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Spy Girl


The light shinning through the small window over the bed rustled him awake. He looked down at the woman lying on top of his cock. He wanted to force her up and fuck her again but he thought it better to allow her to sleep. She was going to need her strength once she found out.

The news was not going to be easy for her to swallow. He silently laughed at his own pun. Slowly, trying not to awaken her, he slid out from underneath her voluptuous body. A quick pulse of excitement ran through his body as her long, dark hair bushed over his balls. He moved to his dresser and removed the collar he had purchased for her two years ago. His excitement was overwhelming. He never expected to have her here. His wishful thinking had become a reality.

The beautiful white leather collar was studded with small diamonds. It sparkled underneath the sunshine emanating into his flat. Slowly, he made his way back to the bed and attached the collar around her neck.

There! It was done, he thought.

Looking down at her, he felt the tension rising in his cock. He pushed it down as if trying to tell it to wait until later.

He moved into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. He heard her awaken. Peeking through the kitchen door into the bedroom, he saw her pretend to be asleep, but he knew better. She had not gotten this far in her career by being stupid.

Samantha heard him rustling in the kitchen. She held her face natural and kept her eyelids loose. She felt his eyes on the back of her neck. Keeping her breathing even, she thought of what she could do next to plan her escape. Pretending to roll over in slumber, she moved herself to her side. His cum oozed out from her pussy and down her thigh. She was filled with it.

Opening her eyes, she peeked toward the area where she had heard him move. She didn't see him. Then, she felt it around her neck. A promise he had made to her years ago has now come to pass. Once during a mission he warned her that he would have her collared and chained. He would own her. He would have his way. It was only a matter of time.

"Samantha, come into the kitchen and have some coffee," he said. His voice startled her. She moved, as more of his load dripped out of her pussy. Flashes of what occurred the night before ran through her mind. Her pussy lips pulsed. She forcibly shut her eyes trying to block the images out.

This cannot be. The bastard must have drugged me. If he did then, why is my pussy reacting now? Why does his voice seem to comfort me? Her mind raced with thoughts.

"Samantha," he continued, "I know you're awake. Stop pretending. Do you like French toast? I was thinking of making it this morning."

She lay still, scoping the room with her eyes, wondering where he had put her weapons. She recalled they were in a high rise. Her chances of surviving a jump from out of the window were nil, so she let the thought escape from her mind.

"C'mon, Samantha," he moaned, "I know you are awake. You should know better than to try to plan your escape. There is no escape. You should know me by now. I told you this would happen."

She grunted and rose from the bed. His juice ran down her inner thighs and slid over her ankles. He had used her until the early a.m. She had no idea a man could fuck over and over like that. The thought of what happened flashed again in her mind. Her pussy twitched. Her heart beat faster. She shook it off.

Smiling, he entered the room, asking, "Do you like the collar I have given to you, my sweet?" He saw her reaction to being called his sweet. He grinned widely as she put her hands up to the touch the locked collar around her neck. Her nipples hardened. He could not wait to stick his cock in between her tits.

"I want to remind you that you are to call me Master. Unless you want a repeat of what happened last night. Do you?"

She lowered her head and shook it back and forth, signifying no. She remembered moaning as he entered her. She remembered wrapping her legs around him as he pumped harder and harder. She remembered having the most intensive orgasm in her life. She swallowed and continued looking down. She found it difficult to look him in the eye.

"Here are a few towels. Go into the shower and get cleaned up. The closet door next to the bathroom is your closet. The dresser next to it is filled with things for you. They are filled with everything you will need for your life with me. Underneath the sink, you will find all toiletries. Use the garden fresh douche. I want last night's cum out of you. Now go. You have thirty minutes to get ready, clean up and be dressed in something that comes out of the top drawer of your new dresser."

"May I ask you something please?"

"Please, what" he snapped.

She looked at him strangely and then realize her mistake, "Please, Master."

"Good girl. Sure. Maybe a few questions."

"Why am I here?"

He laughed from his belly, and said" Sit down and I will explain." Samantha did as he demanded.

"Do you remember that night almost two years ago, when I lie on the floor of that museum in Moscow?"

Samantha could never forget that night. To her own surprise her team survived a most dangerous covert operation. But, she screwed up. She should have stepped down then but her pride was in the way.

"Yes, I remember," she answered.

"Yes, I remember WHAT?" he yelled.

"Yes, I remember, Master."

