tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 23

Spreading Seeds Ch. 23


Chapter 23 - Lauren and the Oriental Massage

I pointed to the Price list on the wall outside the Massage parlor, "Well what can I do for you tonight, Lauren?"

She looked at the list and turned to me, "Where is your Special Oriental Massage, like you gave to Amelia?"

"Oh that isn't on the list; I only do that for special clients. It requires a certain intimacy, I'm not sure you and I should be that intimate."

She looked at me and said, "Josh you've just been pulling my tit in jest then?"

I looked at her and she smiled at me sweetly. I asked, "Lauren the Bahia doesn't really have that tradition, do they?"

"We do now; Astral is going around teaching everyone how to do it." Lauren laughed.

I looked around and Astral was explaining it to Raule and a couple of women who had their breasts bared. I saw him practice on the brunette he had serviced in the Great Clusterfuck. Astral laughed and moved on to teach others.

"Your sister is a disturber of the peace. She needs to have her ..." I stopped and watched her teach the method to one of the older Black Brothers who touched her breasts and smiled so broadly that I thought his face would fall off.

Lauren smiled at me, "Her what?"

I laughed and said, "She has gotten a lot of people practicing."

Lauren pulled my arm, "What about the Special Oriental Massage Josh?"

I looked at her seriously, "You want to have the Special then?"

"Yes," Lauren said firmly.

I put my arm around her shoulders and got very close to her face and kissed her cheek. I cupped her breast and pulled the nipple softly looking in her eyes, "Then come into my parlor and I will give you what you seek."

I pulled her in by the nipple, closed the drapes, kissed her very firmly and opened her robe so I could massage her breasts for a moment. I took off her robe and asked her to sit on the table.

She hopped upon the table and looked at me expectantly while I looked at her and stroked my chin.

"What?" She asked.

I walked to her side and lifted her chin and pressed on her back making her sit up straight and ran my hand down her smooth back. Lauren was my age more or less and her skin was fine, smooth and firm. She was fairly tall and had nice full rounded breasts with large dark areole, a cute face and well developed legs. She wasn't slim but she was solid and not too hairy. I stepped back and said, "Sit like that for a moment."

I stepped back and looked at her from various angles and adjusted her legs a little spread. Then I stepped back and looked at her and said, "Yes," slowly.

"Yes What?" She asked impatiently.

I smiled at her, "You are a beautiful woman Lauren, almost perfectly proportioned and you have very nice skin."

She blushed a little and smiled at me, "You think so?" She asked.

"Oh very definitely," I said as I stepped up to her and lifted her chin a little. I teased her nipples a little and got them to firm up, and then I kissed and sucked them very softly pinching them with my lips and pulling away slowly letting them slide out of my lips.

"Oh Josh, Is this what you did to Amelia?"

I grinned at her, "Oh no, that would be too intimate for Amelia and I."

"Oh." She said and looked at me strangely.

I turned and lit my oil heater and checked the oil, added a bit to the pot and turned. "You smoke Sativa."

"Yes sometimes," she answered.

I nodded and got out the number eleven and the pipe. I scraped up a good sized dose and put it in the pipe and lit a splinter. I handed her the pipe, "Take it in one hit, it's very mild."

She hit the pipe and held the smoke in. When she exhaled I had her burn the bowl out and considered whether I dared to smoke some myself. I remembered Sarge's words and decided that in forty eight hours the effects would be worn off, and I did a good sized dose for myself.

I checked the oil and it was still a little cool so I went to Lauren who was snickering a little and I asked her if she minded if I kissed her.

"No Josh I would like to kiss you." She said and held out her arms.

I untied the sash on my robe and let it fall open then put her arms around my neck and stepped between her legs and into her arms. She was taller than I, because she was on the table. I slid between her knees and kissed her as I got closer to her and put one hand on her silky back and with the left hand I stroked her breast. We kissed for a minute or two and I pulled away to check the oil and her hands tried to hold me to her but I put a hand on each breast and stroked her nipples with my thumbs and pushed myself away from her.

