Sports Bar


My wife and I are exhibitionists and we have a repertoire of fantasy situations we enjoy. Of course we are always open to new ideas but it is exciting when she sends me a text that says "Sports Bar" along with a time and the name and location of a bar. The time always coincides with a major sporting event.

We always arrive separately and try to sit at the bar close to each other. She will always wear something sheer, with a very sexy bra underneath. Once she wore white leggings that revealed a black thong, another time a crocheted dress that left little to the imagination. Two things are always constant, the sexy bra and the fact that we are not known at the bar.

She will open conversation with several people around her, including me. We always root for different teams and begin to make small wagers on inconsequential things. "Lebron has these two free throws," she might say, "Next drink says he misses them" I will reply, so we shake on it, and the loser pays off. Gradually she speaks less to others and more to me.

I drink beer, slowly, and she will drink vodka much quicker. If I win several bets, my drinks will stack up, or I give them away. She will get affectionate and begin to place her hand on my leg or touch my arm. Close to half time, if a football or basketball game, she will make a dumb prediction. "The Heat will be up by fifteen points by the half," or "The Dolphins will come back and tie by the end of the quarter."

"A hundred dollars and that's a bet," I will say, always loud enough for most around us to hear.

"I don't have that much to lose," she may say.

"What else do you have to bet," I will reply. With this she will lean in close to me and whisper in my ear.

The person sitting nearest to my ear may hear her say "I'll suck your cock," and everyone will see her smile and lean and give a deep kiss while squeezing my crotch. Within a few minutes she has lost the bet.

"Let's go, I always pay my bets," she says at halftime.

"Now? Where?" I might ask, acting dumb.

"After the game, I have to go home, so I better pay now."

I pay the check, or leave some cash, ask the bartender to hold our seats, and we walk out holding hands. What happens next depends on the bar and neighborhood. If it is a chain like Fridays or Chili's with a huge parking lot we may just go to my car. Some places we just go out back and she will suck me off in the open. Once, at a pool bar in a beach hotel we went on the beach. On South Beach it is usually in an alley.

She will always begin servicing my dick eagerly. I will make her stop to kiss me and peel her clothes off. Usually I end up fucking her, too. While some people may walk by usually they leave us alone. It is almost certain at least a couple of dudes from the bar will walk by. If my wife likes them she may stop to say hello to them. Sometimes a guy or couple, or a couple of guys may stop and watch. Once we drew a crowd of about eight people that smoked weed and cheered us on.

Making love in public is very exciting to us. Why it is made better by this anonymous fantasy I do not know, but it will fuel our passion for the week after. We will fuck almost constantly for several days after this game.

She will dress, but without her bra and panties, and return to the bar. Now she is a celebrity to all the men, and most of the women will hate her. Often people send us free drinks, and she will feel no pain. She likes to leave her purse with the bartender, so she can recall it and make a show of reapplying on her lipstick.

There are always ways to change things up. Once a couple of my buddies were there and I let them in on what was going to happen. After we returned she took each of them out back and gave them a blow job, also. Twice we hooked up with another couple, maintaining that we did not know each other. Once a girlfriend of hers came in and claimed to be my wife and took me home, really we went a few blocks away until she met us in a cab. When I go to the men's room, she will usually be stroking some guy's dick, through his pants, when I get back. I'll kiss her, if she likes the guy she will not stop.

We love each other and try to excite the hell out of each other. Long relationships do not need to be stale relationships. Needless to say, I always read her texts. Today it may say "Sports Bar" tomorrow "Window Shopping" or "Movie Theater." These all mean something very special to us.

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