"That was the night I was on the floor and you had your big, fucking boot on my neck and your weapon in my mouth. That is the first night I ever saw you. I had no idea the person fucking up my operation was a hot, whore-looking woman like you. Imagine my surprise. Your beauty captivated me. I also remember how you looked at me. I always felt that if we would have met under different circumstances, we would have been friends. Do you remember what I told you that night?"

"Yes, Master, I do"

"Good girl," he smiled, "you remembered who I am to you."

"That was the night I made myself a promise that I would have you. You would be mine and not for just one night but forever. I saw the wildness in your eyes. I clearly saw your nipples harden as I spoke to you. I knew you were for me. An educated, beautiful bitch that ran covert operations for the United States. Who could ask for more? I said to myself then, if you allowed me to live, I would come after you. You fucked up your mission, Samantha. You know it and now you know that I know it. If you would have swallowed your pride, you would have admitted how you screwed this up and left the operation. You may be safe back home in the US if you did, but you didn't. You still tried to chase me down. Why did you let me live?"

She shook her head. She didn't remember why she had done so. Her mission was to exterminate him. She had the chance, but hit him with the butt of her weapon instead, as she made her escape, leaving him unconscious and bleeding, but not mortally wounded, on the museum floor.

"I bought that collar the very next day and made a promise to myself that you would wear it. And, look, here we are. Next question!"

"Where is my team?

"I will not answer that."

"You killed them, didn't you, you bastard."

He lunged at her, pulled her out the chair, and pushed her up against the wall, "Samantha, there are many things I will let you get away with the next few days because I know in the end, you are going to truly want to stay with me. I will see to that. I am kind enough to give you an adjustment period. But, I will not tolerate disrespect, so watch your tone and address me correctly."

Samantha lowered her head, "I am sorry, Master. My team meant a lot to me." she answered softly. He liked when the tone of her voice was low. He heard it for the first time last night. So soft. So sweet. He found it sexy.

She looked so vulnerable right now that he almost felt sorry for her. He expected much more of a fight. She was going to be easy to take over. He laughed to himself. He would have kidnapped her long ago had he known. She would not have cost him millions of dollar in bribes. He released his hand from her arm. He saw that her nipples hardened as soon as he put his hands on her.

He stepped back from her and blurted out, "Oh, who that shithead John you were fucking? The one that would not leave his wife for you? The one who never saw you in the states but as soon as the mission started he was in your pussy? Is that whom you cared about? Hah?"

Samantha was lost for words.

How did he know this? Did he hold a higher position with the Russian Secret Police than her government had told her? Her mind was filled with so many thoughts.

Her eyes welled up with tears. She knew they were dead. It was her fault for not killing her nemesis when she had the opportunity.

"Don't cry over them, especially not him. He was an asshole."

"With all due respect, Master. I am as educated as you. I am just as proficient with weapons and arms as you and you cannot keep me captive forever. At least not here," She said.

He laughed and answered, "There is one thing that separates us, baby. I don't have a wet pussy on me that loves to be fucked. I don't take it. I give it. That is why I am the better. That is why after I take you over and over and have you cumming all over yourself, you're never going to want to leave. I promise you that."

He moved closer to her. He felt the heat fly off of her body. "Look at you. I bet if I spread your legs right now, I could slip right in because I make you so hot. Oh, then again, I may be able to slip right into your hole because last night's cum is still dripping out from you." He moved closer to her, "Isn't that correct, baby, remember last night? Remember the whip on your ass. Do you remember?"

Samantha swallowed hard.

"My sweet whore, Samantha. Once I take you under my wing, you will never want to go back to your old life. Your government will list you as missing and they may send a team searching for you, but they will never find you. I have made certain of that. One more question and then in you go. I want to start my training. I will train you good and work you hard. Ask your last question now, my dear."

"What is your name?" she asked.

He could not contain himself. He laughed hard and said, "All these years and you still do not know who I am? I am more than the number you have assigned to me. More than 42567." He smiled, "Stepan, my name is Stepan. Now get your shit into the shower and be ready for me. You have thirty minutes or your punishment will not be pretty."

Samantha ran down the hallway towards the bathroom.

Stepan smiled as she scurried.

Yes, she is going to be much easier than I imagined. Thoughts of last night invaded his mind. Her sweet pussy muscles squeezing his hardness as he pumped deeper inside of her hole. He couldn't wait for tonight. He gloated as he thought of taking her over.

Samantha turned on the water, took out what she needed from the bathroom drawer and moved her naked body into the shower. The steam felt good. She opened the douche and cleaned her pussy. In her mind, she imagined the stem of the douche being his cock. She grunted to herself.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I am being held captive by a Russian spy who is demanding I wash loads of his cum out of my pussy so he can fill it again and I am thinking this piece of plastic is his cock. Help me. What is happening? Samantha could not shut down her mind from the racing thoughts.