Her eyes opened as her hands lost touch with me. "Oh Josh what was that you had me smoke."

"Very special herbs, you should be feeling the effects now. May I ask you to lay face down and I'll start the massage now."

She lay down and I arranged her limbs, checking to see how relaxed she was. Not very, I found so I parted her hair and got it out of the way of the oil and rubbed her back and hips a little and she was still tense.

I went and got the oil and checked the temperature, it was just right so I put my hand in the middle of her back and poured the oil on her liberally in a thick layer and smoothed out the oil on her back.

I worked over her back and hips and legs and massaged her feet and she liked that. I slid my hands up the inside of her thighs and she moaned a little as my hands touched her pubis. I made a move to slide my hand from the inside of one knee up until I was cupping her pubis and poured some warm oil down her crack, catching it with my fingers and massaging it into her, sliding my hand up and down and back and forth. My fingers probed her just a little and stroked the mouth of her vagina without penetration.

She was moaning now and lifting her hips so my fingers could find her clit on the down stroke and I slipped a finger into her just a little and swirled it all around the opening. She lifted her hips for more but I moved on to her back again and kissed her back and put pressure with my thumbs along her spine and stoked her from hips to shoulder blades a few times.


"Yes Lauren?"

"Was that the Special part?"

"A little of it, I'll do some more when I turn you. Did you like that?"

"Oh yes."

"Are you relaxed," I asked and wiped my hands on a towel.

"Half of my body is relaxed and half is excited."

"Which do you prefer?"

"The excited part," She said.

I turned her over and feasted my eyes on her. "I think you are very beautiful Lauren does that excite you a little?"

She was looking at me and smiled, "Yes, although it is hard to tell whether I'm excited because you think I'm beautiful or because your hands were stoking me intimately."

I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. "Is that exciting," I asked, looking into her eyes.

She smiled and said, "Oh yes, but not as exciting as some of the other."

I moved down and kissed and sucked her nipple, "Is that more or less exciting?"

"Ah, more I think, it is getting hard to tell."

I poured a little oil between her breasts and smoothed it around her breasts, not covering the nipples yet. I pushed her breasts up so that they sat on her chest like two peaks and sucked her nipples and felt her react and moan softly as I teased them and felt them firm and elongate. I sucked and licked them until they were firm and blew my breath over them. I teased her for a while then ran my hands up bringing the oil up to make them slippery and massaged them, pulling slightly on the nipples and squeezing her breasts, massaging them softly, then more firmly, then softly stroking them.

I poured oil on her abdomen and began to spread it out to the sides and down into her bush almost to her pubic bone. I fondled her belly and out onto her hips bones and in along the tops of the thighs.

I made a change to the script I had used with Amelia and didn't bypass her pubic region but poured warm oil on her pubic bone and massaged it into her bush and down between her legs stroking her slit softly in a circular fashion going deeper and then coming up to her clit. Her hips came up off the table and she reached with her hips for my fingers spreading her legs and raising her knees slightly.

I stoked the inside of her thigh and wrapped around and slid down the other thigh. She made appropriate noises and her legs spread a little more as my hand slid over her ready pussy. I fondled her a good deal more then, probing her, teasing and slipped up to her clit and massaged it firmly for a moment and moved my hand up above it and lightened my touch and her breathing became more regular now. I stroked her abdomen and caressed her breasts and pulled her nipples and she moaned sweetly.

I leaned down over her face and put my elbow on the table and kissed her mouth, teasing her mouth to open and put my tongue in her mouth tasting the sweetness of her. She put her hands in my hair and pulled me firmly to her mouth. As she was kissing me, I rubbed her breast and slid my hand down and very lightly found her clit and rubbed it softly, then stroked her slit probing slightly and coming back to her clit.

He mouth became more demanding. She moaned and moved her hips in time with my fingers. I let her build a plateau and tried to keep her building it up, yet not giving her what she was reaching for.

I backed away and broke the kiss and she whimpered a little. I moved my hand up on her belly and rubbed her softly and smoothly in circles. She tried to push my hand back onto her clit but I asked, "Are you ready for the Extra Special Oriental Massage now?"

