tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 26

Spreading Seeds Ch. 26


Chapter 27: Performance Art.

Aurora woke me with weak rays in my eyes. The sun was just coming up and junior, was stiff and hard. I had to pee badly and Lauren's hand held it loosely as she made little movements with her hips, rubbing herself on my thigh in her sleep. Astral had her back to me and was holding my hand on her warm smooth belly. I found the memories of last night and regained what little was left of my mind.

I tried to extract myself from the tangle and woke Lauren who stroked my dick and moaned and squeezed. She got up on one elbow and smiled at me in the weak light. "Ready again?" she whispered and squeezed my dick.

"Lauren I have to pee and your hand is the only thing holding it back. Where's the bathroom?" I whispered.

She smiled her evil smile and squeezed me, but she got up carefully and I pulled my arm out of Astral's grasp and got up too. Lauren led me down the hall by my cock and we entered the bath. Duck boards, a toilet and sink, were in the room and I made quick work of getting to the toilet.

I groaned in frustration as I tried to bend junior down to hit the toilet. I bent over and put my hand on the wall but still couldn't get it aimed at the toilet bowl.

Lauren watched me, "What's the matter?"

"I can't get it to bend so I can hit the toilet," I said.

She laughed, "Go stand in the corner and let it out, we'll wash the walls and take a bath after."

Lauren took the opportunity to sit on the toilet and pee'd, the sound of it set me off and I started to spurt as I aimed as low on the wall as I could. My urine was hot and dark as it splashed on the wall and back onto my feet and legs. I just let it out, sighing and finally my bladder was empty.

Lauren giggled, "Oh Josh that was a lot and it smells so strong. Almost like Puma piss." She laughed at me and said, "I'll light the water heater and we'll bathe. We both need to clean up."

Lauren opened a tap and filled the water heater then lit the fire under it and built up the flames. The Sun was getting stronger now and I could see Lauren clearly now. Her hair was mussed and she had a wild look as she looked over her shoulder at me, "It will take ten minutes before the water is warm." She stood and ran her fingers through her hair and stretched ostentatiously. "What will we ever do with the time?" and waved her breasts at me.

I took the hint and kissed her, rubbing my hands on her smooth back. She put her hands on my back and rubbed softly. I winced as she hit the spots where her fingernails had scratched my back and she pulled away and looked at my back.

"Oh Josh, Did I do that? Oh I'm so sorry," she said as she kissed my back and ran her fingers along the scratches.

"No problem Lauren," I said. "They hardly even hurt."

"How brave you are, I'll get some salve and make it all better." Lauren said and got out a bottle, had me turn so the sun was on my back and dabbed the salve on my scratches.

"How did you like my Puma, other than the scratches," She asked.

"It was a little scary at first," I said. "Until Astral spoke up I thought you had lost your mind."

Lauren laughed, "It was just performance art, Josh. Astral and I belong to a group called the 'Lesbian Thespians'' although we ought to change our name because we are not all of us lesbians now."

"So you were just acting?" I asked.

"Of course silly. I've done 'The Puma's Passion' numbers of times for our group; it is a big hit at dildo parties. Astral plays guitar and narrates while I act out the play. But I've never done it with a man before. It is a lot more convincing with a man."

"How bad are the scratches?" I asked her.

"Oh not too bad," she said and kissed my back. "You'll hardly notice them after a day or so."

"How about my neck? You bit me very hard a couple of times."

Lauren came around and looked at my neck and kissed her teeth marks, "Just light bruising, I didn't break the skin. I got in to the role and I knew that a neck bite added verisimilitude and I was motivated." She smiled up at me and stroked my neck.

Her nipple rubbed my chest and her bush was rubbing my penis very lightly. The water was still cold and I let junior rise up and poke her a little. "What other roles do you play? Ever do the Naughty Nanny or the Squealing Ewe?"

She cuddled close to me, rubbed my chest and licked me, "No but I do a very convincing 'Compliant Mare'. What to see that? We still have to wait for the water to heat and I smell the part now." She whinnied very convincingly.

I snorted at her and said, "Can I play the Surging Stallion."