Last night flashed through her mind. She thought her cover secure. Taking a wrong turn down an alley proved to be her demise. He came out from the shadows and grabbed her from behind. He overpowered her immediately and stripped her of all weapons. His massive 6'3 frame was no match for her 5'5 big-tit frame.

The cloth covered her mouth and nose. She tried not to breath, to no avail. Her world became dizzy, then black. When she awoke, he was standing over her naked body. His grin said all she needed to know. She wondered if he was going to kill her. His demands were swift and forceful. Her refusal to comply angered him.

He tied her to the bed. The first swat of his whip hit her plump ass. She thought it not so bad. The second almost tickled. His punishment for not calling him Master was not as bad as she thought.

Then, he warned her. The third swat was a little bit harder. By the fourth swat, she wanted to scream for him to stop, but she could not help but notice that her pussy was dripping. He noticed too. He warned her not to cum. He told her to say the word "verge" if she got to close to orgasm.

He brought his hand down again on her ass. He didn't spank the shit out of her because he wanted to use her asshole up good. He saw no reason to have blood and marks on her beautiful ass. The last things he wanted to look when he stuck his cock up her plump, round backend was a torn bleeding ass. A bit swollen and red, though, would be perfect. Someone needed to teach her a lesson.

He came down with the crop again. He saw she was getting close. She screamed, "Verge." He stopped and let her rest.

"Don't cum until let you. You hear me bitch?"

"Please, no. Please stop," she moaned.

"Your pussy does not mind what is happening. You are soaked. Do not cum, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Master," she panted. Stepan smiled.

He lit a cigarette and watched her ass move up and down while she remained on all fours. She could not control herself. He moved closer and played with her clit. He could not believe how swollen it was. After a few rubs, she screamed "verge" again.

She was hotter than he expected. He saw her juices dripping out of her. Her pussy lips were twitching. He put out his cigarette and untied her. He was sure she would not try to escape. Not right now. He rolled her onto her back, spread her legs apart and slide his cock inside.

"You still do not come without my permission. Still use the word. Do not come."

"I won't, Master."

At first, he thought she would fight him, but there was no fight. He went so deep inside of her he thought his balls were going to get lost. She was a sloppy whore. Stepan moaned with pleasure as she wrapped her legs tightly around him, He took her arms and held them over her head and pushed himself it deeper. Her moans sent chills down his spine. He knew he had been right about her. He brought his mouth to hers. She kissed him hungrily. He moved his mouth to her hard nipples and pulled on them with his lips. He moved inside of her. Again, she screamed, "Verge."

He pulled out and let her breath. She started thrashing side to side.

"Look at you. I think you are already my whore."

He put his hands on her hips and thrust his cock inside of her and pumped it twice, then pulled it out. She moaned loudly. He repeated this action over again.

"Is this what you want, baby? Feel my cock."

Her breathing quickened as she pumped the air each time he removed his cock. With one thrust she forced himself deep inside of his hole.

"Cum, Samantha. Cum, my whore."

Samantha moaned loudly as Stepan fucked her. Her orgasm was hard. She shivered under his touch. He then moved her to the floor and stuck his cock in her mouth. She ran the head of his cock over her lips then took him deeply, using her tongue to massage the shaft. Stepan was pleased.

He grabbed her hair on either side of her head and he rode her mouth. Her mouth was hungry. He thrust it in deeper, when, for a moment, he thought she was going to choke. He eased up a little on her mouth.

She then moved her hands from his thighs and put them on his ass, forcing his cock deeper inside her hungry mouth.

This whore wants it deeper. This fucking bitch. Take this, my whore, he thought.

Stepan pushed deeper into her mouth as she squeezed his ass allowing him to shove it in even further. He felt the back of her throat and released a scream. Within seconds, Stepan filled her mouth with his cum.

"Eat it. Eat is all, my girl." He said while filling up her mouth.

Stepan knocked on the bathroom door interrupting the replay of last night that ran in her mind.

Already her pussy was soaked.

"Let's go, Samantha. Time is wasting. You only have 15 minutes left to get ready. And, the French toast is almost ready."

"Yes, Master. I am getting ready."

"My good girl." He answered back.

Samantha took a deep breath and stepped out of the shower. She wondered how she was going to control this situation. Why was her pussy so wet for this man? Why is she so attracted to him? He is her enemy. Can she escape from this? When he is done with me, will I want to?

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