Her eyes opened, "What do you mean Extra Special?"

"Well Amelia just wanted me to excite her so she and Able could enjoy themselves, she made noises that he'd be sure to hear and all, but I held back on her because she wanted Able to bring her to climax. Do you want me to bring you to a climax, or just to get you to the point where my fingers feel electric?"

She thought about it and smiled as she considered and she kissed me a few times and I licked her lips a little and she said, "Oh your fingers already feel electric, a climax would be lovely."

I kissed her and said, "My Kiva has a tradition that I have to wash you but I don't want to take you to the baths to do it."

"No I don't think that would be good." She said.

"I agree, so I thought that I'd just use a wet towel to wash you is that acceptable?"

"Yes, that would be ok."

"Good," I said, I'll be right back. Would you slide down the table so your hips are right at the edge of the table?" I got up and poured a little cool water in the oil heating water and got it to a temperature that was a not too hot but very warm. I poured some water on a towel and got a chair and took it to the end of the massage table. I laid the hot wet towel over her pussy and held it to her, stroking her and opening her lips to clean most of the oil away.

She watched me do it her legs hanging down and her face reacting to the warm towel and my fingers pressing it to her sensitive parts. I moved and sat between her legs, "Now put your feet on my shoulders and spread your legs."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to evoke the Goddess that resides in your belly. I want to bring her out and then when you are good and aroused, I'm going to make love to you. Is that alright?"

"Oh yes I guess so. I've never had my Goddess evoked before."

"But you have had your pussy licked before, haven't you?"

"Well yes but never by a man."

"Well this man is going to bring your Goddess out and make love to her." I said as I lifted her legs up and put her feet on my shoulders.

I pulled the cooling towel off her and bent to my trade. She was a little tense at first but she soon got over that and was moving her hips and moaning and making little noises of positive feedback by the time I had my finger in her, stroking her 'G'-spot.

I worked her slowly, partly because I liked kissing her slit and part to bring her smoothly to the point where she was just about to climax. I then backed away a little and just ran my thumbs along the sides of her slit and with my thumbs opened her a little for my tongue to dip into her slightly.

She was starting to jerk and her 'UPP's were becoming louder. I eased back and she said, "Oh Please keep licking."

I blew on her pussy keeping my face close to her and my breath warm against her slit. I kissed her very softly and teased her but never let her climax for many minutes.

She was sweating now so I moved the chair and pulled the little stool out so I could stand on it and put her feet on my hips and rubbed some oil off her belly onto my dick. Then I put the head in her pit and pushed softly.

Her hips moved up and down as it slipped into her slowly and then more easily. I began a long stroke and she held up her hips and choked a little, "Au , Ummm, Aaag, Oh, Oh!" was all she said. I pressed it home and began to move my hips in circular fashion and stroked in and out a little.

I was putting more and more weasels on the pile as she worked her hips up and down and I stroked in and out slowly. She was well lubricated and felt magnificent.

She was tight enough that I was afraid I was going to have a sore girl on my hands but I thought she didn't mind yet so I moved up to try a cervix roll. But the angle was wrong so I increased the pace and the tone of her voice dropped an octave as she moaned and 'UPPed' and her hips began to move franticly. I stopped moving allowing her to make the stoke while I varied the angle and depth to bring her closer and closer.

I put my hand on her pubic bone and held her down, she stilled her hips but she kept moaning. I started a slow meat slap and her breast jiggled every time I hit bottom. "Argg, Umm, Ahhh," She moaned.

I was holding my weasels and picked up the pace and had gotten into the fast meat slap when she climaxed and clenched. I pushed in to her and moved my hips around to feel the contractions on my dick. I didn't climax I just held her to me and bent to kiss her mouth. It was a little awkward because of the table height and all but we were able to bring her off most acceptably. I stayed with her until her legs fell off my hips and she collapsed completely. I withdrew and felt her pussy pour out its juices onto my toes.