She laughed and squeezed my dick, "We call it the Plunging Beast, but Surging Stallion is alright too." Her hand guided my hand to her pussy and she moved her hips. "I'll narrate the opening scene since Astral is still asleep, Ok?"

Ok," I said and felt the wetness of her as I put my finger in her, just a little, waving it around slowly.

Lauren pressed herself to my hand saying, "The sun is just rising and a beautiful Palomino mare stands in the sun swishing her tail. She has an aching warmness in her belly and looks around the pasture for her stallion. She swishes her tail causing her scent to waft on the genital breeze." Lauren pulled my hand away and she leaned on the sink and waved her ass convincingly. She put one hand on her ass and waved it.

I started to grasp her silky cheeks and she shook her head, "Not yet." She said. "The Mare is anxious and soon attracts the Stallion who is tall and strong. He sees her tail swishing and comes over and nibbles at her haunches."

I dropped to my knees and nibbled at her silky hips and stroked her legs.

"The mare shivers a little but allows him to put his nose right on her dripping vagina. He sniffs her."

I sniffed Lauren and she was fragrant and hot.

"He licks her and she feels his tongue searching the hidden folds and she arches her back."

I licked Lauren and licked her again, she whinnied and arched her back, and I licked her again.

"She likes the licking and opens her legs to allow him easy access to her hot, wet, vagina and allows him to lick and probe with his tongue."

Now horses don't really do that, but I did and she liked it. She moved her hips and whinnied again.

"Now the Stallion tries to mount her but his cock, swollen by passion misses and he tries again and again. His hooves sliding off her back."

I put my hands on her shoulders letting them slid around and cup her breasts that hung soft and warm and stroked her wet hot pussy with my dick, sliding it past her opening and up to her clit. Lauren whinnied and arched her back.

"Now he tries again and succeeds in penetrating her and he plunges again and again making progress. Sliding into her lubricated opening."

I moved myself to just penetrate her and worked it in a little.

Lauren pushed back and took it all.

She whinnied, unconvincingly and stroked my cock and moaned. "The mare is sore from the day before when the Plunging Beast had savaged her but knows that only his semen can quench the burning feeling in her belly. He plunges into her again and again, his passion rising as he feels her warm slick vagina slide and grip his eager dick."

Lauren stroked her ass and moaned and I started a meat slap that completely made her forget the horses. She grunted and moaned then the door opened.

Astral stopped in the doorway and looked at us, put her hand on her crotch, "Don't mind me. I just have to pee." She shut the door and I smiled at her as she sat on the toilet. She grinned back, "The Compliant Mare I suppose?"

I nodded and slapped Lauren with hard and even strokes.

Astral let loose her stream and sighed. I ignored her and kept up the pace as Lauren was moaning and bucking.

"I don't know how you can do that Lauren, after the Puma's Passion I think you'd be sore." Astral said and laughed.

"Shut up or Leave Astral," Lauren said.

"Ok but he is not very convincing as the Plunging Beast. He needs to bend over more and ..."

"Shut the fuck up, Astral, I'm directing this!" Lauren said. Lauren bucked and stroked and I felt the urge to splurge but held it, not wanting to ruin the performance.

Lauren started to say something, but Astral picked up the script saying, "The Compliant Mare now feels the fire in her womb and bucks and urges the Stallion to pour out his semen, hot and sticky into her waiting womb. The Stallion resists and wants to feel the warm wet sensation a little longer."

I stroked Lauren and pounded her, rising upon my toes to plunge into her "G" spot and grunted and moaned wanting release. Lauren pressed back into me and groaned, I felt her pussy convulse and I released the demons into her. Not many, I had been drained pretty well the night before. She pressed her hips to mine and moaned and lost her grip on the sink.

I was frozen to her, holding her hips to me for a moment then she bucked and I fell on my ass. My dick slipped out as I fell and she grunted and shot a steaming hot fluid into my face and groaned again and she shot another load on to my already wet lap. She completely lost hold of the sink and dropped to her knees and folded down on to the floor, moaning softly her pussy dripping onto the floor.

Astral laughed and tossed me a towel, "Very nice Lauren I think you need to keep the squirting in, it really helps to anchor the performance," and she laughed again so hard, I heard her squirt into the toilet from mirth.

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