her first." He explained honestly.

She nodded respecting his honesty, "she will be safe, I will not let a brawl break out. Keep close to her, this world is still new for both of you; feel free to seek me out to ask questions." She told him.

He bowed, "thank you."

"Good night." She said with a wave as she turned to return to her own room.

He watched her go with a smile, he was glad she had come into his life as without her he may never had met his Katie. He would do almost anything for Amy as long as it didn't conflict with protecting and loving his mate. He turned to return to his room, walking in, his eyes instantly searched out his mate.

His mate, thunderbird he loved those two words. She was asleep on her stomach, a sheet only partially covering her naked body. He felt his body heat as his eyes feasted on her body, stripping quickly and crawled over her.

She sighed as she stretched beneath him, she had known the moment he walked into the room, had felt his eyes on her body and felt his need through their bond. He pressed his lips to her back as he grabbed at the sheet which only barely covered her behind. His eyes focused on his bite marks as he tossed the sheet away. He rested his body against her, his straining manhood pressed against her behind.

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