I put a towel on her and pulled her up on the table so she was comfortable and leaned on one elbow and kissed her mouth and massaged her breast. She was limp and breathing deeply. She opened her eyes and put her hand in my hair and kissed me firmly, then fell back and said, "Oh Josh that was wonderful."

I kissed her and put a couple of towels over her to keep her as warm as possible and moved her hand to my dick. She hesitated then stroked it and said, "It's still hard.

"Yes," I said. "Hard and wanting to go again."

Her eyes opened wide and she said, "Again?"

"Unless you don't want to?"

"Oh Josh I want to. It's just ... its Astral's turn."

"What did you say?" I leaned down and looked at her.

She flustered and looked away and when I kissed her a little she smiled, "Astral said that you would have enough for two, but she wanted to, be second because she is already pregnant. I wouldn't want to drain you so you couldn't satisfy her."

I stroked her cheek and kissed Lauren, "Looking after your little sister then?"

"Yes," she said.

"But you want to feel me inside you moving and thrusting and feel the warmth of my breath on your cheek, again right?"

Lauren looked at me, her eyes wide open; she kissed me and held me tight to her. She whispered in my ear, "Oh Yes Josh to feel you thrusting and, well just inside me, all alive and male. Oh Yes Josh I want that very badly."

"But you don't mind sharing me with you sister, do you?"

"Oh no Astral and I we, ah we ..."

"You've been intimate?'

"Oh just sisterly like, and just to help, you know." Her eyes betrayed her. I could visualize she and Astral in a reverse crab sucking each other's clits and playing the games girls play.

"I promised your Auntie Vera a free massage but I don't know if it will take too long. I'll go look in on her and Donald and make sure Donald is alright. Then I'll look for Astral and talk to her. You just lay here until you feel like getting up and then we'll see what happens? I need to make sure that Vera and Donald don't have any problems. It's their first time and it should be sweet don't you think?"

"Auntie Vera has been in love with him for two years. She swoons when he audits her books. Yes, go help them I'll be up in a minute or two."

I kissed her and wiped myself down with a towel and put on my robe. I kissed Lauren again and went out into the baths. The crowd had thinned out a bit and the people who were left were all players it appeared to me. There was a surplus of women but that never hurts.

I found Vera and Donald on the pedestal. He was laying across her lap looking up at her and she looked down on him stroking his cheeks and bent to kiss him. I came up on her back side and put my hand on her shoulder. "Vera, would you like to have that massage now?"

She turned and smiled, "No I think I'll just set here with Donald

I bent to kiss her cheek, "All night? The Bath house is a lot less comfortable than your house would be, I know from experience."

Donald looked up at me, "All night?"

I smiled down at him, "Sure you don't think Vera is going to let you go and let you be pawed by the other women do you?" I laughed, "No I think she should take you home with her. Her bed would be a lot more comfortable than the Bath house floor, don't you think."

Vera laughed and said, "Donald wouldn't let them paw at him." Then she looked down at him and realized that if she didn't fuck him tonight someone, or perhaps several others would. She looked at Donald, "You wouldn't would you?"

Donald got up out of her lap and sat beside her, "Vera, you are the one I wanted to spend the night with. Maybe Josh is right. I hadn't thought about it until now but it is getting late, and I so want to make love to you, but this is not the place I had imagined doing so." He hugged Vera and kissed her.

Vera shivered and kissed him. Then looked at his face and around her at the many women who had not found a partner, many of them with their breast bared and looking for someone to make their nipples tingle. "Perhaps that would be best. But, Donald I just share a room with Marie we even sleep in the same bed. I'd have to find her and see if she minded."

"Do you think she is here tonight?" I asked.

"Yes I saw her just a while ago. Maybe I should go find her and talk to her? Would that be ok, Donald?" Vera asked him, "You will wait for me?"

Donald kissed her softly on the mouth and then on the cheek, "I've waited three years."

Vera almost cried but kissed him and got up. "You stay right where I can find you."

I took her hand, "Vera, I'm going to get Genevieve to give Donald some instructions. We will meet you at the Massage Parlor. You go find Marie and meet us there, Ok?" I said.

She nodded, "Ok," and went in search of the illusive Marie.

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